Hook of Holland

South Holland, Netherlands

If you’re searching for a hidden gem to visit in the Netherlands, look no further than the Hook of Holland! This beautiful holiday destination and seaport belongs to the municipality of Rotterdam, located in the southwestern corner of the Netherlands. 

To plan exciting and unique Dutch holidays, read some of our best travel tips for the Hook of Holland, including what to do and see in this beautiful city. Browse all the ways to get there and book your ferry tickets online!

Agricultural field and the lighthouse of the Hook of Holland

Reconnecting with nature in the Hook of Holland

Vacation in the Hook of Holland

In the Hook of Holland, you’ll have the chance to delve into the city’s historical importance and cultural significance, all tied together by the city's green spaces and sandy coastline. And to get your adrenaline pumping, you can try wind sports at the city’s major beach, or just go for a refreshing swim and try out delicious Dutch food by the sea.

Certain outdoor activities and cultural happenings are available only during the summer months. As such, visiting Hook of Holland in the summer is highly recommended. If you wish to get there in the colder months, consider also exploring neighboring cosmopolitan cities, such as The Hague and Rotterdam, full of year-round sightseeing and things to do.

How to get to the Hook of Holland

As an important maritime hub in The Netherlands, the Hook of Holland is easily accessible by ferry, among other means of transport. From the port of Harwich in Essex, England, you can travel by ferry to the Hook of Holland in around 7-8 hours. To learn more about ferries to the Hook of Holland, check our relevant section.

Alternatively, there is a metro line from Rotterdam and a bus service from the Hague, both of which terminate at Hoek van Holland Haven. The two cities have an airport reference point as well, for those traveling by plane.

If you happen to be in other neighboring locations, like Delft, getting to Hook of Holland by bike or on foot is also an exciting option. Most Dutch roads are flat and bikeable, but keep in mind that the weather might be windy as you approach the port.

What to do in the Hook of Holland

Hook of Holland (or Hoek van Holland) is home to lush greenery, unique historical and cultural museums, sandy stretches and lots of secrets to uncover! Not only is the city easily explorable, but other locations are also within walking or biking distance.

Combine water sports with cultural sightseeing, try out both international and Dutch culinary delights that cater to all tastes, and hop on a ferry, bus or bike and resume your adventure elsewhere! 

Discover the best of Hook of Holland below, including our recommended attractions, eateries and entertainment options.

Dog walking around the beach of Hook of Holland

Carefree dog strolling around the beautiful Hook of Holland beach

Sightseeing and activities in the Hook of Holland

Don’t let the city’s strong industrial character fool you! The Hook of Holland offers a harmonious mix of history, culture, natural wonders and modern facilities! When it comes to historical and cultural attractions in the Hook of Holland, we suggest that you visit the following:

  • The Atlantikwall-Museum, a historical museum about Netherland’s Atlantic coast and its role in World War II
  • The Coastal Lighting Museum, the red lighthouse of the port that was built in 1974 and was turned into a museum in 1983
  • The RockArt Museum, dedicated to Dutch and international music, including rare collections, memorabilia and unique exhibitions
  • Fort 1881 (Fort aan den Hoek van Holland), a defensive armored fort with great historical importance that is now a museum

What about outdoor activities? The Hook of Holland has a diverse range of things to do, introducing you to beautiful landscapes with scenic views. Most outdoor activities are for everyone and can be tried out on the Hoek van Holland beach.

Over there, you can go for a swim, walk along its sandy coastline and try out water sports (surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing). There are also some clothing-optional spots, as well as ideal locations for bird watching and walks with your dog! You can also find some accessibility services on the beach, as well as modern visitor amenities and accommodation options!

Local tip: not only is the city bikeable, but the beach is as well! Most areas can be explored by bike, including some of its small sand dunes.

Nightlife in the Hook of Holland

While the nightlife in the Hook of Holland might seem more lowkey at first, there are certainly a few hotspots to dance the night away or enjoy some lovely food and a glass (or two) of Dutch wine.

Numerous nightlife options bloom in the summer months and are usually located across the city’s coastline, specifically close to the Hoek van Holland beach.

From beach clubs to wine stores and chic restaurants, there’s something for everyone in the Hook of Holland. Just make sure to research what entertainment options are available, as some might be closed during the off-season.

Food in the Hook of Holland

In the Hook of Holland, Dutch and international culinary delights come together to offer mouthwatering moments to foodies! Fresh seafood and plant-based comfort food are easy to find in most places.

The team of Ferryhopper suggests that you visit Uluwatu, a seaside restaurant with tasty food and an elegant atmosphere, and Fish & Chips, where you can try kibbeling, a Dutch seafood delicacy.

Tip: if you have a sweet tooth, the Netherlands offers great desserts! Look out for stroopwafels (waffle cookies, usually with some kind of syrup) and poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes).

Kibbeling, a Dutch seafood snack

Delicious kibbering awaits you!

Useful information about the Hook of Holland

The Hook of Holland has everything you might need during your holidays there. When it comes to accommodation, you can find a wide range of options scattered throughout the port town. The most popular one, however, is staying at a beach house on the beach of Hook of Holland. Here, you can admire beautiful sunset views and be within walking distance of great swimming spots.

As for medical services, you can find numerous hospitals in the region of Rotterdam, close to the Hook of Holland. Another nearby hospital is in the municipality of Sliedrecht. There is also the Paramedisch Centrum Hoek van Holland for other medical practices, such as physiotherapy.

Important phone numbers for your stay in the Hook of Holland

Here are some phone numbers that might prove useful during your holidays in Hook of Holland:

  • Hook of Holland Port Authority: +31174389333, +31174315800
  • Security office: +31174389444
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport (information desk): +31104463444
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in the Hook of Holland

Regarding the transportation system of the Hook of Holland, you can find convenient bus and train services. Alternatively, most locations in the city are within walking and biking distance, while there are some accessibility services in the port area and at the Hook of Holland beach.

Whatever you may choose, moving around Hook of Holland is relatively easy. The same applies to traveling to other locations, like Delft, which you can visit even by bike (around 1 hour away)!

Ports in the Hook of Holland

Hook of Holland's busy and important port is located in South Holland, at the mouth of Nieuwe Waterweg, a shipping canal. Its strategic position benefits from the North Sea and the port’s proximity to the Europort (or Europoort) and the Maasvlakte, areas of the Port of Rotterdam.

Nearby, there are visitor amenities, as well as historical monuments, like Fort 1881 and the Coastal Lighting Museum.

Hook of Holland ferry: schedules and tickets

If you wish to visit the Netherlands by ferry, the Hook of Holland is a great option! You can easily get there from England, as there are ferry connections operated by Stena Lines. Specifically:

  • Harwich - Hook of Holland ferry: you can catch a ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland (or Hoek Van Holland) throughout the year. There are usually up to 2 daily ferries departing from Harwich that arrive in 7-8 hours.

Important: as ferry schedules and connections may change in the future, you can always check our interactive Map of ferries and find available ferries to/from the Hook of Holland in real time!

Sunset at the port of the Hook of Holland

Beautiful sunset at the Hook of Holland's port

Where to book ferry tickets to the Hook of Holland online

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Hook of Holland ferry timetable

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