Thrace, Greece

Alexandroupolis is the largest city in Western Thrace. The water element is part of the city’s appealing personality as it is the largest port in the region. Want to learn more? Find all the information about Alexandroupolis’s ferry connections, attractions and surrounding beaches οn Ferryhopper. 

Red Rocks coast in Alexandroupolis

The sandy Red Rocks beach with crystal clear waters in Alexandroupolis

Vacation in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis is the crossroads between Asia, the Balkans and the Mediterranean world. Their cultural influence is reflected in the city’s aromas, tastes and flavors, which offer a wide range of food, drink and entertainment.

The soul of Alexandroupolis is its port with plenty of restaurants, shops and the lighthouse’s luminous beacon to accompany you along the sea.

Alexandroupolis is also a "green city" and an innovative urban center: the city has adopted environmental policies in favor of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Keep on reading to find the best of Alexandroupolis and explore ferry connections.

How to get to Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis is located in Northern Greece and is about 800km from Athens and 300km from Thessaloniki

You can get there by bus from Athens, Thessaloniki and Kavala, and by train from Thessaloniki in the west. Alexandroupolis railway station is right next to the ferry port and a 10-minute walk to the KTEL bus station in the city center. Buses are usually more cost-effective and offer more frequent rides. 

The A2 (E90) "Egnatia Odos" motorway runs across northern Greece, from Epirus in the west to the Turkish border. It makes the journey much easier for motorists and road trip lovers.

Tip: you have to take into account the tolls. If you wish for a toll-free road, then you should take the old National Road EO2, which covers about the same route but is a lot slower.

Also, there is the option of getting a domestic flight from Athens or Sitia (Crete). From the airport, it takes about 30 minutes by bus or taxi.

As for ferry schedules and tickets from/to Alexandroupolis, you can find more information below.

The city of Alexandroupolis before reaching the port

A glance at the city of Alexandroupolis from the boat 

What to do in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis is an ideal destination for relaxation and it is a great stop for a day or two if you wish to travel to the northern Aegean islands or Turkey. During the day, swimming and sunbathing are the main activities.

However, if you are looking for adventure, the city is surrounded by picturesque villages and astonishing nature. And when night falls, you can head to the local bars and tavernes parallel to the port for delicious seafood and tsipouro evenings!

Sounds exciting? Read on to find out all you need to know about your vacation in Alexandroupolis.

Beaches in Alexandroupolis

A few kilometers away from Alexandroupolis, along the coast of Thrace, wonderful beaches invite you to swim in their crystal clear water and relax on their golden sand. Most of them have umbrellas, sunbeds, and great seafood restaurants within a very close distance. So, are you up for a dip? The distances are short so you can walk around, rent a bike or a scooter and fully explore the island. 

The best beaches in Alexandroupolis are:

  • Nea Chili: You can reach the beach with a 10-minute ride from Alexandroupolis. It is sandy with deep blue waters offering all the amenities you may need, from umbrellas and sunbeds to refreshing, cool drinks and snacks. After your swim, head to the nearby tavernes for delicious seafood.
  • Mesimvria: It is located in front of the coastal settlement of Mesimvria. It has some umbrellas and sunbeds but it is a free beach for the most part.
  • Makri: It is a long coastline offering tourist infrastructures such as umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, cafes, etc. It has fine, brown sand and shallow waters, making it ideal for families!
  • EOT Beach: It is an easily accessible, family-friendly, shallow-water beach and only a 5-minute ride or 20-minute walk from the port of Alexandroupolis.
  • Dikellon Beach: It has umbrellas and sunbeds with a beach bar ready to serve! However, if you are not a fan of loud music and you are looking for some moments of peace, the beach has a spot for you. Thanks to its long coastline, it has plenty of quiet, shaded corners to chill!
  • Red Rocks: As its name indicates, it is a red rockbound beach. The rust rocks combined with the blue waters of the North Aegean Sea and the fine pebbles of the coast create an idyllic summer landscape. It is definitely worth a visit!

    Tip: If you are an adrenaline junkie, you perfectly match the spirit of the beach, which calls to adventure! Its multi-level, reddish, rocky hill is great for a high dive! So, are you ready to jump?

The sandy beach of Agia Paraskevi in Alexandroupolis

Agia Paraskevi beach with fine sand and clear waters in Alexandroupolis

Sightseeing in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupoli has many museums calling you to dive into its rich history! The city is an ideal starting point for day trips as it lives peacefully alongside the important ecological triangle composed of Dadia’s Forest, the Evros Delta and Trianoupolis hot springs. 

So, are you ready to explore the natural beauties and picturesque villages of Thrace? Ferryhopper suggests the following sights in Alexandroupoli:

  • Stop and stare at the Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis, the city’s naval symbol, guiding the coastal shipping for decades.
  • Go to the Ethnological Museum of Thrace and marvel at the 500 exhibition pieces telling you the land’s tale.
  • Combine your swim in Mesimvria with a visit to the archeological site of Mesimvria - Zone. There, on the shores of the Thracian Sea, lie the ruins of an ancient Greek city between sharp amphorae and the temple of Apollo’s remains.
  • Take a stroll through the city and get amazed by St. Nikolaos Cathedral’s vivid color and architecture, standing on the hill since 1892.
  • Next to the Cathedral, you can find detailed work-pieces dating back to the 15th century housed in the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art.
  • If you are already getting the Middle Ages vibes, then your next stop should be the Castles of Avantas and Potamos. They are just 10km away from Alexandroupolis. The Avantas magnificent gate invites you to wander around its impressive medieval towers!
  • Pay a visit to the Cyclops Polyphemus Cave, located on the south side of a natural rocky bump about 11km from Alexandroupolis.
  • Go to Evros Delta National Park, one of the most important wetlands in Europe, providing shelter to a great variety of birds and animals.

