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Salerno is a beautiful port town in Italy, located southeast of Naples. Known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and Greco-Roman heritage, Salerno offers unforgettable experiences and sights to its visitors.

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View of the Salerno mountains from the city's seafront, Italy

The beautiful seafront of Salerno

Salerno ferry port

In the past, the port of Salerno was originally rather small. Today, it is a strong maritime center of international importance, representing the beauty and strategic position of Salerno.

The port consists of the commercial area of Molo Manfredi as well as the marinas of Molo Masuccio (Piazza della Concordia) and Marina d’Arechi. Classified as a commercial port, Molo Manfredi is connected to the islands of the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and other Mediterranean destinations. It is also home to the famous shell-shaped maritime station of Salerno, designed by Zaha Hadid.

At the port, there are several services available, including pubs, pizzerias, stores, and boutiques of all kinds. Should you need a parking lot for your vehicle, you can leave your car in one of the paid parking lots outside the port.

At Piazza della Concordia (Molo Masuccio), one can find a waiting area with toilets, cafes, restaurants, and more facilities. It is also the departure point closer to the city center and several ferries depart from there.

Ferries from Salerno port: schedules and tickets

There are plenty of daily ferry connections to Salerno from the villages of the Amalfi Coast (Amalfi, Positano, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, and Vietri sul Mare), the islands of the Gulf of Naples (IschiaProcida and Capri), Sicily (Messina and Palermo), and Tunisia (port of Tunis).

The crossings are operated by Grimaldi Lines, Positano Jet, Caronte & Tourist, NLG, Travelmar, Coast Lines, Grassi Junior, Alicost, and Alilauro. There are usually more than 100 daily routes, with the duration of the trip ranging from 5 minutes to 25 hours.

Ferry from Salerno to the Amalfi Coast

  • Salerno - Amalfi ferry: the Salerno to Amalfi ferry route is active year-round with more frequent connections from April to October. The trip duration ranges from 25 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the operator you’ve chosen.
  • Salerno - Positano ferry: the connection from Salerno to Positano is available with several daily crossings that last about 1 hour, depending on the operator chosen.
  • Salerno - Cetara ferry: the route from the port of Salerno - Cetara is available with up to 7 crossings per day. Ferry trips last about 10-20 minutes.
  • Salerno - Maiori ferry: there are usually up to 6 daily crossings from Salerno to Maiori that last 30-40 minutes.
  • Salerno - Minori ferry: you can find up to 6 daily connections from Salerno to Minori, with a travel duration of 45-50 minutes.
  • Salerno - Vietri sul Mare ferry: the route from Salerno to Vietri sul Mare is active 6 times a day and lasts only 5 minutes.

Ferry from Salerno to the Gulf of Naples

  • Salerno - Ischia ferry: the connection from Salerno to Ischia is seasonal, as it is active only in the high-season. There is usually 1 daily crossing that lasts about 3 hours.
  • Salerno - Capri ferry: the route from Salerno to Capri is seasonal and it is active from April until the end of October. There are usually 2 daily crossings that last about 1.5-2 hours.
  • Salerno - Procida ferry: the Saleno - Procida ferry route is seasonal and has 1 daily crossing lasting about 3.5 hours.

Bear in mind that during certain times of the year in Capri, Procida and Ischia, the circulation of cars, motorcycles and mopeds is prohibited for non-residents. If you travel by car, you will therefore have to leave it in a parking lot on the mainland.

Useful info: from May to October, you can also reach Salerno from Naples. The Salerno - Sorrento ferry route is active as well.

Ferry from Salerno to Sicily

  • Salerno - Messina ferry: the Salerno - Messina ferry route is active year-round. There is usually 1 daily crossing that lasts about 9 hours.
  • Salerno - Palermo ferry: the Salerno to Palermo ferry connections are available all year long with up to 3 weekly crossings. The trip durations ranges from 9 hours to 11 hours.

