Aeolian Islands, Italy

Stromboli is one of the eight Aeolian Islands and is mostly famous for its volcano, one of the most active in Europe. Despite the fact that it extends over an area of only 12 km², Stromboli offers its visitors many memorable experiences.

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Smoke billowing out of the Stromboli crater in the Aeolian Islands, Italy

Smoke billows from the volcano on the Aeolian Island of Stromboli

Vacation in Stromboli

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli is a must-see destination. With a geological history of 200,000 years, Stromboli is nicknamed the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean" for its active volcano and is the most dramatic of the Aeolian Islands. 

Swim in black-sand beaches, walk among lush citrus gloves and watch the volcanic eruptions. The island is perfect for those looking for a relaxing vacation, but above all, for those who love nature and trekking.

The best time to visit Stromboli for excursions is either in April or May, while in the height of summer you can enjoy the beaches of the island and take a few boat trips along the coast. 

How to get to Stromboli

The only way to reach Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands in general is by ferry

In Stromboli there are 2 ports: Stromboli (to the north-east) and Ginostra (to the south-west). Both are connected to Sicily (through the ports of Palermo, Milazzo and Messina) and to the other Aeolian Islands.

You can also reach Stromboli all year-round from the port of Naples. In addition, during the summer, there are sailings from Calabria, specifically from Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia.

Read more about available ferry routes to Stromboli below.

Small boat approaching the rocky port of Ginostra, Stromboli, Italy

 Boat arriving at the little port of Ginostra in Stromboli

What to do in Stromboli

Stromboli offers several attractions to its visitors. In addition to its beaches, those who visit Stromboli do so for a specific reason: its volcano. The Sciara del Fuoco (Stream of Fire), a steep slope where lava descends from the crater, and the fireworks display created by the strombolian eruptions, represent the most fascinating natural attraction on the island. 

Climbing the volcano is also one of the most unique activities in Stromboli. Book a guided excursion and fall in love with the island’s unique atmosphere. Furthermore, Ferryhopper suggests visiting the districts of Scari, Ginostra, Ficogrande, and Piscità. Stroll through their narrow streets, discover local shops and reach Piazza San Vincenzo.

In Stromboli, you can also relax on gleaming black-sand beaches and go on a boat trip to admire the island’s impressive coastline. Get closer to the Strombolicchio volcanic sea stack and the Marina lighthouse, and explore the cave of Aeolus

Tip: make sure to visit the famous Fire Festival held in Stromboli at the end of August, where you will see international performers explore their fascination with the element of fire. 

Beaches in Stromboli

The uniqueness of the beaches of Stromboli is their black sand. In general, the island’s beaches are small and secluded, mostly accessible by boat. 

Here are 8 of the best beaches in Stromboli: 

  1. Lazarro: this beach is a 15 minute walk from the village of Ginostra. Thanks to its underwater caves, Lazarro beach is very popular with diving enthusiasts. 
  2. Forgia Vecchia: located right underneath the slope of the volcano, this is a relaxing beach, with transparent waters and black pebbles. You can reach it on foot by taking a path that begins at Scari beach.
  3. Lunga: located in the northern part of the island (near the Piscità area), it is characterized by a wild and unspoiled nature. The beach doesn’t offer any visitor amenities and is perfect for young people. It’s also nude-friendly. 
  4. Ficogrande: this is the largest and most famous beach in Stromboli, and the only organized one. It’s equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs, refreshments, and a volleyball court. The beach is located in front of the Strombolicchio and is made up of volcanic pebbles and intense blue waters. 
  5. Punta Lena: this is a secluded beach, only reachable by boat, perfect for those seeking relaxation. It has a granite gray coastline and crystal-clear waters. 
  6. Ginostra: these natural pools are located near the village of Ginostra. Loved by divers, they are characterized by unique colors ranging from light blue to emerald green. You can only reach the coves by sea.
  7. Grotta d’Eolo: this small beach is known for its cave that is formed by lava. It’s located behind the Strombolicchio and is a great place to watch the sunset. 
  8. Scari: located near the center of San Vincenzo, this is a relatively large beach made up of lava pebbles. From here you can admire the Strombolicchio. Near the beach you will find a few bars and restaurants.

Boats and people laying on the beach of Scari, Stromboli, Italy

Small boats laying on the volcanic beach of Scari in Stromboli

Sightseeing in Stromboli

In addition to the wonderful volcanic beaches, here are other must-visit attractions during your stay in Stromboli:

  • The Church of San Vincenzo and its homonymous square
  • The Observatory of Punta Labronzo, where you can watch the volcano eruptions and lava flow down the Sciara del Fuoco
  • The Church of San Bartolomeo, on the slopes of the active volcano characterized by the red facade and rich stucco decorations
  • The village of Piscità
  • The port of Ginostra, which until a few years ago was the smallest port in the world
  • The Stromboli Visitor Center, a small museum to learn more about volcanoes
  • The Red House, the house next to the church of San Vincenzo in which famous director Roberto Rossellini and actress Ingrid Bergman lived during the shooting of the film Stromboli (Land of God) in 1949

The white domed church of San Vincenzo in Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy

The old white church of San Vincenzo in Stromboli, Italy

Nightlife in Stromboli

Despite its small size, in Stromboli you will find several bars, clubs and restaurants, the majority of which are concentrated in the port area. 

