Dodecanese, Greece

Leros is a green island in the Dodecanese and an ideal destination for relaxing holidays. The island is widely known for its beauty, its beaches and impressive landscapes.

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Crystal waters at Leros' port in Greece

Impressive, crystal-clear waters at the port of Lakki, Leros

Vacation in Leros

Leros is a cosmopolitan destination of the Dodecanese, known for its natural beauty. It is an ideal destination for holidays as it combines stunning landscapes, relaxing moments and mouthwatering food.

On the island, you will find wonderful beaches, traditional villages and historical monuments that highlight its culture. The impressive Leros is waiting for you to enchant you!

How to get to Leros

Leros is well-connected to mainland Greece via the port of Piraeus all year long. However, you can find frequent ferry connections from other islands of the Dodecanese to Leros, such as Kos and Patmos. Further details on ferries to Leros can be found in the section below.

What to do in Leros

Recently, Leros has become a popular destination for families, groups and couples. The so-called island of Artemis is full of enchanting beaches, picturesque settlements with beautiful architecture and sights of historical and cultural interest. Leros also offers many options for activities and fun!

And if you have more time to spare, why don’t you plan some island hopping to the neighboring islands from Leros? There are plenty of things to uncover, but first things first, let’s see the best of Leros below!

Beaches in Leros

The beaches of Leros are exactly as you imagine the beaches of the Aegean: clear blue waters, golden sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere! Many of them have amenities like umbrellas, sunbeds and canteens. However, there are others that are ideal for calmer moments and tranquility by the sea. 

Ferryhopper recommends you dive into:

  • Vromolithos: this is a popular beach of Leros next to the village of the same name. It is large and sandy, with facilities for guests, tavernas and a beach bar.
  • Agia Marina: it is one of the most famous beaches on the island. It is preferred mainly by families as its shallow, clear waters are ideal for children!
  • Penteli: this famous, large beach of Leros is located next to the Penteli, next to Vromolithos. Here you will find one of the largest beach bars on the island, while nearby there are other stores, tavernas and mini markets.
  • Alinda: this is one of the largest beaches of Leros. It has blue waters, sand and pebbles and has amenities like umbrellas. Nearby you will find stores and tavernas.
  • Dio Liskaria: it is a beautiful, windless cove with deep blue waters. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds, while nearby you will find places for coffee and food.
  • Xirokampos: this large, sandy beach with deep waters is suitable for diving and snorkeling! Near Xirokampos, there is a small rocky beach, Panagia Kavouradaina, for those seeking isolation and tranquility.
  • Agios Spyridonas: an idyllic small beach that has sand and pebbles. It stands out for the clear blue waters and the shipwrecked boat on the shore.
  • Krithoni: it is one of the best-known organized beaches of Leros with clear waters, fine pebbles and umbrellas. If you prefer natural shade, you can relax under the tall trees nearby.
  • Koulouki: actually, these are 3 consecutive coves. They have fine, light sand, cool waters and are surrounded by imposing pines and lush vegetation. On the middle beach, there is a snack bar with snacks and drinks.
  • Merikia: this cute, quiet beach is located near Koulouki. It has crystal-clear waters and large tamarisk trees that offer their shade. 
  • Agia Kiura: If you are looking for peaceful moments and cool, mirror-like waters, this beach is a must for you. Make sure you have the necessary supplies with you, as it doesn’t have amenities.
  • Gourna: known for its dark sand and clear, shallow waters. It has umbrellas, but also trees that offer shade. Behind the beach, there are tavernas and cafes for visitors.

Windmill at the beach of Leros in Greece

Traditional windmill on a rocky beach of Leros

Sightseeing and activities in Leros

Leros is an ideal destination to spend some quality time and relax. However, travelers who love exploration can enrich their holiday experience as the island is full of natural, cultural and historical sights. 

Some of our favorite attractions and activities in Leros are:

  • Temple of Artemis in Partheni
  • Bellenis Tower and Museum of Folklore and History
  • Bourtzi Fortress in Agia Marina
  • Castle of Panagia or Castle of Pantelio
  • "Merikias Tunnel" War Museum
  • Hiking on the paths of the island
  • Diving and snorkeling

Nightlife in Leros

Leros has a very interesting character to show to travelers looking for vibrant nightlife. On the island, there are many bars and clubs with music that are ideal for drinks and dancing. At the same time, there are tavernas with Greek traditional music that keep you entertained until the morning.

