Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Croatia

Unije is a small island west of the larger Lošinj, located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. With a verdant landscape, many coves and inlets, and a truly authentic vibe, the quaint island is a magical holiday destination off the beaten track.

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Houses, church and boat marina in Unije island, Croatia

The gorgeous fishing village of Unije island

Vacation in Unije

Croatia's islands are always an attraction for visitors thanks to their breathtaking sceneries and outdoor activity options. Among these, the tiny Unije is a charming Croatian destination ideal for those seeking adventure in nature, peace and tranquility.

Unije is the biggest island surrounding Lošinj, and is ideal for a day trip starting from the larger island. But you can also pick Unije as your main destination and spend a few days there to explore its numerous bays, take long walks among macchia and olive trees, and blend in with the locals in its one and only settlement.

If you are planning a summer getaway in Croatia, you can spend 1-3 days in Unije as part of an island-hopping adventure in the northern Adriatic, including Vis, Lošinj, Susak, Cres, and Ilovik. It is also a great pick for off-season trips from the Istrian Peninsula.

Keep reading to find out how to get to the beautiful Unije and what to do on your trip.

How to get to Unije

You can reach Unije almost exclusively by ferry. Starting from the Istrian Peninsula, there are catamarans running to Unije from Pula, Zadar and Rijeka. You can also catch a ferry from the neighboring and more popular Lošinj island.

If you wish to get to Unije starting from Italy, there are direct ferry connections to Lošinj from the ports of Trieste, Pesaro and Cesenatico. After reaching Lošinj, you can easily get to Unije by ferry in 1 hour.

For more information about ferries to Unije, take a look at the dedicated section below.

There is also a tiny airport in Unije, that only serves private flights.

Hiking trail near the sea with boats in Unije island, Croatia

Hiking and enjoying the breathtaking views in Unije

What to do in Unije

The peaceful island of Unije is an ideal location for a totally relaxing holiday. With less than 100 inhabitants, no cars and just one scenic village, this is the place to leave your everyday life behind!

With its many bays and beaches, which are ideal for sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, and snorkeling, Unije is a paradise for outdoor activity lovers. The Croatian island also has well maintained hiking trails offering outstanding views and access to sights. And thanks to its Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters, it is a year-round attraction.

And don’t forget about enjoying local flavors while gazing at a wonderful lagoon with bamboo trees and a mesmerizing atmosphere!

Beaches in Unije

Unije might not have a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, but its numerous coves and beaches will reward you. There are great beaches near the main settlement, but you can also head to Maracol bay for the beach there and enjoy the solitude.

The island’s bays have wonderful clear waters and are mostly pebbly, but there’s sand inside the sea. Apart from the settlement’s more popular beach, you can find several rocky beaches around the island, great for diving and snorkeling.

Here are 3 beaches and bays in Unije not to be missed:

  • Luka Unije: it is one of the beaches of Unije settlement, just a few-minutes walk from its center. It has a long coast with crystal clear turquoise waters and white pebbles. There’s also a restaurant nearby.
  • Maracul bay: around a 40-minute hike from the settlement of Unije, Maračuol cove was once the location of a fish factory. Today it is used by many yachts as a berth and has a beautiful pebbled beach.
  • Goligna bay: on Unije’s northern part, this cove is accessible only via a 12-km challenging hiking trail starting from the village. The beautiful Goligna cove has two pebbled beaches and offers enchanting views to the islands of Lošinj and Zeča.

The pebbled Unije Luka beach right next to the island’s settlement, Croatia

Swimming and relaxing right next to Unije village

Sightseeing and activities in Unije

The outermost island in the Cres-Lošinj archipelago actually has a long history. Its name, Unije, comes from the Greek word “heneios”, meaning field, which demonstrates the land’s fertility. Nowadays, the small Unije does not have a lot to show in terms of sights, but there’s several things to see and do if you are a nature lover.

Among Unije’s most interesting sights are:

  • Vnetak lighthouse: old lighthouse from the 19th century, which is no longer operational, but is a great spot to enjoy the sunset.
  • Church of St. Andrew: originally built in the 15th century, it is the landmark of the village.
  • The remains of a Roman villa
  • Vele Stijene: high cliffs on the western side of the island, that are around a 1-hour walk from the settlement and offer amazing views to the Adriatic.

