Dalmatia, Croatia

Right between Dubrovnik and Split lies the mesmerizing wonder that is Makarska. It is a seaside holiday destination full of natural landscapes and a convenient gateway to the islands of the Adriatic Sea.

Why don’t you plan a trip to Makarska and then to the otherworldly Croatian islands? Find the best travel tips about the town and port of Makarska, and book your ferry tickets online, without any hidden fees.

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Aerial view of Makarska and its port, Croatia

Welcome to the world of Makarska!

Makarska ferry port

The port of Makarska is a central maritime hub located in Makarska Riviera. While it is one of the lesser-known mainland ports of Croatia, it offers top-tier amenities and plenty of connections to various Adriatic Islands.

Ferries from Makarska port: schedules and tickets

Makarska is connected to Dubrovnik and Split in mainland Croatia, as well as to many islands by ferry. The connections are typically operated by the companies TP-Line and Kapetan Luka - Krilo. Specifically:

  • Makarska - Dubrovnik ferry: from June to September, you can find 1 daily ferry to Dubrovnik, which lasts 3.5 hours on average.
  • Makarska - Split ferry: there are up to 2 daily ferry crossings to Split that last about 3 hours in total.
  • Makarska - Hvar ferry: in 2 hours on average, you can get to Hvar from Makarska every day during the summer months.
  • Makarska - Mljet ferry: in the high season, ferries to Mljet usually travel once a day and make the crossing in less than 2 hours.
  • Makarska - Vis ferry: there are usually 7 weekly crossings to the island of Vis in the summer that last a bit longer than 3 hours.
  • Makarska - Korčula ferry: in roughly 1 hour, you can get to the island of Korčula every day during the high-season months.
  • Makarska - Bol (Brač) ferry: to get to the island of Brač, you can catch a ferry to Bol in the summer and arrive in about 45 minutes.

Tip: you can browse all available Croatia ferry schedules right here

Where is the ferry port in Makarska?

The ferry port is quite close to the town center and the main promenade of Makarska, right between the peninsulas of Osejava and Sveti Petar. It is about 500 m from the town’s main bus station.

How to get to Makarska port?

Reaching the port on foot is quite easy from most points of interest in Makarska. If you wish to get there from nearby cities, you can catch a bus, reach the center of Makarska and then resume your journey on foot.

As for getting there by car, keep in mind that Makarska is divided into three parking zones which operate depending on the hour, day of the week and season.

Boats at the waterfront of Makarska in Croatia

The scenic waterfront of Makarska

Vacation in Makarska

Ideal for families, couples and adventurous spirits, Makarska should definitely be a part of your Croatian travel list. The town is a beautiful interweaving of natural and architectural beauty, allowing you to unwind in beachy and mountainous scenes before resuming your journey to neighboring islands!

Due to the variety of things to do and see in Makarska, it’s a perfect year-round holiday destination and a great alternative to the more busy towns of Dubrovnik and Split. In the high season, however, the weather can be more forgiving, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the Biokovo Nature Park, open only from April to November.

How to get to Makarska

Reaching the Croatian port of Makarska is possible by ferry, plane, car and public transport.

To get there by ferry, your main options are the mainland ports of Dubrovnik and Split, which offer connections on a seasonal basis (mostly in the summer months). Alternatively, if you wish to get there by plane, the island of Brač is home to the nearest airport. Once you get there, you can resume your journey to the mainland by ferry.

Tip: if the flight connections that serve Brač do not cover your needs, consider the airport of Split instead.

As for public transport, there are bus services connecting Dubrovnik and Split with Makarska that last up to 3 hours and make for a budget-friendly option. Covering the distance by car is much faster, but keep in mind that parking in Makarska might be challenging.

What to do in Makarska

In Makarska, you’ll get the chance to visit some of the best beaches in all of Croatia! And when you don’t feel like getting your feet wet, the port town is home to thrilling hiking trails for nature lovers and baroque aesthetics for some cultural and historical sightseeing.

Makarska Riviera, a 60-km-long coastline, is also home to numerous picturesque towns, such as Brela and Tucepi, that are definitely worth a visit! If you’re not sure where to begin, we got you covered. Discover the best of Makarska below, including our favorite swimming spots, delicacies and other useful information!

Cliffside view of Nugal Beach in Makarska, Croatia

The world-famous beach of Makarska

Beaches in Makarska

The beaches of Makarska and Makarska Riviera in general are guaranteed to steal your heart! With lush greenery, beautiful sea views and the imposing Mount Biokovo towering over the coastline, the scenery is truly unparalleled.

