Tuscany, Italy

Livorno is a quintessential port town located on the west coast of Tuscany. Its cultural attractions, nightlife and beaches make it an ideal year-round destination.

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People walking past Piazza della Repubblica, in Livorno

Piazza della Repubblica, in the center of Livorno

Vacation in Livorno

Known for its historic port, seafood specialties and elegant belle époque buildings, Livorno is usually a gateway to Florence and Pisa.

However, Livorno deserves a more in-depth visit and by coming here on vacation you can discover a lesser-known but very fascinating Tuscan town. Livorno is a multicultural city full of monuments, attractions and beautiful beaches. 

This is, therefore, a great choice for a weekend getaway filled with art, sea and good food!

How to get to Livorno

You can get to Livorno by car, train, bus, plane and, of course, by ferry

Being in central Italy, it is easily accessible from various parts of the country thanks to highway connections. On the other hand, if you want to travel by train, you can count on the Genoa-Rome railway line. 

For those traveling by plane from abroad or from more distant parts of Italy, the closest airport to Livorno is Galileo Galilei Airport in Pisa (25km away). You can take a shuttle from the airport to Pisa train station and then continue by train to Livorno. Livorno train station is located quite close to the historic center. 

Taking the ferry to Livorno is among the best ways to get directly to the city and also travel with your vehicle on board. There are frequent connections from some ports in Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica to Livorno.

Livorno's old port with the fortress and colorful buildings in the background

Small boats docked at Livorno's picturesque port

What to do in Livorno

Livorno is a “young” city (born about 500 years ago) with a lot to offer, from sea and culture to food and wine. By wandering around it on foot, you'll discover a historic center full of cultural attractions and monuments that offer evocative reminders of a prosperous past. 

You’ll be amazed by the city’s Venetian-style canals, colorful buildings, fortresses, and its beautiful Terrazza Mascagni, a large checkered terrace overlooking the sea. Take a stroll along the city's waterfront and devote a day to the magnificent beaches nearby. 

And between breaks, enjoy the unmissable Livorno street food or fresh seafood dishes at a traditional trattoria downtown.

If you stay a few more days in Livorno, we recommend going on an excursion to the islands of Capraia and Gorgona or trekking at the beautiful Calafuria Nature Reserve.

Beaches in Livorno

Livorno's coastline is among the most beautiful and famous in Tuscany. You’ll find many bays, coves, jagged cliffs, and gulfs for all tastes along the Maremma coastal area.

Here are 6 beaches in and around Livorno not to be missed: 

  1. Calignaia: this small pebble cove is located between Livorno and Quercianella, under a bridge of the same name. It has crystal clear waters and is surrounded by cliffs.
  2. Calafuria: located in a nature reserve, this is a perfect beach for lovers of wild and unspoiled nature. The view from the Calafuria tower near the beach is breathtaking. You will also find a bar-restaurant in the area.
  3. Cala del Leone: located a few kilometers from Livorno, between Calignaia and the promontory Torre del Romito, it is among the most beautiful. It is a striking sandy and pebble beach surrounded by cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation. The beach is not equipped and there’s no natural shade, so make sure to go prepared.
  4. Sonnino: located 10km from Livorno, it is a small pebble beach named after its castle. Its peculiarity is its small pier. Beloved by young people, it can be reached through a path that starts from the Sassoscritto restaurant.
  5. Quercetano Bay: this stretch of coastline is located in the little town of Castiglioncello and boasts a series of coves with crystal-clear waters. The bay consists of both private and free beach sections and is home to Villa Godilonda (a hotel beloved by the poet D'Annunzio) and the villa that belonged to Marcello Mastroianni.
  6. Vada: this is a breathtaking coastline of more than 5km in Rosignano Marittimo. The fine sand in the area has a very white color, giving the Vada coastal area a Caribbean-like feel. The coast continues to be awarded the Blue Flag for its clean beaches and is surrounded by wild Mediterranean brush. You can find both private and large stretches of public beach.

