Dalmatia, Croatia

Beaches of otherworldly beauty, scenic waterfronts and captivating stone villages await you on the Croatian island of Brač! Situated right between the mainland port of Split and the island of Hvar, Brač combines tranquil moments with nature exploration and quaint views of the Adriatic Sea.

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Aerial view of the town of Bol in Brač, Croatia

The seaside  beauty of Bol in Brač       

Holidays in Brač

Holidays in Brač are all about unearthing its many secrets, whether they lie on sandy beaches or picturesque settlements. Every step of the way, lush greenery, beautiful sea views and traditional snacks and wine varieties will accompany you!

Every day in Brač is an opportunity to unwind, relax in serene locations and reconnect with nature. It’s a perfectly convenient and comfortable destination for families with children, but also thrill-seekers who wish to explore the many beautiful coves and bays of Brač.

No matter what’s on your bucket list, Brač and its diverse beauty are destined to steal your heart.

How to get to Brač

Brač is home to one of the very few island airports in Croatia, serving mostly national and European flight connections. 

Alternatively, we propose a different itinerary. Reach the mainland port of Split first (which also has its own airport), and then resume your journey to Brač by ferry. This way, you get to see one of Croatia’s most famous medieval cities and plan a much cheaper trip to Brač right after. For more information about ferries to Brač, check our relevant section!

Ferry tip: you can also visit Brač from the mainland ports of Makarska and Dubrovnik.

What to do in Brač

Hike to mythological locations, sunbathe on fine gold sand and swim in crystalline waters. Brač has all you might need for the perfect getaway in untouched natural landscapes, with all the right treats to keep your energy going, of course.

The island of Brač is renowned for its fantastic cuisine and wine scene, taking gastronomic tourism in Croatia to the next level.

Brač allows you to explore some of the best Croatian beaches in the warm months, all while showering you with festive memories during the off-season. If you’re not sure where to start, no worries! Discover the best of Brač below, including its best beaches and gastronomic highlights!

Boats close to the coast of the Golden Horn beach in Brač, Croatia

The beach oasis that is Zlatni rat

Beaches in Brač

The beaches of Brač steal the spotlight for all the right reasons. Some of them are pretty popular among tourists and locals alike, while others remain hidden to the naked eye. There are even some great spots for water sports enthusiasts! A harmonious mix of everything, right?

Here you can find some of the best beaches in Brač:

  • Zlatni rat (or Golden Horn/Golden Cape): this is the most famous and Instagrammable beach of Brač. Quite close to the town of Bol, it’s a sandy beach whose shape changes depending on the tides and the winds. Thanks to the latter, it’s considered a great spot for windsurfing.
  • Bijela Kuca: here we have another mesmerizing beach that’s quite close to Bol but not as crowded. This place is highly recommended for more relaxing moments with views of crystalline waters, lush pine trees and a nearby Dominican Monastery.
  • Murvica Beach: the village of Murvica and its beach are must-visit locations in Brač. The beach itself has fine pebbles and quite a suggestive setting. Nearby, you can also find a limited number of accommodation options.
  • Uvala Smrka: accessible by car or boat, this hidden beach is rather secluded and boasts a very impressive sightseeing option: a hidden submarine tunnel! Make sure to stop by if you have the time and unearth its secrets.
  • Likva Beach: found very close to the main town of Sutivan, this is one of the best and most popular beaches in Brač. It is quite a long bay with natural shade and a beach bar right behind it.

Sightseeing and activities in Brač

There’s more to Brač’s sightseeing options, whether you’re looking for cultural activities or more historical explorations. Some of the best sights and attractions in Brač are:

  • The historic stone village of Ložišća
  • The site and monastic complex of Blaca hermitage
  • The mystifying Dragon’s Cave in the village of Murvica
  • The impressive Radojković Tower and its museum
  • The St Peter’s Church in Supetar, which also serves as an impressive viewpoint of the city and the Adriatic Sea

But what about more thrilling activities, such as hiking excursions and underwater adventures? Among the various outdoor activities in Brač, one of the most unique ones is visiting a submerged Roman villa, just 15 minutes from Bol.

Now, if you don’t want to get your feet wet, we highly recommend hiking to Vidova gora, the highest point of not just Brač but of all the Adriatic islands! In the high season, there is even an operating bar there, where you can get yourself a snack as you enjoy the view of the archipelago.

Nightlife in Brač

Unlike the non-stop partying of Hvar, Brač is more low-key regarding its nightlife options. Here, nights are usually spent by the sea, in heavenly cocktails bars, eclectic restaurants and wine hotspots

Supetar, one of the island’s port towns, is home to Put Vele Luke, which is a small central street and the town’s main nightlife hub. Alternatively, the towns of Bol and Sutivan are also great options for unforgettable nights.

