Dalmatia, Croatia

Nestled in the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Lastovo, a charming Croatian island, beckons with its tranquil beauty and timeless allure. This tiny island enchants visitors with its pristine shores, lush landscapes and ancient traditions, making it an ideal escape for those seeking an authentic and picturesque Mediterranean adventure.

On this page, you will find useful information about holidays in Lastovo: its beaches, sights, food, and ferry routes. Book ferry tickets on Ferryhopper and plan your trip to Lastovo with ease!

Aerial view of Lastovo town perched on a hill, Croatia

View towards the historic Lastovo town within the national park       

Holidays in Lastovo

Lastovo is one of the less acclaimed Croatian islands. It’s located way out past Korčula and Mljet in southern Dalmatia, spanning approximately 53 km² and home to less than a thousand residents.

In this wild archipelago, comprising 46 islands and islets, the sea is crystal clear and the sky is full of stars. Due to its isolation and location in the open sea, Lastovo is ideal for travelers looking for an authentic island experience, characterized by peace and tranquility. Once there, you can discover pomalo – Croatian for taking it easy. Come to slow down. Get up late. Read.

Culture enthusiasts can also visit Lastovo to learn more about the island’s captivating folk costumes, traditions and dances that exist nowhere else in the world. The best time to do so is between June and September when outdoor activities are most comfortable.

How to get to Lastovo

The only way to travel to Lastovo is by ferry from Dubrovnik or Split.

There are daily crossings from both ports in the Croatian mainland. In addition, there are ferry crossings to Lastovo from the islands of Hvar and Korčula.

Find more details on ferry routes and schedules to Lastovo below!

What to do in Lastovo

Lastovo truly offers endless nature - it hosts a protected nature park, while 70 percent of its surface is covered in forest. So, get out and explore the serene beaches, thrilling hiking trails among pines and strawberry trees, and endless postcard views. 

Hike to the top of Hum Hill, which provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding sea, before tucking in grilled lobster in the island’s excellent restaurants. Swim in some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean or stroll along rippling limestone cliffs close to Struga lighthouse.

Obviously, make sure you also explore the main Old Town and its narrow cobblestone streets. The unique fumari (chimneys) atop the stone houses serve as a monument to the island’s tradition and architecture. There’s also a hiking trail you can climb leading to the meteorological station with unforgettable views over the islets scattered in the nearby sea.

Lastovo also has another peculiarity - darkness. The island enjoys low light pollution, which explains its slogan – the “island of bright stars”. In fact, rumor says that it has the most beautiful starry sky in the whole of Europe (from Mount Hum, all visible stars of the Milky Way can be counted). So, at the end of a long day, make sure to go stargazing, the experience will leave you breathless.

Useful info: the Poklad (Carnival) event is celebrated in Lastovo in February. Even though it’s held in the off-season, it’s worth visiting, as this is one of Croatia’s more distinctive and authentic carnival traditions. The highlight? The traditional Mardi Gras ritual of carrying the poklad (puppet) through town before watching it burn down.

A traditional cylindrical chimney atop a stone house in Lastovo, Croatia

The impressive fumari decorating Lastovo’s stone houses

Beaches in Lastovo

A stunning, crystal-clear coastline surrounds Lastovo, never failing to amaze visitors from all over the world. Its white rocky shores are complemented by the cool shade of pine trees which create a coastal paradise, perfect for enjoying long summer days by the sea.

Here you can find some of the best beaches in Lastovo:

  • Kručica Bay: with 2 small pebbled beaches only accessible by boat or on foot, this secluded paradise is ideal for relaxation getaway lovers. Sea sandals are recommended.
  • Port Jurjeva: this is a large enclosed bay shielded from most winds. Natural shade makes the pebble beach perfect for picnics and for families with young children.
  • Zace Cove: located on the north-east side of the island, this is a cute hidden swimming spot with crystal clear waters. It is suitable for families, the elderly and couples seeking a private, romantic setting.
  • Skrivena Luka - Porto Rosso: this ranks among the largest and most beautiful coves located on the southern part of Lastovo, in the bay of Skrivena Luka, which means “hidden bay”. In this small pebble beach you can also find the Porto Rosso restaurant.
  • Lučica Cove: situated approximately 1 km from Lastovo’s center, this is a small cove surrounded by former fisherman's stone houses. It’s a popular location for families with young children.
  • Mihajla: also around 1 km from Lastovo’s center, this beach features both pebbles and concrete, and a section covered with stones. It is also equipped with showers, a volleyball court and café ‘Mihajla’.