Small boat wreck on the white beach of Vada in Livorno, Italy

An abandoned boat on a beautiful white sand beach in Vada, Italy

Sightseeing in Livorno

Livorno is a city rich in history and culture. In fact, in the streets of the historic center and near the port, you can admire several architectural beauties that date back to the time of the Medici and Lorraine families.
Here are some must-visit attractions during your stay in Livorno:

  • Venezia Nuova, the fascinating historic district of Livorno
  • Livorno Cathedral
  • Piazza della Repubblica, 190,000m² in size
  • The Old and New Fortresses
  • Livorno's Central Market, among the largest in Europe
  • The Monument of the Four Moors, symbol of Livorno
  • Darsena Vecchia, a gathering place for fishing boats
  • The Civic Museum of Giovanni Fattori, located in the Villa Mimbeli 
  • The Livorno Aquarium
  • The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero
  • The Tamerice del Fattori, a centuries-old tree included in the list of Italy's Monumental Trees
  • The Boccale Castle 
  • Terrazza Mascagni

The checkerboard floor of Terrazza Mascagni and its small temple

The dramatic black-and-white chessboard-style pavement of Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno

Nightlife in Livorno

Livorno is just as lively at night as it is during the day. 

During the summer, the city's nightlife is concentrated on the waterfront, while in winter people tend to hang out in the historic center and in the Venezia Nuova neighborhood. Around Attias Square there are various aperitif clubs, bars and restaurants. 

If you prefer partying at clubs, you'll want to visit the region of Versilia or Castiglioncello. Some clubs are open only in the high season, so you need to inquire first.

Food in Livorno

Livorno's gastronomy stands out among Tuscan culinary traditions because of its perfect mix of gastronomic creativity and seafaring traditions. In other words, although there is never a shortage of fresh fish on a Livorno table, it is not the only option. 

And to top it all off, you can’t leave Livorno without tasting ponce alla livornese, the legendary drink made with coffee, rum and sassolino (liquer). 

Here are some delicacies to try during your trip to Livorno:

  • cacciucco (fish soup prepared with many varieties of seafood and shellfish cooked in tomato sauce) 
  • salt cod livorno style 
  • spaghetti livornese (pasta with clams)
  • 5 & 5 (a salty chickpea cake nestled between two slices of French bread)
  • salumi di mare (dry-cured fish)
  • bordatino (soup made with cornmeal, vegetables and beans)
  • topa (sweet bread with zibibbo)

Tip: for the best cacciucco in town, you should visit La Vecchia Livorno trattoria. The fish here is very fresh and everything is made on the spot, even the desserts!

A plate of seafood cacciucco soup, Livorno's signature dish

A delicious dish of cacciucco alla livornese with tomato and bread croutons

What to visit around Livorno

During your stay in Livorno you could take the opportunity to visit some beautiful places along the Etruscan Coast. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Dune di Tirrenia Oasis: just 14km from Livorno, this is a protected area of about 24 hectares. Here you can admire Mediterranean vegetation and the last dunes of the Pisan coastline up to 12m high. 
  • Pisa: just 25km from Livorno, this university town is a must-visit. Active, bustling and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it holds priceless treasures that make it one of Italy's most important art cities. 
  • Bolgheri: this village lies 50km from Livorno, inland on the Etruscan Coast. You can stroll through the little village and admire the narrow alleys, the castle and the old stone buildings. Don't forget to taste the wine (especially the red ones), since it is one of the best in Tuscany!


Here are 4 tips that we hope will be helpful to you before your trip to Livorno:

  • Purchase the Livorno Card to get discounts on public transportation, museums and other attractions in the city. 
  • Don't miss a boat trip to the Secche della Meloria Marine Protected Area! Covering more than 900 hectares, this is an important ecological conservation site. 
  • From the port of Livorno you can also reach the nearby island of Gorgona. Due to the presence of the famous prison, the access to the island is limited and you can only join one of the guided tours. For more details you can visit the official page of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.
  • In September, Livorno usually hosts Cacciucco Pride, a food festival that aims to celebrate the city's iconic fish soup. Don't miss it!

