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Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the largest in the Gulf of Naples. On Ferryhopper, you can find useful information about places, beaches, local delicacies, and ferries to Ischia. Take a look at our travel tips, routes and book cheap ferry tickets with just a few clicks!

View of the village of Ischia Ponte on Ischia island, Italy

Splendid panorama of the village of Ischia Ponte

Vacation in Ischia

Almost unknown until the early 1950s, the island of Ischia gained popularity thanks to the film producer Angelo Rizzoli. In addition to building accommodation facilities, he used it as a set for many of his films, attracting elite tourism.

Since then, Ischia has never stopped enchanting visitors from all over the world with its charm, deep blue sea, unspoiled nature and historical buildings.

The island is divided into 6 municipalities, with abundant natural beauty and incredible views of the Gulf of Naples. Ischia is famous for its thermal spas, exotic gardens, medieval castles, secluded heavenly beaches and captivating landscapes.

How to get to Ischia

You can reach the island of Ischia only by sea. Thanks to the ferry and hydrofoil connections, you can leave for Ischia from Naples, Salerno, Pozzuoli, Monte di Procida, some ports of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, and the nearby Capri and Procida. In summer you can also get to Ischia from the islands of Ponza and Ventotene.

Some ferry routes are active throughout the year, while others are seasonal. For more information about schedules and tickets, you can have a look at the ferry routes to Ischia.

If you decide to travel by plane, keep in mind that the closest airport to Ischia is in Naples, connected with various destinations in Italy and Europe (including Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, and the United Kingdom).

The village of Ischia and the Aragonese Castle in the background, Italy

Stunning view towards the imposing Aragonese Castle of Ischia

What to do in Ischia

Ischia is a perfect combination of tradition and modern lifestyle. Visit the Castle of Aragonese, explore the medieval towers, the beautiful churches and museums, and attend popular summer festivals such as the Ischia Film Festival.

The island invites you to explore its extensive biodiversity and exotic parks. Pamper yourself with a well-deserved rest in the therapeutic hot springs of Ischia, such as the famous Source of Nitrodi Nymphs.

You can also discover the beauties of Ischia from the sea thanks to the boat excursions that various ferry companies carry out. Don’t forget to take your camera and get mesmerized by the coastal landscape, and the countless stunning beaches.

Also, you can’t leave Ischia without visiting the island’s most romantic spot located in the south. The splendid fishing village of Sant’Angelo with its colorful houses lies between two bays. Discover the beaches of the coast and swim in their emerald green waters.

However, bear in mind that vehicles are prohibited in Sant’Angelo. You can get near the village by car, bus or taxi but all vehicles stop in a specially-designed area just outside the town. From that point, you can continue on foot taking the pedestrian road leading down to Sant’Angelo.

Beaches in Ischia

Unlike the other islands in the Gulf of Naples and the coastal towns, Ischia offers long coastlines of fine sand and shallow waters, ideal for families.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Ischia:

  1. Pescatori: it’s located between Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. Its blue sea, shallow waters and the beach’s amenities (restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas) make it perfect for families with children. 
  2. Cartaromana: this small beach is in San Michele, offering fantastic views of the Aragonese Castle. It has clear blue waters and fine sand. You can reach it by taxi boat from Ischia Ponte or on foot through a narrow path. 
  3. Maronti: the largest beach on the island is top-rated among kitesurfers. It offers several bathing establishments, bars and restaurants. There are also thermal springs near the coast. In this area, the temperature of the sand can exceed 100°C due to the sulfur springs from the subsoil.
  4. Inglesi: it’s situated near the village of Sant’Alessandro and it’s less than 1 km from the port of Ischia. You can reach it on foot or by taxi boat from Ischia Ponte. It’s a family-friendly beach with clean, shallow waters and fine sand.
  5. Citara: it is located in the Municipality of Forio and next to the Poseidon Gardens. It has white sand, rocks and crystal-clear waters. The beach offers bathing establishments, various restaurants and bars. You can easily reach it by car or public transport.
  6. Scarrupata: it’s situated in the Municipality of Barano d'Ischia. It’s a pebbly beach with crystal-clear waters. It is accessible through a path surrounded by nature, starting from Vatoliere. You can also get there by boat from Maronti beach.
  7. Cava dell'Isola: it is near the town of Forio between two rocky promontories. The beach has dark and fine sand, and it is a great place for beach volleyball. The cafes and restaurants near the coast are a pleasant addition to the beach’s beautiful landscape. It is easily accessible both by bus and car.
  8. San Francesco: it’s one of the most popular beaches on the island, located near the town of Forio. It has golden sand and the long coastline is home to many establishments, tourist facilities and a large parking lot. At the seaside, you can also do water sports.
  9. Sorgeto: this small thermal spring is located inside a beautiful cove. You can reach the beach by going down a steep staircase of 300 steps or by taxi boat from the small port of Sant’Angelo.
  10. San Montano: this beach of fine sand and shallow waters is located in Lacco Ameno. The shore is dominated by majestic cliffs and enclosed on both sides by tree-lined hills. You can find water sports facilities and a parking lot in the area.

