Vestfold, Norway

The Norwegian seaport of Sandefjord lies on the west coast of the Oslofjord, a Scandinavian coastal gem in its own right. It also serves one of the popular Norway - Sweden routes, with ferries traveling to Strömstad.

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View of the city center and port of Sandefjord, Norway

Sneak peek of Sandefjord's beautiful city and port

Sandefjord ferry port

Filled with important attractions, modern amenities and a rich maritime history, Sandefjord is one of the most important ferry ports in Norway! Keep reading to learn more about its ferry routes and how to get there.

Ferries from Sandefjord port: schedules and tickets

  • Sandefjord - Strömstad ferry: there are about 4 daily Sandefjord - Strömstad ferries that make the crossing in roughly 2.5 hours. Ferry tickets from Sandefjord cost around €4-€5.

Ferries to Strömstad from Sandefjord are primarily operated by the conventional ferries of Fjord Line and Color Line.

Where is the ferry port in Sandefjord?

The port of Sandefjord, also known as Sandefjord Havn, is located in the Norwegian district of Vestfold, about 92 km from Oslo. It’s located on the western, outermost side of the Oslofjord.

How to get to Sandefjord port?

The port is rather close to the city center of Sandefjord, so getting there on foot from local points of interest is convenient. Alternatively, there are bus services that help you reach the port of Sandefjord.

The Sandefjord Railway Station, with frequent train services, is a 15-minute walk from the port. If you’re traveling by car, on the other hand, there are plenty of parking spaces close to the terminals.

Tiny yellow house on the rocky coasts of Sandefjord

Dreamy, rocky landscapes across the coastline of Sandefjord

Holidays in Sandefjord

Skiing in winter, water sports in summer. The diversity of Sandefjord makes it a fantastic year-round holiday destination that satisfies even the most demanding travelers!

In most cases, people choose to stay here for a few days before exploring the rest of Vestfold or catching a ferry to the Swedish town of Strömstad. During your stay, you can find convenient, accessible and family-friendly things to do, both indoors and especially outdoors!

How to get to Sandefjord

Traveling to the Norwegian beauty of Sandefjord is nothing but smooth sailing (or flying).

You can easily fly to Torp Sandefjord Airport, which serves numerous national and international flights. Situated outside of the city center, traveling between Sandefjord and its airport is possible by car, taxi or public transport (bus and train).

Alternatively, if you feel like traveling around Scandinavia by ferry and admiring breathtaking views, that’s possible as well! The Strömstad - Sandefjord ferry route allows you to travel between Norway and Sweden by ferry every single day!

Tip: if you’re heading to Oslo, either by ferry or plane, you can then catch a train to Sandefjord and get there in around 2 hours!

What to do in Sandefjord

Lovers of nature, Scandinavian food enthusiasts and thrill-seekers can’t help but fall in love with a city like Sandefjord. Start your day by hiking through its beautiful woods, biking along its coastline or trying out snow sports, if the weather allows it.

Then, recharge your batteries at one of its local eateries and pubs, attend a cultural event and immerse yourself in the city’s artistic energy! And if you don’t know where to begin, no worries! Discover the best of Sandefjord below, including top activities, entertainment options and other tips.

Sightseeing and activities in Sandefjord

The attractions of Sandefjord are vast, diverse and full of cultural and historical significance. We highly recommend the following sights in Sandefjord:

  • Sandefjord Kirke, the most famous church of the city, located right at its center
  • The Whaling Museum, with impressive exhibitions and installations
  • Sti for øye, a unique outdoor gallery that combines modern art with nature exploration
  • The Art Association of Sandefjord, where Norwegian and international artists come together to celebrate visual arts
  • The Whaling Monument, one of the most iconic and famous sculptures in Sandefjord, dating from the 1950s
  • Byparken, a beautiful city park in Sandefjord with lush greenery during the warmer months

Tip: there are also various attractions in the port area of Sandefjord, which focus mainly on the city’s maritime history and activities.

Among the numerous sightseeing opportunities, take some time to discover the natural treasures of Sandefjord and get your adrenaline pumping! While kayaking, skiing and golf are some of the most popular activities in Sandefjord, the fun doesn’t stop there!

Consider exploring the surrounding areas on foot and by bike! There are several beginner-friendly coastal paths to choose from, such as the one in Stokke. Another hiking trail that rewards you with stunning views of the Oslofjord and the rest of Vestfold is the one leading to Brånafjell, the highest point in all of Sandefjord!

View of Sandefjord Kirke at night

The imposing Sandefjord Kirke under the moonlight

Nightlife in Sandefjord

Nights in Sandefjord fill you with moments of relaxation, idyllic views and top-tier drinks! We highly recommend visiting Sandefjord’s traditional pubs and then hitting the dancefloor at one of its clubs!

Year-round, you can also find several musical festivals in Sandefjord, ranging from electro to classical music and everything in between! Most traditional and sophisticated happenings usually take place in Sandefjord Kirke, known for its musical events.

Food in Sandefjord

Foodies that choose Sandefjord for their holidays can expect wonderful culinary delights that cater to all tastes! With local seafood and over-the-top sweets, the local cuisine of Sandefjord includes the following delicacies:

  • Norwegian sausage
  • Local apple juice (by Knatten Fruktgård)
  • Hvit dame (Norwegian marzipan cake)
  • Sandefjordsmør (traditional butter sauce)
  • Shellfish cake
  • Gravlax (Nordic graved salmon)

Bridge over a river in Sandefjord, Norway

Riverside beauty in Sandefjord

Useful information about Sandefjord

In Sandefjord, you can find everything you might need for a pleasant, smooth holiday trip. Regarding accommodation, there are several hotels and Bed & Breakfast options, though camping certainly steals the spotlight! There are numerous beachside campsites, some of which have spaces for campers as well!

Keep in mind that while there are several ATMs throughout the city of Sandefjord, converting money is possible mainly at Torp Sandefjord Airport.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Sandefjord

Check out some important phone numbers for Sandefjord and spend your time in the city hassle-free:

  • Visit Vestfold (regional tourist information): +4733460590
  • Sandefjord Port Authority: +4733416000
  • Torp Sandefjord Airport: +4733427000
  • Sandefjord Medical Center: +4733419900
  • Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk (Vestfold Public Transport): +4733300100
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Sandefjord

You can easily get around Sandefjord by your vehicle or public transport (bus or train). There is a well-connected network throughout the city, served by Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk

If you are traveling by your own car, there are plenty of parking spaces in Sandefjord, as well as in its port area.

Forest trail among vast vegetation, Sandefjord

Hiking through the lush forests of Sandefjord

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Sandefjord ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Sandefjord has direct ferry connections to 1 ports :