Cyclades, Greece

Syros is a cosmopolitan island in the Cyclades with marvelous architecture and beautiful beaches. Find all the information you need about vacation on the Greek island, top attractions, beaches, gastronomy, and ferry schedules on Ferryhopper. 

The beautiful seaside town of Ermoupoli in Syros

Beautiful buildings at the impressive port town of Ermoupoli

Vacation in Syros

Syros is the most populated island of the Cycladic group and has seen tremendous cultural and financial growth. Ermoupoli, the island capital, is a majestic town with a distinct character including charming mansions, imposing buildings and a vibrant atmosphere.

Syros is also known for its beautiful beaches, quaint towns and villages, untouched nature, local delicacies, and it’s tied to the Roman Catholic Church. On the island of Syros, you can have relaxing holidays and have fun at the numerous bars, cafés, and restaurants in Ermoupoli and other villages.

Moreover, Syros is particularly important for culture in Greece, as it is the birthplace of Greek musician Markos Vamvakaris, one of the major representatives of rebetiko music in the country.

How to get to Syros

There are many ways to travel to Syros. The island is well connected by ferry with mainland Greece, as well as other islands in the Aegean Sea. There’s also a national airport close to Ermoupoli, mainly serving flights from Athens.

You can travel directly from mainland Greece to Syros at the ports of Piraeus and Lavrion in Athens and the port of Kavala in northern Greece. The best way to reach the island by sea is via Athens, as the fastest ferry to Syros is only 2 hours.

What to do in Syros

Syros is great if you’re looking for a Greek island with amazing beaches, impressive history, beautiful architecture, quaint alleys, and cosmopolitan flair. Syros is a majestic island with a rich past that permeates the local lifestyle.

You are invited to explore the remote beaches of the island, try delicious dishes, meet friendly locals and visit amazing historical sites.

Tip: Syros is lively during the winter months too! If you’re visiting Syros off-season, you can enjoy local restaurants and visit interesting sites.

Beaches in Syros

Beaches in Syros are simply idyllic! There are remote beaches for seaside relaxation away from crowds, as well as coastlines offering visitor amenities such as umbrellas, sun loungers, and disability equipment.

The island's south coast is home to the most popular and accessible beaches, while the north part is for those of you who are after untamed secluded coasts. Here are 12 beautiful beaches in Syros:

  1. Galissas: this is one of the largest beaches on the island. It has golden sand and blue waters, and it is accessible to people with disabilities. There are umbrellas, as well as tamarisk trees for shade. You can get there by public bus and it is popular with water sports lovers.
  2. Armeos: it is a peaceful virgin beach with pebbles, sand, and crystal-clear waters. The beach is popular with nudists and there is a hiking trail from Armeos to Galissas.
  3. Agathopes: this is the most popular beach on the island. It has golden sand and shallow waters and it is possible to spot Monachus monachus seals swimming by the coast! You can catch the bus to the beach and there are tavernas, shops, and cafés in the area. It is also accessible to wheelchair users, featuring a SEATRAC system for independent access.
  4. Komito: Komito is a sandy beach with tamarisk trees, a beach bar, and a few umbrellas.
  5. Aetos: this is a peaceful little beach with sand and turquoise waters. You can get there on foot or by boat.
  6. Delfini: Delfini is a pretty beach with pebbles and sand. There are umbrellas and water sports facilities, as well as local restaurants.
  7. Lotos: it is a serene beach with blue waters, tamarisk trees, and a small taverna.
  8. Gria Spilia: it is located on the northern coast of the island and it has crystal-clear blue waters and plenty of natural shade. You can access the beach via a hiking trail or by boat. It is also a favorite camping spot.
  9. Kini: Kini is a beach with visitor amenities and incredible sunset views. You can get there by public bus and there are many tavernas serving local dishes in the area.
  10. Vari: Vari is one of the best beaches in Syros. It is wheelchair accessible, ideal for families and there are water sports facilities. The sandy beach has shallow waters and you can get there by car or public bus.
  11. Varvarousa: this is a remote beach with amazing emerald waters. It is a favorite nudism spot on the island and you can get to the beach by boat or via a 30-minute hiking trail.
  12. Voulgari: it is a quiet beach with shallow waters and some rocks. There is a SEATRAC system for independent sea access on the beach.

Tip: find more information on accessible holidays in Syros and wheelchair-friendly beaches.

