Åland Islands

Långnäs is a port on the east coast of Lumparland, Åland's smallest municipality, and about 30 km from the capital of Mariehamn. On Ferryhopper, you can take a look at available ferry routes from/to the port of Långnäs, find tips for your holiday in Åland, and book your tickets online in just a few clicks!

Read our suggestions for your stay in Åland and find useful information about the port of Långnäs:

Small rock islands in the Åland archipelago

Small rock islands in the Åland archipelago

Långnäs ferry port

Långnäs is a small but important port in the Baltic Sea. Thanks to Åland's tax privileges that allow the sale of duty-free products on ferry cruises, many cruise ships that sail between the Stockholm region (Kapellskär and Stockholm) and southern Finland (Turku and Helsinki) make a stop there. Moreover, many international tourists choose to travel from/to Långnäs to take advantage of the shopping opportunities.

Although at the moment the port has only basic amenities, it keeps updating its services and receives around 3,000 ferries a year. It is also an alternative to the Mariehamn port (which is only 30 km from Långnäs) on connections that have little passenger traffic to and from Åland.

Ferries from Långnäs port: schedules and tickets

The port of Långnäs, along with the port of Mariehamn, is one of the most important ports of Åland and a gateway to the thousands of islands of the Åland archipelago. Ferries travel to Långnäs from Stockholm and Kapellskär in Sweden, and from Turku and Naantali in Finland. The cruise ships of Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line operating on the Stockholm - Turku ferry route also use Långnäs as a night stop.

Långnäs also serves ferry connections to other regions in Åland. Ålandstrafiken road ferries to Kumlinge (Snäckö) and Galtby via Föglö (Överö) and Kökar depart from there.

Ferry from Långnäs to Stockholm

The Långnäs - Stockholm ferry connection is served up to 2 times daily all year round. The route is operated by the ferry companies Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line. The ferry trip lasts about 5.5 hours and tickets start at around €18.

Ferry from Långnäs to Kapellskär

The Långnäs - Kapellskär route is operated by Finnlines and Tallink Silja Line ferries with over 20 weekly crossings. The trip duration ranges from 3 to over 7 hours. Tickets start at around €30.

Ferry from Långnäs to Turku

Ferries from Långnäs to Turku run with up to 2 crossings a day. The connection is served by the ferry companies Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line. The ferry ride takes 4-5 hours and ticket prices start at around €15.

Ferry from Långnäs to Naantali

The Långnäs - Naantali ferry connection is served by Finnlines with up to 2 crossings a day. The ferry ride lasts less than 5 hours and ticket prices start at around €30.

Where is the ferry port in Långnäs?

Långnäs is located in Lumparland, in the eastern part of mainland Åland. With less than 400 inhabitants, Lumparland is the smallest municipality on mainland Åland. Lumparland’s largest village is Klemetsby and its main language is Swedish.

How to get to Långnäs port?

The port of Långnäs is located only 30 km from the capital town of Mariehamn in Åland’s mainland. The ride is a bit longer than 30 minutes by car. You can also take bus 5 from Mariehamn to reach Klemetsby village (around 1-hour ride), and then take a taxi to Långnäs from there.

To get to Långnäs by plane, you first have to fly to Mariehamn Airport from Turku, Stockholm or Helsinki, and then reach the port by car, taxi or bus.

Isolated red house on a coast with lush vegetation in Åland

The untamed beauty of Åland’s natural landscapes

Vacation in Långnäs

Långnäs is a peaceful harbor town on the east coast of Lumparland, Åland's smallest municipality. Långnäs itself may not have any important attractions or things to do, however the best places to visit in Lumparland are only a quick drive from the port.

Långnäs is also a good starting point if you want to explore the exceptional beauty of the Åland archipelago by sea. You can take advantage of the local ferry connections and visit nearby islands of Åland.

Tip: we strongly recommend visiting Åland around June 21, when the folk festival of Midsummer takes place. On Midsummer Eve, Ålanders take advantage of the long daylight and organize parties and barbecues outside. They also decorate a maypole with flowers and leaves, and dance around it dressed up in traditional clothes.

How to get to Långnäs

You can reach Långnäs by ferry from the ports of Stockholm and Kapellskär in Sweden, as well as from Turku and Naantali in Finland.

Check how you can get to Långnäs from Mariehamn, the capital of Åland, and the Mariehamn airport above.

What to do in Långnäs

From Långnäs, you will be able to explore Lumparland's cultural and natural sights. And, of course, the picturesque capital of Mariehamn, with several attractions and an awesome restaurant scene, is only 30 km away. The port also works as a perfect link for a day trip or weekend to nearby islands in Åland.

