Dalmatia, Croatia

Discover one of Croatia’s most alluring islands, Mljet. Its extraordinary lush national park and its tranquil atmosphere attract many visitors every year.

To plan exciting and unique Croatian holidays, read some of our best travel tips for Mljet, including what to do and see, the best beaches, and local delicacies. Browse all the ways to get there and book your ferry tickets easily and quickly!

Aerial view of the coastline of Mljet, Croatia

Breathtaking view of the turquoise shore and lush green forest of Mljet

Vacation in Mljet

Home to a blindingly beautiful and famous national park, with a diverse range of Mediterranean vegetation and Aleppo Pine forests, Mljet is Croatia’s greenest island and it has managed to retain an unspoilt air of tranquility.

Besides its beautiful nature, Mljet also boasts a surprising history, rustic villages, crystal-clear waters, a gentle sandy shoreline, and a wealth of marine life. Overall, this paradisiacal island is the perfect place to chill out and disconnect, and it will captivate you just as much as it did Odysseus for 7 years, according to legend.

How to get to Mljet

Getting to Mljet in Croatia is only possible by ferry from 4 mainland ports in the country: Split, Dubrovnik, Makarksa, and Prapratno. You can also get to Mljet from many neighboring Croatian islands, such as Korčula, Bol, Brač, Hvar, and Šipan. 

For more information regarding ferries to Mljet, check out our relevant section below.

What to do in Mljet

Without a doubt, the most popular thing to do is to head to the stunningly beautiful Mljet National Park, in the west of the island. This protected forested area offers shady walking and cycling tracks, and ancient ruins. You can also go swimming in the picturesque saltwater lakes within the park. 

The Big Lake is particularly popular among diving enthusiasts due to the presence of Mljet Coral Reef, which is packed with marine life and has very clear waters. After swimming and exploring both lakes, take the boat to St Mary’s Island and its beautiful former 12th-century Benedictine monastery. Make sure to enjoy a meal at the restaurant there serving authentic Dalmatian cuisine.

There are also a few scenic villages in Mljet National Park, so it’s likely that you’ll bump into at least a few of these. The most notable ones are Govedari, Pomena and Soline, all of which are full of cozy restaurants and places to chill out. Polače is the oldest settlement on Mljet Island. Right on its waterfront you’ll find the stunningly beautiful Roman Palace

For some Insta worthy photos, make sure to visit Odysseus Cave, one of the biggest attractions on the island. Finally, after a long day of swimming, hiking, biking, and sightseeing, head down to the pier at Pomena for the most amazing Dalmatian island sunset.

Tip: only 29 nautical miles (approximately 54 km) away from Dubrovnik, Mljet makes for an easy day trip. Check out our dedicated blog for more tips on planning an exciting day trip from Dubrovnik to Mljet.

Aerial view of Mljet National park and the village of Pomena

The scenic village of Pomena surrounded by a thick forest

Beaches in Mljet

Along Mljet’s 135 km long coastline you will find some of southern Dalmatia’s most beautiful beaches, each offering a unique and captivating experience for beach lovers. Some of the best beaches in Mljet are:

  • Saplunara: a favorite swimming spot for locals and visitors alike. It is a lovely large bay consisting of 2 sandy beaches, Vela Saplunara and Mala Saplunara. The area is framed by dense pine woods and the crystal-clear waters are quite warm all year around. The bay also has its restaurant, café and a small shop.
  • Blace: accessible by boat or a scenic hike from Saplunara, Blace is a hidden gem offering a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Sutmiholjska: tucked away in a tiny, secluded bay on the southern shore of Mljet, Sutmiholjska boasts a lovely pebble beach suitable for children and families.
  • Sveta Marija islet: the islet of Sveta Marija, located in the Veliko Jezero lake, is a great swimming as well as snorkeling spot in Mljet. The northern part of the islet’s coast is the best, since it’s the most peaceful. It offers natural shade and magnificent views across the waters to the hills.

Colorful fishing boats on Sutmiholjska beach, Mljet

The beautiful pebbly Sutmiholjska beach close to Babino Polje, Mljet

Sightseeing in Mljet

Besides its breathtaking nature, Mljet is also shrouded in folk history and ancient culture. In fact, the island is mentioned as early as the 4th century BCE and is home to the 2nd largest Roman palace in the country, so you’ll definitely find a lot to keep you busy. Some of our favorites sightseeing options in Mljet include:

  • Mljet National Park, covering one-third of the entire island
  • The 12th-century Benedictine monastery called Crkva Sveta Marije, founded in 1198, it consists of a large church, a few tiny chapels and the old monks' quarters, which now houses a restaurant in its basement
  • The Roman Palace, built around the 5th century, it’s located on the Polače waterfront
  • Odysseus Cave, near Babino Polje on the south of the island, it is a popular snorkeling spot
  • The Church of St Nicholas
  • The Blatina Lake, very small and quite deep lake, surrounded by karst hills

Useful info: note that in order to access Mljet National Park you’ll need an entrance ticket, which you can purchase at a kiosk in Sobra, Pomena, or Polače.

Aerial view of Blatina lake within a field in Mljet, Croatia

The small and picturesque Blatina lake in Mljet

Nightlife in Mljet

As you can probably imagine, Mljet isn’t a party destination. It is one of the most relaxed Croatian destinations and what it lacks in bars and restaurants, it makes up for in natural beauty and charm. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t any places that are perfect for enjoying an after-dark cocktail by the water’s edge. You will find various options in Saplunara, Sobra and Polače. 

