Harju County, Estonia

The town of Paldiski is an important hub of maritime transport services in the Baltic Sea, located in northwestern Estonia. Through constant innovation and development, it attracts many visitors every year who wish to travel to Sweden by ferry.

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Aerial view of the wind power stations in Paldiski, Estonia

Aerial view of the coast of Paldiski and its wind power stations

Paldiski ferry port

The Estonian port town of Paldiski has a rich maritime history and plays an important role in today’s passenger and cargo transport across the Baltic Sea. In the port area, there are a few essential visitor amenities, including places to stay and parking lots.

Ferries from Paldiski port: schedules and tickets

From Paldiski, you can catch a ferry to Kapellskär (Sweden), a quaint seaside village. The ferry route is mainly operated by the company DFDS. Specifically:

  • Paldiski - Kapellskär (Sweden) ferry: you can catch a ferry from Paldiski to Kapellskär year-round, with the estimated travel time being 9.5 hours on average. The route is normally active 6-7 times per week.

Where is the ferry port in Paldiski?

Paldiski is just 45 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is situated on the Pakri Peninsula of northwestern Estonia, full of rocky coasts and wild swimming spots.

There are actually 2 ports in Paldiski: Paldiski North Port and Paldiski South Harbor. The ferries to Sweden depart from Paldiski Northern Port, specifically.

How to get to Paldiski port?

Once you arrive in Paldiski by car, train or bus, you can easily get to Paldiski Northern Port, where the ferries to Sweden depart from. There are a few parking lots close to the ferry terminal and the town center.

If you arrive by train or bus, Paldiski Norther Port is within walking distance of most stops (15 minutes away at most).

The Pakri Lighthouse in Paldiski, Estonia

The Pakri Lighthouse and small buildings close to the coast of Paldiski

Holidays in Paldiski

Only about 1 hour from Tallinn by train, Paldiski is a brilliant location in the Estonian countryside for a brief adventure! As time moves slower here, Paldiski gives you endless opportunities to admire beautiful sea views and wander around its tranquil town center.

In winter, the rocky cliffs of Paldiski are dressed in white and make for spectacular snowy scenery! In summer, the numerous swimming spots of its wild coastline come to life, waiting for you to explore them.

Paldiski is ideal for day trips and weekend excursions. And if you’re planning to visit Paldiski to catch a ferry to Sweden, consider spending a few hours here before departing. Who knows, its serenity might steal your heart!

How to get to Paldiski

The port town of Paldiski is connected by ferry to Sweden. To smoothly get there, you can drive from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia (around 45 km away). This is a great option if you’re already in Tallinn or wish to catch a plane to Tallinn Airport and then resume your journey by motorway.

Instead of driving, public transport is a great alternative. There are multiple train services from Tallinn every day that last around 1 hour. Bus connections, on the other hand, are more local and connect Paldiski to neighboring areas only.

What to do in Paldiski

Wild, unspoiled beauty, unique monuments and endless relaxation await you in Paldiski. Reconnect with nature, explore its sightseeing options and dine out with views of the Baltic Sea.

Below, you can find more information about what to do and see in Paldiski, including entertainment options and monuments.

Sightseeing in Paldiski

Most of the attractions and monuments in Paldiski are concentrated in its town center, making sightseeing in this Estonian city nothing but smooth sailing. There are lots of secrets, however, scattered across the Pakri Peninsula!

Some of the best attractions in Paldiski are the following:

  • The Pakri Lighthouse, which was completely renovated back in 2001
  • Amandus Adamson Studio Museum, dedicated to the famous sculptor
  • St. Panteleimon’s Orthodox Church
  • The beautiful Paldiski Railway Station
  • The old Soviet rangefinder tower in Paldiski

​​​Apart from these attractions, Paldiski also provides visitors with countless natural settings to cool down and do some exploration. We recommend the following:

  • Wander through the beautiful Linnapark
  • Try out the hiking trails on the coastline of the Pakri Peninsula
  • Go for a swim on the nearby rocky coasts
  • Explore the vast Harju Park of Paldiski
  • Visit the imposing cliffs of Paldiski and uncover its hidden gems
  • Go skateboarding at the Paldiski Skatepark

An old military buildings on the rocky cliffs of Paldiski's coast

An old military building on the rocky coast of Paldiski

Nightlife in Paldiski

Nightlife options in Paldiski are quite limited. Still, you can find a few nice bars and restaurants for tasty moments at night. Most of them are in proximity to Paldiski North Port and tend to close quite early.

Food in Paldiski

While Paldiski is not a paradise for foodies, you can find a few cozy dining spots. In the town center, Paldiski offers a combination of Estonian and international comfort food, paired with nice drinks.

Consider checking out the shopping center of Paldiski Kaubamaja as well for Slavic products and Russian beers.

Snowy landscapes at the coast of Paldiski in Estonia

The cliffs of Paldiski dressed in white!

Useful information about Paldiski

There are roughly 3,500 people living in the town of Paldiski. Due to its small size and population, Paldiski offers only basic traveler amenities. There are a few accommodation options close to the town center, along with a couple of grocery stores, a pharmacy and a petrol station as you approach Paldiski by motorway.

You can also find additional supplies at kiosks, local shops and eating establishments.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Paldiski

Below, you can find phone numbers that might prove while you're in Paldiski:

  • Paldiski Port Authority: +3726661679
  • Tallinn Airport: +3726058888
  • Baltic Station (train station in Tallinn): +3726160245
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Paldiski

Most services and great viewpoints in Paldiski are within all walking distance, making the city easily explorable on foot as you wait for your ferry. If you wish to move around by car, there are parking lots in central locations, though most of them are for short-term parking.

There are also a few bus connections to get around the city. They make for a more convenient way to get to nearby towns and villages, however.

View of a beach in Paldiski in rocky surroundings

A beautiful swimming spot in Paldiski with views of the Baltic Sea

Where to book Paldiski ferry tickets online

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Paldiski ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Paldiski has direct ferry connections to 1 ports :