Occitania, France

Sète is a picturesque port city in Southern France, located in the region of Occitania. Thanks to its beautiful mix of French culture and Mediterranean beauty, Sète is one of the best holiday destinations in France and it is guaranteed to steal your heart.

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Find detailed information about the ferry port of Sète and read about holidays in the city:

Colorful houses in Sète, France

Scenic colorful houses in Sète

Sète ferry port

There are 2 ports in Sète: the Old Port and the main commercial port. There are also canal networks, such as the Canal Royal.

The port of Sète is located close to the city center and is directly connected to Morocco. Nearby, you can find plenty of services, such as public restrooms, shops, parking lots and restaurants. There are also Wi-Fi services available for a small fee.

The Old Port of Sète, on the other hand, is a scenic attraction that encapsulates the marine traditions of the city. This location is ideal for strolling along its quays and dining by the sea.

Ferries from Sète port: schedules and tickets

As of now, the port of Sète is directly connected to Morocco. There are two Sète - Morocco ferry routes. Specifically:

Sète - Nador: ferries between Sète and Nador are available up to 3-4 times per week. The duration of the trip lasts around 35 hours. As the ferry journey between Nador and Sète is long, there are cabins available for a more comfortable trip.

Sète - Tanger Med: the ferry route between Sète and Tanger Med is usually available with 3 weekly connections that last around 40 hours. Consider booking a cabin to relax during your trip.

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Where is the ferry port in Sète?

The commercial port of Sète is located rather close to the city center, stretching all the way to the French commune of Frontignan. Ferries to Morocco depart from Gare Maritime Orsetti, which is a stone’s throw away from the entrance of the port.

How to get to Sète port

Getting to the port of Sète is easy and convenient. If you are already in the center of the city, the port is located within walking distance, taking about 2 minutes to get there.

Alternatively, you can get to the port by car, reaching the entrance of the port and then parking close to Gare Maritime Orsetti. There are also many taxis in Sète which can take you to the port hassle-free!

If you plan to arrive in Sète by train, the port is only a 15-minute walk from the SNCF train station.

Tip: there are Passenger Associations at the port to guide you through everything.

Arrival view of Sète’s isthmus, France

Majestic aerial view of Sète’s isthmus

Vacation in Sète

Sète is full of natural, cultural and culinary treasures, making it one of Southern France’s hidden gems. This Mediterranean port brings elegance and tradition together, offering amazing views and experiences to visitors and locals alike.

Known as the Venice of Languedoc, Sète unfolds along a narrow isthmus, making marine life a key part of the city’s activities. From long sandy beaches to canal networks, traditional ships and marine wildlife, every corner of Sète is a breathtaking sight.

Thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate, Sète is an ideal place for vacationing throughout the year. In the summer, however, its beaches and cultural venues come to life with multiple cultural and musical festivals.

Sète is great for families, couples and groups of friends who seek to relax by the sea, learn about the city’s history and culture, and join an unforgettable boat tour!

How to get to Sète?

There are multiple ways to visit Sète in France, depending on your departure point and preferred way of traveling.

If you wish to travel by plane to Sète, the closest airports are located in Marseille, Montpellier, Bezier, Perpignan and Girona. From there, you can reach Sète by train and bus. Traveling by train from other French cities, including Paris, is also an option.

What about catching a ferry to Sète? You can travel by ferry to other French port cities (like Toulon or Nice) and continue your journey by train, bus or car. As for direct connections, you can travel from Morocco to Sète by ferry. 

Boats at the harbor of Sète

Small boats lined up at the harbor of Sète

What to do in Sète

Day trips, weekend gateways and lengthier holidays in Sète are all about getting in touch with the city’s traditional marine lifestyle. From strolling through its quaint old port to attending theater plays by the sea and trying out delicious seafood, Sète has everything to take you back in time.

Explore the best of Sète below, including the top beaches, nightlife suggestions, delicacies and more!

Beaches in Sète

Known for its long sandy beaches, Sète offers many swimming spots that combine relaxation with unspoiled beauty.

Here are our top 5 beaches in Sète that you must add to your list:

  1. Cove of Anau (or La Nau): this magnificent cove is the closest swimming spot to the center of Sète and includes three different areas. It gets rather popular in the summer, favored by tourists and locals for its mesmerizing waters.
  2. Plage de la Corniche: close to the stadium of Sète, this beach consists of rocky and sandy areas, ideal for swimming, relaxation and water sports. Nearby, you can find restaurants and bars.
  3. Plage des Trois Digues: located outside the city center of Sète, this long sandy beach is easily accessible and one of the best sunbathing spots!
  4. Plage du Lazaret: this sandy stretch is close to Corniche and includes accessibility services for people with reduced mobility.
  5. Plage de la Baleine: this beach is accessed by many different paths and can be quite windy at times. Nearby, there are public restrooms and parking lots.

