Dalmatia, Croatia

Nestled in the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea between the islands of Premuda and Olib, Silba stands as a hidden jewel in the Croatian archipelago. With its scenic landscapes and beaches, as well as its seafaring romance, Silba offers the opportunity to experience moments of absolute relaxation far away from traffic jams and city crowds.

On this Ferryhopper page, read some of our best travel tips for Silba, including what to do and see, as well as the best beaches. Browse all the ways to get there and book your ferry tickets easily and quickly!

Boats resting at a bay surrounded by greenery in Silba, Croatia

One of Silba’s many scenic corners

Vacation in Silba

Silba, which is part of the Zadar archipelago, is located around 30 km from the mainland. It is truly a unique destination dominated by silence and peace. 

The island of Silba is the ideal vacation spot for those who seek an intimate, fulfilling family or couples retreat in the hot summer months, as well as for sea and nature lovers. In fact, Silba is Croatia’s second most forested island, following Mljet, and it takes great pride in protecting the rich diversity of its flora and fauna, and keeping its nature clean.

Silba is also a great place for art lovers to find inspiration, as it has drawn many artists and musicians to its pristine shores over the years.

How to get to Silba

The only way to reach Silba is by ferry

There are frequent connections to Silba from the Croatian ports of Zadar and Pula. If, on the other hand, you’re already on vacation in the Croatian Islands, such as Ilovik, Unije and Susak, you can also easily reach Silba.

For more information regarding ferries to Silba, check out our relevant section below.

What to do in Silba

There’s so much to experience on the island of Silba, from breathtaking nature to fascinating culture and history.

A few highlights you won’t want to miss during your time here is a walk through Silba town, the island’s only settlement with the charm of a romantic fishing village. Indeed, there’s a local love legend that revolves around a very special building in the center of the small town: The Tower of Love - a sailor built it for his sweetheart to keep an eye out for his return, but she grew tired and married another. It’s a must-visit for its breathtaking vistas of the neighboring islands, especially during sunset.

Walking through the picturesque streets of Silba, you will also notice some churches and many large so-called "captain's" houses, which bear witness to the island's rich maritime past. When it’s time for lunch, restaurants and cafes can be reached on a short walk from any point in the village.

Another highlight is Silba’s vibrant cultural scene. This Mediterranean wonder offers an incredible experience for all art lovers who will definitely enjoy the works at the Marija Ujević-Galetović Gallery. Besides painters and sculptors, Silba is also known for its music scene. In fact, the island often organizes concerts, outdoor screenings, plays, exhibitions, and performances by local musicians. The most renowned event is Silba Cultural Summer, which is held on the island every year during the high-season.

In addition, both children and adults can join a number of creative workshops organized on the island, on topics such as arts, ecology and sustainable development. What more can you ask?

The Toreta stone tower surrounded by houses and trees, in Silba, Croatia

The Silban monument of love, an ideal visit with your other half

Beaches in Silba

Thanks to its location in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, among emerald waves and seductive island groups, Silba is also an ideal oasis for sea lovers. The island boasts a number of beautiful beaches, each with its own unique landscapes and characteristics. 

Here are the best beaches on the island of Silba:

  • Sotorišće: the most famous beach located close to the harbor of Mul. With a sandy seafloor and shallow waters, it’s ideal for families with children. For a cold drink or an ice cream head to the nearby coffee bar. And if you feel like breaking into a sweat, there are beach volleyball, basketball and football courts as well as a few table tennis tables nearby.
  • Pocukmarak: one of the largest beaches on the south side of the island, located 400 m from the center. It's a gravelly bay with very clean light blue waters.
  • Tratica: a little graveled beach on Silba’s south side. It’s quite accessible and about 200 m from the center. It’s especially alluring in the afternoon thanks to the beautiful sunset. Nearby is a restaurant in case you feel hungry or thirsty.
  • Pernastica: this sandy beach surrounded by pine trees is located 4.5 km from the city center and the best way to reach it is by boat or by a 1-hour hike through the woods. With gentle waves and shallow waters, it’s ideal for families with children.
  • Dobre Vode: located 3 km from the center, this is a very small but very beautiful beach. It has a shallow sandy bottom and light blue-green waters. There are no facilities nearby so make sure to come prepared.
  • Nozdre: 15 minutes on foot from Dobre Vode, Nozdre is a big cove with amazing flat rock formations cut out by the sea. A perfect destination for those looking for uncrowded spots with clear waters.

The lush green bay of Sotorišće with sailboats during sunset, in Silba, Croatia

Breathtaking view of Sotorišće bay during sunset

Sightseeing and activities in Silba

For its size, Silba is overflowing with attractions - there are numerous monuments and churches. In addition, the island’s thriving arts scene offers a multitude of galleries, exhibitions and workshops where artists display their works. Here are some of the must-visit sights in Silba:

  • The Marija Ujević-Galetović open-air gallery, which features the captivating work of the famous Croatian sculptor
  • The Toreta Tower (also known as the Tower of Love), a monument of love and a symbol of Silba island - climb to the top to enjoy a magical view of the sea and the island
  • The Church of St. John, the oldest church in Silba built in the late 16th century 
  • The Church of St. Mark, located 5 minutes from Pocukmark, the beach after which it got its name
  • The Church of St. Mary of Karmel, 5 minutes away from the center, it used to belong to the Franciscan monastery
  • The ruins of the old windmill, situated 5 minutes from the center
  • The old well
  • The Sails, a sculpture made in 1997 as a tribute to all sailors, fishermen and captains who were lost at sea, it’s situated very close to the Zalic pier

And what about activities in Silba?

