Agios Efstratios

North Aegean, Greece

Agios Efstratios, or Ai Stratis, is a small island with heavenly beaches in the northeastern Aegean Sea. An ideal destination for relaxing holidays and outdoor activities. Read more about the beaches, sights, activities, accommodation and food on the island. Compare schedules and book ferry tickets online to Agios Efstratios on Ferryhopper!

Vacation in Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios, also called Ai Stratis, is located in the Northeast Aegean, close to Lemnos and Lesvos. If you are looking to escape to a peaceful destination with beautiful landscapes and great seafood, then it's the perfect destination for you. 

The island is best known in Greece as a place of exile in the previous century, however, Agios Efstratios is also famous for its wild nature and beautiful unspoiled beaches.

Actually, the island belongs to the Natura 2000 network of protected areas as its coast as well as the natural oak forest are important habitats for rare species and plants.

We recommend exploring Agios Efstratios on foot, through its hiking trails, tasting the local delicacies, and indulging in the island's slow pace!

Harbour in Agios Efstratios

Fishing boats and traditional houses at the port of Agios Efstratios

How to get to Agios Efstratios

You can get to Agios Efstratios by ferry from Athens. More specifically, ferries to Agios Efstratios normally depart from the port of Lavrion on the east coast of Athens. 

You can also travel by ferry to Agios Efstratios from the port of Kavala in northern Greece. 

Usually, there is also a direct ferry route from the neighboring island of Lemnos to Agios Efstratios. Find more details on how to reach Ai Stratis by ferry in the section below!

What to do in Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios is an island for the ones that enjoy minimalism in their vacation: small size, beautiful beaches, good food and welcoming people. 

The impressive landscapes of the island are great for outdoor activities, while snorkeling and fishing are also very popular activities in Agios Efstratios. 

Spending time at the beaches of Agios Efstratios, swimming and sunbathing, is one of the best things you can do on the island! 

Beaches in Agios Efstratios

Despite its small size, Agios Efstratios has many beaches of unspoiled beauty, perfect for relaxing time by the sea.

Many of the island beaches are located on the west coast where you can enjoy stunning sunsets!

The best beaches of Agios Efstratios are: 

  1. Agios Efstratios beach: Easily accessible, right next to the island port. A sandy beach with umbrellas and showers. 
  2. Agios Antonios: Stunning beach with crystal clear waters. It's located about 6km south of the port of the island. It has sand and pebbles, while there are also oak trees surrounding the coast. Accessible through a dirt road and short hike.
  3. Agios Dimitrios: Large sandy beach, just 5km from the port and easily accessible. One of the most popular beaches on the island.
  4. Ftelio: Large sandy beach.
  5. Lidario: Probably the most beautiful beach on the island, long and sandy.
  6. Fragkou: Small sandy beach, a great option for windy days as it's quite protected. 
  7. Tripiti: Small bay with sand.
  8. Alonitsi: The largest beach on the island, located on the northeast coast. It has sand, shallow waters and waves - as it is exposed to north winds-. 
  9. Neraki: Small by with sand, just below the cave of  Saint Efstratios (Osios Efstratios).

Tip: We recommend that you organize a tour of the island by boat and explore the coast of Agios Efstratios. 

The coast of Agios Efstratios

The impressive coast of Agios Efstratios

Sightseeing and activities in Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios has many sights of historical interest as well as impressive landscapes that are worth discovering!

Some activities and places that we suggest during your stay:

  1. Walk in the old town of Agios Efstratios to admire the architecture and the famous Maraslio School.
  2. Visit the "Museum of Democracy" to learn about the life of the exiles on the island.
  3. Visit the Chapel of Agios Minas. It has a wonderful view of the Aegean sea and from there you can enjoy an amazing sunset.
  4. Visit the Cenotaph of the exiles.
  5. Churches: Gennisis Christou (in the main village's square), Agios Nikolaos and Agios Vasilios.
  6. Visit the church of the Holy Five Martyrs is the oldest church on the island. It has magnificent frescoes and ruins from an ancient Greek temple.
  7. Look for the cave where Saint Efstratios (Osios Efstratios) consecrated, a place with a magnificent view!
  8. If you go on a boat trip around the island you can see the sea caves where Monachus monachus seals often nest. 
  9. You should go hiking and cycling. 