Seaside path in Sète with boats in the background

Quiet seaside path in Sète

Sightseeing and activities in Sète

What to do and see in Sète, you ask? The beautiful port city offers tons of activities for you to try out during your stay.

Here are the top attractions and activities in Sète:

  • Tours in Sète: if you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of guided tours in Sète. Specifically, there are tours about the history of the city, boat tours and even gourmet tours for trying out the best delicacies in Sète.
  • Mont Saint Clair: hiking to the top of Mont Saint Clair offers some of the most stunning panoramic views in the region of Occitania.
  • Théâtre de la Mer (Theater of the sea): this is an old amphitheater by the sea, where entertaining concerts, festivals and plays are held. Here, you can enjoy cultural activities with the moon reflected on the sea. 
  • Festivals in Sète: the city of Sète is known for its unique festivals that take place throughout the year, with increased frequency in the summer. Our top pick? The Worldwide Festival in Sète.
  • The Étang de Thau (or Bassin de Thau): this is the second largest lake in France, located right next to Sète. Here, you can admire its beautiful views and rare biodiversity, and even do some bird watching and kayaking!
  • Casino of Sète: with a mix of food, drinks and thrilling entertainment, what more could you ask for?

View of Sète from Mont Saint Clair

Panoramic view of Sète from Mont Saint Clair

Nightlife in Sète

Sète’s nightlife is atmospheric and sophisticated, offering various entertainment options by the sea.

There are numerous seaside restaurants and bars in Sète, where you can start your evening with elegant food and a glass of wine. To get the best of both worlds, make sure to visit the Casino of Sète for an unforgettable experience!

The cultural significance of the city continues at night, with theater plays and music festivals taking place in Sète throughout the year. Don’t miss them out!

Food in Sète

The cuisine of Sète has plenty of Mediterranean influences, with fresh fish and local produce being some of its key ingredients. You can try most of the city’s mouth-watering delicacies at its traditional restaurants and even visit La Criée aux Poissons, a fish auction at the old port of Sète. Plus, there are guided gourmet tours!

Some indicative plates to taste during your stay in Sète are:

  • soupe de poissons à la Sétoise (local fish soup, usually served as a starter)
  • encornet farcis à la Sétoise (stuffed squid served with tomato sauce)
  • le frescati (traditional French cake)
  • la tielle (octopus pie, with different variations including additional seafood)
  • la zézette de Sète (cookies made with flour and sweet white wine)

Tip: Sète’s restaurants are ideal for lovers of seafood, but they also offer some plant-based options, depending on the type of cuisine and seasonality.

Tielles, the octopus pie of Sète

Tielles - the famous octopus pie of Sète

Tips for your holidays in Sète

Here, you can find our top tips for your stay in Sète:

  • Combine your holidays in Sète with cultural and musical festivals! Make sure to research what events are taking place throughout the year and plan your trip accordingly! Summer vacation in Sète has usually the largest variety of outdoor activities and festivals, especially in August.
  • Sète is a heavenly place for lovers of seafood, as you can find traditional plates with seafood in every corner of the town. If you have any allergies or dietary preferences, make sure to let the staff know.
  • There’s usually a lot of traffic on the central roads to and from Sète, especially in high season. Traveling by other means of transportation (train, bus or ferry) may save you some time.

Useful information for Sète

In Sète, you can find everything you might need during your holidays. There are numerous supermarkets, pharmacies and shops throughout the city. You can also find local fish markets that are open either daily or weekly.

Regarding accommodation, Sète has elegant hotels, guest houses and Bed & Breakfasts. Additionally, there is the campsite Le Castellas in Sète, which is an alternative way of vacationing and relaxing in the beautiful port city.

As for medical services, there are a few hospitals in the city of Sète, plus an additional private medical clinic. You can also find hospitals just outside of Sète, in neighboring locations.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Sète

Here are some useful numbers for your holidays in Sète:

  • Central police station: +33467468022
  • Municipal police: +33499047717
  • Saint Claire Hospital (Hôpital Saint Clair, includes emergency medical services): +33467465757
  • Tourist office of Sète: +33499047171
  • Sète town hall: +33467462099
  • Sète Port Authority: +33467463404
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Sète

Though you can easily explore the center of Sète on foot, there are additional means of transportation available. There is a well-established bus network and private Motorhomes to help you move around. Their prices may vary depending on seasonality.

There are also taxis and car rentals. Keep in mind that there are parking lots scattered throughout the city as well as close to Sète’s parks and beaches.

Lastly, there are boat shuttles, which are great either for moving between central places or just joining a beautiful tour!

Arrival view of Sète’s isthmus, France

Majestic aerial view of Sète’s isthmus

Where to book ferry tickets from Sète online

If you want to discover the hidden beauties of France and the region of Occitania, visiting Sète is a great starting point! Here, you can find detailed information about this seaside destination and book the holidays of your dreams.

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Sète ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Sète for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Sète has direct ferry connections to 5 ports :