North Aegean, Greece

Samothrace (or Samothraki) is a beautiful island in the North Aegean Sea. The island is famous for its wild natural beauty, paradisiacal green mountains, dreamy natural pools, and mystical feeling.

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The natural pool of Gria Vathra in Samothrace, Greece

Natural pool in Samothrace surrounded by lush vegetation

Vacation in Samothrace

Samothrace is a large island of the Thracian Sea. It is distinguished by its untamed natural landscape and lush vegetation, which is rarely seen in the Greek islands. During your vacation in Samothrace (Samothraki), you can explore the wild nature, get acquainted with an easy-going way of living and relax in absolute peace.

The island perfectly combines seaside and mountain experiences, with its impressive beaches, inviting natural pools and the imposing Mount Saos that reaches a height of 1,600 meters. The island of Samothrace enchants visitors with its unspoilt natural sites, where you can find waterfalls, rivers, springs, natural pools, hiking trails, gorges, and tall rocks.

How to get to Samothrace

The best way to get from mainland Greece to Samothrace is via the port of Alexandroupoli in Northern Greece. It takes less than 2 hours and the route is available throughout the year. During the summer, you can also catch a ferry from the port of Lavrion in Athens.

There’s no airport in Samothrace, but you can fly to the island of Lemnos and occasionally catch a ferry to Samothrace during peak season. Find more details about ferries to Samothrace below.

What to do in Samothrace

In Samothrace, you can swim on dreamy beaches away from the crowds, let go of stress in the serenity of natural pools nested in wild green sceneries and enjoy the reinvigorating power of waterfalls. Beaches in Samothrace are unspoiled and secluded, meaning they’re ideal for relaxation by the sea.

As for the natural pools, these are the crown jewel of the island! The famous vathres (natural pools) of Samothrace are both an important part of the natural habitat of the island, as well as a popular meeting spot for travelers wishing to unwind.

Apart from the beautiful nature, Samothrace is also known for its ancient history, which is visible in the many monuments and archaeological findings. Explore ancient sanctuaries, impressive towers, and interesting museums. Moreover, don’t leave the island without trying some of the delicious dishes and local products, such as cheese and honey, at one of the quaint villages.

Beaches in Samothrace

Beaches in Samothrace may not be as famous as the natural pools, but they are definitely breathtaking! There are amazing beaches with waterfalls, streams and tall trees. Moreover, all beaches in Samothrace have crystal-clear waters and they are perfect for peaceful vacation.

Here are some of the top beaches in Samothrace:

  • Vatos: one of the most impressive beaches on the island. It is a sandy beach with emerald waters, tall rocks, thin white sand and trees. You can only get there by boat.
  • Pachia Ammos: the most popular beach in Samothrace. Its golden sand, turquoise waters and lush vegetation create a magical setting. The beach is easily accessible by car or motorcycle and there are umbrellas, sun loungers, a restaurant, and a beach bar.
  • Kipos: is a remote beach with dark grey pebbles, blue waters and an amazing sunset view. It is the largest beach on the island and it is surrounded by rocks.
  • Pyrgos tou Fonia: the beach is named after the impressive ruins of the medieval tower that is built by the coast. It has grey pebbles and blue waters. The stream of Fonias flows into the sea.
  • Therma: the beach at the village of Therma is covered with pebbles and it has cool crystal-clear waters. There are various amenities on the beach.
  • Giali: a white-pebble beach with crystal-clear waters. The beach is accessible by boat.

Pachia Ammos beach in Samothrace, Greece

The beautiful Pachia Ammos beach in Samothrace

Natural pools in Samothrace

The impressive natural pools of Samothrace are popular with young travelers, nudists and campers. They are great for relaxation in a secluded setting, where you can join the hippie culture of the island. There are more than 100 natural pools on the island, called “vathres”.

Here are some of the best natural rock pools in Samothrace:

  • Gria Vathra
  • Fonias
  • Kleidosi
  • Gerania
  • Grigorakis

Good to know: some of the most impressive natural pools on the island are only accessible via challenging hiking trails. Make sure you wear proper shoes and try to closely follow the trail, as the terrain is slippery and steep at times.

Food in Samothrace

Samothrace's cuisine, deeply rooted in its lush landscape and rich cultural heritage, offers a variety of dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. The island is also renowned for its cheeses, especially goat cheese, and offers a range of sweet treats and local wines. Some of the must-try delicacies to try during your vacation in Samothrace are:

  • katsamaki (traditional cornmeal dish resembling thick porridge)
  • goat and lamb dishes (slow-cooked meat seasoned with herbs)
  • fresh fish and seafood typically served with olive oil and lemon
  • xerotiri (rich yellow hard cheese)
  • haslama (cake soaked in spiced syrup)
  • spicy graviera cheese
  • blossom honey

Tip: don't miss the chance to try the handmade traditional jam and spoon sweet made from praouti, a unique fruit found exclusively on this island. Also, make sure to visit Eleni's bakery in the Chora and treat yourself to their renowned olive bread.

