Sporades, Greece

Skiathos is the closest island of the Sporades to mainland Greece. It’s a cosmopolitan destination with extraordinary natural sceneries, beautiful beaches, exceptional food and vibrant nightlife. Discover the best beaches, sights and activities in Skiathos, compare ferry schedules and book cheap ferry tickets on Ferryhopper online!

Boats at the port of Skiathos

Sunny day at the quaint port of Skiathos

Vacation in Skiathos

Skiathos is the go-to island for nature enthusiasts and partygoers! You can swim in dreamy beaches with lush vegetation, dance till morning at beach parties and clubs, and explore the rich culture of the Greek island.

Picturesque villages, where you can try delicious local delicacies, and historical monuments dating back to the Middle Ages complete the ultimate travel experience.

How to get to Skiathos

You can catch a ferry to Skiathos throughout the year. Normally, there are daily ferries from the ports of Volos in Thessaly and Mantoudi in Evia year-round, as well as seasonal ferry routes to Skiathos from the ports of Agios Konstantinos in Phthiotis and Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

The best way to reach Skiathos from mainland Greece is from the port of Volos, as it is the most frequent crossing. Find more information on how to travel to Skiathos below.

What to do in Skiathos

There’s a lot to see and do during your stay in Skiathos! The island is famous for its party vibe and intense nightlife, so don’t miss the chance to let go at one of the open-air clubs and beach parties.

By day, Skiathos is a great destination for exploration and relaxation. Swim in fabulous beaches, visit several naturist spots around the island, hike through lush forests and witness the remnants of Medieval and Byzantine history. Let’s get started on the best experiences on the island!

Beaches in Skiathos

Skiathos is a beautiful island with many many many amazing beaches! Lush greenery, tall trees, emerald waters, thin sand, and white pebbles create a heavenly setting.

There are visitor amenities such as sun loungers and umbrellas at the most popular beaches, but there are also remote coasts popular with nudists away from the crowds.

Moreover, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can try water sports such as kitesurfing! Here are 10 of the top beaches in Skiathos:

  1. Koukounaries: it’s the most popular beach in Skiathos and its blue waters make it one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea. The golden sand beach is surrounded by the magical forest of Koukounaries.
  2. Banana: Banana is the place to be for fun on the beach! You can try water sports, attend beach parties, and enjoy cocktails at the beach bar. It’s divided into two coasts. One side of the beach gets quite busy and the other is more laid-back and popular with nudists.
  3. Lalaria: Lalaria is a dreamy beach in the north part of the island. You can only get there by boat, which makes it perfect for relaxation. The beach is distinguished by its wild landscape, consisting of imposing rocks, white pebbles, and clear waters. You can swim through an impressive rock arch known as “Tripia Petra”.
  4. Megali Ammos: the sandy beach is close to Chora. It has clear water, sun loungers and umbrellas.
  5. Agia Eleni: this is a sandy beach popular with families. There are visitor amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, and a café serving drinks and snacks.
  6. Achladies: this family-friendly beach is located in the village of Achladies. It has thin sand and crystal-clear waters. There are plenty of accommodation and dining options in the area.
  7. Vromolimnos: the beach of Vromolimnos is popular with young travelers. It is covered with sand and it’s surrounded by lush vegetation. There are umbrellas and sun loungers.
  8. Kanapitsa: it’s a beach with crystal-clear blue waters and thin sand. The beach is surrounded by tall coniferous trees and there are no visitor amenities.
  9. Xanemos: this is a small peaceful beach with sand and deep waters. It’s the perfect spot for diving as soon as you step foot on the island, as it’s right next to the airport.
  10. Aselinos: Aselinos is on the northern part of Skiathos and it consists of two beaches: Mikri Aselinos and Megali Aselinos. Both beaches have emerald green waters, thick sand, and pebbles. It’s a great choice for seaside relaxation and part of the beach is frequented by nudists.