The Chapel of Agios Minas in Agios Efstratios

Watching the sunset from the chapel of Agios Minas, on the top of the village of Agios Efstratios

Nightlife in Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios is an island for quiet days and nights so don't expect to find beach bars, clubs, or a great variety of bars as in other islands of the northeast Aegean.

In the main village, next to the port you can find a few cafe-bars and tavernas where you can eat, have a drink and chill out until later. 

Food in Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios is a paradise for food lovers! Especially if you like fresh fish and seafood, you will fall in love with the food on the island. There are 2 tavernes in the village of Agios Efstratios: Veranda and Artemonas. 

We recommend that you definitely try: 

  1. Lobster spaghetti, one of the most delicious in the Aegean Sea!
  2. Flomaria
  3. Trachanas
  4. Beans 
  5. Melichloro cheese
  6. Fresh fish

Villages in Agios Efstratios

The island has only 1 village, which is next to the port, and it's also named Agios Efstratios.

The village was rebuilt in 1968 after the destruction of the previous settlement due to an earthquake. 

Useful information for Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios is a small island with 270 inhabitants. In the village next to the port you can find some basic amenities for your stay such as: mini market, the Agios Efstratios Medical Center, citizen services, gas station, bakery as well as a few cafes and tavernes

Regarding accommodation in Agios Efstratios, there is a limited option of rooms and hotels in the main village so we recommend that you book your stay on the island as far in advance as possible. 

Important phone numbers for your stay in Agios Efstratios

Some useful contacts for your vacation in Agios Efstratios:

  1. Agios Efstratios Port Authority: +30 2254093393
  2. Agios Efstratios Medical Center: +30 2254093222
  3. Agios Efstratios Police:+30 2254093201
  4. Agios Efstratios citizen service center (KEP): +30 2254350930
  5. Municipality of Agios Efstratios: +30 2254093210
  6. Kavala Port Authority: +30 2510223716

Houses in Agios Efstratios

The traditional architecture of the village of Agios Efstratios

Transportation in Agios Efstratios

The island has a small road network consisting mainly of dirt roads suitable mostly for 4x4 vehicles. There are no taxis or buses on Agios Efstratios.

Walking is one of the main ways of transportation on the island but you can also transfer your vehicle by ferry and also drive around. 

Ports in Agios Efstratios

The port of Agios Efstratios is located on the western coast and it's also the center of the island. The port is part of the island's main village where you can find everything that you need for your stay on Ai Stratis. 

Island hopping from Agios Efstratios

Due to its key location in the northeast Aegean Sea, Agios Efstratios is well connected by ferry to nearby ports. Take a ferry from Agios Efstratios and travel directly to: 

  1. Lemnos
  2. Chios
  3. Kavala

On the Ferryhopper Map of ferries, you can find all available ferry routes from Agios Efstratios and the islands of the northeast Aegean. 

Agios Efstratios ferry: schedules and tickets

The port of Agios Efstratios is connected by ferry to Athens via the port of Lavrion, as well as with northern Greece via the port of Kavala. Specifically: 

  1. Lavrion-Agios Efstratios: There are 2 or 3 ferries per week on this route and the trip duration from Lavrio to Agios Efstratios ranges from 8.5 hr to 13.5 hr. 
  2. Kavala-Agios Efstratios: The ferry route runs at least once a week and the trip from Kavala to Agios Efstratios lasts approximately 7 hr

Where to book ferry tickets online to Agios Efstratios

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Agios Efstratios ferry timetable

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