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Pantelleria is a beautiful volcanic island located between Africa and Europe. Closer to the Tunisian coast than Sicily, Pantelleria is an oasis of tranquility putting a spell on its visitors.

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Cherry tomatoes hanging from a window in the town of Pantelleria

Typical windows with hanging bunches of cherry tomatoes

Vacation in Pantelleria

If you are looking for a holiday destination away from the daily routine’s frenetic pace, Pantelleria is the best place to go. Imagine being surrounded by unspoiled nature while enjoying the spectacular sunsets by the sea.

Its jagged coast alongside the island’s eventful history is only a few of the things that make you fall in love with Pantelleria. Its stunning views, the crystalline waters, and the wild hiking trails surrounded by greenery are perfect for a trip with family, friends, and couples.

Besides, it is no secret that Pantelleria is a top destination for a romantic holiday in Italy as many couples choose the island for their honeymoon.

Therefore, the "Black Pearl of the Mediterranean" welcomes you all year round with its mild temperatures and its warm-hearted inhabitants.

How to get to Pantelleria?

You can get to Pantelleria by ferry or plane. Ferries and hydrofoils to Pantelleria leave from the town of Trapani in Sicily operating all year round. The fastest ferry route to Pantelleria takes about 2.5 hours. You can also find more information about the ferry connections and schedules to Pantelleria.

Pantelleria also has an airport that is connected with some Sicilian cities during the winter and with various destinations in Italy in the summer months.

The lighthouse of Punta Spadillo in Pantelleria

The lighthouse of Punta Spadillo surrounded by greenery

What to do in Pantelleria

Pantelleria offers many things to do and see to its visitors. Among lava stone coves, volcanic lakes, thermal springs, and trekking routes you will be spoiled for choice. Not to mention the depths of the island and its caves, all to be discovered by sea.

Also, try the local cuisine, buy the most famous products, and discover all the secrets of Pantelleria in a wine tasting! Still not convinced? Read on to discover the best of Pantelleria.

Beaches in Pantelleria

Pantelleria coasts are made up of rocks and lava stone with numerous spots perfect for snorkeling and deep dives.

Here you can find the top 6 beaches in Pantelleria:

  1. Levante: this bay sheltered from the winds is located on the east coast. The coast is also family-friendly as it has shallow waters. There, you can relax and sunbathe surrounded by greenery. To get there, you should first arrive at Tracino, take the exit for the beach of Levante, and park along the coast.
  2. Bue Marino: very close to the center of Pantelleria, the beach of Bue Marino Basso is famous for its emerald waters. There, you can find a parking area, a bar and comfortable platforms to lie down and enjoy sunbathing. The right side of the coast is great for families with small children thanks to its crystalline, shallow waters. On the other side and only a few minutes walking away, you can reach Bue Marino Alto, a beautiful gulf with breathtaking views and deep waters perfect for diving.
  3. Lido Shurhuq: if you are looking for services and amenities, this is the right place for you. Located in the town of Suvaki, the beach of Shurhuq offers a lot of amenities from umbrellas and sun loungers to restaurants and a play area for children. Plus, it’s 100% pet-friendly.
  4. Martingana: this natural bay is located on the south-east side with an amazing seabed and lava stone rocks. Therefore, it’s better to have a pair of water shoes with you to avoid the unpleasant feeling of cutting yourself from the rocks. Nearby you can find a small town and a beautiful area filled with vineyards. 
  5. Mòdica: located in Mursia, Mòdica is a beach with shallow waters and smooth rocks. Its waters are perfect for snorkeling and easily accessible for everyone. It can be reached by taking a dirt road and then continuing on foot for about 10 minutes. The area has no services but there is a hotel nearby.
  6. Balata dei Turchi: it is situated in the southern part of the island and it is a fascinating inlet born from a lava flow. The whole bay is surrounded by 300-meter-high cliffs and the landscape is wild. To reach it on foot it is necessary to take a bumpy road, but you’re going to be well rewarded when you finally get to the beach.

The white rocks of Balata dei Turchi in Pantelleria

The impressive rock formations of Balata dei Turchi in Pantelleria

Sightseeing in Pantelleria

Pantelleria has a rich history dating back to the Neolithic Age. Therefore, the island is full of archaeological sites and museums but also stunning natural attractions.

Here are some of the 11 best places to visit during your stay in Pantelleria:

  1. The Arch of the Elephant, an iconic rock formation in the shape of a proboscis
  2. The Medieval Castle of Pantelleria, made of lava stone and used as a prison until 1975
  3. The Sesi Archaeological Park, extraordinary megalithic constructions present in the area of ​​Mursia and Cimillia
  4. The area of Gadìr, famous for its thermal baths
  5. The Ondine Lake, a small saltwater pond nestled among the rocks
  6. The Pantelleria gardens, traditional lava stone enclosures where citrus trees are grown
  7. The picturesque little port of Scauri, perfect at sunset
  8. The Lighthouse of Punta Spadillo, surrounded by greenery
  9. The Caper Museum, dedicated to the agricultural culture of Pantelleria
  10. The Volcanological Museum, located in the Punta Spadillo area
  11. The Mirror of Venus, a beautiful volcanic lake famous for its thermal springs

Extra info: according to the legend, Venus used to mirror herself in the waters of this lake making herself beautiful before meeting her beloved Bacchus.

