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Find useful information about the ferry port and your holidays in the city of Al Hoceima:

Mosque on the beach in Al Hoceima

Beautiful building of Islamic architecture in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima ferry port

The ferry port of Al Hoceima that is also known as "Gare Maritime d'Al Hoceima" opened to passengers in 2003. Up until then, the port was mainly used by cargo ships and fishing vessels.

It has 2 passenger terminals that are almost adjacent. The terminals serve ferries, as well as tour boats going on short trips along the coast of Morocco. 

As for port services, there are shops, restaurants, hotels and a mosque in the area. The popular Plage Quemado is also within walking distance.

If you want to park your vehicle at Al Hoceima port, there is a large open-air parking lot for travelers and locals. It is very close to the ferry terminal and near many restaurants.

Good to know: dolphins are regularly spotted off the port of Al Hoceima, so keep your eyes open!

Ferries from Al Hoceima port: schedules and tickets

Normally, there are ferry crossings from the city of Al Hoceima to Motril operated by Trasmediterránea.

The ferry route from Al Hoceima to Motril is seasonal. During the peak tourist season, you can normally travel to Motril by ferry twice a week. The Al Hoceima - Motril ferry crossing lasts about 5 hours. You can check all timetables on our Map of ferries once they are announced.

Where is the ferry port in Al Hoceima?

The port of Al Hoceima is on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco between Tangier and Nador. The port is close to the city center and you can approach it on foot. The 2 terminals serving ferries and smaller tour boats are close to each other.

How to get to Al Hoceima port

The port is 15-20 minutes on foot from most downtown locations. Although the distance is quite short, most travelers prefer to get a taxi to the port, especially when carrying heavy luggage.

If you’re approaching the port by car, drive on Mohamed Zraktouni Avenue starting from the city center and then take the first exit on your right to enter the port area.

Alternatively, the southeastern coastal road passing by Plage Quemado also leads to the port.

The port of Al Hoceima and Plage Quemado at sunset

The enchanting port of Al Hoceima at sunset

Vacation in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima (or Alhucemas) is a small city with great beaches and delicious local cuisine. The Moroccan port city is a popular destination for locals, as well as international visitors exploring the Moroccan coast.

Most travelers choose Al Hoceima for its nice beaches, cute restaurants by the beach, and luxury hotels. Also, it is close to the Rif mountains with awe-inspiring vistas, impressive gorges and wildlife.

The city is usually bustling and most public spaces are crowded and full of life. Is this what you're looking for? Then, keep reading!

How to get to Al Hoceima

You can reach the port of Al Hoceima by plane, car or bus. You can catch a flight to the Al Hoceima airport, the Cherif Al Idrissi Airport.

It's just 18km from the port serving flights from Tangier, Casablanca and Tétouan in Morocco, as well as Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague in Europe.

If you’re traveling by car to Al Hoceima from elsewhere in Morocco, you can take national road N2, as well as N16, also called the Mediterranean Bypass.

The bypass connects Nador in the east with Tangier. Bear in mind that it is quite tricky to reach Al Hoceima if you’re not familiar with the country.

As for buses, there are some bus routes to Al Hoceima from nearby towns and major cities in Morocco operated by CTM. Keep in mind there are no trains to Al Hoceima.

Costal road with a sea view in Al Hoceima

Coastal road with beautiful views in Al Hoceima

What to do in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is a small treasure on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, the ideal destination for relaxing holidays in a beautiful seaside resort city. The Riffian city will charm you with its rich past, well-preserved historic buildings, and white and blue houses. 

The city’s Spanish and Moroccan influences are evident both in its architecture, as well as its gastronomy. Ferryhopper suggests you try fresh fish at the coastal restaurants and visit the traditional fish markets.

In the neighborhood of Mirador, you will marvel at the impressive view. Also, at the central Mohamed VI square, you can enjoy a mint tea and catch some Moroccan sun.

