Saronic Gulf, Greece

Salamis is the biggest island in the Saronic Gulf and a place with a long history. Located very close to Athens, it is an ideal day-trip destination from the capital.

On Ferryhopper, we have gathered all the information you need for your vacation on the island: beaches, sights, activities, food, and ferry routes from/to Salamis.

Wooden-door entrance with flowers and a stone wall in Salamis

Picturesque wooden-door entrance with colorful flowers in Salamis

Vacation in Salamis

At stone’s throw from Athens, Salamis is a historic place: the homeland of Homer's Ajax the Great and of Euripides, the ancient Greek tragedian, it also hosted the famous Greek-Persian naval Battle of Salamis in 480 BCE.

Salamis (Salamina in Greek) is not only an island of historic and archaeological interest; it is also a nearby destination from the capital, perfect for long days at the beach and beautiful walks. It has quaint corners, lush nature and several beaches where you can relax and explore the surroundings. As the island is not very touristy, accommodation is pretty affordable. You will also find several places to have fun and good food.

How to get to Salamis

From the port of Perama in Athens (Piraeus area) there are frequent ferry crossings to Salamis 24/7. You can also reach the island from the port of Megara, a few kilometers outside of Athens. For more details on how to reach the island by ferry, check Ferryhopper’s how to get to Salamis guide.

Find more details about ferry routes and schedules to Salamis in the relevant section below.

Beaches in Salamis

Common belief is that Salamis’ waters are not clean due to the island’s location close to the Eleusis and Aspropyrgos oil refineries. However, most of its beaches that are suitable for swimming are actually very nice. Many of them are also surrounded by thick vegetation.

Some of our favorite beaches in Salamis are:

  • Batsi: it is located in the north part of the island, at the foothills of a mountain with pine trees, close to a traditional settlement of the same name. It is sandy with crystal-clear waters.
  • Kaki Vigla: in the north part of the island, it has a particular natural beauty and very clean waters. It doesn’t have amenities.
  • Iliakti: on the island’s west side, it is a small beach with shallow blue waters. It doesn’t have amenities.
  • Selinia: it is a beautiful sandy beach at a picturesque settlement of the same name. It has amenities and is very quiet.
  • Kanakia: it is accessible via a forest trail that can also be crossed by bike. This is one of the island’s cleanest beaches, with a view to the neighboring Aegina island. It is located southwest on the island.
  • Agios Nikolaos: a “secret beach” that looks like a natural pool, located at the village of Peristeria in southern Salamis. It has pebbles and clean waters, and is without amenities.
  • Psili Ammos: it has amenities and shallow waters that make it suitable for families with children. It is located north on the island.

Light-blue waters at a beach in Salamis

Transparent, light-blue waters at a beach in Salamis

Sightseeing and activities in Salamis

Thanks to its long history and hidden treasures, Salamis is full of surprises and has many things to do and see. The well-known Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos appreciated its unique beauty and built an elegant cottage at the beach of Faneromeni, that you can visit.

On the island, you will find significant archaeological sites and monuments dating from prehistoric times to the Greek Revolution of 1821. We recommend visiting:

  • Ancient city and port of Salamis
  • Archaeological museum of Salamis
  • Mycenaean city of Salamis
  • Circular funerary
  • Fighters tomb of the naval Battle of Salamis
  • Euripides Theater
  • Faneromeni Monastery
  • Bust of Georgios Karaiskakis
  • Cave of Euripides
  • Lighthouse at Lykopoulo cape
  • Monastery of Saint Nicolaos (17th century)
  • Church of Saint John the Kalyvitis (10th century)
  • Stony small theater
  • Windmills at the Agios Nikolaos hill

In Salamis, there are also many hiking trails, many of which can lead you to archeological sites and other amazing spots. Particularly in spring, it is really worth walking at the beaches and in the forests of the island to discover many interesting plants and animals, such as rare birds.

Tip: if you are a fan of scuba diving, you must definitely visit the Salamina Diving Center, open all year round.

Sea view from the stony small theater of Salamis

Magical sea view from the stony small theater of Salamis

Nightlife in Salamis

Nightlife in Salamis is quite lively. You will find many places to enjoy coffee or drinks by the sea. You can also have awesome seafood with ouzo at the island’s many tavernesin Salamis city, as well as in Selinia, Aianteio and Kaki Vigla.

On the island, there are also several bars, especially in the city, where you can enjoy a drink or a cocktail with music in the background. Then again, if you are looking for a wild party until the morning, you will have a great time at the island’s clubs, such as Buka and Deep Nightclub, and live-music venues.

