Skåne County, Sweden

Interested in exploring the less popular towns of Sweden? Why don’t you start with Trelleborg, the southernmost city of Sweden and an intimate seaside destination full of culture and untouched natural beauty?

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Gray weather at the city of Trelleborg in Sweden

Beautiful architectural highlights in the city of Trelleborg

Holidays in Trelleborg

Lose yourself in the quiet beauty of Trelleborg. Every corner of this scenic city is filled with culture, lush greenery, unique traditions and important history. Here, you can even learn more about the history of the Vikings in the most fun ways imaginable!

Trelleborg is a perfect year-round destination for lovers of nature and outdoor activities, as well as families with children. Some activities, however, might be more enjoyable during the summer months, like water sports or camping by the sea.

Even if you’re only passing through Trelleborg on your way to other locations in Sweden, we recommend making the best of your visit there!

How to get to Trelleborg

You’ve got a handful of options when it comes to traveling to Trelleborg. Our personal recommendation is to travel to Trelleborg by ferry. There are ferry connections from the ports of Travemünde, Rostock, Świnoujście and Klaipėda year-round.

Learn more about ferries to Trelleborg, including what’s the fastest ferry route from Central Europe to Scandinavia!

Alternatively, you can get there by public transportation, with several bus and train services from Swedish points of interest.

If you wish to arrive by plane, the closest airport reference point to Trelleborg is Malmö Airport. From the city of Malmö, you can resume your journey to Trelleborg by public transport or car (Road E6/E22).

What to do in Trelleborg

There are plenty of unique things to do and see in Trelleborg that you can brag about to your friends! Viking performances, Swedish wine and untouched villages are waiting for you. All you have to do is show some love to the beautiful city of Trelleborg!

Discover the best of Trelleborg below, including our favorite monuments and entertainment options!

View of the Hammarlöv Church and its greenery in Trelleborg

The Romanesque Hammarlöv Church and its lush greenery in Trelleborg

Sightseeing and activities in Trelleborg

Let’s dive deep into the rich history, modern culture and natural beauty of Trelleborg! Most of the sights here echo the city’s past, offering activities that cater to all preferences!

The team of Ferryhopper recommends the following sightseeing options in Trelleborg:

  • Trelleborgen, the reconstructed Viking fortress, with guided tours and exciting games
  • The majestic Hammarlöv Church, a medieval gem
  • The City Park of Trelleborg (or Stadsparken i Trelleborg), with beautiful gardens, ponds, bridges and wildlife
  • The Trelleborgs Museum, focusing on the cultural history of the city
  • Gamla Vattentornet, the old water town of Trelleborg and its tallest building

As for activities in Trelleborg, there’s plenty to choose from. Golf courses, Swedish wine-tasting, Viking games and biking excursions, just to name a few! 

If you feel like reconnecting with the beauty of the sea, consider the Skåre snorkeling trail, the old fishing village of Smygehuk or simply visiting one of the nearby beaches!

Tip: if you’re looking for accessible swimming spots in Trelleborg, look no further than the beach of Dalabadet, equipped with a wheelchair ramp.

Nightlife in Trelleborg

Nights in Trelleborg tend to be more relaxing and cozy, with many pubs, top-tier restaurants and traditional taverns leading the way.

If you feel like dancing the night away, fear not! We highly recommend checking out The Vibe Nattklubb, as well as any potential musical events or parties taking place during your visit. For more sophisticated moments at night, consider visiting the Hällåkra Winery in the north of Trelleborg for delicious food and quality Swedish wine!

Food in Trelleborg

Trelleborg finds itself between the Baltic Sea and the thriving Skåne Plains. As such, when it comes to seafood and agricultural products, Trelleborg has a lot to offer! Raw ingredients, organic produce and fresh seafood is what Trelleborg’s cuisine is all about.

Most dishes included berries, root vegetables, mushrooms or fish (like herring, for instance). You can either shop for local produce or dine at the numerous restaurants and bistros of the city that offer delicious comfort food, like handcrafted pizza at the awarded Grönby Chark.

Sunset view from a country road in Trelleborg

Beautiful sunset views in Trelleborg

Useful information about Trelleborg

Accommodation options in Trelleborg are diverse and modern, inviting you to spend more days in this beautiful city! There is a lot to choose from, including hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and even campsites close to the beaches on the south coast!

Most accommodation options, as well as visitor amenities, are found in the city center of Trelleborg. There, you can also find several pharmacies, medical centers and a few ATMs.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Trelleborg

Here are a few phone numbers that might prove useful during your stay in Trelleborg:

  • Trelleborg Port Authority: +46410363700
  • Emergency department: +4641055000
  • Malmö Airport (nearest airport reference point): +46101094500, +46406131000
  • Taxi Trelleborg: +4641015070
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Trelleborg

The city of Trelleborg is made for walking and biking. In fact, most central points of interest in Trelleborg are fully explorable on foot. Regarding biking in Trelleborg, you can find a few rental services and explore the many marked and unmarked cycling routes of the municipality.

Alternatively, there are 3 bus lines in Trelleborg. The Central Station of Trelleborg, specifically, is rather close to the harbor and serves local and regional bus services. 

Biking tip: you can even bike along the Sydkustleden trail and reach the beautiful fishing village of Smygehuk in 45 min.

 Bridge over a small pond in Trelleborg City Park

The evergreen City Park of Trelleborg

Ports in Trelleborg

The port of Trelleborg on the south coast of Sweden makes traveling to/from Central Europe nothing but smooth sailing! There are numerous visitor amenities in the port area, including paid parking lots, coffee shops and public restrooms.

Getting to the port of Trelleborg is rather easy, as it is only a 5-minute walk from the city’s Central Station, which is accessible by bus and train. Alternatively, you can also get there by car or taxi.

Trelleborg ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily and quickly travel to Trelleborg by ferry, all while enjoying views of the Baltic Sea. The port is connected to Germany (Rostock, Travemünde and Świnoujście) and Lithuania (Klaipėda). The ferry routes are operated by Stena Line and TT-Line.

  • Rostock - Trelleborg ferry: there are up to 6 daily crossings from Rostock to Trelleborg, with the ferry trip lasting 5-6 hr.
  • Travemünde - Trelleborg ferry: you can find up to 4 daily ferries from Travemünde to Trelleborg. The estimated travel time is around 8 hr.
  • Świnoujście - Trelleborg ferry: there are usually 1-2 daily ferries from Świnoujście in Germany to Trelleborg. The ferry normally makes the crossing in 7-7.5 hr.
  • Klaipėda - Trelleborg ferry: this year-round ferry route between Klaipėda and Trelleborg is usually active once a day. The average duration is around 20-22 hr.

Tip: one of the fastest ferry routes between Central Europe and Scandinavia is the one between Rostock and Trelleborg!

Leaving the Swedish port of Trelleborg

Panoramic view of the port of Trelleborg

Where to book ferry tickets to Trelleborg online

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Trelleborg ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Trelleborg for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

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