Most nightlife options are in Agia Marina, but you can also find places to have fun in the other settlements of the island. Don’t forget that through the summers, many festivals aka panigiria take place in Leros like the celebration of Alonaris in July and the wine festival in August.

Food in Leros

Whether it is the small tavernas located on almost every beach on the island or luxury restaurants, one thing is for sure: in Leros, you will enjoy tasty Greek food and local delicacies. Most recipes include fresh seafood that is perfectly complemented by a glass of ouzo! 

Don’t miss out to try:

  • grilled or stewed octopus
  • fresh urchins and shellfish
  • fresh fish (synagrida -dentex- or lithrini -pandora-)
  • traditional sweet cheese pies
  • pougkakia (dough nests with almonds)
  • amygdalota (marzipan sweets)
  • gavafes (local fruit)

Villages in Leros

The capital of Leros is Agia Marina, while Lakki (aka Porto Lago) is the main port of the island. The settlement was built entirely by the Italians in the early '30s and stands out for its wonderful architecture and art deco elements. Leros, however, also has beautiful smaller villages that are worth discovering. 

We suggest you visit:

  • Agia Marina
  • Lakki
  • Platanos
  • Alinda
  • Partheni
  • Panteli
  • Krithoni
  • Xirokampos

White and blue church in Leros, Greece

A picturesque monastery in Leros

Useful information for Leros

Leros is a fairly developed island with many facilities and comforts for a pleasant stay. In Agia Marina, Platanos and Lakki, the island's 3 large settlements, you will find everything you need for your vacation: banks, ATMs, pharmacies, supermarkets and gas stations. The health center of Leros is also located in Lakki, very close to the port.

In terms of accommodation, there are numerous options for all budgets: from luxury suites to more affordable rooms and studios. Near Xirokampos, there is also a well-equipped campsite

Important phone numbers for your stay in Leros

Some valuable contacts for your stay in Leros are:

  • Leros Health Center: +302247023251
  • Leros Port Authority: +302247022224
  • Leros Police: +302247022222
  • Leros citizen service center (KEP):+30 2247023400
  • Leros intercity buses (KTEL): +306970310804

Transportation in Leros

The island has a good road network that allows you to easily get around by car or motorbike. Keep in mind that you can bring your vehicle or rent one there. At the same time, in Leros, there are taxi services and intercity buses (KTEL) that connect most of the settlements and the beaches.

Ports in Leros

The main port of Leros is located in Lakki, one of the biggest settlements on the island. Near the port, you can find stores, cafes and pharmacies, as well as the island’s hospital.

There are also some ferry companies operating at the port of Agia Marina, 4km from Lakki, which usually serves connections to nearby islands.

Important: bear in mind that weather conditions can affect the ferry's itinerary. If weather conditions in Lakki are not ideal, the ferry might arrive or depart from Agia Marina instead and vice versa, regardless of your original booking.

Island hopping from Leros

The geographical location of Leros is perfect for organizing island hopping around the Dodecanese and the islands of North Aegean. Specifically, you can travel by ferry directly to:

  • Kos
  • Lipsi
  • Arki
  • Patmos
  • Ikaria
  • Samos
  • Fourni
  • Kalymnos
  • Symi
  • Rhodes
  • Karpathos
  • Kasos 

Are you looking forward to your summer vacation in Leros, the "divine" island of the Dodecanese? On our interactive Map of Ferries, you can find all connections to/from Leros and plan your next journey with confidence!

Fun fact: from Leros, you can also visit Turkey! Check out the Leros - Turgutreis ferry route here.

Leros port in Lakki, Greece

Sea view of Lakki in Leros

Leros ferry: schedules and tickets

Athens is connected to Leros with frequent ferry crossings from the port of Piraeus. The trip duration from Piraeus to Leros ranges from 9 to 10 hours. For this reason, we suggest you book a cabin to enjoy a more comfortable trip. 

The ferry route to Leros is primarily operated by the ferry company Blue Star Ferries, which also allows you to bring along your vehicle as well.

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