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Road sign in Kapellskär, Sweden, indicating the ferries that travel to Finland

Road sign in Kapellskär, indicating the ferries that travel to Finland

Kapellskär ferry port

Located by the Baltic Sea, Kapellskär is an important port in Sweden serving many ferry connections to destinations in Åland, Finland and Estonia. It is also the northernmost of the Stockholm ports. The port of Kapellskär serves principally as a transit harbor for travelers that want to visit Stockholm.

The port is quite small. It has five berths and a ferry terminal with a waiting room, a restaurant and a parking lot. It is pretty popular, mainly thanks to its straightforward access, which reduces turnaround time for both passenger ferries and cargo ships.

Ferries from Kapellskär port: schedules and tickets

Ferries from the port of Kapellskär travel frequently to 2 ports in Åland: Mariehamn and Långnäs. There are also regular connections to the ports of Turku and Naantali in Finland, and to Paldiski in Estonia.

Ferry from Kapellskär to Åland

From the port of Kapellskär, you can reach 2 ports in the Åland Islands by ferry:

Ferry from Kapellskär to Naantali

You can normally take the ferry from Kapellskär to Naantali 2 times a day. The company operating on the connection is Finnlines. The ferry trip duration is about 9.5-10 hours and the cost of a single ticket starts from €31.

Ferry from Kapellskär to Turku

The Kapellskär - Turku ferry connection is usually served by the Tallink Silja Line ferry company with up to 7 weekly crossings. The ferry trip lasts about 8 hours and the ticket price is around €12.

Ferry from Kapellskär to Paldiski

Ferries from Kapellskär to Paldiski depart up to 7 times a week and the trip lasts around 11.5 hours. The route is served by the company DFDS, with ferry tickets starting at around €20.

Where is the ferry port in Kapellskär

Kapellskär is a Swedish port 90 km north of Stockholm and is often considered a suburb of the capital. It is part of Norrtälje Municipality, by the Baltic Sea, and is 24 km from its main city, Norrtälje.

How to get to Kapellskär port?

The port of Kapellskär is 90 km from the capital of Stockholm. You can get there in around 1 hour via the E18 highway, that starts from the port’s docks and leads to the Stockholm city center. If you don’t have a vehicle, you can take bus 631 or 676 from Stockholm. 

To get to Kapellskär by plane, you have to travel to one of the 4 Stockholm airports first. The closest ones are the airports of Arlanda, which is about a 1-hour drive to Kapellskär, and Bromma, which is around 1 hour 15 minutes from the port.

Large Viking Line vessel sailing from Stockholm to Helsinki

A large Viking Line ferry sailing from Sweden to Finland

Vacation in Kapellskär

Kapellskär is a quaint village with an important ferry port, about 1 hour far from Stockholm. Although locals own summer cottages there, tourists mostly use the port as a gateway to other destinations in Sweden, e.g. the ski resorts in Uppsala. 

However, the cute village serves as a peaceful retreat where it is worth spending a few hours or days to enjoy the quiet local atmosphere. It is also a perfect starting point for trips to a good number of cities across the Baltic Sea, such as Mariehamn and Turku.

How to get to Kapellskär

You can reach Kapellskär by ferry from the ports of Turku and Naantali in Finland, Mariehamn and Långnäs in Åland, and Paldiski in Estonia.

Check how to get to Kapellskär from the capital Stockholm and the airports of Stockholm above.

Pampas along the Swedish coast at sunset, Stockholm County, Sweden

Pampas grass on a shore in Norrtälje at sunset

What to do in Kapellskär

Kapellskär itself is a small village that doesn’t offer many options in activities and things to see. However, you can visit beautiful nearby beaches, towns and scenic locations, and take day trips to Norrtälje and Stockholm.

Moreover, the surrounding area is ideal for camping and hiking. So, if you are a nature lover, remember to pack your equipment and walking shoes before you leave!

Sightseeing and activities in Kapellskär

Apart from its significant port, the village of Kapellskär itself doesn’t offer much to do or see. However, there are some special natural and cultural sights that you could visit starting from Kapellskär, such as:

  • The Riddersholm Nature Reserve, with 20 km of walking trails and the Sladdstycket Hembygdsmuseum
  • The Ängsö National Park in Stockholm’s archipelago
  • The Pythagoras Industrial Museum
  • The Norrtälje Anti-Aircraft Museum (Norrtälje Luftvärnsmuseum)

Most sights, however, are concentrated in the nearby Norrtälje and, of course, in the capital of Stockholm, where you should definitely take a day trip or stay a little longer starting from Kapellskär.

As for activities in nature there are several options, you can try camping and hiking in Kapellskär. The nearby village of Gräddö is also popular for its kayak facilities, so it’s worth a visit if you like water sports.

Houses along the Norrtälje River, Stockholm County, Sweden

Picturesque houses along the impressive Norrtälje canal

Nightlife in Kapellskär

As Kapellskär is very small, there are no entertainment options available in the village apart from a handful of small restaurants. There are a few options in the nearby village of Gräddö.

For a livelier night out, you will probably have to drive to Norrtälje, where you will find many restaurants and bars. On the other hand, the vibrant Stockholm center is just 1 hour away!

Food in Kapellskär

The tiny Kapellskär doesn’t have much to offer in terms of gastronomy. If you are seeking comfort food after your ferry trip to Kapellskär, take a detour to the popular Gräddö Pizzeria, offering handmade pizzas.

You will definitely find more places to eat in nearby towns and villages, such as Gräddö, and the islands of Lidö and Fejan, with some interesting Scandinavian cuisine options. If you want to expand your options, we recommend heading to Norrtälje or Stockholm.

Useful information about Kapellskär

Kapellskär is a small village, so, apart from basic traveler amenities at the port, there are only a few services that you could use around. For access to a wider range of amenities, your closest option is the nearby (20-minute drive) Norrtälje town. Then again, Stockholm is just a 1-hour drive from the port.

As for accommodation in Kapellskär, there is a nice hostel with cozy rooms right by the nature reserve (Riddersholm) and a great camping site (Kapellskärs Camping). If you look in Norrtälje, in nearby towns and villages (Gräddö, Vätö and Marholmen), and on the islands of Lidö and Fejan, you will find several hotels, pensions, and bed and breakfasts.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Kapellskär

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Kapellskär:

  • Kapellskär Port Authority: +4686702600
  • Norrtälje Hospital : +4617610100
  • Kapellskär taxi service : +4617612345
  • Kapellskär bus service : +46176269065
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Kapellskär

Kapellskär is a quite small village, so you can easily get around on foot. If you don’t bring a car on board the ferry to the Kapellskär port with a car, we recommend renting one, so you can visit nearby scenic locations and drive to Norrtälje or Stockholm on day trips.

Taxis are available, but only from nearby towns, and need to be booked in advance. The average wait time for a taxi is 25 minutes.

Old bike on a red wooden fence, in Norrtälje, Sweden

Bike with a retro vibe on a red wooden fence in Norrtälje

Where to book Kapellskär ferry tickets online

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Kapellskär ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Kapellskär for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Kapellskär has direct ferry connections to 5 ports :