North Aegean, Greece

Chios is one of the largest islands in Greece and it’s located in the Northeast Aegean. It is famous for its mastic, medieval villages, beautiful beaches, and fertile plains.

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Village with traditional architecture in Chios, Greece

The beautiful mastic village Pyrgi in Chios

Vacation in Chios 

Chios is a destination that combines the modern with the traditional way of life. The island of Chios will undoubtedly charm you with its untamed nature, impressive landscapes, and wild, undiscovered beauty.

Its wide variety of activities and places is ideal for all travelers. Families prefer Chios for its laid-back atmosphere, lovely beaches and delicious food, while younger travelers favor it for its nightlife and adventurous landscapes.

How to get to Chios

If you want to get from Athens to Chios, you can take the ferry from the port of Piraeus. You can find frequent ferry routes from Piraeus to Chios all year long.

In case you are in northern Greece, you can travel by ferry to Chios from Kavala. In the section below, there are more details on how to reach Chios by ferry.

What to do in Chios

Chios vacations are synonymous with exploration, diving in deep blue waters, unique flavors, and Aegean tradition. The island is a great place to visit all year, but especially during Easter, when you can witness the unique event of rocket war in Vrontado.

We advise you to visit the picturesque Mastic Villages and sample the mastic products because Chios is known for its mastic production. In Kampos of Chios, you will be able to admire not only the endless citrus orchards but also some of the island's most beautiful traditional houses.

Beaches in Chios

In Chios, there are more than 90 amazing beaches, most of which feature cool, deep waters, fine sand or pebbles, and lush vegetation. Many of them have amenities like umbrellas and cafés or taverns nearby. Others, however, are better for solitude and relaxation away from large crowds.

Here are the top 8 beaches in Chios:

  1. Mavra Volia: the best known and most beautiful beach of Chios. The crystal waters, the huge rocks and the distinctive volcanic black pebbles constitute an amazing scenery.
  2. Agia Dinami: a calm and quiet beach with turquoise waters and white fine pebbles. There are no amenities on this beach, so be sure to bring the necessary equipment with you.
  3. Agia Markella: a large, impressive beach with dark sand, cool waters and a beautiful view of Psara island. Its name derives from the monastery that is located near the coast.
  4. Agia Fotia: a popular beach near the same-named village. It has pebbles, deep waters and amenities such as umbrellas, sunbeds and water sports infrastructure. There are also taverns and a beach bar in the area. 
  5. Vroulidia: this idyllic beach also has deep waters and fine pebbles where you can relax under the sun. In the area, you can find a canteen for snacks and refreshments. 
  6. Yiosonos: large and calm beach with crystal sea and lush vegetation. There, you can get a drink at the beach bar and rent umbrellas and sunbeds. 
  7. Nagos: the landscape in the area of Nagos is enchanting, with plane trees and streams. The beach has small pebbles and crystal-clear cool waters thanks to the springs that reach the sea. On the coast, you will find tavernas, and at a close distance, there are hotels and rooms for accommodation.
  8. Komi: cosmopolitan large beach with sand and crystal-clear waters. It has amenities like showers, taverns, a beach bar, and hotels.

Black pebbles near the sea in Chios, Greece

The distinctive black pebbles in Mavra Volia beach

Sightseeing and activities in Chios

Chios is an island with a rich history, rare natural beauty and many cultural and natural attractions that are surely worth visiting.

Known for its magnificent mosaics, Nea Moni is a well-known Chios landmark that has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Some of the most famous sights in Chios are:

  • the archaeological site of Emporio
  • the Daskalopetra
  • the Rimokastro
  • the Castle of Chios
  • the Temple of Fanaios Apollo
  • the Anavatos
  • the Cave of Olympi
  • the Mastic Museum
  • the Archaeological Museum
  • the Byzantine Museum
  • the Agios Isidoros Church
  • the Panagia Krina Church
  • the Maritime Museum

Nightlife in Chios

Chios is a vibrant island with a variety of nightlife options. Near the port of Chora, you will find many restaurants where you can enjoy your food and drink traditional souma (traditional drink made from figs). There are also many bars and clubs on the island where you can have your drink or cocktail and party until the morning!

In the villages of the island, you can pick from a variety of quaint taverns to sample regional specialties made with local ingredients. Remember that throughout the summer, these villages host lots of panigiria (traditional feasts)!

