Dalmatia, Croatia

The miniaturist island of Susak, one of Croatia’s many Adriatic jewels, is a perfect getaway destination for one-day and weekend excursions, away from the hustle and bustle.

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Aerial view of the island of Susak, Croatia

Susak in all its glory

Holidays in Susak

Standing out for its sandy coastline, lush greenery and traditional architecture, Susak remains a hidden gem, cherished by nature lovers and those in need of cooling down by the sea.

Elements of traditional folk and ancient past are echoed throughout its pristine landscapes, waiting for you to explore them. According to an ancient myth pertaining to the Argonauts, Medea and her brother Jason found shelter on this very island.

Due to its small size and limited amenities, it is highly advisable to visit Susak for a day trip or a couple of days, preferably in the high season, where you can find more options for your stay.

How to get to Susak

The island of Susak is strictly visitable by ferry. What better way to get in the mood for holidays in the Adriatic Sea, after all?

You can catch a ferry from two mainland ports, Pula and Zadar, throughout the year. Learn all about ferries to Susak in our relevant section.

Tip: both Croatian cities are home to international airports, in case you wish to reach the country by plane and then resume your journey to Susak by ferry. Alternatively, the nearby island of Lošinj is reachable by car as well. Once you get there from the mainland, Susak is just a brief ferry ride away.

What to do in Susak

There’s more to Susak than what meets the eye. Stroll through endless green landscapes, visit its famous sandy beaches and learn more about the historical and mythological past of the island through its 2 quaint settlements.

If your goal is to visit the unique sightseeing options and morphological features of the island, a day trip is more than enough! If, however, this little paradisial jewel steals your heart, consider staying for more days and become one with the island’s hypnotic life.

Still undecided? No worries. Discover the best of Susak below, including its top swimming spots, sights and other useful information about your stay.

Boats at a bay in Susak, Croatia

One of the island's serene bays

Beaches in Susak

All it takes is one internet search to understand why the island of Susak is praised for its beaches. The island in its entirety is made of sand! Thanks to this unique characteristic, Susak has some of the best sandy beaches in Croatia, which aren’t as easy to find on the mainland.

For your consideration, here are some of the top must-visit beaches in Susak:

  • Bok Beach: here we have one of the most popular beaches in Susak, ideal for quick dives and clothing-optional moments.
  • Spiăza: this is the largest bay of Susak, found next to one of the island’s 2 settlements. Its shallow waters and fine, easily explorable sand make it a safe swimming spot for families with children.
  • Baldarka: this is a much smaller bay, located west of Spiăza. It has rocky surroundings, perfect for private moments away from the crowd.
  • Porat: this length bay offers beautiful views of the sunset and is divided into three different beaches. It has become a popular spot among boat owners.

Sightseeing and activities in Susak

From ancient mythology to recent history, Susak boasts many treasures for you to unearth. While a large part of its origins is unrecorded and/or speculated, its whimsical aura and archaeological findings are enough to satisfy even the most demanding lovers of history.

Some of the best sights and monuments in Susak are the following:

  • The Susak lighthouse, located on the highest point of the island
  • The cemetery of Susak, built in 1887, just a stone’s throw away from the upper village
  • The chapel of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin, found close to Bok Beach
  • The picturesque port of Susak, where most of the tourist traffic is found

During your walks around the island, visiting the two settlements of Susak is necessary. Connected through a steep staircase, the settlements are called Gornje Selò and Donje Selò. While there are other trails to follow between the two villages, the staircase and the views it offers are an attraction in their own right!

Hiking in general is how you’ll explore every corner of Susak. You can find trails leading to most bays, attractions and points of interest.

Fun fact: in Susak, you might get the chance to witness the locals' unique dialect!

Nightlife in Susak

Though Susak is by no means the Croatian equivalent of Ibiza, you can find some scenic cafe bars for refreshing drinks by the sea. If given the chance, consider trying out some of the local wine varieties of Susak to get a taste of the island’s wine-making traditions.

View of the sunset in Susak, Croatia, over green fields

Otherworldly sunset in Susak

Food in Susak

The island of Susak has been historically influenced by numerous cultures, and its mouth-watering cuisine is no exception. You can find traditional bistros, seaside restaurants and konobas (taverns and/or wine cellars), and dine at a reasonable price.

We highly recommend trying out the following products in Susak:

  • Lamb or pork cooked on fire
  • Fish-based dishes, usually with sardines or mackerel
  • Pleskunac (local wine variety)
  • Trojiśćina (local wine variety)
  • Strudel
  • Palacinke, a dessert with jam or fruiy

Useful information for Susak

While accommodation is easy to find in Susak, your options are limited, so make sure to plan your trip well in advance to secure a nice spot. The location of your accommodation is not of great importance, as exploring the island and its points of interest is quite convenient regardless of where you're staying.

Most amenities, including two markets, are found close to the port and the two settlements. Regarding medical services, you can find one infirmary and emergency boats that can take you to the well-equipped neighboring island of Lošinj.

Important: while there are no ATMs in Susak, you can get cash at the island's post office. The Croatian kuna is no longer the country’s currency, as it has been replaced by the euro.

Typical houses and streets in Susak, Croatia, on a sunny day

Strolling around the settlements of Susak

Important phone numbers for your stay in Susak

When staying in Susak, these phone numbers might come in handy during your stay:

  • Susak Port Authority: +385981334857
  • Pula Port Authority: +38552383160
  • Zadar Port Authority: +38523201201
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Susak

Susak, like many of its neighboring islands, is a car-free destination. The entire island is easily explorable on foot and it is relatively flat (its highest point being only 98 m). However, certain paths, like the staircase connecting the two settlements, can be quite steep and require some caution.

There is also no public transport network in Susak. Instead, there are some boats for tourist purposes as well as emergency services.

Ports in Susak

The ferry port of Susak is a beautiful location that helps connect the island with its neighboring islands, as well as mainland Croatia. It is found on the northwestern coast of Susak, adjacent to the island’s lower settlement. Getting to/from the port is possible only on foot. Luckily, all distances on the island are quite short.

Most visitor amenities are also located close to the port, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Island hopping from Susak

The itinerary from Pula and Zadar to Susak includes stops at numerous nearby islands. Consider taking advantage of Susak’s well-connected port to visit more islands during your Adriatic holidays.

Some of the islands that you can visit are:

  • Unije
  • Ilovik
  • Silba
  • Lošinj

Take a look at our interactive Map of ferries to visualize your island-hopping adventure in Croatia and combine multiple destinations in one booking.

Tip: for more inspiration, check out our dedicated guide about the top Croatian islands to visit.

Susak ferry: schedules and tickets

The most popular departure points for reaching Susak are Pula, Zadar and the island of Lošinj. The ferry companies serving these Croatian ferry schedules are Kapetan Luka - Krilo and Jadrolinija. Specifically:

  • Pula - Susak ferry: this ferry route is available year-round and includes weekly departures that last a bit longer than 1.5 hours.
  • Zadar - Susak ferry: in less than 3 hours, you can travel from Zadar to Susak a few times per week
  • Lošinj (Mali Losinj) - Susak ferry: with weekly connections, you can reach Susak by ferry from the port of Mali Losinj on the island of Lošinj.

Note: ferries and boats traveling to and from Susak do not carry vehicles and have no cabins, as the ferry ride is typically short.

Tip: is this your first time traveling to the islands of Croatia? Take a look at our guide about Croatian ferries and see what to expect!

View of the port and lower settlement of Susak, an island in Croatia

The scenic beauty of the port of Susak

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