Tip: if you’re visiting in the summer season, make sure to check out some of the island’s top-tier happenings, such as the Bol Summer Festival and Brač Film Festival.

Croatian seaside street in Bol, Brač, at night

The quaint town of Bol at night

Food in Brač

The cuisine of Brač is renowned for its local seafood-based recipes, mouthwatering wine varieties, unique sweet delicacies and even various types of risotto! A true paradise for foodies and lovers of gastronomic tourism, filled with Adriatic and Dalmatian influences.

Without further ado, here are the top products to try out in Brač:

  • Vitalac and Bulatac (two traditional lamb-based meals)
  • Dalmatian veal risotto
  • Fish carpaccio (marinated fish)
  • Local sheep cheese
  • Crni rižot (black risotto)
  • Braised artichoke with broad beans (the perfect plant-based meal)
  • Procip (warm dessert with local ingredients)
  • Plavac Mali (red wine variety that’s popular in the Dalmatian region)

Useful information for Brač

Let’s take a look at some important travel recommendations for Brač, starting with finding accommodation! We highly recommend finding a place to stay in one of the island’s major ferry port towns, such as Bol, Milna and Sutivan. They offer all the essential amenities and are connected by public transport.

While you can find pharmacies everywhere, the town of Sutivan, right across the coast of Split, is home to a hospital, making it a rather convenient location. As for ATMs and bank branches, there are plenty of them both in Sutivan and Bol.

Tip: if you wish to arrive/depart by plane, the airport of Brač is quite close to the town of Bol. In this case, finding accommodation in this ferry town is highly advisable.

View of the famous stone village in Brač, Croatia

Stone aesthetics in Brač

Important phone numbers for your stay in Brač

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Brač:

  • Bol Port Authority: +385917374014
  • Milna Port Authority: +38521636306
  • Brač Airport: +38521559701
  • Police station: +38521631145
  • Brač Island Official Taxi: +385913650024
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Brač

Bringing along your car on the ferry to Brač is the best way to explore this relatively large island at your own pace. But if that is not an option, there are bus connections between most points of interest (especially main port towns like Bol and Sumartin).

Alternatively, you can always opt for taxi services, though they are more expensive. And depending on your staying location in Brač, you can even hike to some nearby attractions. From Bol, for example, you can reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Blaca hermitage, just 50 minutes away!

Ports in Brač

The island of Brač is the third largest in the Adriatic Sea and, naturally, boasts a handful of ferry ports. Specifically, Brač is home to 5 ports: Supetar, Sumartin, Bol, Milna, and Sutivan.

The most important and well-connected ports are Bol, Milna and Sutivan, providing plenty of ferry connections to mainland Croatia as well as to the neighboring islands of Brač.

Note: there are budget-friendly bus connections between the key ferry ports, though the schedules vary depending on the season.

Island hopping from Brač

Your Adriatic adventures do not stop in Brač, as there are plenty of nearby islands to visit! The ferry ports that connect Brač to other Croatian gems are Milna and Bol, as Sutivan is only connected to Split.

Specifically, the connected islands are:

  • Hvar
  • Vis
  • Mljet (Pomena)
  • Korčula

Tip for island hopping: once you reach Mljet or Korčula, you can further extend your island-hopping excursion and visit Lastovo, a Dalmatian wonder in its own right!

Brač ferry: schedules and tickets

Brač is connected to several ports in mainland Croatia, thanks to the ferries of Jadrolinija, Kapetan Luka - Krilo and TP-Line. The ferry schedules to Brač are the following:

  • Split - Bol ferry: the route to Bol from Split is operated seasonally, with ferries making the crossing in around 1 hour. Split - Bol ferry tickets start at around €6-€20.
  • Split - Milna ferry: ferries travel year-round to Milna from Split, with an average travel time of 30 minutes. Ticket prices are usually fixed at €9.
  • Split - Sutivan ferry: this ferry route is normally available all year round, though ferry frequency and availability depend on the season. Crossings to Sutivan last just 20 minutes and ferry tickets normally cost around €5.
  • Makarska - Brač ferry: ferries from Makarska travel twice a day and only in the high season. The ferry duration is around 45 minutes on average, with standard tickets costing around €18-€20.
  • Dubrovnik - Brač ferry: this route connects Dubrovnik with both Milna and Bol on a daily basis. The trip lasts 4.5 hours while tickets cost around €45.

Tip: for detailed information regarding all Croatian ferry schedules, make sure to check out our complete guide.

Note: at the moment, the Split - Sutivan route is not in operation. 

Boats at the port of Bol in Brač, Croatia

Tranquil moments at the port of Bol

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