The facade of the St. Nikolaos church in Alexandroupolis

The ornate Metropolitan Church of St. Nikolaos in Alexandroupolis

Hiking near Alexandroupolis

If the explorer in you has been awakened and you are looking for a break from the city noise, the region of Alexandroupolis has some spectacular trails leading to spots with a spirit-stirring view!

Get lost in Dadia Forest’s unique natural landscape and explore the vast wildlife hidden in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains.

The most popular trail leads to the “Birds of Prey Observatory.” Its starting point is the Information Center leading to a magnificent wild landscape with the Egyptian and Griffon vultures flying above, searching for their prey. The hiking trail is not too difficult and it takes approximately 1 hour.

The second trail starts from the Information Center and leads to the top of Gibrena at an altitude of about 520 meters. It is a path of medium difficulty with an uphill slope. Is this 120-minute hike worth it? 

The ever-changing landscape with black pine and scattered oaks definitely compensate you. And when you reach the top, the panoramic view of the whole protected area next to the remains of the Byzantine fortress is stunning!

Tip: remember to have a pair of binoculars with you, wear proper hiking shoes and bring water and snacks.

The spectacular views of Dadia’s forest and village in Evros

The breathtaking view of Dadia’s forest and village in Evros

Nightlife in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of entertainment, drinking and cultural options. During the weekend, many university students fill the bars near the port and party until the first light!

The nightlife in Alexandroupolis is diverse, from laid-back café-bars with chill vibes to glamorous bars with an upbeat atmosphere. The atmospheric and unpretentious bars, addressed to all the fans of night entertainment, await you for a drink or more! 

If you visit the city during summertime, the beach bars are a must! Music and cocktails intertwine with the mellifluous sound of the coastal waves finding you dancing until dawn.

Food in Alexandroupolis 

The multifaceted personality of the city has preserved rare gastronomic surprises for its guests. The north’s cuisine is a magnificent match of terrestrial meat flavors and mouthwatering seafood. So, try the following finger-licking local delicacies before you leave: 

  • gioufkas or petoura (pasta served with braised beef) 
  • traditional spoon sweets and farouk (sweet puff pastry filled with chocolate mousse)
  • angler fish, skate fish and striped red mullet
  • haviarokeftedes (caviar balls made of wels catfish and common carp fish)
  • bligouri or blougouri (local bulgur wheat cooked with chicken) 
  • kavourmas (salt-cured meat browned in fat and roasted with spices)

Tip: you may find kavourmas cooked with vegetable stews served as mezes, small dishes to accompany your ouzo.

Delicious grilled striped red mullet with a green salad

Lip-smacking, grilled striped red mullet in a local taverna

Useful information about Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis is the 11th largest city in Greece and offers all the facilities and services of a modern city such as supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and ATMs. In addition, the General Hospital of Alexandroupolis is next to the port.

As for accommodation, there are hotels at reasonable prices located in the heart of Alexandroupolis, as well as seaside resorts off the city center. For the accommodation near the coast, it is advisable to book in advance since availability can be limited in the summer.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Alexandroupolis

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Alexandroupolis:

  • University Hospital of Alexandroupolis: +302551351000
  • Alexandroupolis Port Authority: +302551356200
  • Alexandroupolis Police Station: +302551066100
  • Alexandroupolis citizen service center (KEP): +302551350010
  • Alexandroupolis intercity bus station (KTEL): +302551026479

Transportation in Alexandroupolis

You can easily get around by public transport. In fact, you can take the bus from the city center to reach the "Demokritos" Airport, which is about 6 km from the center.

Ports in Alexandroupolis

The port of Alexandroupolis is the largest port of Thrace and the greatest commercial hub of the area. It receives passenger, merchant, fishing and tourist ships. 

It is daily connected by sea with the island of Samothrace. During summer, there are more ferry routes to the Northeast Aegean islands.

Alexandroupolis ferry: schedules and tickets

The main ferry connection that serves the port of Alexandroupolis is to Samothrace. The ferry route between Alexandroupolis and Samothrace runs once a day and the duration of the trip is around 2 hours.

Find more information about the ferry connection Alexandroupolis - Samothrace on Ferryhopper.

Also, there are ferry trips from Alexandroupolis to Lemnos. During peak season, there are normally 6 ferry crossings per week to Lemnos that last approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.

View all available ferry connections from/to Alexandroupolis on Ferryhopper's Map of ferries and organize your trip hassle-free!

The port of Alexandroupolis at night

The charming port of Alexandroupolis under the nightlight 

Where to book ferries from Alexandroupolis online

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Alexandroupolis ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Alexandroupolis for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Alexandroupolis has direct ferry connections to 2 ports :