Ferry from Salerno to Tunisia

From the port of Salerno, it is possible to travel to Tunis. The Salerno - Tunis ferry route is active twice a week and lasts about 24 hours. As the crossing is quite long in duration, we highly recommend booking a cabin to enjoy a more comfortable trip.

You can check out the Salerno - Tunis ferry route for more information.

Tip: take a look at our Map of ferries, discover all ferry crossings from Salerno and start planning your trip now!

Aerial view of the port and city of Salerno, Italy

View of the port and city of Salerno

Vacation in Salerno

Salerno is often recognized for its strategic position, as it is located close to the Amalfi Coast. But there is more to the city of Salerno than meets the eye.

Lying on the Campania coast and surrounded by the Apennine Mountain, the Province of Salerno is full of hidden gems waiting for you to discover. It is an ideal destination for relaxing by the sea, admiring works of art and visiting nearby villages and archaeological sites.

Salerno is in full bloom during summer, though winter vacations there are also charming, thanks to its Christmas festivities. If history, quaint beaches and unspoiled nature are on your list, consider Salerno for a weekend trip. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, the local cuisine, filled with high-quality ingredients and mouth-watering seafood, is guaranteed to steal your heart.

How to get to Salerno?

You can easily reach Salerno by car, train, bus or ferry. There are plenty of connections from Naples and the main cities of Italy (such as Milan, Rome and Florence) by bus and train (regional or high-speed).

If you choose to travel to Salerno by plane, Napoli Capodichino, the closest international airport, is connected to various destinations in Italy and Europe (including Spain, England, France, Germany, Greece, and Portugal).

Alternatively, you can get to Salerno by ferry from other ports of the Amalfi Coast, the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Sicily, and even Tunisia in North Africa. Here, you can find detailed information about ferries to Salerno.

People seen at an alley in the historic center of Salerno, Italy

An alley in the historic center of Salerno

What to do in Salerno

In every corner of the city, Salerno offers a mix of tradition and modernity. You can find historic monuments and alleys at its medieval center, modern commercial activities and a romantic promenade with scenic views.

The historic center of Salerno is mainly a pedestrian area with boutiques, bars, restaurants, and craft shops, making it an ideal place for strolling around the city and buying local souvenirs.

The city life of Salerno is active and vibrant, thanks to festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Our personal favorite is Luci d'Artista, a cultural event with extraordinary light installations around Salerno that takes place during the Christmas period.

Take advantage of Salerno's convenient position and visit other beautiful places in the region of Campania, such as the Amalfi Coast and Cilento! There, you can enjoy various outdoor activities, including hiking in the mountains and relaxing on scenic beaches and coves.

Explore the best of Salerno below, including the top beaches, attractions, delicacies, and more!

Beaches in Salerno

The coast of Salerno is about 5 km long, with several urban beaches for swimming and relaxing. Outside the city of Salerno, you can visit the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi and Cilento Coast, which overlook the Mediterranean Sea and are immersed in unspoiled nature.

Here are the top 10 beaches in Salerno that you must add to your list:

  1. Via Allende: you can access this sandy beach for free and enjoy its crystal-clear waters. It is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a secluded place close to the center of Salerno.
  2. Mercatello: this stretch of white sand and blue waters offers a free area and a set of bathing establishments. The Canoa Club Salerno is also based here, offering you a chance to try out water sports.
  3. Marina d’Arechi: located close to the port, this beach has received a Blue Flag certification. The establishment offers an elegant setting and various services, from sunbeds to entertainment for children.
  4. Cala Bianca: this beautiful pebble beach is located in the area of Marina di Camerota and is an ideal spot for snorkeling in Salerno. You can easily get there on foot or by sea.
  5. Infreschi bay: you can access this bay in the marine area of ​​the Cilento National Park, and explore its hidden beaches, watchtowers and submerged caves. You reach Infreschi bay either by land or sea.
  6. Baia del Buon Dormire: this beautiful cove is surrounded by rocks overlooking the sea and covered with greenery. It can only be reached by sea from the port of Palinuro and is famous for its emerald waters and golden sand.
  7. Francesi: this white pebble beach is an ideal place for relaxing. Adored by nature lovers, this beach can be reached from the port of Scario or by following the Marcellino path. You can also get refreshments here.
  8. Trentova: this beach is located in Cilento Park and is 3 km from the town of Agropoli. Here, you can find beautiful surroundings, bathing establishments and bars.
  9. Arco Naturale: found in Palinuro, this natural arch consists of a free area and an equipped beach. The arch is not accessible at the moment, for safety reasons.
  10. Furore's Fjord: this scenic beach is a real hidden gem. It can only be reached by walking down a steep staircase and following a path that starts from the bridge over the fjord.

