Falster, Denmark

Eager to explore the southernmost hidden gem of Denmark? Here comes Gedser, a scenic town on the island of Falster where time moves slower, allowing you to recharge your batteries and wander through untouched natural landscapes.

Read all about Gedser on Ferryhopper, including the best travel tips, landmarks, activities and how to get there.

Green valleys with the Gedser Lighthouse in the distance, Denmark

Endless greenery with the Gedser Lighthouse in the distance

Holidays in Gedser

For those looking for a holiday destination where silence, tranquility and simplicity reign supreme, Gedser is the place to be! With less than 1,000 inhabitants, you don’t have to worry about reservations, crowded restaurants or finding a place to park your car!

The beaches here are perfect for families with children and lovers of nature. And for thrill-seekers, you can find plenty of opportunities for nature exploration.

While Gedser is a great year-round destination, its numerous outdoor activities and cozy port area are best enjoyed when the weather is warmer, from late spring to early autumn.

How to get to Gedser

Reaching the peaceful hidden corner of Gedser may seem like a hassle at first, but it’s actually quite convenient.

Our preferred way of traveling to Gedser is by ferry from Rostock, Germany. The route lasts roughly 2 hours and is a beautiful ferry journey across the Baltic Sea, the right way to get in the mood for holidays in Scandinavia! For more information on ferries to Gedser, read our section below.

To get there by car, you should know that Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is connected by motorway to the island of Falster. From the capital, follow the E47 motorway, then the E55 route that passes through Nykøbing, on the capital of Falster, and then follow the Gedser Landevej route to reach your destination. In total, the duration lasts around 2 hours. 

If you reach Nykøbing, there are also frequent bus services that take you directly to the town of Gedser.

Tip: alternatively, you can catch a flight to Copenhagen or Rostock. Then, you can resume your journey by motorway or ferry, respectively.

Rocky formations on the coast of Gedser, Denmark

Imposing rock formations on the coastline of Gedser

What to do in Gedser

Immerse yourself in the long sandy and rocky coasts of Gedser, plan exciting road trips on the island of Falster and even try out birdwatching! The heavenly atmosphere of Gedser rewards visitors with several things to try out, including mouth-watering Scandinavian delicacies!

What are you waiting for? Check out the best of Gedser below, including its top landmarks and entertainment options.

Sightseeing and activities in Gedser

Gedser has in store some rather unique sightseeing opportunities for you. The most popular and interesting sight is the coastal beauty of Gedser Odde, full of imposing cliffs, fossils and dozens of migratory birds to admire! Nearby, you can also find the Gedser Lighthouse.

Other must-visit attractions in Gedser include:

  • Gedser Remise, a wonderful railway museum
  • The scenic Yellow Palace with its beautiful exhibition
  • The colorful and lively flora at Gedser Rhododendron Arboret
  • The atmospheric Gedser Church, which was completed in 1915
  • The small and inspirational Granite Sculpture Dialog - Talerstolen

What about outdoor activities in Gedser? The team of Ferryhopper recommends renting a bike from the city center and exploring some of the most popular cycling routes in Gedser, such as the ones to Gedser Odde or Marielyst.

Nightlife in Gedser

Gedser is known for its tranquil atmosphere and uncrowded, serene locations. At night, you can find a few bars, restaurants and coffee shops for more entertaining options. Among others, we recommend Gedser Bodega, where you can also play pool!

Food in Gedser

Well-hidden and full of surprises, Gedser has a few hotspots full of Danish gastronomic delights and local beer! Wherever you choose to dine, make sure to try out one of the countless variations of smørrebrød, which means “butter bread” in Norwegian.

Most meals here are served with potatoes, though some restaurants also offer salad as an alternative. And as for beer, the beautiful Den gamle Købmandsgaard has its own brewery and is a must-visit spot!

Served smørrebrød at a Danish restaurant

A delicious serving of smørrebrød!

Useful information about Gedser

In Gedser, you can find some of the cheapest accommodation solutions across the island of Falster. Most hotels and B&B options are located within walking distance of Gedser’s port.

While Gedser has everything you might need for a pleasant stay, you might need to visit a neighboring town for additional amenities, such as medical assistance. For your convenience, we highly recommend Nykøbing, the main town of Falster and the most advanced urban area on the island.

Tip: in Denmark, the main currency is the Danish Krone (DKK). While euros might be accepted in certain commercial and tourist locations, keep in mind that Gedser might have more limited options. There are some points of interest, including hotels, that provide currency exchange services.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Gedser

Below, we’ve listed some useful phone numbers for your stay in Gedser:

  • Gedser Tourist Information: +4531181188
  • Nykøbing police office: +4555311448
  • Gedser Port Authority: +4554179245
  • European emergency phone number: 112

Transportation in Gedser

At the tourist center, adjacent to the restaurant Den gamle Købmandsgaard, you can rent a bike and explore the dreamlike landscapes of Gedser. Alternatively, the city is quite pedestrian-friendly, so moving around by other means (car, bus or taxi) is only necessary if you wish to get to other places on the island of Falster.

The Farø Bridges, between the islands of Zealand and Falster, Denmark

The impressive Farø Bridges that lead to the island of Falster

Ports in Gedser

As the southernmost port of the country, Gedser serves the oldest ferry connection between Denmark and Germany. Apart from conventional ferries, it is also a port of call for smaller vessels.

You can find the port of Gedser in the western segment of the town. There are numerous bus connections to get there from the island’s main town, Nykøbing. Traveling there by car or a taxi is also a convenient option, as the journey is direct and brief in duration. Once you arrive at the city center, the port of Gedser is only a few steps away.

Gedser ferry: schedules and tickets

Can’t wait to hop on a ferry and reach Gedser? Your only option is the advanced seaport of Rostock in Germany, which takes you to Gedser safely, quickly and conveniently.

The Rostock - Gedser ferry route is operated by the company Scandlines year-round, with about 10 daily departures. The estimated travel time is roughly 2 hours, with ferry tickets starting at €54.

If you’re interested in what other routes are in operation from Rostock and other German ports, check out our article about ferries from Germany.

Important: on the Rostock - Gedser ferry route, you can only book ferry tickets with a selected vehicle. 

View of the port of Gedser from a ferry's deck

Leaving behind the Danish port of Gedser

Book your ferry tickets to Gedser online

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Gedser ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Gedser for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.