Aegadian Islands, Italy

Levanzo is the smallest of the Aegadian Islands (also known as Egadi Islands) and it’s located off the northwest coast of Sicily in Italy.

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The white buildings with the blue windows of Levanzo

The white and blue houses of the town of Levanzo

Vacation in Levanzo

If you are looking for an island in Italy for a relaxing vacation to unplug, Levanzo is a match for you! Visit the tranquil islet of about 200 inhabitants and enjoy a few days between the sea and unspoiled nature. 

As you reach the port by ferry, you will get mesmerized by its magnificent scenery of white and blue houses tangled with its rocky, wild coast.

The best months to visit the island are May and October as the temperatures are perfect for an out-of-season swim!

How to get to Levanzo

You can only get to Levanzo by ferry. You can get to Levanzo by taking the ferry from the Sicilian ports of Trapani and Marsala, the closest ports to the Aegadian archipelago.

If you are already in Favignana or Marettimo, you can reach Levanzo thanks to the direct crossings connecting the 3 islands.

If you travel by plane from other parts of Italy or abroad, the closest airport is in the cities of Trapani and Palermo. However, if you travel by plane to Palermo, you should reach Trapani (1 hour by car) to embark on a ferry to Levanzo.

Ferry arriving on the island of Levanzo

Ferry arriving at Levanzo

What to do in Levanzo

Levanzo is a small, tranquil island with a rugged coastline and stunning coves with turquoise waters, perfect for snorkelers. Some beaches are only reachable by sea so you should take a boat excursion or a taxi boat to enjoy a relaxing day on a remote beach.

Levanzo also hosts an archaeological testimony of great importance: the Grotta del Genovese. It’s probably the most impressive among the attractions of Levanzo. It’s a cave featuring 10,000-years old drawings

If you want to get in the water, you can also go scuba diving or snorkeling around the coast. The clear waters make it an excellent place to discover the fascinating underwater world.

Alternatively, if you want to stick to the land, you can go hiking following one of the 7 hiking trails of Levanzo, leading to the Capo Grosso Lighthouse on the northern part of the island. There, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Beaches in Levanzo

Levanzo has dreamy beaches and stunning coves. They are surrounded by wild scenery and greenery, ideal for you if you’re looking for some peace of mind and tranquility.

Here are 6 heavenly beaches in Levanzo:

  1. Dogana: it’s located close to the town and the port. It’s a pebbly beach with emerald waters and surrounds itself with the picturesque whitewashed houses of Levanzo.
  2. Faraglione: you can find the Faraglione beach in the southwestern part of the island. Its shoreline overlooks the famous Faraglione island. You can spend a day at the beach until late afternoon and enjoy the crimson sunset with breathtaking views of the Favignana and Marettimo islands. Take the path starting from the town and crossing along the coastline to reach the beach.
  3. Fredda: it’s located on the southern coast of the island. You can reach it in a 10-minute walk from Cala Dogana. The scenery surrounding the cove is idyllic with wild nature and deep blue waters. The beach is perfect for children thanks to its shallow waters.
  4. Calcara: it’s situated in the eastern part of Levanzo. The coast is rocky and its wild scenery is not easy to reach. You can reach it by boat (recommended) or on foot by walking on a 3km trail from the village.
  5. Tramontana: this is the largest bay on the island and is located in the northern part. It is sheltered by impressive rock formations and surrounded by greenery. In the area, there are several mesmerizing caves, ideal for diving enthusiasts. You can reach the cove by following a steep path or by boat.
  6. Minnola: this beautiful cove is located on the east side of Levanzo and is surrounded by a dense pine forest. There, you can take some snacks with you and enjoy your break after some dives on one of the wooden tables and benches. Also, if you are into scuba diving, you can explore archaeological finds at a depth of 30 meters under the sea surface.

Anchored boats in the blue waters of Cala Minnola in Levanzo

The bay of Cala Minnola in Levanzo

Sightseeing in Levanzo

In addition to idyllic coves, amazing hiking trails, and unspoiled nature, the small island of Levanzo has impressive caves and archaeological findings. Here, you can find some historical and natural attractions you shouldn’t miss in Levanzo:

  • The Saracen Tower, a watchtower for enemy raids from the sea
  • The Grotta del Genovese, a cave with prehistoric drawings of animals and primeval life scenes
  • Villa Florio, an impressive complex of farmhouses dating back to 1890 
  • The underwater archaeological site of Cala Minnola, preserving the remains of a Roman cargo ship at a depth of about 30 meters.
  • The Capo Grosso Lighthouse, in operation since 1858

The Capo Grosso Lighthouse in Levanzo

The Capo Grosso Lighthouse on the northernmost tip of Levanzo

Nightlife in Levanzo

Levanzo is an island that helps you to reconnect with nature, admire its wonders, and relax. Therefore, nightlife on the island is almost absent. If you are looking for a more lively place and vibrant nightlife, you should take the ferry to the island of Favignana.