The sandy beach of San Montano in Ischia, Italy

 The emerald green waters of San Montano beach on Ischia island

Sightseeing in Ischia

Ischia was the first colony of Magna Graecia, with a fascinating history spanning 2,000 years. Among gardens, archaeological finds, museums, and ancient churches, you can discover the cultural secrets of the island’s past.

Here are the best places of Ischia you shouldn’t miss:

  • The Aragonese Castle, a medieval castle standing on a rocky volcanic islet
  • The Tower of Forio, a watchtower and strong fortification dating back to 1480
  • The Church of Soccorso, built on a beautiful promontory overlooking the sea
  • Sant’Angelo, a picturesque village with colorful houses and stove-paved alleys
  • Via Roma and Corso Vittoria Colonna, the streets of the lively nightlife near the Ischia port
  • The Museum of Santa Restituta, evidence of life and culture in Ischia by the Greeks to the early Christians
  • The Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae, housing the legendary Nestor’s cup
  • The Aqueduct of the Pillars, built in the 17th century
  • The Mortella Garden, filled with Mediterranean and tropical plants, lakes and streams
  • The Angelo Rizzoli Museum, a villa that once hosted Grace Kelly and Federico Fellini
  • Villa La Colombaia, with a museum dedicated to the Italian director Luchino Visconti
  • The Source of Nitrodi Nymphs, a paradise of aromatic plants and spa waters with therapeutic benefits
  • The Poseidon Gardens, the largest thermal park on the island with 22 thermal pools surrounded by greenery
  • The Thermal Baths of Cavascura, wedged between soaring cliffs
  • The Negombo Park, with tropical plants and lush flower beds

The small white church of Soccorso at the peak of the sea in Forio, Ischia, Italy

The white-washed church of Soccorso in Forio, Ischia

Nightlife in Ischia

The nightlife in Ischia is lively, especially during the summer. You can choose between beach parties, music concerts and disco nights in one of the clubs near the coast.

The hub of nightlife takes place in Riva Destra del Porto, Corso Vittoria Colonna, Via Roma, and in the municipalities of Forio and Sant’Angelo. Here you can find various lounge bars, restaurants and clubs.

Alternatively, you can have a drink in a pub or an elegant cocktail bar near the beach. In August, many music festivals with national and international artists take place in Citara Bay. 

Tip: for an aperitif or a beer with friends until late, we suggest the local bar-restaurant Tiratardi in Forio. You can also enjoy delicious dishes with a glass of excellent wine.

Food in Ischia

The gastronomy of Ischia reflects the Neapolitan tradition and offers finger-licking dishes. Most local dishes have fresh fish and vegetables as their main ingredient.

The island’s tasteful desserts are usually accompanied by famous Ischian wine (such as Forastera, Biancolella and Per’e Palummo) or the typical Rucolino liqueur.

Here are some of the most delicious local dishes:

  • spaghetti alle vongole (pasta with clams, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil)
  • coniglio all’ischitana (rabbit casserole or stew with tomatoes and peppers)
  • pizza di scarola fritta (fried pizza with escarole, olives, anchovies, and raisins)
  • zingara ischitana (sandwich with sourdough bread, ham, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise)
  • cornetto di Calise (cream and black cherry croissant)
  • migliaccio (a lemon and ricotta cake)
  • pasta with beans and mussels

Tip: if you want to try the local delicacy zingara, we recommend the popular La Virgola pub. In fact, it is the same place where the delicious sandwich was first made back in 1977.

Zingara ischitana, the typical sandwich of Ischia, Italy

The typical delicious sandwich of Ischia, zingara

Tips for Ischia

Here are some useful tips for the perfect vacation in Ischia:

  • If you choose to visit Ischia during the busy summer months, it is recommended to plan ahead. It is preferable to book your ferry tickets in advance and buy a return ticket.
  • There are 3 ports on the island of Ischia: Ischia Porto, Forio and Casamicciola Terme. Therefore, it is advisable to find out which port is close to your accommodation.
  • The most comfortable way to get around Ischia is on two wheels. Rent a motorcycle to explore the island without worrying about traffic or parking.
  • If you love the underwater world, summer snorkeling courses are ideal for you and your family. Wear your mask, snorkel and full-foot fins, and discover the fascinating biodiversity of Ischia!

