Umag is located on the coast of western Istria and is a medieval town that still retains traces of its past. 

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A panorama of the coast of Umag in Croatia

View of the old town of Umag and its coastline

Vacation in Umag

Umag, while less well-known than Croatia's more famous resorts, is a charming little town unlike any other. The medieval atmosphere, long coastline, and nature trails are just a few reasons to go. 

Umag's allure stems from the fact that it is located on a former island that has merged with the mainland over time. Not to mention its beaches and cuisine, which is rich in fresh products of high quality. 

Plan a 2-3-day trip to Umag and take advantage of the mild weather from May to October! Umag offers something for every kind of traveler.

Useful Info: every year, Umag hosts the Sea Star Festival, one of Europe's most famous music events. A fantastic opportunity to start planning your Croatia vacations now!

How to get to Umag

Umag is known as the "gateway" to Croatia's coast due to its location. In fact, the town is 50 km from Trieste and 10 km from the Slovenian border. 

You can reach Umag by car from northeastern Italy, or you can take the ferry instead. 

In the summer, hydrofoil connections to Umag depart from Venice, allowing you to arrive in just a few hours. Find out more about ferries to Umag in our dedicated section. 

There are also direct buses (or indirect) to Umag from major Italian cities as well as some Croatian destinations (like Pula and Poreč). The Umag bus station is located near the city's entrance and 1 km from the center.

 The pier at the port of Umag in Croatia

The long pier in the port of Umag

What to do in Umag

Begin your visit to Umag in the Old Town, where you will find medieval towers, Venetian palaces, and beautiful Renaissance churches. 

Stroll along the town's waterfront and enjoy an aperitif or fresh fish at one of the small restaurants that overlook the pier. If you're looking for some relaxation, you should know that Umag is well-known not only for its beaches, but also for its wellness spas.

Don't forget about the music festivals and sporting events that draw so many visitors to the city. Umag's proximity to Slovenia, as well as some of the attractions in its surroundings, provide numerous options for interesting day trips.

Beaches in Umag

Umag is renowned for its pristine beaches, which attract visitors from all over the world.

Here are 7 beaches in Umag that you should visit:

  1. Canova: a paved rocky beach located in the Camping Park Umag, 9 km from the center of Umag. This Croatian Blue Flag beach has some steps and a ramp to assist with sea access. It's a sunny beach, and there are shops, bars, and restaurants nearby. 
  2. Kanegra: one of the most popular with locals, it is located 10 km from Umag and close to the Slovenian border. This sand beach is nestled in a beautiful bay, surrounded by trees, and is the perfect place to unwind. A naturist campsite is nearby. We recommend that you visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds.
  3. Savudrija: this is the beach of the same-named village, located nearly 8 km from Umag. The area is characterized by rocks and gravel, but it is ideal for families with children. In the summer, a beautiful pine forest along the beach provides refuge. The famous Savudrija lighthouse is nearby, along with some traditional acacia cranes.
  4. Aurora: this Blue Flag town beach, which features rocks and concrete, is located in the Katoro resort and is 2 km from Umag. Umbrellas, deck chairs, and water sports equipment are available for rental here. You can get there by bicycle or tourist train.
  5. Polynesia: this pebble and gravel beach, located just 2 km from Umag's center, is surrounded by a large green area. It is possible to practice water sports here, as well as take advantage of various tourist services, hotels, campsites, and restaurants. The beach is Blue Flag and popular among naturists.
  6. Punta: this fine sandy beach is located in the same-named town district, just 1.5 km from Umag. The calm sea and easy access to the water make it ideal for children. There is a pine forest, a small playground, a beach volleyball court, a restaurant, and a few small stores nearby.
  7. Laguna Stella Maris: located in the resort of the same name, 3 km from the center of Umag and near the Goran Ivanišević Stadium. This Blue Flag beach is surrounded by pine trees and separated from the coast by a bridge. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, as well as a variety of tourist services. The beach can be reached by bike or by the tourist train.

White deck chairs on the beach Laguna Stella Maris in Umag, Croatia

The stunning beach Laguna Stella Maris in Umag

Sightseeing in Umag

Umag has a very ancient history and has been home to numerous summer residences since Roman times. Walls, towers, Renaissance buildings, and Venetian-style houses can be found in the old town center.

Here are the must-see attractions in Umag:

  • The Cathedral of St. Mary Major and St. Peregrine Martyr, dedicated to the city's patron saint
  • The Municipal Museum of Umag, located on St. Martin's Square
  • The Church of St. Rocco, dating from the 1500s
  • The early Christian walled sarcophagus at Epifano Street, dating from the 5th century
  • Villa Tiola, an ancient and luxurious Roman residence
  • The lighthouse of Savudrija, built in 1800 and 9 km from Umag
  • The old acacia cranes, a symbol of the coast, used by fishermen to rescue boats from storms

Umag's old acacia cranes near the lighthouse at Savudrija, Croatia

The traditional acacia cranes of Umag and the lighthouse of Savudrija in the background

Nightlife in Umag

Umag is a city that comes alive during the summer, thanks to its visitors. 