The Mirror of Venus, a volcanic lake in Pantelleria

The Mirror of Venus, a lake with an enchanting beauty

Nightlife in Pantelleria

Despite being a quiet island, Pantelleria transforms into a vibrant scene during the summer months.

Most of the clubs are located in the center of Pantelleria and in the Scauri area. However, you can always find bars and restaurants scattered throughout the island.

Sipping an aperitif after work is one of the favorite moments for locals and visitors. Besides, who doesn't love to enjoy a drink at sunset, right? In fact, among the most popular clubs, there are La Nicchia and Sesiventi, which also organizes evenings with DJ sets.

A must-do experience in Pantelleria is also a visit to the local cellars accompanied by various wine tastings. As for the discos, the Altamarea Club will make you dance until the first light just a step away from the sea.

Food in Pantelleria

Pantelleria cuisine is simple and tasty and mostly follows the Mediterranean diet. Influenced by the culinary traditions of nearby Tunisia but also by Sicily, the main ingredients of the local cuisine are vegetables, fruits, and fresh fish all accompanied by a glass of local wine Zibibbo.

Here are some delicacies to try during your trip to Pantelleria:

  • Pantesca salad (with potatoes, tomatoes, capers, olives, and onions)
  • bitter ravioli (stuffed with ricotta and mint)
  • spaghetti with anchovies
  • fish couscous
  • fried moray eel
  • tumma (local white cheese)
  • dried tomatoes
  • caper (a PGI-certified product)
  • mustazzoli biscuits, cookies filled with semolina and almonds.
  • baci panteschi (pancakes filled with ricotta cream)
  • Passito di Pantelleria DOC (local wine)


Here are 4 useful tips for your trip to Pantelleria: 

  1. If you love trekking, you should know that Pantelleria has a mountain of 836 meters with numerous hiking trails to explore. Enter the paths of the Montagna Grande and reach its top to admire the beautiful African sunsets!
  2. Visit the island out of season and experience the magic of Pantelleria Carnival! This festival lasts 3 months (from New Year's Eve to Shrove Tuesday) involving all age groups.
  3. Make sure to book a boat excursion to admire the coast of Pantelleria and its caves.
  4. Be sure to pack comfortable clothing and water shoes.

Spectacular caves along the coast of Pantelleria

The coast of Pantelleria, home to a myriad of sea caves!

Useful information about Pantelleria

Pantelleria belongs to the municipality of Trapani with about 7,500 inhabitants. It doesn't belong to any archipelago and its mild climate makes it perfect at any time of the year.

Pantelleria offers various services and activities for its visitors, and fun is also guaranteed. Given the size of the island, we advise you to stay at least 4-5 days to visit it at its best.

The accommodation options are numerous, and you can choose between hotels, B&Bs, villas, and holiday homes. An experience not to be missed in Pantelleria could be to stay overnight in a dammuso. These traditional stone houses are truly unique and offer beautiful views over the Mediterranean.

If you want to buy some souvenirs in Pantelleria, you should focus on local food products (such as capers and wine), but also on hand-painted ceramics.

As for health care, the Pantelleria hospital is located near the city center and about 2 km from the port. There are also 4 pharmacies on the island located both north and south.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Pantelleria

Here are some numbers that may come in handy during your island getaway:

  • Municipality of Pantelleria: +390923695011
  • Medical guard: +390923910266
  • Emergency Department: +390923911110
  • Port Authority: +390923911027
  • Municipal Police: +390923912705
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Pantelleria

Pantelleria has an area of about 83 km2, so you need a vehicle to move around the island. The best way to get around Pantelleria is by car, also because many paths leading to the coves are not paved.

You can also rent a moped or an electric bike, but you have to bear in mind that the roads are mostly uphill and downhill.

Local buses are managed by Marsala Travel Bus and connect the Pantelleria Center with the various districts and the airport.

As for taxis, there aren't many of them, but some Pantelleria car rentals also guarantee this service.

The white houses of Pantelleria surrounded by greenery

The white houses of Pantelleria and the typical terraces of the island

Ports in Pantelleria

The main port of Pantelleria is located in the northwestern part of the island and is divided into 2 areas: the old port and the new port.

The old port is mostly home to fishing boats while the new port welcomes ferries and hydrofoils from Trapani.

The port area is quite close to the town and some of the island's attractions, such as the medieval castle. The port of Pantelleria is also about 5 km from the airport.

The second port of the island is the Scauri port, which is located between Punta Pietre and Cala Nikà. It offers some services, such as bars, restaurants, and boat rentals to better explore the coast of the island.

Pantelleria: ferries, schedules and tickets

Ferries to Pantelleria depart from the port of Trapani in western Sicily and are operated all year round.

The Trapani - Pantelleria ferry route is operated seasonally by Liberty Lines and Siremar. The trips are active once a day and the crossing can last 2.5 hours or 7.5 hours, depending on the ferry operator and the type of vessel.

As for the ticket price for the Trapani - Pantelleria ferry crossing, the fares start at €37 and the costs vary depending on the period and the company.

If you want to travel with your car on the ferry to Pantelleria, you should know that only Siremar ferries carry motor vehicles. However, you can rent a car or motorbike on the island of Pantelleria from the various local agencies.

Anchored boats at the port of Pantelleria

The port of Pantelleria

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