Information regarding ferry ticket booking

When do tickets become available? Where can I travel to with ferryhopper? Which documents are required for travel? I like to book last minute, how late can I go? What time should I arrive at the port? If I have lost my ticket, will I be able to board on the ferry? How accessible are ferries to people with disabilities or special medical conditions?

What about taking my pet on board? Are there any restrictions on the luggage that I can carry with me? Can I take my bike on board? Is there any extra cost?Are there any restrictions on the luggage that I can carry with me? My luggage was damaged or stolen. Can I claim reimbursement?

What are the available payment options for my purchase? I am worried about my credit card details. Is it safe to place an order through ferryhopper.com? Why do you need my personal data (e.g. Name, Gender, Phone, e-mail) when issuing a ticket?

What is this “Early Booking Offer” or “Special Offer”? Can I book an open ticket? How do I get special discounts on ferry tickets? Is a round-trip ticket cheaper than two singles? What is the maximum number of passengers and vehicles that I can book in a single reservation?Is there an option for electronic ticket (e-ticket)?

The ticket cancellation, modification and refund options described below are a detailed and indicative summary of the policies of the ferry companies as well as  of the rights of ferry passengers as defined by the greek state. Ferryhopper is not liable for any discrepancy or modification of these options and we recommend that you contact us or the ferry company for a more detailed and accurate answer concerning your specific case.

How can I get my tickets? Can I pick up my tickets from the port? Where is the collection point, if I choose the option to collect my tickets from the port?

Can I choose exactly where I sit? Unfortunately, the ferry companies do not provide seat selection through the online booking system. However, the system tries to place all the passengers of a reservation in adjacent seats or nearby seats that are available at the time of your booking...

What are my rights if the ferry is delayed, and it is the company’s fault? The trip was cancelled. What are my rights? Cancellation due to inclement weather? How shall I be reimbursed for the fare and get my refund? In what cases any claims cannot be filed?