Galissas beach in Syros with sand and tamarisk trees

The beautiful sandy beach of Galissas

Sightseeing in Syros

The Aegean island has a long history. It has been inhabited since Prehistoric times and it has been an industrial, nautical, and cultural center of Greece throughout the years. Its multifaceted history is visible in the multitude of important sites and museums, as well as beautiful monuments. Here are the top attractions in Syros:

  • Archaeological Museum of Syros: this is one of the oldest museums in Greece. It features impressive exhibits from Prehistory to the Byzantine times. It’s great if you’re interested in finding out everything about the island’s past!
  • Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis: the museum was founded back in 2000 and it stretches across 4 industrial buildings dating back to the 19th century. Travel back in time and discover the daily life of Syriots back in the day.
  • Markos Vamvakaris Museum: the museum tells the story of important Greek singer and composer Markos Vamvakaris through photographs and personal items of the musician. Learn about rebetiko music in a beautiful restored two-story building in Ano Syros.
  • Mausoleum: the island’s cemetery boasts impressive constructions, beautiful tombstones, and intricate decorations, typical of the grand architectural tradition of Syros.
  • Prehistoric settlement of Kastri: this ancient settlement dates back to the Proto-cycladic era. There is an impressive cemetery, as well as other impressive findings such as jewelry, vessels and tools. You can follow the hiking trail from the settlement to the ancient Acropolis of Chalandriani dating back to 3,000 BCE!
  • Apollo Theatre: the theatre is designed by an Italian architect in the tradition of La Scala in Milan. It was built in 1864 and it is one of the most impressive buildings in Ermoupoli. You can visit the theater to admire the sublime architecture or catch a performance.
  • Miaoulis Square: this majestic square in the heart of Ermoupoli takes visitors back in time with its imposing 19th-century buildings. It is a favorite meeting spot for locals and travelers, and a great place to take a walk and have a coffee.
  • Town Hall of Syros: the Ermoupoli Town Hall is situated in Ermoupoli Square. The 19th-century building is one of the largest city halls in Greece and its design bears testimony to three separate architectural styles. The large stairs at the entrance are a great spot to take photos!

Tip: if you’re a fan of nature exploration, you can go hiking in Apano Meria, the northern part of the island. The mountainous landscape promises peaceful moments and the view to remote villages, quaint churches, secluded beaches, and wild nature is breathtaking!

Palm trees in front of the impressive Town Hall of Syros

The beautiful Town Hall of Syros, known for its distinctive architecture

Nightlife in Syros

Most nightlife options in Syros are in Ermoupoli, the island capital. There are lounge bars, cute cafes, and restaurants, where you can comfortably enjoy the warm night, listen to jazz and taste local dishes under the moonlight.

The promenade and alleys of Ermoupoli are perfect for night walks, and there’s always a cute place nearby where you can relax and have a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Clubs and dance bars are mostly located in smaller towns on the island. You can also choose to stay at the beach and dance all night on the sand at one of the beach bars.

Food in Syros

When in Syros, you can try delicious local dishes and superb quality products. Here’s what to eat in Syros:

  • San Michali cheese: hard yellow cheese made from cow’s milk
  • Syriot sausage: local pork sausage with fennel seeds
  • Louza: preserved clove-spiced pork
  • Aetopita: fish and veggie pie
  • Halvadopita: nougat pie with unleavened wafers
  • Loukoumia (lokums): sweet gel cubes made from starch and sugar

Tip: remember to make room in your suitcase for some thyme honey and olive oil from Syros!

Villages in Syros

While Ermoupoli is the place to be in Syros, there are more towns and villages to visit. Explore the island and stroll through cute little alleys to admire glorious mansions and traditional houses. Find some of the top towns and villages to visit in Syros below:

  • Ermoupoli: the capital of Syros with its impressive buildings and its European flair is unique in the Cyclades. Stroll through the town at night and let the views travel you back in time before you enjoy a cocktail at one of the lively bars. Have a drink at Boheme al Mar, one of the most authentic bars on the island.
  • Ano Syros: this is the oldest village in Syros, established by Venetians around 1,200 ACE. The village has been continuously inhabited since then and it still retains its medieval charm. Explore the old alleys and be part of history!
  • Galissas: it is a beautiful seaside resort with a great beach and plenty of restaurants. The village is particularly popular with travelers.
  • Kini: the seaside village is also popular with visitors and there are many tavernas and shops in the area. From the small harbor of Kini, you can catch a boat to the remote beaches of the island on the northern coast.
  • Poseidonia (Della Grazia): it is a seaside resort famous for 19th-century regal mansions and the beautiful coast.
  • Azolimnos: the resort village is close to Ermoupoli and it is great if you’re looking for a quaint seaside restaurant to try local dishes while admiring the view to the neighboring islands of Tilos and Mykonos.
  • Chrousa: the village of Chrousa is on the south side of the island and it is one of the greenest! Walk in the village to admire old mansions and a plethora of Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.