Being a pedestrian island, Silba offers a unique opportunity to all hiking enthusiasts to explore untouched nature, enjoy walks along the coast and discover hidden beaches. One of the most popular hiking routes on Silba is the climb to its highest point called the “Varh”. This path leads through lush vegetation and offers incredible views of the surrounding islands and the azure blue sea.

In Silba, there’s also plenty to see underwater. Specifically, in the Pocukmarak bay, you can see the remains of an ancient Roman sarcophagus only a few meters below the surface. Alternatively, you can head to the island of Premuda. Specifically, the underwater cavern known as The Cathedral and the shipwreck Szent Istvan are 2 fantastic diving and snorkeling spots on the nearby island.

Aerial view of the western side of Silba with houses, trees and light blue waters, Croatia

The beautiful coastline of Silba on the western side of the island

Nightlife in Silba

Favored by artists, Silba has a rather relaxed bohemian atmosphere. Here, you’ll find great live music, including jazz. Specifically, Cafe Bar Mik, located close to the church, plays jazz (with occasional live performances in the evenings), and has a large space for art displays inside.

During summer, what brings most life to the island are the various events that take place.

Fun fact: the dance of Silba called tanac is an important folk tradition that has survived up to the present. It’s performed regularly at folklore events across the country.

Food in Silba

Even though Silba's gastronomic offer falls short compared to that of neighboring islands, food lovers will definitely find something to excite their taste buds here. There are various restaurants serving Dalmatian classics and the Adriatic catch of the day, the most popular of which is Vila Velebita.

Useful information about Silba

Even though Silba doesn't have as many tourist attractions as other islands, this fact alone adds to its appeal. Silba’s only village is also Silba, situated at the narrowest point on the island, directly between Silba's bays of Mul and Žalic. Since the island doesn’t have any hotels, the main type of accommodations here are rooms and houses.

Other amenities available in Silba include several restaurants, bars, shops, a post office, an exchange office, and a tourist office. There’s also a medical office close to the center of town.

We recommend staying on the island for at least 2 nights. Alternatively, you can visit it on a day trip from Zadar or a neighboring island.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Silba

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Silba Island, Croatia:

  • Silba port: +38523370047
  • Medical office: +38523370135
  • Tourist office: +38523370010
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Silba

The picture-perfect island of Silba, also known as the pedestrian island, is one of Croatia’s 9 car-free islands. There are only a few trucks and small tractors with trailers used to supply the local shops. Even bikes are kept out of sight in the summer months.

Don’t worry, however. Being only 8 km long and 3.5 km wide, Silba is easily explored on foot. In fact, it will take you just 5 minutes to walk from the parish church down to Žalić or Mul, the small harbors on either side of the island.

Ports in Silba

Silba may be small but it has 2 ports: Žalić and Mul.

Žalić is Silba’s main harbor. It sits on the south-west side of the island and is protected by a 130-m-long pier. It primarily serves big ferries and catamarans that sail from Zadar, Pula and Mali Lošinj.

Mul is a small port located on the north-east side of the island, only 200 m away from the center. It is mainly used as a quay and shelter for private motor boats and yachts. The ports of Mul and Žalić sit about 700 m apart.

View of the small port and pier of Žalić from the deck of a ferry, in Silba, Croatia

Ferry departing from Žalić harbor in Silba

Island hopping from Silba

Silba also serves as a gateway to explore nearby Adriatic gems. From Susak to Premuda and Lošinj (Mali Lošinj), the possibilities for island-hopping adventures from Silba are as diverse as the islands themselves. Besides the aforementioned, you can also travel to:

Silba ferry: schedules and tickets

The port of Silba is connected directly to other Croatian ports such as Zadar and Pula thanks to the ferry connections operated by Kapetan Luka - Krilo and Jadrolinija. Here are the detailed ferry schedules to Silba:

  • Zadar - Silba ferry: the ferry crossing from the port of Zadar to the port of Silba town is operated all year round with 5 weekly crossings. The route takes about 1 hour or 4.5 hours, depending on the vessel, and the ferry ticket cost ranges from around €4 to €9.
  • Pula - Silba ferry: the ferry route to Silba from Pula runs throughout the year with up to 5 weekly crossings. The ferry trip is operated by Kapetan Luka - Krilo’s high-speed catamarans and it lasts approximately 3.5 hours. Pula - Silba ferry tickets start at around €12.

Useful info: keep in mind that Jadrolinija’s ferries serve ferry routes to Silba only from the port of Gaženica in Zadar.

View of the sunset from a bay in Silba Island, Croatia

Mesmerizing sunset view from a rocky bay in Silba

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