Tip: while Koukounaries and Banana Beach are among the most popular beaches on Skiathos, there are some other options that are the local’s favorites! Which are those? Mandraki, Agistros and Kanapitsa.

Umbrellas by the clear waters of Koukounaries Beach

The crystal-clear blue waters of Koukounaries

Activities and sightseeing in Skiathos

Skiathos is an island with a rich tradition. There are many notable attractions such as Byzantine monuments and Medieval remnants. By exploring the island on foot or by car, you can discover many beautiful chapels, old monasteries, and interesting castles. Here are the top sights to visit in Skiathos:

  • The Castle of Skiathos
  • The peninsula of the Bourtzi Fort
  • The house of Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis
  • The Medieval Town of Skiathos
  • The Monastery of Evangelistria
  • The Church of Three Bishops

The island is also rich in natural sites of great importance. You can explore the coast of the island, as well as its rich forests, high mountains, and nature reserves. Also, did you know that the island of Skiathos has well-maintained hiking trails that lead to mountaintops and remote beaches?

Instead of taking the popular trail leading to the old castle follow the less-known path starting near the main town and leading to the historic Monastery of Evangelistria. The monastery itself is set amidst pine forests, and the route offers stunning views. 

Here are some of the top sites for nature sightseeing in Skiathos:

  • The sea caves of Lalaria
  • The pine trees forest in Koukounaries
  • The biotope of Strofilia Lagoon
  • The islets of Arkos and Tsougria

Tip: the lagoon of Strofilia is a resting point for many species of migratory birds. You can hike around the lake to explore the nature reserve.

Remnants of the Castle of Skiathos

Amazing view from the Castle of Skiathos

Nightlife in Skiathos

The Greek island is a great destination for partying! Skiathos is known as the “Mykonos of the Sporades” due to its intense nightlife, all-night parties and a plethora of entertainment options.

During your holidays in Skiathos, you can try delicious dishes, live the cosmopolitan lifestyle at one of the lounge bars, dance on the beach and party till the morning light! Most bars and clubs are in the eastern part of the port, but there are also great places for drinks and cocktails at the old port.

If you’re searching for a more laid-back activity, we recommend that you catch a movie at one of the open-air cinemas.

Food in Skiathos

In Skiathos, you can find both budget-conscious and gourmet options. There are quaint tavernas, where you can taste delicious local dishes, as well as fine-dining restaurants with contemporary approaches to the local and Mediterranean cuisine.

The culinary tradition of the island focuses on fresh fish, nuts and baking, but you can try all of the staples of Greek cuisine on the island. Here are some of the most scrumptious dishes and products to try in Skiathos:

  • Kakavia: fish soup
  • Chemalia: deep-fried dough filled with walnuts and honey
  • Stifado: fish and onion stew
  • Kalapodia: wild greens pie
  • Strifti tiropita: pan-fried cheese pie
  • Amigdalota: almond biscuits
  • Aspro: sweet almond paste
  • Tsipouro: strong alcoholic drink

Tip: while in Skiathos, you can visit a charmingly secluded garden nestled in Skiathos Town. The Giardino Segreto restaurant has a great menu with a variety of delicious dishes.

Villages in Skiathos

There are around 5,000 permanent residents on the island, but the population rises by a lot during the summer. Chora is the main meeting point for visitors and locals, as one can find many shops, restaurants and bars there.

Apart from Chora, there are more great villages to explore during your vacation, where you can eat at local tavernas and swim at unspoilt beaches.

Here are some of the villages worth visiting in Skiathos:

  • Chora
  • Koukounaries
  • Troulos
  • Agia Paraskevi (Platanias)
  • Kalivia
  • Achladies

View to Chora and the port of Skiathos

View to Chora from the church of Agios Nikolaos in Skiathos

Useful information for Skiathos

Skiathos is a popular vacation destination, which means it caters to visitors and locals of all ages. There are family-friendly hotels and places popular with young travelers looking to party. You can find everything you need in Chora, the island capital.