Sunset seen from the windmills of Chios, Greece

Idyllic orange and blue sky

Food in Chios

While in Chios, you can sample traditional cuisine and high-quality local products. The island's rich soil and temperate Mediterranean climate are ideal for growing a variety of goods, the most well-known of which is unquestionably mastic. Ice cream, candies, liqueur, ouzo, tsoureki, cosmetics, perfumes, and cosmetic products all contain mastic.

Here are some of our favorite dishes and products of Chios:

  • kopanisti (spicy cheese dip)
  • mastelo (local cheese)
  • malathropita (savory pie with fennel)
  • sfougato (traditional omelette with cheese and herbs)
  • zucchini pie
  • risotto with eggplant
  • local mushrooms
  • local olives
  • mamoulia (local sweets) 

Villages in Chios

Most locals stay in the capital and the main port of Chios, Chora. The remaining inhabitants of the island live in Mesta, the second-largest town, and the other 64 villages. While on vacation in Chios, you should explore and visit some medieval villages, the mastic villages, and Kampos of Chios.

Here are some of the main villages in Chios:

  • Mesta
  • Pyrgi
  • Anavatos
  • Kalamoti
  • Kardamyla
  • Lagkada
  • Volissos
  • Chalkio
  • Karies
  • Vrontados
  • Avgonima

Traditional wall painting in a village in Chios, Greece

A traditional architectural example in Chios

Useful information for Chios

On the island of Chios, you can find all the amenities you require for a comfortable vacation. You can find amenities like supermarkets, ATMs, pharmacies, and gas stations in the two largest settlements, Chora and Mesta. Smaller stores and services can be found all over the island, and Chora also has a hospital.

Furthermore, finding accommodation in Chios can be simple, especially if you book ahead of time. There are hotels, rooms and studios to suit all tastes and budgets.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Chios

Some useful phone numbers for your trip to Chios are:

  • Port Authority of Chios: +302271044433
  • Chios intercity bus station (KTEL): +302271022079 
  • Chios General Hospital “Skylitsio”: +302271350100
  • Chios Airport “Omiros”: +302271081400
  • Chios Police: +302271081537
  • Chios Municipality: +302271350860
  • Tourist office: +302271044344

Transportation in Chios

Since Chios has a good road network, we advise bringing your own car or motorcycle or renting one there if you want to explore the island's natural beauty. If you don't have a car, the fastest way to get around is by taxi or bus, which run several daily routes across the island. The island's airport, which is conveniently connected to Chora by city buses, is located in Neorio, just 4km outside the port of Chios.

Ports in Chios

Chios has 2 ports: one close to Chora and one close to Mesta. Both ports run ferry services to the Greek mainland and other Aegean islands.

The port of Chora is located on the east coast, not far from the city. There, you can find car rentals, numerous shops and stores, as well as restaurants, bars, and cafés. Mesta is located 4km from the port in the southeast of the island.

Island hopping from Chios

Chios is a great place to go island hopping because it's situated halfway between the Dodecanese and Northeast Aegean islands. Additionally, the island is close to the Turkish coast.

There are direct ferries from Chios to the following ports:

  • Oinousses
  • Psara
  • Lesbos
  • Samos
  • Ikaria
  • Fournoi
  • Lemnos
  • Patmos
  • Lipsi
  • Cesme (Turkey)

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Blue fishing boat in Chios, Greece

Old fishing boat near a beach in Chios

Chios ferry: schedules and tickets

Chios is well connected to mainland Greece via the ports of Piraeus in Athens and Kavala in northern Greece.

  • Piraeus to Chios: ferry crossings from the port of Piraeus to Chios are regular and run throughout the whole year. In winter you can find 2 weekly sailings, while in summer the frequency increases. The duration of the trip ranges between 7.5 to 10.5 hours depending on the ferry company and the arrival port.
  • Kavala to Chios: the ferry route Kavala - Chios connects northern Greece with the Aegean islands and is served all year round. The crossing Kavala - Chios lasts from 10 to 15 hours, depending on the itinerary you choose.

Note: most ferries to Chios have car-decks for transporting vehicles. To further explore the island while on vacation, we advise you to bring a car or motorcycle.

The windmills near the port of Chios at night, Greece

The illuminated windmills near the port of Chios by night

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Chios ferry timetable

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