Colorful boats at the beach of Furore's Fjord in Salerno, Italy

The scenic, idyllic beach of Furore's Fjord in Salerno

Sightseeing in Salerno

To this day, Salerno still retains its ancient and traditional elements in its beautiful historic center. By exploring its narrow streets, museums, old buildings, and baroque churches, you can admire more of Salerno’s timeless beauty.

Here are the top must-see attractions that you should visit during your stay in Salerno:

  • Duomo di S. Matteo: this is the Cathedral of Salerno with its famous crypt.
  • Arechi Castle: this castle is built about 300 m above sea level.
  • Il complesso di S. Pietro a Corte: an archaeological complex that is located in the historic center of Salerno.
  • Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno: here you can find unique collections of the past.
  • L’Acquedotto medievale: this is the medieval aqueduct of Salerno which was built in the historic center.
  • Via dei Mercanti: this is the main commercial street of Salerno.
  • Virtual Museum of Salerno's Medical School: here, you can find interactive installations and animated miniatures.
  • Church of St. George: this is considered to be the most beautiful Baroque church of Salerno.
  • Minerva’s Garden: this old botanical garden is located in the heart of the historic center of Salerno.
  • Il Lungomare Trieste: this is considered one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Salerno.
  • Provincial Art Gallery of Salerno: this must-see gallery is located in the historic Palazzo Pinto.
  • Maritime station: the maritime station of Salerno is a true example of contemporary art and architecture.
  • Il Rione Fornelle: this district, with its ancient streets, is decorated with beautiful murals and poetic phrases.
  • Il Teatro Verdi: this is a theater in Salerno with one of the most beautiful structures in the city.

And here are some recommendations for lovers of archeology:

  • The Archaeological Park of Paestum: this is one of the most interesting sites in Italy.
  • Gli scavi di Velia: this famous cultural attraction is located in Cilento.
  • L’Oasi di Persano: this wetland is a protected area of international importance. Here, you can find plenty of animals, including otters, the symbol of the area.
  • Le cascate dei Capelli di Venere: this is a beautiful mountainside cascade that’s protected by the Cilento National Park.

The Cathedral of Salerno, Italy

The beautiful Cathedral of Salerno

Nightlife in Salerno

Salerno’s nightlife is lively and energetic, offering various entertainment options to locals and tourists alike.

Its historic center is full of clubs and wine bars where people usually meet for an aperitif. Along the seafront, on the other hand, you can find numerous lounge bars, discos and DJ events, which are all popular options in summer.

For an excellent aperitif in the center, we highly suggest that you visit the Emanuel Cafè, while for a more lively evening, the B-Side disco is certainly the place to be!