There are supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, ATMs, car rentals and a health center. If you’re looking for beach facilities or restaurants, there are a lot to choose from in all major villages. As for accommodation, there are many options around the island.

Useful phone numbers for your stay in Skiathos

Find some important phone numbers for your trip to Skiathos below:

  • Health Center of Skiathos: +302427022222
  • Port Authority of Skiathos: +302427022017
  • Citizen Service Center of Skiathos (KEP): +302427029006
  • Police Station: +302427021111
  • Skiathos International Airport: +302427029105
  • Taxis: +302427021460-1

Transportation in Skiathos

Getting around Skiathos is quite straightforward as the island has a good public bus network, serving routes between all major villages and beaches. If you want to reach a more remote part of the island or get from A to B at night, you can catch a taxi too. We recommend that you drive your own vehicle for more peace of mind.

Ferries from mainland Greece to Skiathos can carry vehicles, but you can also rent a car or motorcycle on the island. There’s also an international airport in Skiathos. Skiathos Airport is located 2 km from the port.

Ports in Skiathos

The port of Skiathos is in Chora and it’s fully integrated into the town, making it easy to get there, as well as spend some time shopping or dining before your journey.

The port is on the southwestern part of the island and all ferries to the Sporades depart from there. Ferries to Skiathos from Volos and other destinations in mainland Greece arrive at this port as well. The port area is full of cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops, ATMs and car rentals.

Moreover, there’s a parking lot with limited parking space in front of the ferry terminal.

Island hopping from Skiathos

Skiathos is a great starting point for island hopping in the Sporades. You can easily explore the archipelago from the port of Skiathos throughout the year.

There are ferries to Skopelos, where you can visit the Mamma Mia! chapel or head to Alonissos, where you can see the natural reserve of the Mediterannean monk seal.

  • Skiathos - Skopelos: the route from Skiathos to Skopelos lasts less than 30 minutes with a high-speed ferry and around 1.5 hours with the standard vessel.
  • Skiathos - Alonissos: the ferry crossing duration from Skiathos to Alonissos is 2 hours on average.

On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you can see all available ferry routes from Skiathos, to plan your island-hopping vacation in Greece. Plan the ideal itinerary in the Sporades and find the best offers for your trip!

Golden sand at the beach of Banana in Skiathos

The golden-sand Banana Beach in Skiathos

Skiathos ferry: schedules and tickets

You can catch a ferry to Skiathos from 4 ports in mainland Greece: Volos, Mantoudi, Agios Konstantinos and Thessaloniki. The best way to reach the island is to travel from the port of Volos as the sailing is available daily and the journey duration is just 1 hour with highspeed vessel.

Here are more details about ferry routes to Skiathos:

  • Ferry from Volos to Skiathos: ferries from Volos to Skiathos are available daily all year round. It takes 1 hour to reach the port of Skiathos by high-speed ferry and around 2.5 hours by standard vessel. The port of Volos is 325 km from Athens and 207 km from Thessaloniki.
  • Ferry from Mantoudi to Skiathos: the ferry route Mantoudi - Skiathos is in operation daily throughout the year. It takes 1.5 to 4.5 hours to reach Skiathos, depending on the ferry itinerary and type of vessel.
  • Ferry from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos: you can travel by ferry from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos during peak season. Ferries usually depart in the morning on a daily basis. It takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach Skiathos.
  • Ferry from Thessaloniki to Skiathos: ferries from Thessaloniki to Skiathos are normally available from June to September, but ferry schedules often change. The trip duration is 3.5 hours on average. Occasionally, there are high-speed vessels from Thessaloniki to Skiathos that make the crossing in 2.5 hours.

Good to know: find more information on how to get from Athens to Skiathos, to plan your transfer to the ports of Volos, Mantoudi, and Agios Konstantinos.

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Skiathos ferry timetable

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