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Ferries from Kilini to the Greek Islands of the Ionian Sea

Kilini is a quite famous destination, with notable history and stunning beaches and it lies on the far western cape of Peloponnese, at Ilia Prefecture. Kilini's port is located on the eastern edge of the Peloponnese and is the main gateway to the Ionian Islands. Ferry companies serve frequently the lines from Kilini to Zante and Poros/ Kefalonia. Kefalonian Lines also operate a summer ferry itinerary from Kilini to Ithaca.

Ferries from Kilini to Cephalonia (Kefalonia)

There are at many daily ferry crossings from Kilini to Kefalonia, either to Poros (Cephalonia) or to Sami (Cephalonia. During the summer, the ferry route from Kyllini to Poros is being operated by both Kefalonian Lines and Ionian Group (duration 1 hr 20 min), whereas the Kilini to Sami route is operated only by Kefalonian Lines (duration 2 hr 30 min). )

Ferries from Kilini to Zante (Zakynthos)

The route from Kyllini to Zakynthos is operated by Kefalonian Lines, there are at least 6 daily sailings during the whole year and even 10 daily sailings on summer. The duration of the trip is just 1 hour.

Ferris from Kilini to Ithaca (summer period)

During the summer season, there are at least 6 weekly sailings from Kyllini to Ithaca operated by Kefalonian Lines. The duration of this trip is 1 hr 55 min

About Kilini ...

Kilini is famous for the Hlemoutsi castle and the thermal springs located in a natural forest. These springs date back to ancient years, while some establishments of the Roman period have also been discovered there.

Kilini has direct ferry connections with 4 ports:

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