Food in Salerno

The cuisine of Salerno is famous across the region of Campania for its simplicity. Fresh seafood and quality ingredients from Salerno’s countryside come together to create delicious meals. Discover below some of the best delicacies to try out in Salerno:

  • la “Zizzona” di Battipaglia (a large piece of mozzarella cheese that’s famous all over Campania)
  • la ciambotta (a summer vegetable stew)
  • la milza imbottita (usually a stuffed spleen that’s cooked with oils, herbs and vegetables)
  • le alici in piattella (nutritious recipe with cooked anchovies)
  • la genovese di tonno (pasta with tuna)
  • la Scazzetta di Pantaleone (a delicious dessert that is usually made with strawberries)
  • la Nocciola di Giffoni (an Italian variety of hazelnut)
  • la Delizia al limone (a dome-shaped dessert with limoncello syrup and lemon crust)

Tip: for the best brioche with ice cream in the city, we recommend visiting Bar Nettuno!

Salerno's local delicacy "Zizzona" of Battipaglia

The glorious "Zizzona" of Battipaglia

Villages close to Salerno

If you plan to stay in Salerno longer, we recommend that you also visit some beautiful neighboring villages.

Here are the best villages close to Salerno that you should visit:

  • Vietri sul Mare: just 15 minutes from Salerno, this small coastal village is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its enchanting ceramics and fresh anchovies!
  • Cava de 'Tirreni: located in the hinterland of the Amalfi Coast, this ancient and refined town is also known as "Little Switzerland", thanks to its landscapes, green valleys and architectural heritage.
  • Atrani: this is the smallest town in Italy, located 24 km from Salerno. Due to its ancient origins and evocative views, Atrani is a fascinating destination with unique architecture, alleys and steep flights of steps.
  • Castellabate: about 1 hour from Salerno, this beautiful village is located 300 m above sea level. You can enjoy some of the most idyllic views from this seaside village.


Discover below our top tips for your stay in Salerno:

  • If you wish to visit Salerno for your winter holidays and celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany, we recommend planning your trip as early as possible.
  • Interested in traveling from Salerno to nearby villages of the Amalfi Coast by car? Bear in mind that the roads are curvy and narrow, so medicated gums for motion sickness are highly suggested.
  • You can easily get to Cilento, known to be one of the best Italian locations for accessible tourism. A key example is Diving Yoghi in Agropoli, a diving center that offers courses for people with reduced mobility, led by experienced drivers.
  • You can also visit Salerno on the 21st of September, the feast day of San Matteo, the patron saint of Salerno. The city comes alive with music and delicious food, with festivities lasting until late at night.

A colorful light installation for Luci d’Artista in Salerno, Italy

A stunning light installation for Luci d’Artista in Salerno

Useful information about Salerno

In Salerno, you can find everything you might need during your stay. Most supermarkets, pharmacies and shops are found at the port and in the historic center of Salerno. 

The historic center, in particular, is full of artisan shops where you can buy the famous Vietrese ceramics and other local products. The most fashionable shopping streets are Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza Flavio Gioia.

When it comes to accommodation, Salerno offers much cheaper options compared to the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast. There’s a wide range of places to stay, from seaside hotels on the coast to guest houses and Bed & Breakfasts.

As for medical services, there are plenty of hospital facilities in the city of Salerno and its province. In July and August, there are additional services available for non-residents and tourists.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Salerno

Here are some useful numbers for your holidays in Salerno:

  • Municipal police: +39089613111
  • Carabinieri (military force for public safety): +39089225680
  • Hospital: +39089671111
  • Emergency medical services: +390895647306
  • Municipality of Salerno: +39089661111
  • Salerno Port Authority: +390892587911
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Salerno

Exploring Salerno and its historic center on foot is fairly easy. And if you don’t feel like walking or wish to reach some areas outside the center, you can order a taxi or move around by public transport (bus, subway).

Alternatively, you can make use of Salerno’s BkS project, which allows for bike-sharing around the city. This is an easy, electric and ecological option that is perfect for short trips.

Tip: if you want to get around Salerno by car, keep in mind that the historic center is a restricted traffic zone (known as ZTL in Italian).

View of the Arechi Castle from the city of Salerno, Italy

The Arechi Castle overlooking the city of Salerno

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Salerno ferry timetable

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