Crystal clear waters in Lučica cove surrounded by stone houses, Lastovo, Croatia

Panoramic view of the small picturesque Lučica village and its cove

Sightseeing and activities in Lastovo

Besides its natural beauty, Lastovo also has a remarkable heritage of cultural monuments. Some of the best sights and attractions in Lastovo are:

  • The Struga lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses on the Adriatic located on the sea entrance to the Skrivena Luka cove
  • The Statute of Lastovo, dated in 1310
  • The Rača Cave, a 70 m long cave that was inhabited from the late Stone Age until the Greek and Roman era
  • The church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, dating back to the 14th century
  • The small church of St. Luke, the oldest, pre-Romanesque church located on the old road from Lastovo to Ubli
  • St Peter’s Basilica, a 6th century Early-Christian Basilica located in Ubli

But what about more exciting activities such as diving adventures and hiking excursions? Among the various activities in Lastovo, one of the most unique is to go diving. The island offers 2 diving schools and the most special locations for diving are islet Bijelac (an underwater passage), islet Tajan (an underwater cave) and cape Struga (vast walls of gorgonias).

Now, if you’re not into diving, we highly recommend hiking or cycling, since there are 200 km of well-marked paths that wind through the forests and small villages.

Exterior view of the church of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Lastovo town, Croatia

View towards the church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, the central church of the town of Lastovo 

Nightlife in Lastovo

As you can imagine, the nightlife in Lastovo is pretty low-key

However, the Municipality of Lastovo and others organize various events throughout the high season. Cinema LA, for example, is the regular cinema programme on the island which takes place during the whole year, once a month. 

Other events that take place are Lastovo Municipality Day and the OTOKGLAZBE musical festival.

Food in Lastovo

Apart from the natural and cultural treasures, one can also expect a great selection of gastronomic offers in Lastovo. The waters surrounding the island are, in fact, among the richest fishing grounds in the Adriatic for lobster, blue fish (float riba), moray eels, and other valued fish species. 

Some dishes that visitors can find in the cluster of traditional konobas in Lastovo are sardines grilled on spit, brodetto (fish stew), Dalmatian specialities like peka (slow-roasted squid cooked under a terracotta lid for several hours), as well as skalice (biscuits). To top it all, the local maraština, a full-flavored dry, white wine famous throughout Croatia is drunk here.

Useful information for Lastovo

Lastovo is still a place where no mass tourism has taken over.

The largest municipality and administrative center of the island is Lastovo, nestled in the interior of the island, followed by the ferry port and resort Ubli, so we recommend finding accommodation at one of the two villages. There is one hotel on the island in the village of Pasadur and a campsite, located 6 km from Lastovo.

In Ubli and Lastovo you will also find most of the visitor amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, ATMs, and a post office. Keep in mind that the only gas station on the island is in Ubli and the only pharmacy is in Lastovo.

Useful info: you can also stay in Struga Lighthouse, on the southern side of the island. It contains 4 apartments suitable for 2-5 people.

View of Struga Lighthouse surrounded by trees, Croatia

The ancient Struga Lighthouse on a cloudy day

Important phone numbers for your stay in Lastovo

Here are some contacts that you could use in Lastovo:

  • Lastovo Tourist Office: +38520801018
  • Lastovo Archipelago Nature park: +38520801252
  • Lastovo Police: +38520444444
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Lastovo

Bringing your car during your stay in Lastovo is not necessary, since the island is extremely bike-friendly. You can rent scooters or bikes for relatively cheap on the island and this is also the best way to experience Lastovo’s untouched nature!

In addition, there are buses operating on the island, connecting Ubli with Pasadur and Lastovo, as well as Lastovo with Skrivena Luka. They do not operate that frequently, however.

Ports in Lastovo

The port of Lastovo is quite small and it’s located in Ubli

Bus connections between Ubli and other locations on the island are quite efficient - buses travel from the port to other locations on the island shortly after a boat or catamaran arrives.
Here you will also find many visitor amenities.

Island hopping from Lastovo

Your Adriatic adventures do not stop in Lastovo, as there are a few nearby islands to visit from here! 

Specifically, the connected islands are:

Lastovo ferry: schedules and tickets

Lastovo is connected to the ports of Split and Dubrovnik in mainland Croatia, thanks to the ferries of Jadrolinija and TP-Line. The ferry schedules to Lastovo are the following:

  • Split - Lastovo ferry: the route to Ubli, Lastovo from Split is operated all year-round, with Jadrolinija catamarans and ferries making the crossing in around 3 hours or 4 hours 45 minutes respectively. Split - Lastovo ferry tickets start at around €8-€12.
  • Dubrovnik - Lastovo ferry: this route connects Dubrovnik with Ubli on a daily basis. The trip lasts 3.5 hours while tickets cost around €10.5.

Tip: for detailed information regarding all Croatian ferry schedules, make sure to check out our complete guide.

Ferry docked at the port of Ubli in Lastovo, Croatia

Tranquil moments at the port of Ubli

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