Activities and sightseeing in Samothrace

Samothrace is an ideal destination for adventure lovers and history enthusiasts. You can explore virgin natural sites on foot, try hiking, climbing, and trekking, and take a boat trip around the island. If you’re an adrenaline junkie you can visit the waterfall of Kremasto for rock-climbing, but if you prefer pampering, the thermal springs of Therma are one of the top locations on the island.

The history of the island dates back to ancient times. During the 7th century BCE, the islanders worshipped the Cabeiroi and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods was the worship ground of this mystery cult. Moreover, the famous Winged Victory of Samothrace, housed in the Louvre, was discovered on the island. 

Here are some of the top cultural and historical attractions:

  • The Sanctuary of the Great Gods
  • The Gateluzzi Towers
  • The Tower of Fonias
  • The Archeological Museum of Samothrace
  • The Folklore Museum of Samothrace
  • The church of Panagia Krimniotissa

Tip: don’t miss out on the various cultural festivals taking place in Samothrace during the summer. You can attend concerts, and performances, as well as one of the panigiria, the traditional local celebrations of the island.

The remnants of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Samothrace, Greece

The impressive Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Samothrace

Nightlife in Samothrace

Nights in Samothrace are hippie and relaxed. Young visitors mostly spend their nights on the beach, lying under the stars, enjoying the bustling atmosphere at the cute squares of Chora or singing and dancing at the camping sites.

There are some bars, restaurants, and taverns in Chora and the largest villages, where you can enjoy lounge music and taste delicious food. Moreover, there is a popular beach bar at the beach of Therma.

Villages in Samothrace

There are plenty of interesting villages worth exploring in Samothrace. The capital of the island, Chora, is amphitheatrically built on the side of Mount Saos and it’s a beautiful village with quaint alleys. You should also visit Therma to dive into the natural springs and the famous natural pool Gria Vathra.

From Therma, you can also hike to Mount Saos via one of the hiking trails. Don’t forget to explore the charming port of Samothrace in Kamariotissa. 

Here are some of the villages worth visiting in Samothrace:

  • Chora
  • Therma
  • Kamariotissa
  • Paleopoli
  • Xiropotamos
  • Ano Meria
  • Alonia
  • Profitis Ilias

Castle ruins and houses at the village of Chora in Samothrace

Houses of traditional architecture in Chora

Useful information for Samothrace

The port of Kamariotissa is home to most visitor amenities on the island. There are shops, ATMs, pharmacies, cafés, supermarkets, and a medical center. There are also shops and grocery stores in Therma and Chora, as well as a health center in the capital.

As for accommodation, there are plenty of options at the port, in Chora and Therma, as well as more villages on the northern side of the island. There are 2 official camping sites in Samothrace, although most people prefer wild camping. You can find gas stations close to Kamariotissa.

Useful phone numbers for your stay in Samothrace

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Samothrace:

  • Samothrace Port Authority: +302551041305
  • Samothrace Health Center: +302551350700
  • Kamariotissa Medical Center: +302551041156
  • Municipality of Samothrace Tourist Office: +302551041584 
  • Samothrace intercity bus service: +302551026479, +302551041218
  • Samothrace Police Station: +302551041203
  • Public camping site of Samothrace: +302551098291

Transportation in Samothrace

You can get around Samothrace by bus (KTEL). There is a frequent bus service between the port, Chora, the major villages and the public camping site close to Therma during the summer.

If you want to freely explore the island, we recommend that you bring your own vehicle on board the ferry or rent one there. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can get around the island by bicycle!

Medieval towers of Samothrace, Greece

Byzantine-era towers at Palaiolopolis

Ports in Samothrace

The port of Samothrace is in Kamariotissa. The port area is home to most visitor amenities on the island such as shops, car rentals, grocery stores, ATMs, and hotels. The port is located on the western coast of the island, and it is 7 minutes to Chora and 15 minutes to Therma by car.

Island hopping from Samothrace

During the summer months, there are ferry routes from Samothrace to nearby islands and the port of Kavala in mainland Greece. Routes are mostly seasonal and there are no standard schedules.

You can normally catch a ferry from Samothrace to the following ports:

  • Lemnos 
  • Lesbos
  • Kavala
  • Thassos

On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you can see up-to-date information about ferry schedules from Samothrace to plan your island-hopping trip in the North Aegean or continue your exploration by road in Northern Greece.

Samothrace ferry: schedules and tickets

You can travel by ferry from Alexandroupoli to Samothrace year-round. Normally, ferries are in operation daily and the journey duration is less than 2 hours. Ferries usually depart from the port of Alexandroupoli in the morning.

During the summer months, you can also catch a ferry from the port of Lavrion in Athens. The trip from Athens to Samothrace lasts 15 hours on average and there is no standard schedule.

Kamariotissa, the port of Samothrace, Greece

The port of Kamariotissa in Samothrace

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Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Samothrace has direct ferry connections to 2 ports :