Liguria, Italy

Savona is a small town located in the Italian region of Liguria. Its port, located in the Riviera di Ponente on the Mediterranean Sea, is one of Italy's most important maritime hubs. As a holiday destination, it remains unknown to many travelers, but we’re here to guide you through all the hidden gems of Savona!

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View of Savona from La Fortezza del Priamar

A glimpse of Savona from La Fortezza del Priamar

Savona ferry port

There are 2 ports in Savona: Palacrociere and Vado Ligure. With the construction of a new maritime station, the traffic of passengers traveling by ferry to Sardinia and Corsica was transferred to Vado Ligure.

Ferries from Savona port: schedules and tickets

From Savona, you can easily reach Sardinia and the French island of Corsica by ferry. The port of Savona is directly connected to the Sardinian towns of Golfo Aranci, Porto Torres and Cagliari, and the Corsican city of Bastia.

Grimaldi Lines and Corsica Ferries operate all ferry connections. Some ferries run throughout the year, while others run seasonally. Specifically:

  • Savona - Cagliari ferry: the ferries from Savona to Cagliari travel once a week, usually on Saturdays. The route is active in selected months and lasts around 25.5 hours.
  • Savona - Porto Torres ferry: you can catch a ferry from Savona to Porto Torres throughout the year, with around 3 weekly crossings in the winter months and 1 daily crossing in the summer. The total travel time varies between 8.5 hours and 12 hours.
  • Savona - Golfo Aranci ferry: the route from Savona to Golfo Aranci is seasonal, with 3 weekly crossings from mid-April to mid-October. The duration of the trip lasts 14-15 hours.
  • Savona - Bastia ferry: the ferry route from Savona to Bastia in Corsica is active year-round with 2 daily departures. The duration of a one-way journey is 5-11 hours, depending on the type of vessel.

Where is the ferry port in Savona?

The cruise port of Palacrociere is located in the city center of Savona. The commercial port of Vado Ligure, on the other hand, is located less than 10 km from Savona.

How to get to Savona port?

You can easily and conveniently get to both ports of Savona, thanks to the local public transport. If you’re traveling by car, you need around 20 minutes to travel between the two ports.

At the commercial port of Vado Ligure, there is a free shuttle service for passengers, as well as secure parking lots that are located 1 km from the docks.

The port of Vado Ligure from the sea

View of the commercial port of Vado Ligure from the sea

Vacation in Savona

Eager to explore the seaside wonders in Northern Italy? Savona and its surroundings are guaranteed to steal your heart!

This Italian holiday destination is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway, with tranquility and plenty of things to and see. Here, you can find cultural attractions, Blue Flag beaches and excellent local cuisine.

Savona comes in all flavors and is a fantastic location for families and groups of friends. From relaxation to nightlife, this city has it all!

How to get to Savona

You can reach Savona by car, train and ferry. 

Given its proximity to Turin and Milan, you can get there by motorway. Savona also has a railway station near its center which is well-connected to some of the most important cities in Italy.

If you wish to get there by plane, the reference airport is Genoa, which is about 46 km from Savona.

Savona can also be directly reached by ferry from Sardinian ports and the French island of Corsica. Ferry frequency and availability may vary depending on seasonality.

The promenade of Savona with the harbor in the back

The beautiful promenade of Savona with the harbor in the background

What to do in Savona

Not only is Savona an important reference point in Northern Italy, but it is also a vibrant city with lots of things to discover. From cultural sightseeing to refreshing swimming, Savona is for those who wish to combine cultural history with nature.

Its province is full of must-see locations, including ancient villages, castles and nature reserves. Whether you’re visiting in the busy summer months or during the off-season, Savona retains its unique charm year-round.

Beaches in Savona

The Blue Flag beaches of Savona attract visitors from all over the world, thanks to their cleanliness and nearby resorts. Here are 10 beaches in Savona that you should visit:

  1. Lo Scaletto dei Pescatori: this urban city is free and rather popular. Located in the district of Fornaci, close to the city center, the area and its waters are clean, with amenities nearby and access to people with disabilities.
  2. Zinola: this long sandy coastline is located in the north of Savona, about 4 km from the center. It is ideal for families with children, with both free areas and well-equipped bathing establishments.
  3. Albissola Marina: this is one of the most beautiful stretches of the coast, located about 10 minutes by car from Savona. The beach is narrow and long, with cliffs and bathing establishments. It’s also home to the pet-friendly beach of Bau Bau Village!
  4. Varazze: located close to the medieval village of the same name, it can be reached in 20 minutes from Savona. There are various establishments, a free area and a beautiful promenade. Its waters are clear, with shallow waters suitable for children. It’s also an ideal spot for water sports in Savona.
  5. Sirene: this free beach is located 7 km from Savona, in the area of Bergeggi. If you seek tranquility by the sea, this is the place to be. Its crystal clear waters make it ideal for snorkeling. To get there, you have to descend around 300 steps from the road.
  6. Saraceni: this stretch of beach is in Varigotti and it is one of the most famous spots in Liguria. It’s a long stretch between two peaks with crystal clear waters. To get there, you have to pay a small fee. Regarding amenities, there is only one bar here.
  7. Loano: this long beach belongs to one of the most unique villages on the coast. It’s well-equipped and suitable for families with children. Here, you can choose between water sports and sightseeing in the nearby historic center.
  8. Crena: enclosed in a small bay, it is a hidden cove that you can access by boat or through a very challenging path. It is one of the most evocative beaches in the Riviera di Ponente and is ideal for tranquil moments away from the crowds. 
  9. Bianchi: this is the largest free beach in Finale Ligure and is located in its center, in front of Palazzo Buraggi. Large and with plenty of amenities, this beach gets quite crowded, especially on weekends. To get there, take a train from Savona and arrive in 15 minutes.
  10. Pietra Ligure: around 3-km-long, it’s rather popular, thanks to its establishment and free areas. With calm waters, fine sand and gravel, this beach comes in all flavors! There is infrastructure for people with disabilities and a couple of areas for pets.

