Mostaganem, an Algerian port city situated along the northern coast of Africa, is positioned on the Gulf of Arzew in the Mediterranean Sea. You can take the ferry to the port of Mostaganem from southern Spain.

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A view of the port of Mostaganem in Algeria, with a variety of boats and ships docked in the harbor

View of the port of Mostaganem on a cloudy day

Mostaganem ferry port

The port of Mostaganem, also known as Mestghanem, is a small port located in the West Mediterranean in Algeria.

With 10 berths, the port of Mostaganem is an important commercial gateway for Algeria. Given its location, the port of Mostaganem is also a popular departure point for ferry services connecting Algeria to southern Spain.

Ferries from Mostaganem port: schedules and tickets

There is a regular ferry connection between Valencia in the Iberian Peninsula and Mostaganem. The ferry connects Spain with Algeria and it is a great option if you want to travel between Europe and Africa.

See more details about the crossing below.

Ferry from Mostaganem to Valencia

The Valencia - Mostaganem ferry normally departs once per week and the journey takes 14.5 hours or 19.5 hours. The route is served by the ferry company Baleària.

Tip: as the ferry trip between Valencia and Mostaganem is quite long, we suggest booking a cabin to enjoy a more comfortable journey.

White buildings and palm trees in Mostaganem, Algeria

White buildings in a typical Mostaganem neighborhood

Where is the ferry port in Mostaganem?

The small port of Mostaganem is conveniently located in the city center, making it an ideal arrival point for ferry passengers.

How to get to Mostaganem port?

You can simply reach the port on foot from downtown Mostaganem, as the ferry terminal is just a 20-minute walk from the Emir A.E.K. Garden. 

If you’re traveling to Mostaganem by car, it’s simple to access the port as all national roads merge into the Port Road of the city.

Tip: remember to arrive at the port in time, as border and passport check can take some time.

Vacation in Mostaganem

Mostaganem is a small port city on the Mediterranean coast of Algeria that is perfect for a short holiday break. Throughout the town, you can find many restaurants and traditional cafes where you can taste local arab delicacies

Mostaganem is also known for its religious heritage. Strolling around the city, you can find many interesting spiritual monuments of exquisite architecture. 

Finally, no Mediterranean destination is complete without some picture-perfect beaches! In Mostaganem and the whole of Algeria, there are many untamed beaches that guarantee relaxing seaside moments such as Kharouba, Salamander and Sonactair.

How to get to Mostaganem

You can get to Mostaganem directly by car, bus, train or ferry. Mostaganem is well connected to other major cities in Algeria, such as the capital Algiers (350 km away) and Oran (80 km away), and can be easily reached by road. The main highways that lead to Mostaganem are N11, N4 and N90.

If you prefer reaching the city by air, the International Airport of Oran is the closest to Mostaganem (approximately 90 km away). 

What to do in Mostaganem

In the coastal city of Mostaganem, Algeria, visitors are greeted with a blend of rich history, cultural landmarks and beautiful beaches. Start your exploration with a visit to the historic city center, where you can check out the fort and Tabanh Mosque

For a tranquil escape, visit the picturesque Cap Ivi Lighthouse, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline. You can also head to Corniche La Salamandre, a long promenade along the coastline perfect for a relaxing stroll. Here, you will find many quaint shops, as well as cafes and restaurants, serving seafood delights and other homemade delicacies.

Sunset in Kharouba beach in Mostaganem, Algeria

Beautiful sunset over Kharouba beach in Mostaganem

Sightseeing in Mostaganem

Founded in the 11th century but dating back to the Roman era, the city has a rich history and culture, and is home to several historical monuments and museums. 

For your holiday break in Mostaganem, Ferryhopper suggests the following sites:

  • Tabanh Mosque, a historical mosque built in 1340 CE, it features a prominent 3-arched gate
  • Cap Ivi Lighthouse, situated close to Zina Beach, Cap Ivi dates back to 1870
  • Bordj Ettork Fortress, built sometime in the 15th-century, the historical Turkish fort is home to a small museum and boasts stunning views over the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Mostaland Parc, featuring a variety of rides, a restaurant and cafe, Mostaland Parc promises a fun day for the whole family
  • AZ Aqua Park, located in the heart of Mostaganem, this is another lovely choice for families with children

Useful information about Mostaganem

Considered to be Algeria's 4th-largest port city, Mostaganem has all the basic visitor amenities you might need for your vacation. 

In terms of accommodation, a stay here is normally budget-friendly. Keep in mind that a ravine of the river Aïn Sefra divides the city in two - to the southwest lies the modern town and to the northeast stands the old Muslim city, Tidgit. If you’d rather be closer to the beach, Sidi Lakhdar is a coastal neighborhood that is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the city.

The best time to visit Mostaganem is during spring and fall, when the weather is ideal for spending time with loved ones and swimming in the Mediterranean. The summer months can be quite hot and should be avoided if you’re not a fan of the heat.

In addition, it’s worth noting that while many people in Mostaganem speak French, Arabic is the official language.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Mostaganem

Here are some useful contacts for your visit to Mostaganem

  • Port Authority of Mostaganem: +21345351011
  • Mostaganem Hospital: +21345410949
  • Taxi Service: +213560919200
  • Tourist information center: +21345481372
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Mostaganem

While the city is easy to navigate on foot, the best way to get around Mostaganem is by taxi, since they are relatively inexpensive. You can also use the city's bus system to get around if you're on a budget. 

Alternatively, a 14 km long tramway with 2 lines and 24 stations recently opened, allowing travelers to easily travel between the towns districts and city center.

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Mostaganem ferry timetable

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