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Motril is a port town in the province of Granada in Spain and is home to one of the most important ports in the Iberian Peninsula. On Ferryhopper, you can find information about ferry routes from/to the port of Motril, and book your ferry tickets with no hidden fees!

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Large cruise ship floating near the sea of Motril on a sunny day, Spain

Ferry off the Mediterranean coast of Motril

Motril ferry port

The port of Motril is one of the oldest and most important ports in Spain. It is directly connected to the north coast of Morocco, serving both passenger and cargo needs. 

All passenger ferries depart from the same terminal. As for port services, there are shops, restaurants, hotels, and a campsite nearby. In addition, you can find a few beaches close to the port for a quick swim before departure. 

Parking at Motril port is easy, as there are parking services available right at the terminal. 

Ferries from Motril port: schedules and tickets

The ferry port of Motril is a great starting point for a trip to Morocco with ferry routes to Tangier (Tanger Med), Al Hoceima and Nador. From Motril, you can also catch the ferry to the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the north coast of Africa. The ferry routes are operated by Baleària and Naviera Armas.

Here, you can find more information on the ferry routes from Motril to Morocco:

  • Motril - Tangier ferry: there are normally daily ferry crossings between Motril and Tangier all year round. Ferries arrive at the port of Tanger Med and the trip usually lasts 8 hours. Ferry ticket prices from Motril to Tangier start at approximately €35.
  • Motril - Al Hoceima ferry: the ferry route from Motril to Al Hoceima is active most months of the year with 2-3 weekly crossings. The ferry usually takes about 7-8 hours to reach the port of Al Hoceima and the ticket cost starts at around €50.
  • Motril - Nador ferry: there are usually 2 weekly ferry connections from Motril to Nador, lasting around 7 hours. Tickets to Nador start at €40.

Also, there is a ferry route connecting Motril to the Spanish autonomous city located on the northwest coast of Africa. The Motril - Melilla ferry route runs 2-3 weekly crossings, taking about 6-7.5 hours. Tickets cost around €55, depending on the season.

Where is the ferry port in Motril?

The ferry port of Motril is located 5 km from the town center. 

How to get to Motril port?

The port of Motril is near the town and you can easily get to the port by vehicle, a taxi or a bus.

A bike path lined with palm trees and buildings in Pueblos de América Park, Motril, Spain

The Pueblos de América Park in Motril

Vacation in Motril

Motril is a Spanish resort town popular for its natural landscape and historical background. Holidays in Motril are synonymous with a laid-back lifestyle, mouthwatering Andalusian dishes and Mediterranean beaches. 

Motril enjoys mild weather all year long, which makes it the ideal sun-and-beach destination. You should try delicious local products, such as avocados and mangos. The area also produces sugarcane.

How to get to Motril

Motril is close to major cities of Andalusia, such as Granada, Seville, Málaga, and Almería. There are several bus routes from these cities to Motril, or you can travel there in your car. 

In case you are traveling from another city in Spain or from abroad, the easiest way to reach the town is by catching a flight to one of the other Andalusian cities and then continuing by bus to Motril.

What to do in Motril

Motril, a captivating coastal town nestled amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of Andalusia, beckons visitors with its rich tapestry of architecture and history. Among Motril's highlights stand the magnificent Great Church of the Incarnation and the enchanting Los Pueblos de América Park.

The beaches of Motril belong to the Costa Tropical and are very popular among Andalusian visitors. Near the beaches, there are many bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy a meal or a drink after swimming. For those seeking an active escape, the Los Moriscos Club de Golf and diving schools stand ready to enhance the vacation experience.

Finally, gastronomy will be the protagonist of your vacation in Motril and you’ll have the opportunity to try original dishes and local delicacies.

Beaches in Motril

The Spanish Costa Tropical is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Its proximity to Granada means many travelers combine their stay in the province's capital with a trip to the coast. You can find several beaches typical of the Mediterranean landscape.

There are sandy as well as pebble beaches, and you can choose between a secluded cove ideal for relaxation or a family-friendly playa with all the essential amenities.