Buildings in Ermoupoli with beautifully decorated facades

Beautiful buildings of Neoclassical architecture in Ermoupoli

Useful information about Syros

Syros is a large island with many visitor amenities. Ermoupoli is the regional center of the Cyclades and there is everything you might need during your stay. You can find supermarkets, ATMs, a post office, gas stations, and a hospital on the island.

Related to the accommodation, there are many hotels, rooms, and villas in Ermoupoli and other villages such as Vari, Galissas, Ano Syros, and Megas Gialos. There’s also a camping facility in Galissas.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Syros

Find some useful numbers for your stay in Syros below: 

  • Port Authority of Syros: +302281088888
  • General Hospital of Syros: +302281360500
  • Municipality of Ermoupoli: +302281361000
  • Citizen Service Center of Ermoupoli: +302281362010
  • Public bus service (KTEL): +302281082575
  • Police: +302281096100

Transportation in Syros

Syros is quite large, so we recommend that you drive your own vehicle or rent one on the island. If you prefer not to drive during your holidays, you can get around by public bus or taxi. Buses in Syros travel to most major villages, beaches, and attractions on the island.

Ports in Syros

Ermoupoli is the port of Syros, where ferries from mainland Greece and other islands in the Aegean Sea arrive. The port is located right in the town of Ermoupoli, offering easy access to traveler services and visitor amenities, such as parking, restaurants, hotels, bus stations, and car rentals.

Island hopping from Syros

The location and historical significance of Syros means the island is regularly connected by ferry with many islands in the Aegean. This makes Syros a great starting point for island hopping! From Syros, you can travel in the Cyclades, as well as to the Dodecanese and the North Aegean Sea.

From the port of Ermoupoli you can catch a direct ferry to the following islands:

  • Cyclades: Mykonos, Tinos, Naxos, Paros, Sifnos, Serifos, Kythnos, Kea, Andros, Kimolos, Milos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Santorini, Anafi, Amorgos, Donousa, Irakleia, Koufonisia, Schinoussa and Thirassia
  • Dodecanese: Rhodes, Astypalaia, Kos, Kalymnos, Leros and Patmos
  • North Aegean Sea: Ikaria, Lesbos, Lemnos, Oinousses, Samos, Fournoi and Chios

No worries if you’re feeling overwhelmed! On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you can see all destinations connected by ferry with Syros, to easily plan your island-hopping trip in Greece!

Peaceful rocky beach with blue waters in Syros

A heavenly rocky beach in Syros

Syros ferry: schedules and tickets

You can travel by ferry from Athens to Syros all year long. There are regular crossings from the port of Piraeus throughout the year, while you can also travel directly to Syros from the port of Lavrion in Athens during the summer, as well as indirectly from the port of Rafina.

Find more information about ferry sailings from mainland Greece to Syros below:

  • Piraeus - Syros: you can catch a ferry from the main port of Athens to Syros year-round. During the summer, there are even more sailings. The ferry route Piraeus - Syros lasts approximately 2.5 hours, depending on the type of vessel. 
  • Lavrion - Syros: the crossing from Lavrion to Syros is only available during peak season with weekly routes. It takes around 5 hours to reach the island.
  • Rafina - Syros: although there is no direct ferry from Rafina to Syros, you can reach the island through Mykonos and Tinos. Depending on the ferry company and type of vessel, the total ferry trip duration ranges from 2.5 to 6 hours
  • Kavala - Syros: the crossing from the port of Kavala to Syros is available twice a week and the journey duration is around 22 hours. It’s a great choice if you’re starting your trip from the northern part of Greece or you want to travel through the Aegean Sea.

The port and promenade of Ermoupoli at sunset

Magical sunset at the port of Syros

Where to book ferry tickets to Syros online

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Syros ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Syros for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Syros has direct ferry connections to 47 ports :