Food in Levanzo

Levanzo is an island and like all lands that are surrounded by sea, its cuisine is based on delicious seafood. The main ingredients of a local dish are fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables.

During your stay in Levanzo you should taste:

  • cabbucio (pizza dough stuffed with tomato and cheese)
  • tuna bottarga (salted, cured tuna roe)
  • frascatole (vegetable soup with artichokes, cauliflower, or broad beans)
  • pasta with swordfish

Pasta with swordfish

Delicious pasta with swordfish, eggplants, and tomatoes


Here are 4 useful tips for your stay in Levanzo:

  1. Although many people opt for a day trip to Levanzo, it’s a beautiful destination with hidden coves and mesmerizing caves. Therefore, we recommend you stay in Levanzo for at least 2-3 days, especially if you’re looking for a quiet destination for carefree holidays.
  2. As this is a fairly popular destination, it’s good to book the ferry to Levanzo in advance, especially during the summer months and on weekends.
  3. Keep in mind that you can only enter the Grotta del Genovese by booking a guided tour at least 48 hours before your visit.
  4. Levanzo is rather windy even in the hottest months. Therefore, it’s better to put an extra jacket in your suitcase.

Useful information about Levanzo

Given the size of the island, Levanzo doesn’t offer many services. In terms of accommodation, facilities are limited, as are the options for entertainment.

The town of Levanzo surrounds the port area with bars, restaurants, and few accommodation facilities. Most of the residents return to the island in the summer, and most of the inhabitants have to move to Trapani for the winter.

Levanzo is a carefree but also car-free island where motor vehicles are not allowed. You move on foot along the stone-paved alleys leading to the Faraglione beach or the hiking trails reaching the Capo Grosso Lighthouse and Cala Minnola.

Although there is no pharmacy on the island of Levanzo, there is a medical guard service that you can find in Via Calvario.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Levanzo

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Levanzo:

  • Emergency medical service: +390923924092
  • Police Station: +390923924089
  • Municipality of Levanzo: +390923924089
  • Post Office: +390923924051
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Levanzo

Given its size, you can easily explore Levanzo on foot. The circulation of motor vehicles is prohibited on the island (except for authorized activities).

To reach some hidden coves or more remote points of the island you can always use the local taxi boat services.

An alley in the town of Levanzo near the port

The narrow streets of the village of Levanzo

Port of Levanzo

The port of Levanzo is located on the southern coast of the island. The tiny, picturesque bay that hosts it is Cala Dogana.

The port area is surrounded by the quaint little whitewashed houses of the town of Levanzo. It’s a quiet town with few services. There, you will find 2 bars, a restaurant, a bakery, a grocery store, and a craft shop.

Island hopping to the Egali Islands from Levanzo

During your stay in Levanzo, you should also visit the islands of Marettimo and Favignana nearby. Just take the ferry and go island hopping to explore the Aegadian Islands.

The connections between the 3 islands are operated by the ferry companies of Liberty Lines and Siremar operating crossings all year round.

There are 3-6 daily ferry trips from Levanzo to Marettimo lasting between 30 min and 1 hr 10 min, depending on the ferry operator.

As for the ferry connection between Levanzo and Favignana, there are about 15 daily crossings lasting from 10 to 25 minutes.

Levanzo ferry: schedules and tickets

You can take the ferry to Levanzo from the ports of Trapani and Marsala in Sicily. The trips are operated by the Liberty Lines and Siremar companies with annual and seasonal crossings.

Starting from Trapani, you can decide whether to travel to Levanzo either by ferry or by hydrofoil. However, from the port of Marsala, there are only seasonal crossings to the islands of Levanzo.

Here you can find more information about the ferry routes and schedules to Levanzo:

  • Trapani - Levanzo ferry: the ferry route from Trapani to Levanzo is in operation all year round with 10-20 daily crossings. The ferry trip can take from 25 min to 1 hr 40 min, depending on the type of vessel.
  • Marsala - Levanzo ferry: the connection to Levanzo from the port of Marsala is seasonal and includes 1 daily crossing. The ferry trip takes 50 min.

Anchored boats at the port of Levanzo, Italy

Fishing boats at the picturesque port of Levanzo

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Levanzo ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

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