Food in Salamis

Salamis’ non-touristy and authentic character is reflected in its gastronomy. Its restaurants and taverns, many of them located by the sea, are unpretentious and offer quality food.

Fresh seafood, delivered straight from the local fishing boats, are prominent in the island’s fish taverns, such as Kakias, Paralia and Pyrofani. You will also find several meat spots with incredible food, such as Kanellos and Ostria.

Some of Salamis’ local delicacies that you must try are:

  • platetsi: traditional bread with olive oil
  • koungoulouari: pastry with pumpkin and raisins
  • moustokouloura: cookies with grape must
  • roasted fish

Villages in Salamis

Salamis has around 40,000 inhabitants, while the city of Salamis is the island’s chief population center and one of the largest island settlements in Greece. From the capital to Aianteio, and from Selinia to Peristeria, the villages of Salamis offer numerous sightseeing and activity options and, many of them, access to great beaches.

In case you have a few days for holidays on the island, it is worth visiting them by car, bike or even via some of the island’s trails. Some of the best towns and villages in Salamis are:

  • Aianteio
  • Ampelakia
  • Panagia
  • Agios Georgios
  • Selinia
  • Agios Nikolaos
  • Peristeria
  • Paloukia
  • Batsi
  • Kaki Vigla
  • Steno
  • Vasilika

View to Salamis and its port from the ferry

View to Salamis and its port from the ferry

Useful information about Salamis

Located northwest in the Saronic Gulf, Salamis is a big island with all basic services and infrastructure. Therefore, during your holiday you will have access to all necessary traveler amenities. Most of them are concentrated in Salamis city, where there are shops and supermarkets, ATM, car rental services, a health center, and a clinic.

Salamis might be a popular day-trip destination, but if you wish to spend more and explore it, you will find many accommodation options across the island; there are several hotels, rooms to rent, as well as villas. Most places are located in the city, but there are also good options in nearby settlements, such as Agios Georgios, Ampelakia and Panagia.

If, on the other hand, you would rather stay by the beach, you can book accommodation in the island’s seaside areas, such as Selinia, Kaki Vigla and Aianteio.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Salamis

Here are some contacts that could prove useful in Salamis:

  • Salamis Port Authority: +302104677277
  • Salamis Traffic Police: +302104653200
  • Salamis bus services (KTEL): +302132008400
  • Salamis Taxi Services: +302104674743
  • Salamis Health Center: +302132008500
  • Salamis Fire Station: +302104685199
  • Salamis Police Station: +302104653058

Transportation in Salamis

It is easy to move around the city of Salamis on foot, as distances are pretty short. To get from one area of the island to another, it is best to use a taxi or bring your own vehicle, so you can explore all of its hidden gems.

An interesting transportation alternative is getting around by bike, which you can also use on several trails around the island, e.g. the lush green Kanakia - Agios Nikolaos Monastery route.

Ports in Salamis

Salamis’ main port is located in the eastern part of the island, at Paloukia, a settlement which is actually a Salamis city district. Ferries travel there from the port of Perama in Piraeus (Athens) 24 hours a day.

The smaller port of Faneromeni receives ferries departing from the town of Megara in Attiki. Another small port in Salamis is the one in the village of Selinia.

Salamis ferry: schedules and tickets

The easiest way to reach Salamis any hour of the day is via the port of Perama in the area of Piraeus (Athens). The Perama - Salamis (Paloukia) route is operated 24/7, with ferries departing every 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The ferry trip lasts 15 minutes and a single passenger ticket costs only €1.20.

On weekdays, the ferries from the port of Perama to Salamis depart:

  • every 15 minutes from 05:30 to 22:00
  • every 20 minutes from 22:00 to 00:00
  • every 30 minutes from 00:00 to 05:30

On weekends and holidays, the Perama - Salamis (Paloukia) route is served:

  • every 15 minutes from 05:30 to 00:00
  • every 30 minutes form 00:00 to 05:30

Salamis is also connected by ferry to the town of Megara in West Attica. The ferry arrives at the port of Faneromeni in the northwestern side of the island. Departures start at 06:00 and stop at 23:00. The crossings take only 10 minutes.

Sunset as seen from the coast in Salamis

Idyllic sunset, as seen from the shore, in Salamis

Where to book ferry tickets to Salamis

At the moment, ferry tickets to Salamis are not available online. You can purchase your tickets exclusively from the ticket offices at the port of Perama (or Megara). And, as ferry crossings to the island are very frequent, you can get your tickets just a few minutes before the trip!

Salamis ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Salamis for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

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