The team of Ferryhopper recommends the following beaches in Makarska:

  • Nugal Beach: this is the most popular beach in Makarska and one of the best clothing-optional spots in mainland Croatia. Its beauty is magical and offers moments of sheer tranquility. You can easily get here via a path through the woods or by boat.
  • Ramova Beach: here, we have a family-friendly pebble beach that is quite busy in the summer months. Wearing footwear is recommended, while there are playgrounds for outdoor activities nearby.
  • Punta Rata Beach: home to the famous Brela Stone, this beach is located in the town of Brela, part of the Makarska Riviera. If you’re a fan of sunbathing or water sports, a stop (or two) here is necessary!
  • Tucepi Beach: found in the nearby resort of the same name, this pebble beach is 4 km long and offers many visitor amenities and water sports activities! There are also numerous places to eat and stay within walking distance.
  • Cvitačka: just 2 km from the Makarska town center, this idyllic beach with clear waters and a mix of sand and pebbles is perfect for relaxation. There are also places to get equipment for diving, paddleboarding and jet-skiing.

Sightseeing and activities in Makarska

Thanks to its beautiful architecture and quaint beauty, Makarska attracts many lovers of history and nature. Starting with the historical and cultural sightseeing options, we highly recommend the following attractions in Makarska:

  • The Makarska Municipal Museum, echoing the town’s history and nautical roots
  • The multifaceted Franciscan Monastery of Makarska, found in the old town
  • The Malacological Museum, exhibiting sea snails and shellfishes of all kinds
  • The Lighthouse of St. Peter, built in 1884
  • The Kacic Square, where the famous statue of Friar Andrije Kačića is located
  • The town hall of Makarska

Now, if you wish for a break from all the sightseeing, Makarska has numerous natural treasures for you to explore. Aim high and reach the highest point of Mount Biokovo with a guided tour, or start slow and hike through the area’s nature and forest parks.

As for water sports, both Makarska and nearby resorts such as Brela are perfect for sea activities, including sea kayaking and even night diving for more experienced thrill seekers!

Nightlife in Makarska

Makarska Riviera as a whole boasts many beachside bars and clubs for refreshing drinks as the sun goes down and many places to hit the dance floor until dawn! A personal favorite is the club Deep, which is built inside an actual cave! Hosting all kinds of DJ parties, make sure to stop here for adrenaline-pumping moments.

Tip: party animals who visit Makarska in the summer can hop to the island of Hvar by ferry, known for its elegant nightlife and disco parties.

Sunset view of the waterfront of Makarska, Croatia

Sun setting over Makarska

Food in Makarska

Croatian and Dalmatian traditions come together to create mouthwatering delicacies, found at the many restaurants of Makarska and its riviera. Make sure to try out some of the best local foods and wine varieties in Makarska, including:

  • Pasticada (marinated meat that takes around 2 days to prepare)
  • Baked lamb
  • Drniški pršut (one of the best prosciuttos in Croatia)
  • Neretvanska mandarina (citrus fruit resembling a mandarine)
  • Black risotto
  • Babić (Croatian wine)
  • Plavac Mali (wine from Pelješac, a Croatian peninsula)

Useful information about Makarska

Makarska has a myriad of accommodation options that cater to all tastes, from seaside hotels and cozy B&Bs. 

The same applies to the rest of the Makarska Riviera, though finding a place to stay close to the port is more convenient if you wish to hop on a ferry to resume your journey elsewhere. For nature lovers and thrill seekers, there are also some campsites as well.

Throughout the town, you can easily find ATMs (the euro is the national currency as of 2023), and all essential amenities. Tourist offices and local guides will also come in handy, especially if you wish to explore the mountainous world around Makarska.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Makarska

Here are some useful phone numbers for your stay in the port city of Makarska:

  • Makarska Port Authority: +385995248187
  • Makarska Bus Station: +38521612333
  • Fire Brigade Makarska: +385 21 603 980
  • Split Airport: +38521203589
  • Brač Airport: +385 21559711
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Makarska

Most points of interest in Makarska are quite easy to explore on foot, along with its many parks, hiking trails and beautiful bays.

Regarding public transport, the main bus station is located at the very center of Makarska and allows you to explore the nearby towns in Makarska Riviera, as well as the mainland cities, such as Split and Dubrovnik. The official name of the company serving these bus services is Autobusni kolodvor Split d.o.o.

When it comes to moving around by car, it might be a convenient option for exploring the coastline at your own pace. As parking is limited, especially close to the main attractions and parks of Makarska, make sure to contact your accommodation to see if parking is available. In any case, make sure to always park in marked places and not in green areas and pedestrian locations. The city is divided into three parking zones with policies depending on the season, hour of the day and time of the week.

The town center of Makarska, Croatia

Wandering around the town center of Makarska

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