Alternatively, you can explore the outskirts of the city. Visit the Al Hoceima National Park and the Rif mountains for a hiking adventure! See the best of Al Hoceima below and start planning your trip!

Beaches in Al Hoceima

The city’s beaches are mostly sandy and get quite busy during the summer months. The beaches in the outskirts of the city center are usually less crowded and are perfect for peace and quiet.

Most beaches have few visitor amenities, but they are close to restaurants and some of the top hotels in Al Hoceima.

Here are the top 10 beaches in Al Hoceima:

  1. Plage Quemado: this is the most popular beach in Al Hoceima. It is a sandy cove located in the city center, right below the famous Hôtel Mercure Quemado Resort. It has sand and offers great views.
  2. Plage Rmod: the sandy beach is a 10-minute drive from Al Hoceima. It is a small, secluded cove with no visitor amenities except for a parking lot and some umbrellas during the summer. It’s worth staying at the beach until sunset.
  3. Plage Sfiha: this is a long, sandy beach a few minutes by car from the city center. There are cafes, restaurants, hotels and a small parking lot. The view to the 3 small islets off the coast is captivating! 
  4. Plage Thara Youssef: Thara Youssef (also known as Tala Youssef) is a 20-minute drive from Al Hoceima. It is normally more relaxed and suitable for kids. There are sun loungers and umbrellas during the summer.
  5. Plage Matadero: this is a small and lively rocky inlet with a sandy coast. It is great for all-day fun and it is popular with people staying at the nearby hotel. It has clean waters and a small rock perfect for diving!
  6. Plage Isri: this is a pebble beach on the outskirts of the city, where you can sunbathe, dine or enjoy your coffee. There is a parking lot and a diving center which organizes diving tours.
  7. Plage Calabonita: Plage Calabonita is in the city center. The beach is covered with sand and pebbles, and it gets quite crowded during peak season. It is wind-protected and features a nice park and two restaurants.
  8. Plage Maktoâa: this is an untamed beach surrounded by rocky cliffs. There are no visitor facilities and it’s ideal for isolation.
  9. Plage de Torrès: you can get to Plage de Torrès in 1 hour by car from Al Hoceima. It is great for a day trip, as you can have drinks and snacks on the beach. It is also close to the quaint town of Torrès de Alcala with its beautiful towers.
  10. Cala Iris: Cala Iris is 60km west of Al Hoceima. It is a sandy beach with amazing shallow waters. It’s popular with families with kids and you can find a couple of local restaurants nearby.

Activities and sightseeing in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is located on the northern edge of the Rif mountains, facing the Mediterranean Sea. This means it perfectly combines sea and mountain activities.

Apart from the sandy beaches and impressive mountain ranges, much of what makes Al Hoceima popular is its local lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the local markets, busy downtown squares and street food stalls!

Here’s what to see and do in Al Hoceima:

  • Go hiking in the Rif mountains
  • Visit the Towers of Alcala 
  • Explore the seabed of Al Hoceima at Plage Isri
  • Walk around the Al Hoceima National Park
  • Go shopping at the squares and local markets
  • Try water sports at Tharra Youssef
  • Enjoy the panoramic sea views from Morro Viejo

Square with palm trees in Al Hoceima

Tall palm trees in a central square of Al Hoceima

Nightlife in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is not a nightlife destination, but you can still have fun! Most visitors either spend their nights at the hotel restaurants and bars or head to the Espace Miramar. This is a 5,000 square meter area with restaurants and cafes, as well as live music events!

The old city center is also popular, particularly with locals. You will find cafes and restaurants at many of the city beaches and the popular resort towns close to Al Hoceima too.

Food in Al Hoceima

You shouldn’t leave Al Hoceima without trying the delicious fresh fish. The local cuisine has been influenced by Spanish and Moroccan flavors and techniques. This mixture of approaches means there are so many mouth-watering dishes waiting for you!