Tip: your go-to drink in Mljet should be wine as the island is one of the main winemaking regions of the Dubrovnik Riviera. Keep an eye out for Plavac mali (red) and Maraština (white).

Food in Mljet

During your stay in Mljet, make sure to indulge in a traditional Dalmatian meal. The fresh ingredients grown or sourced from the land and sea are the focal point of Mljet’s cuisine. Goat's cheese, local olive oil, wild herbs, as well as fresh fish, octopus and shellfish are all staples.

Besides the above-mentioned, 3 unique dishes you must try while visiting the island are mljetski makaruli (a handmade local pasta topped with olive oil, garlic, grated goat cheese, and thyme), mljetski rižot (risotto made with cuttlefish, tomatoes, white wine, and capers) and zelena menestra (a chunky soup made from collard greens, potatoes and pork).

Tips for your holidays in Mljet

Here are 2 tips that we hope will be useful to you during your stay in Mljet:

  • Besides the lakes in Mljet National Park, other popular spots for scuba diving on Mljet are Rikavica (Roaring) Cave, which lies on the island’s south shore, and Odysseus Cave.
  • Mljet has many good hiking trails, but there is a 43 km long recently established trail which can be split into 4 main routes: Pomena – Govedari, Govedari – Blato, Blato – Babino Polje, and Babino Polje – Sobra.

Aerial view of marine salt lake with Benedictine monastery in St. Mary’s island, Mljet

The beautiful islet of St. Mary with a medieval monastery, Mljet

Useful information about Mljet

Although many people choose to visit Mljet just for the day, by heading straight to the National Park, we recommend staying here for at least 2-3 nights, since there is so much beauty to explore. 

While there are plenty of accommodation options on Mljet Island, we recommend staying in Pomena, Polače, or Goveđari, due to their closeness to the National Park, as well as bars and restaurants. There are also 3 camping sites here.

Also keep in mind that there is a petrol station in Sobra and a pharmacy in Babino Polje. The nearest hospital to the island is in Dubrovnik.

Tip: since the beginning of 2023, the official currency of Croatia is the euro, replacing the Croatian kuna.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Mljet

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Mljet:

  • Sobra ferry port: +38551666111
  • Govedari health center: +38520744199
  • Babino Polje health center: +38520745005 
  • Mljet pharmacy: +38520745158
  • Mljet Tourist Information Centre: +385207807992 / +38520744186
  • Police: 192
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Mljet

To navigate this idyllic island, visitors can choose from several modes of transport. The most popular way to get around Mljet, if you intend to do short distances, is by renting a bicycle.

Mljet also offers a reliable bus service. There are 2 bus lines on the island: bus 18 serves the west side of the island (from Sobra to Pomena) and bus 19 serves the east side of the island (from Sobra to Saplunara).

For those seeking a more personalized experience, renting a scooter or a car is an excellent option, giving you the freedom to discover Mljet’s remote beaches, picturesque viewpoints and charming villages at your own pace.

Tip: there are a number of bike and scooter renting places on Mljet, most of which are located in the vicinity of the National Park.

Crystal-clear waters and sand in Saplunara beach, Mljet

Calm waters and unspoilt nature in Saplunara beach

Ports in Mljet

There are 3 ports on Mljet island: Pomena, Polače and Sobra. The recommended ports of arrival for those planning to visit the national park are Pomena or Polače. 

Pomena is the closest port to the National Park (only around 20 minutes in walking distance). Polače is considered one of the safest ports of the Adriatic since it’s located in a wide bay surrounded by 4 little islands.

Sobra is located on the other side of the island and is the only car ferry port in Mljet. This is also Mljet’s main port and is well connected to the other parts of the island with regular bus lines.

Island hopping from Mljet

When it comes to island-hopping options, travelers who choose to visit Mljet are spoilt for choice. A quick glimpse at our interactive Map of ferries is enough to show you the numerous islands you can visit from Mljet by ferry! This includes boarding the ferry from Mljet to Sipan, KorčulaBrač, and Hvar.

Tip: be aware that depending on the time of year and the weather, the frequency and availability of some ferry routes between the Croatian islands may vary.

Mljet ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily travel to Mljet by ferry from 4 ports in mainland Croatia: Split, Dubrovnik, Makarksa, and Prapratno. Specifically:

  • Split - Mljet ferry: you can only catch a ferry from Split to Pomena port in Mljet with 3 daily departures in the summer months. Split - Mljet ferry tickets usually cost €25, with the trip lasting from 3 hours to 3 hours 45 minutes.
  • Dubrovnik - Mljet ferry: ferries from Dubrovnik arrive at all 3 ports of Mljet. In the summer, the Dubrovnik - Pomena ferry route is available with 3 daily departures, while there is 1 daily ferry from Dubrovnik to Polače. Ferries to Sobra from Dubrovnik depart all year round with 2 daily departures in the high-season months. Ferry ticket prices usually start at €8.
  • Makarksa - Mljet ferry: you can find 1 daily departure from Makarksa to the port of Pomena in Mljet in the summer. Ferry tickets for Mljet cost €25, while the trip lasts 1 hour 50 minutes.
  • Prapratno - Mljet ferry: in the summer, you can usually find 5 daily departures from Prapratno to the port of Sobra in Mljet and around 4 daily departures in the low season. Ferry tickets for Mljet cost around €5, while the trip lasts 45 minutes.

Tip: the ferry routes between Mljet and mainland Croatia are primarily operated by the following companies: Jadrolinija, TP-Line and Kapetan Luka - Krilo.

Aerial view of Mljet National park and Veliko jezero

Aerial view of the Large Lake and St. Mary’s islet in Mljet National Park

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