Sightseeing and activities in Långnäs

Since you are on holiday in Åland, you can’t miss a visit (or a stay) in Mariehman. Some of Åland’s most important sights, such as the Åland Maritime Museum and the Kobba Klintar are located there. On the other hand, the small Lumparland also has some pretty interesting sights to offer, such as:

  • Lumparland's Church in Klemetsby
  • Nybonds farm in Krogstad(open in the summer months)
  • Lumparn geological site (9 km wide impact crater)
  • Lumparland sawmill (a farm with a wind-powered sawmill)

If you are looking for a walk, a picnic or a swim at the beach, the coastline around Långnäs is full of cute bays that you can reach by boat or kayak. Taking a day trip to the picture-perfect village of Degerby is another great adventure you could have. You can catch the ferry daily from Svinö or catch a ferry from Långnäs to Överö and then drive to Degerby.

The islands’ wonderful natural landscapes and modern sports facilities make Åland a top option for adventure and fitness lovers. Cycling, hiking, kayaking, and golfing are only a few of the things to do there! Moreover, several hiking trails start from Långnäs and pass through villages in Lumparland.

Houses and green vegetation in Mariehamn

The beautiful architecture and green vegetation of Mariehman

Nightlife in Långnäs

It’s true, Långnäs and the surroundings in the small Lumparland don’t offer many entertainment options. If you are looking for a fun night, you can have drinks and a good meal in Mariehamn, Åland’s most lively town.

In Mariehamn, you will find several pubs which are the town's evening hot spots. You will also find some beautiful bars with a terrace, a nightclub for some late-night fun, a cinema, and even a casino.

Food in Långnäs

For Ålanders food is a big thing, as well as sustainability. In Åland, you can eat tasty, organic food, produced with respect for nature and what each season has to offer. In Åland restaurants, the AX label on a menu signifies that the dish is made from local ingredients, such as fish, meat and apples from local farms.

Lumparland is very small so you won’t really find any restaurants around Långnäs. Åland’s central culinary scene is Mariehamn, where there are plenty of restaurant options, but you will also find good places to eat in Sund, Eckerö, Kastelholm, etc.

Some of the Åland flavors that you must try are:

  • Fish (smoked, cured, fried in batter or roasted)
  • Åland pancakes
  • Local tangy cheeses
  • Dark malt bread
  • Apple juice and soda from local fruit
  • Artisan “slow” beers (Stallhagen microbrewery)

The castle of Kastelholm and boats at the nearby harbor in Åland

The breathtaking scenery around the castle of Kastelholm

Useful information about Långnäs

With stunning landscapes combining sea and lush vegetation, a vibrant life in the summer month and many options for activities and relaxation, Åland has become a popular tourist attraction over the last decades.

In Långnäs and the Lumparland area amenities are too little, so if you are looking for golf and other sports facilities, restaurants and cafés, saunas, pools, etc., you will have to stay in the nearby Mariehamn. In the capital, you will also find several hospitals and clinics, so you can travel with peace of mind.

The closest place from Långnäs where you can find accommodation is Svinö (there are a few cottages to rent). However, if you want to have more options, better look for a place to stay in Mariehamn. The hotels there are classic and are close to museums, restaurants and shops.

Then again, if you would rather connect with nature and try something different, you can book a cottage by the sea, a wooden guesthouse, or a room in a farm hotel. There are numerous options all over Åland, even off the mainland.

Tip: if you want to go simple, you can travel with a tent or motorhome and stay in one of Åland’s around 20 camping sites.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Långnäs

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Långnäs:

  • Långnäs Port Authority: +3581834576
  • Åland Police: +35818527100
  • Åland bus services: +3581825600
  • Medical assistance: +35818538 500
  • Emergency health ward: +358185355
  • Mariehamn airport: +35820708000
  • Ålands Taxi: +3581832000
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Långnäs

When in mainland Åland, you can continue your journey to the islands via the Archipelago ferries and even spend the night in one of the Åland archipelago villages. These local ferries are free of charge for passengers who travel without a vehicle (bikes are considered as vehicles). From the port of Långnäs there are direct ferries to Överö and Bergö.

In Åland, there are also several taxi services that you can use to get around the islands and reach the port or airport. Moreover, Åland is a biking-friendly destination with a great network of cycling tracks. As distances are short, cycling (or walking) is one of the best ways to move around and visit multiple areas.

As for buses, they are limited but they are a cheap option to get around Lumparland (ticket costs less than €5). If you want to drive around and can’t bring your own vehicle, you can rent a car in one of Åland’s two car rental agencies.

Old lighthouse in the Åland Islands

Majestic old lighthouse in Åland

Where to book Långnäs ferry tickets online

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Långnäs ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

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Långnäs has direct ferry connections to 5 ports :