Sip a cocktail and enjoy the splendid view or dine peacefully at a local restaurant. For those who love to dance until dawn, in Stromboli there are also discos or clubs by the sea such as La Tartana and Bar Ingrid. 

For the romantic and lazy ones, relax by simply looking at the night sky. 

Food in Stromboli

The cuisine of Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands is characterized by simple ingredients. Its volcanic territory is certainly a bonus for fruits and vegetables, but many of the island’s signature dishes also include fresh seafood

Here are some local dishes and delicacies you absolutely must try during your holiday in Stromboli:

  • spaghetti Stromboli (made with olives, capers, anchovies, mint, and wild fennel)
  • fish ravioli 
  • fennel sausage
  • fish balls in broth

Tip: for a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view of the volcano, make sure to visit L'Osservatorio restaurant.

A plate of Stromboli's pasta, a traditional dish of the Aeolian Islands

A tasty dish of Stromboli's pasta, made with olives, capers, cherry tomatoes, and basil


Here are 4 tips that we hope will be helpful to you before your trip to Stromboli:

  • Give yourself at least 3 days to visit Stromboli.
  • Enjoy the eruptions of the craters by booking a night boat excursion to the Sciara del Fuoco. 
  • If you happen to hear the name Iddu, know that it is the term with which locals refer to the volcano.
  • Since 2013, the island of Stromboli has hosted the Eco Logical Theater Fest: a full week of events bringing together artists and spectators, without using any electricity, but only sunlight or fire. It is a must-visit!

Useful information for Stromboli

If you choose to visit Stromboli, you will forget all about stress and experience the tranquil atmosphere of the island.

Stromboli has about 500 inhabitants and 4 villages. The main town is San Vincenzo, with its port, some bars, restaurants, and hotels. Then there is Ginostra, the island’s second port, reachable only by sea. The seaside villages of Piscità and Ficogrande are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.

There are no cars on Stromboli, only electric vehicles, scooters and small buggies. In addition, the municipality of the island has decided not to disturb the night with artificial light, so you won’t find any street lights here.

As for health care services, in Stromboli there is a pharmacy and a medical clinic in San Vincenzo.

Useful phone numbers for your stay in Stromboli

Here are some contacts that could prove useful during your stay in Stromboli:

  • Emergency medical service (San Vincenzo): +39090986097
  • Pharmacy: +393471840322
  • Police: +39090986021
  • Town Hall: +39090986043
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Stromboli

Stromboli is a fairly small island that can be easily explored on foot.

In fact, you can get from one end of the island to the other in about 20 minutes. In Stromboli there is no public transport, but you can still hop on electric taxis that will reach any point on the island at fairly cheap rates.

The islet of Strombolicchio located opposite the San Vincenzo district in Stromboli, Italy

View of the picturesque islet of Strombolicchio from San Vincenzo, in Stromboli

Ports in Stromboli

Stromboli has 2 ports: the port of Stromboli (Scari pier) and the port of Ginostra. Ferries and hydrofoils departing from Sicily, the peninsula and the other islands of the archipelago dock here every day.

The port of Stromboli is located in the north-eastern part of the island around Stromboli's main settlement. The port area can be reached on foot or by taxi, as there is no public transport service on the island.

The port of Ginostra is smaller and is located in the southwestern part of the island. This area is much wilder than that of Stromboli and is ideal for lovers of nature and relaxation.

Near both ports, visitors will find restaurants, shops and other basic services.

Useful info: you can take a ferry from Stromboli to Ginostra. The crossings are quite frequent and last only 10 minutes.

Stromboli ferry: schedules and tickets

Stromboli can be reached by ferry from various ports in Italy. There are direct connections from the cities of Palermo, Milazzo and Messina (Sicily), from the ports of Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia (Calabria), and also from Naples.

The companies that operate the connections to Stromboli are SNAV, Siremar and Liberty Lines. Some connections are seasonal, while others are active year-round. 

Here are some more details on the ferry connections to Stromboli:

  • Palermo - Stromboli ferry: the Palermo to Stromboli ferry route is available once a day during summer. The trip duration ranges from 5 hours 50 minutes to 6 hours depending on the port of arrival.
  • Milazzo - Stromboli ferry: the ferry connection to Stromboli from Milazzo is active throughout the year with 8-13 sailings per day during the high season. The journey can last from approximately 1 to 6.5 hours depending on the itinerary, the port of arrival and the type of vessel.
  • Messina - Stromboli ferry: the Messina to Stromboli ferry crossing is seasonal and includes up to 4 daily crossings. Crossings last from around 2 to 4.5 hours.
  • Naples - Stromboli ferry: the ferry connection from Naples to Stromboli is active all year-round and includes several daily sailings during summer. The ferry takes between 4.5 and 10.5 hours to reach the island.
  • Vibo Valentia - Stromboli ferry: the Vibo Valentia to Stromboli ferry is seasonal. The crossing operates up to 2 times each week (on Thursdays and Sundays) and the rides last 1.5 hours.
  • Ferry Reggio Calabria - Stromboli: the ferry routes to Stromboli from Reggio Calabria are seasonal and operate with 1 daily sailing. The connection includes a change and a 30 minute wait at the port of Lipari. The trip takes a total of 3 hours 45 minutes.

On Ferryhopper's Map of ferries, you can see all the available ferry routes from Stromboli, so that you can easily and conveniently plan your ferry trip. 

Boat arriving at the port of Stromboli, with a black-sand beach, Italy

Ferry arriving at the port of San Vincenzo on the island's northeast coast

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