Streets filled with cars close to the main port of Ischia, Italy

The busy streets near the port of Ischia

Useful information about Ischia

Ischia is an island with over 60,000 residents offering various services to both locals and visitors. In the island’s major towns, you can find many accommodation facilities, supermarkets, banks, gas stations, pharmacies, and tourist information centers.

As for the health facilities, the “Rizzoli” hospital is located in the municipality of Lacco Ameno. There is also a medical center in Ischia Ponte and the tourist medical guard service is active throughout the summer. 

When it comes to accommodation, Ischia offers a wide variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels to guesthouses and apartments. Forio is a great area to choose for your stay as it is in close distance to other beautiful places of Ischia. Also, Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte are perfect for strolling around the shops.

Regarding transportation, you should keep in mind that motor vehicles are prohibited for residents of the Campania Region from April until the end of October. Residents of other Italian or foreign municipalities and the permanent residents of Ischia are excluded.

Tip: it is preferable to book your tickets and accommodation in advance as the prices are higher during summer and bank holidays.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Ischia

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Ischia: 

  • Ischia Police Station: +390815074711
  • Ischia Port Authority (Ischia Porto): +390815072811
  • First Aid: +390815079267
  • Rizzoli Hospital (Lacco Ameno): +39081507911
  • Ischia Forest Guard: +39081995117
  • EAV Bus Ischia: +3908119800119
  • Radio Taxi Services (Ischia): +39081992550
  • Radio Taxi Services (Forio): +39081997450
  • Radio Taxi Services (Casamicciola): +39081900369
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Ischia

The most comfortable way to get around Ischia is by car or motorcycle. You can embark your own vehicle on the ferry from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli. Alternatively, you can rent a vehicle when you get to the island. 

However, bear in mind that there is a lot of traffic on the island, especially in summer and it is not easy to find free parking. Therefore, you may have to leave your car in paid parking lots with rates of around €2 per hour. 

Moving on two wheels is the easiest and most comfortable way to discover the beautiful Ischia. Rent a motorcycle and explore the idyllic beaches, thermal spas and tropical gardens of the island.

You can get on the taxi boats that depart from Ischia Ponte and Sant’Angelo to hop between the heavenly beaches of Ischia. In this way, you can reach secluded paradisiacal corners of Ischia, only accessible by sea.

Also, the public transport network is very efficient. The buses of the EAV company connect various places and allow you to move easily around the island.

Tip: there is a day bus ticket for around €5. Also, children up to 6 years old travel for free.

Ports in Ischia

There are 3 ferry ports on the island of Ischia: Ischia Porto, Casamicciola and Forio.

Here you can find more information about the ports of Ischia:

  • Ischia Porto: it is the main port of the island and the busiest corner of the island with prestigious restaurants and trendy clubs. It is accessible by car, taxi or bus. Ischia Porto is connected with Naples, Pozzuoli, Salerno, Monte di Procida, Procida, Capri, the Amalfi, and Sorrento coasts.
  • Casamicciola: it’s located in the northern part of Ischia. It offers daily connections to Naples, Pozzuoli and Procida. The port is also close to bars, restaurants and thermal parks.
  • Forio: you can find the port in the western part of Ischia, between the promontories of Punta Caruso and Punta Imperatore. Also, it’s only a 9-minute walk from the beautiful Chiaia beach.

Island hopping from Ischia

During your trip to Ischia, we recommend you continue your adventure in the Gulf of Naples. From Ischia, you can reach the beautiful islands of Capri and Procida by ferry.

Here you can find more information about these ferry connections from Ischia:

  • Ischia - Capri ferry: the ferry route from Ischia to Capri includes 2 daily ferry routes of about 50 minutes operated by Alilauro and Capitan Morgan. Keep in mind that some services are only active in the high season and that both companies operate certain days of the week.
  • Ischia - Procida ferry: there are more than 15 daily ferry connections from Ischia to Procida, with the crossings lasting between 15 and 25 minutes. The ferry companies operating the crossings are Caremar, SNAV and Medmar. 

Useful info: in summer you can also travel from Ischia to the Pontine archipelago and discover the beautiful islands of Ponza and Ventotene! Take a look at the Ischia - Ventotene and the Ischia - Ponza ferries.

Anchored boats in the port of Casamicciola in Ischia, Italy

Boats floating in the port of Casamicciola, Ischia 

Ischia ferry: schedules and tickets

The ports of Ischia are well-connected with many destinations. Ferry connections from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli are daily and are operated all year round by 7 ferry companies: SNAV, Alilauro, Caremar, Ippocampo, Medmar, Capitan Morgan and Gestour.

Also, seasonal ferry routes are departing from Amalfi, Positano, Salerno, Sorrento, and Monte di Procida.

They offer up to 40 daily crossings with ferries and hydrofoils. The rides can last from 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the various destinations.

Take a look at our Map of ferries with all the connections to Ischia and start planning your trip right away!

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