One of the equipped areas of the beach of Pietra Ligure in Savona

A quiet spot on the beach of Pietra Ligure

Fun fact: Riviera di Ponente is a very long coastline of free beaches, panoramic gulfs and lidos. Take your time exploring all of its secrets!

Sightseeing in Savona

The most famous attractions in Savona are located between the historic center and the area of the waterfront. With a nice walk, you can discover most of them in no time.

During your stay in Savona, we advise you to visit:

  • La Fortezza del Priamar, an imposing military complex that dominates the city center
  • Piazzale della Sibilla, with a beautiful view of the sea and the city
  • Via Paleocapa, a street with elegant arcades
  • The Cathedral of Savona, dating back to the 16th century CE, with important paintings and sculptures
  • The statue of Garibaldi, whose gaze points towards Nice, his hometown
  • Palazzo Gavotti and its civic art gallery
  • The Tower of Leon Pancaldo, known as "Torretta" and located at the entrance of the port
  • The Ceramics Museum, full of unique pieces exhibited on 4 floors
  • La Torre del Brandale, the central ancient tower of Savona

The ancient Torre del Brandale, Savona

The ancient Torre del Brandale in the center of Savona

Nightlife in Savona

The nightlife of Savona is fairly lively, especially in summer. Clubs are the nightlife hotspots of Riviera di Ponente and are mainly found on the seafront and in the port area. There are also pubs, restaurants and wine bars in the historic center. 

Our recommendation is to spend an evening at The Balance, a unique cocktail bar that is considered one of the best in Italy by Gambero Rosso, a food and wine magazine.

Food in Savona

Savona’s cuisine offers plenty of fish-based dishes, but also meat, one of the hinterland’s specialties. During your stay in Savona, do not miss the following delicacies:

  • Snails in warm water (a Ligurian recipe)
  • Savonese cheese
  • Cod fritters
  • Rabbit
  • Italian sandwich (with friend panissa, a mix of risotto and beans)
  • Ravioli with meat (Italian pasta)
  • White farinata (a type of flatbread made from chickpea flour)
  • La Cima alla savonese (veal stuffed with different ingredients, such as meat, vegetables and cheese)
  • Macaroons

Fun fact: Savona is also known as the “city of chinotto”, the delicious citrus fruit. The famous Chinotto Lurisia drink, in fact, came to be in Savona!

A chinotto plant in Savona

The unique chinotto plant in a field in Savona

Trips around Savona

Savona and its province are home to many natural and cultural beauties that are worth discovering. Just 30 minutes from Savona, for example, you can reach the famous Caves of Toirano and Borgio Verezzi.

Then, don’t forget to visit the wonderful small hamlet of Finalborgo, just 20 minutes away from Savona. This scenic location is enclosed by medieval walls, towers and historic buildings.

And if you love trekking and nature, head towards Monte Beigua and its wonderful parks, woods and waterfalls.

Tips for your holidays in Savona

Here are 3 tips for your trip to Savona:

  • The All About Apple Museum is located in Savona, a must-see for computer enthusiasts.
  • From Savona, you can travel by train to Nice in France. The trip lasts 3 hours and introduces you to one of the most beautiful places in the south of France.
  • Visiting Savona in the winter months rewards you with the famous Savona Carnival and its parades, music and entertainment

Useful information about Savona

Though it’s not a hotspot of mass tourism, Savona is a holiday destination that offers all kinds of services to its visitors. 

Regarding accommodation, there are plenty of options between the city center and the port. The city in general is much cheaper compared to other areas of Liguria, making the city a great starting point for discovering neighboring places.

In Savona, there are 2 central hospitals and several clinics throughout the city. In the summer, there is a tourist medical service in the town of Varazze, about 12 km from Savona.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Savona

Here, you can find some phone numbers that might prove useful for your vacation in Savona:

  • San Paolo Hospital: +3901984041 
  • Municipal police: +390198310444 
  • TPL transport of Savona: +390192201231
  • Savona Port Authority: +39019856666
  • Tourist office: +390192212967
  • Radiotaxi: +39019808080
  • European emergency phone number: 112

Transportation in Savona

You can easily explore Savona on foot, as its center is small and close to the port. Most of its central attractions, squares and monuments are within walking distance.

To get around Savona, TPL buses are also an option. Their station is adjacent to the train station. Lastly, you can move around locally by taxi.

In the Province of Savona, ExcursioniBus is a mobility service for schools, families and groups to reach the hinterland at the cost of €4.

If you’re traveling without a vehicle but wish to move around at your own pace, there are numerous rental services near the port.

Two people walking down an alley in the center of Savona

Quaint alley in the historic center of Savona

Where to book ferry tickets to Savona online

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Savona ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Savona for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Savona has direct ferry connections to 7 ports :