Useful information for Livorno

Livorno is a city that offers all kinds of services to its visitors. 

The port city offers several accommodation options to suit different budgets. While the Venezia district (“Little Venice”) is the most picturesque in the city, with many bars and restaurants, it isn’t home to many hotels. To the south of Little Venice, lies the modern part of the city, home to the port and the city’s residential quarters. 

For those who want to bring home with them a souvenir from Livorno, there are also shopping centers around the port. If you have to take the ferry the next day, the best option is to stay near the port. There are bars, restaurants and budget-friendly accommodations in the area.

As for health care, Ospedali Riuniti is the main hospital facility in Livorno, with several buildings between Viale Alfieri and the city center.

Useful phone numbers for your stay in Livorno

Here are some numbers that could prove useful during your holiday in Livorno: 

  • Tourist information office: +390586894236
  • Provincial Police: +390586502971
  • Livorno Port Authority: +390586249411
  • Medical Guard: +390586099000
  • Autolinee Toscane Livorno: +390586376903
  • Consorzio Taxi Livorno (CoTaLi): +390586883377
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Livorno

In Livorno, you can get around easily on foot. The historic center is not very large, so you can walk through the main streets and reach the waterfront. Make sure to pass by Via Grande, one of the busiest streets in Livorno. 

If you prefer to take the bus, you can take advantage of the LAM services, which run north to south of the city thanks to the red and blue lines. Tickets can be purchased from tobacconists and newsagent’s stands. Furthermore, thanks to the bike lanes along the waterfront, you can also ride your bike for several miles in total peace.

There is also a funicular railway in Livorno that connects the lower city with the Sanctuary of Montenero. From here you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the entire coastline up to Castiglioncello and Punta Righini.

If, on the other hand, you arrive in Livorno by car, you should keep in mind that the center is a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL). However, you can always leave it at various private or public parking lots with metered parking.

Colorful buildings in Livorno's historic center

The colorful buildings in the center of Livorno

Port in Livorno

The port of Livorno is among the main ports of call in Tuscany for passenger and cargo traffic. In fact, it’s one of the largest in the Mediterranean. Ferries to Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, and the Tuscan archipelago depart from here.

It is divided into old (porto vecchio) and new (porto nuovo) ports, and there are various services in the area, such as bars, restaurants, rentals, and hotel facilities.

You can reach the port by bus from Livorno's central station to Piazza Grande, which is near the port area. As for parking, there are several paid car parks near the marina entrance.

Livorno ferry: schedules and tickets

From Livorno you can easily reach a number of destinations in Italy and even abroad by ferry

There are direct routes to Olbia and Golfo Aranci (in Sardinia), to the Sicilian port of Palermo, to the island of Capraia (in the Tuscan archipelago), and to Bastia (in Corsica).

The routes are operated by the companies Grimaldi Lines, Moby Lines, Corsica Ferries, and Toremar.

Here, you can find more information about the direct routes from the port of Livorno: 

  • Ferry Livorno - Olbia: the connection to Olbia from Livorno runs year-round with 4 trips per day and crossings between 7 and 10 hours depending on the vessel.
  • Ferry Livorno - Golfo Aranci: the route from Livorno to Golfo Aranci includes 2 weekly sailings in winter and daily sailings starting in April. Crossings last from 7 to 10 hours depending on the ferry.
  • Ferry Livorno - Palermo: the Livorno - Palermo route operates year-round with 3 crossings per week (usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). Crossings range between 19 and 20.5 hours.
  • Ferry Livorno - Capraia: the connection from Livorno to the islet of Capraia is available throughout the year. There are 1-2 daily routes with sailing durations from around 2 h 45 min.
  • Ferry Livorno - Bastia: the route from the port of Livorno to Bastia is annual, with 3 departures per day and 3.5 to 8 hour crossings.

Tip: on our Map of ferries, you can find more about the available connections and schedules, so that you can easily and conveniently book ferry tickets from Livorno.

Ferries and cranes at the port of Livorno

One of the docks at the busy port of Livorno

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Livorno ferry timetable

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