As for outdoor activities, the best one to try in Unije is hiking. The island has a well preserved network of hiking paths and walking trails, about 30 km in length, that stretch all around the island. Take long walks, hikes, or bike rides in verdant landscapes and enjoy beautiful views of coves on the eastern side of the island and cliffs on its western side. You can also get the best views of neighboring islands, such as Cres, Lošinj, Srakane, and Susak.

Cliff at the coast of Unije island, Croatia

The dramatic cliffs at the coast of Unije

Nightlife in Unije

Unije is a quiet place that invigorates the mind and body, and not really a destination for party enthusiasts. There are no clubs on the island, but you can hang out at the atmospheric Bara Bar beach bar for music and drinks with a view.

For more nightlife options, you can catch a ferry to the bigger and more popular Lošinj.

Food in Unije

Restaurant options in Unije are not too many, but the few seaside taverns in the village offer rich menus, such as Konoba Kod Joze and the one in Pansion Unijana. Enjoy the laidback vibe and mouth-watering recipes, mostly based on fish and meat, made with fresh local ingredients.

The island’s top delicacy is definitely squid. We recommend visiting Unije in November when the island’s squid fishing competition (Unije lignjada) takes place.

Useful information about Unije

Just 17 km² in size and with less than 100 inhabitants, Unije is a very small island with one settlement and only the basic visitor amenities. There is one bakery/mini-market, a small supermarket where you can get provisions and a post office. There are no ATMs on the island.

As for accommodation in Unije, there are no hotels on the island, but you can rent an apartment or holiday home, such as Apartment Nadi, Apartments Unesic and Holiday Home Unesic. There are also rooms available at Pansion Unijana.

Keep in mind that as of January 1, 2023, the euro has replaced the old currency, kuna, in Croatia.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Unije

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Unije:

  • Port Authority: +38551232020
  • Mali Lošinj police: +38551439462
  • Hospital of Mali Lošinj: +38551238038
  • Lošinj Tourist Office: +38551231884
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Unije

There are no cars on the island of Unije, so you can only explore it on foot or by bike. In fact, you can discover all hidden corners of the island through its hiking trails.

If you wish to get around by bike, you can hire one in Mali Lošinj and bring it to Unije.

Ports in Unije

There is only one small port in Unije, located in the island’s settlement. It serves passenger ferries traveling to Unije from/to nearby islands and the mainland, as well as private boats.

Houses and the port in the village of Unije island, Croatia

The port in the village of Unije on a sunny day

Island hopping from Unije

Want to plan a ferry adventure from Unije and explore more of the archipelago? Take a quick look at our interactive Map of ferries and find out which islands you can visit from Unije by ferry! This includes boarding the ferry from Unije to Mali Lošinj, the ferry from Unije to Ilovik and the Unije - Silba ferry route.

More specifically, the islands connected to Unije by ferry are:

  • Lošinj
  • Susak
  • Silba
  • Ilovik
  • Cres
  • Srakane

Unije ferry: schedules and tickets

The island of Unije is connected to the Croatian cities of Zadar, Pula and Rijeka. Croatian operators Jadrolinija and Kapetan Luka - Krilo operate on the domestic routes between Unije and Croatia’s mainland ports.

Here is some additional information on ferry routes to Unije:

  • Zadar - Unije ferry: the ferry route to Unije from Zadar is usually operated up to 5 times a week in high season, with ferries making the crossing in around 3 hours 30 minutes. The connection is normally active all year round.
  • Pula - Unije ferry: ferries to Unije from Pula travel all year round, with an average ferry time of 1 hour. There are usually up to 5 weekly crossings.
  • Rijeka - Unije ferry: this route is normally served 5-6 times per week all year round. The ferry duration is around 2 hours 45 minutes.

Useful info: bear in mind that there are no cars on the island, so you can’t transport your vehicle to Unije. The only way to get around is on foot.

The island of Unije with houses, green vegetation and view to the sea, Croatia

Lovely view of the green island of Unije

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