Ferryhopper suggests that you give a go to both traditional Moroccan dishes, as well as Spanish classics like paella.

Here are some local delicacies to try in Al Hoceima:

  • tagine (fish, meat or vegetable stew)
  • harira (legume and tomato soup)
  • maakouda (fried potato pancakes)
  • saykouk (soup made with couscous and fermented milk)
  • harcha (sweet semolina pan-fried bread)
  • roasted anchovies served with smoked tomatoes and peppers
  • marinated chicken skewers with spices and herbs
  • grilled fish and seafood

Cities near Al Hoceima

If you wish to continue your adventure in Morocco and the Mediterranean coast of Africa, there are quite a few options.

You can continue your journey inland and visit the majestic city of Fez, head to the northern tip of Morocco and visit Tétouan and Tangier, or cross the border with the autonomous city of Melilla to the east of Al Hoceima.

Find more details about the cities to get inspired:

  • Fez: the city of Fez is approximately 4 hours from Al Hoceima. We recommend staying for at least 2 days in this beautiful city. In Fez, you will visit the traditional tanneries, where the art of leather dyeing is still strong. Also, don’t miss the fabulous Dar al-Makhzen, the palace of the King of Morocco.
  • Tétouan: Tétouan is situated on the northern tip of Morocco’s Mediterranean coast. The distance between Al Hoceima and Tétouan is 230km. Tétouan is part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, distinguished by its unique architecture and traditional old town.
  • Tangier: Tangier is 5 hours from Al Hoceima, so it’s better as a multi-day trip. Tangier is the perfect destination to witness the mixture of Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic influences in Morocco’s architecture and contemporary lifestyle.
  • Melilla: the autonomous city of Melilla is 2 hours from Al Hoceima, excluding waiting time at the border. In Melilla, you will walk through beautiful gardens, visit historical fortresses and enjoy a relaxing time at the beach.

Tip: from the port of Melilla, you can travel by ferry to Motril, Almería and Málaga in Spain throughout the year.

The Chouara tanneries in Fez, Morocco

The traditional tannery of Chouara in Fez


Here are some tips that we hope will be useful to you during your stay in Al Hoceima:

  • If you want a relatively calm and easy-going holiday in Al Hoceima, the best time to visit is during the spring and autumn seasons.
  • Prices get higher in the peak season so it's better to book your accommodation and ferry tickets well in advance.
  • Moving with your car to the city or finding a parking space can be challenging in Al Hoceima. Therefore, we recommend that you use public transport, take a taxi or explore the city center on foot.

Useful information about Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is a small city that gets really busy during the summer months. This is when most restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops open for the season. As for medical services, there is a hospital and a few clinics.

Regarding accommodation, the city resorts are the place to be. We recommend getting a room at one of the large hotel complexes by the beach. You can choose between standard rooms and luxury suites with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The best time to visit Al Hoceima is during the spring or early fall. This is when the port city perfectly combines an easy-going atmosphere with visitor services.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Al Hoceima

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Al Hoceima:

  • Al Hoceima Port Authority: +21239983374
  • Al Hoceima Airport: +212539982560
  • Al Hoceima Medical Center: +212539982662
  • Al Hoceima Police Station: 190/112
  • Al Hoceima bus station: +212612554536
  • CTM buses: +2120800090030

Transportation in Al Hoceima

The best way to get around Al Hoceima is by taxi, as it is the most reliable and affordable option. There are both shared and private taxis in Al Hoceima. 

Make sure you agree on a fixed price with the taxi driver before starting the journey. Also, it helps to write down the name of your destination and show it to the driver.

To explore the city center and the urban beaches, you can also walk around with ease, as Al Hoceima is quite small. For example, Mohamed Vi square is just 10 minutes away from Plage Quemado and just 6 minutes from Espace Miramar.

Where to book ferry tickets online from Al Hoceima

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Al Hoceima ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Al Hoceima for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

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