Find some of the best beaches in Motril below:

  • Poniente: it's the closest beach to the town and probably the liveliest. There are many restaurants, beach bars and amenities like showers, umbrellas and parking spaces. Also, it is close to the campsite and the golf course. 
  • Granada: it's considered the most popular beach of Motril. It is very large and wide, with fine sand and deep blue waters. It also has many amenities for the visitors as it is close to beach bars and restaurants, as well as the holiday resort. 
  • La Joya: it's also called the “jewel” and is considered the most beautiful beach of Motril. It is pristine, with amazing clear waters and is ideal for seclusion and relaxation. There are no amenities nearby.
  • Calahonda: an impressive beach near Motril, with sand and crystal waters. Many visitors choose it for scuba diving and snorkeling. It has a magnificent seabed and dive-tutoring services. There are also bars, showers and umbrellas there. 
  • Carchuna: campers love this beach as it is close to a great campsite. In addition, there are amenities like showers, umbrellas and chiringuitos for drinks!
  • La Rijana: another natural and quiet beach for those who seek to swim in peace. It is a small bay that protects you from strong winds and waves, and lets you dive in its calm waters.
  • El Cable: the dog-friendly beach of Motril! Visitors can bring their furry friends to this beach and have unlimited fun! There is sand and shallow waters but no amenities.
  • Torrenueva: perfect for families with children as the beach is sandy and has shallow and clear waters. For this reason, it can get busy, especially when it’s sunny. The beach is also close to an urban area where you can find basic services. However, there are no umbrellas and amenities, so pack well before visiting.

Top view of the beach of La Rijana in Motril, Spain

The secluded La Rijana beach in the area of Gualchos in Motril

Sightseeing and activities in Motril

Motril provides a complete holiday experience, extending beyond its captivating beaches to encompass a wealth of cultural attractions. Furthermore, the town and its port are ideal for short trips to explore other enchanting areas and cities within the Andalusian region. 

Among the most beautiful attractions to discover in Motril, we recommend:

  • The Preindustrial Sugar Cane Museum, located on the ruins of an old sugar mill of the 16th century
  • The Ron Montero Rum Distillery, Europe's last remaining rum distillery, offering rum tasting tours
  • The Parque de los Pueblos de América, a park in the city center of Motril
  • The History Museum of Motril, a gallery walking you through Motril's rich past
  • The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Head, a beautiful church dedicated to the patron of Motril "Our Lady of the Head"
  • The Los Moriscos Club de Golf, a great golf course in the province of Granada
  • The Church of the Incarnation, the oldest monument preserved in the city built in 1514
  • The Teatro Calderón, a cultural symbol of the town of Motril since 1881
  • The Fiesta de las Cruces, a religious and cultural celebration popular in Andalusia held every May

Nightlife in Motril

Nightlife in Motril is vivacious. There are many bars and chiringuitos where you can enjoy your drink and have fun. Moreover, you can stroll around Playa de Granada near the port, where you can also find beach bars, restaurants and events. 

In Motril, you might stumble upon lively open-air street parties, often organized by the town's vibrant younger crowd, who come together with music and drinks.

In addition, Motril hosts many events throughout the year, ranging from concerts and festivals to enchanting flamenco nights. For those seeking a more laid-back experience, the town offers the opportunity to catch a movie at one of its cinemas.

Food in Motril

During your stay in Motril you can feast on authentic Andalusian dishes that will undoubtedly delight the taste buds. The local produce mainly consists of fresh fruit and seafood. You can stroll around the town and find taperías and food markets to try as many flavors as possible!

Here are some of the most delicious local delicacies to try during your stay in Motril:

  • seafood paella
  • dry octopus 
  • avocado salad with vegetables and salmon
  • espichás (dish with anchovies)
  • monkfish
  • mackerel ceviche
  • guava salad
  • palito de ron (traditional alcoholic drink)

Close-up of the top of a palm tree with its long, slender fronds against a clear blue sky, in Motril, Spain

The impressive palm trees of Costa Tropical

Useful information about Motril

Motril is a town in Andalusia and its port is a popular getaway to North Africa. You will find basic facilities and services in the city, such as gas stations, supermarkets and stores. As for medical services, the town has one hospital, some pharmacies and clinics. 

Regarding accommodation, there are various options, from luxury holiday resorts to budget-friendly hotels. Additionally, there are camping grounds for camping lovers. 

Important phone numbers for your stay in Motril

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Motril:

  • Motril tourist office: +34958825481
  • Motril Port Authority: +34958601207
  • Motril taxi services: +34958833303
  • Regional Hospital Santa Ana de Motril: +34958038200
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Motril

Navigating the town of Motril on foot is a breeze, thanks to its compact center. However, for those venturing beyond the city's core, a variety of transportation options are available.

You can also rent a bicycle to explore the city or get around with your own vehicle.

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Motril ferry timetable

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