The American bar and Diskoteka Planet are two of the most popular beach clubs along the coast. The city's many music events and beach parties are also popular. 

For a more relaxed evening, stroll through Umag's old town, visit the waterfront bars and restaurants, or spend the evening at the casino.

Food in Umag

Umag's cuisine consists primarily of traditional Istrian dishes, including fish and meat. Step into a Konoba (a typical local tavern) and enjoy traditional dishes paired with the region's famous wines!

Here's what we recommend trying on your trip to Umag:

  • fresh fish, especially sole
  • shellfish
  • gnocchi with chicken sauce
  • fuži and pljukanci, a traditional fresh pasta 
  • truffles
  • ox meat
  • roast lamb
  • Istrian ham

Fun fact: Umag celebrates Sole Fish Days during the autumn season. The town's restaurants experiment with different ways to prepare this fish, resulting in delicious dishes paired with local wines and olive oils.

Baked sole dish, served with oranges and green beans in Umag, Croatia

A delicious gourmet sole served at a restaurant in Umag

What to visit around Umag

During your visit to Umag, we also recommend visiting some of the surrounding areas and attractions, such as:

  • The Marble Cave (13 km from Umag), one of the largest on the Istrian peninsula, with colorful stalactites and stalagmites exceeding 10 meters in height.
  • The medieval town of Novigrad (16 km from Umag), with its rich cultural heritage
  • Piran (24 km from Umag), nicknamed "the Slovenian Venice" for its alleys and squares reminiscent of the Italian city


Here are 6 tips that we hope will be useful for your visit to Umag:

  1. Remember to bring a valid ID card or passport.
  2. Electrical outlets in Croatia are type C (round profile with no center plug), so stay as organized as possible to avoid running out of battery power.
  3. One of the most unique experiences in Umag is sleeping in the Savudrija lighthouse. Since it is still operational, the apartments are located at the base, have multiple rooms, and overlook the sea. 
  4. Istralandia Aquapark, an 81,000-square-meter amusement park popular with both young and old people, is about a 20-minute drive from Umag's center.
  5. Since 1990, the Croatia Open Umag, a men's tennis tournament played on clay courts, has taken place in Umag in July. A fantastic opportunity to combine vacation and a passion for sports!
  6. Aside from ceramics and gastronomic products (such as oil and wine), Umagosice is one of the most interesting souvenirs to buy in Umag. These colorful sneakers were designed to promote the local tourist attractions.

Useful information for Umag

Umag is a small town of approximately 13,000 residents with a stunning coastline and an equally fascinating hinterland. 

The old town is very charming and all services are within walking distance. Between the centres and the port, there are 3 pharmacies. For medical emergencies, the hospital is only 700 metres away from the ferry dock.

Umag has accommodation options to suit all budgets. Hotels, guesthouses, apartments, resorts, and bungalows can be found in and around the city center. If you enjoy camping, Umag has plenty of options. Camping Park Umag, for example, is one of the largest in Croatia and ideal for families.

Umag is a bilingual city where Italian is spoken as a second language to Croatian. Keep in mind that on January 1, 2023, Croatia joined the eurozone, replacing the old kuna.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Umag

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Umag:

  • Port Authority: +38552741662
  • Bus station: +38552741817
  • Hospital: +38552702222
  • Umag tourist office: +38552741363
  • Police station: +38552533444
  • Post office: +38552741100
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Umag

Umag is situated in the lowlands and can be easily explored on foot. In fact, its historic center is very small, and everything is easily accessible. 

A car is not required and taxis are always available for any needs. If you decide to stay outside of the center, there is a tourist train that runs every half hour from Polynesia to Umag and back (stopping at Punta, Stella Maris, Katoro, and Polynesia resorts).

There is also a bus that leaves from the bus station to travel around Umag (for example, to the lighthouse in Savudrija).

If you enjoy riding a bike, you can use the public bike-sharing service Park&Ride, which allows you to rent classic or electric bikes.

The Freedom Square and the Cathedral of Umag in Croatia

The Cathedral of Umag and the Freedom Square

Ports in Umag

Umag has a port located in the city center that includes 1 pier. Ferries to/from Italy typically arrive and depart here. There are a few bars, stores and banks in the area. 

The ACI Marina Umag, on the north side of Umag's port, is a space with a variety of services, including hotels, restaurants, laundries, grocery stores, and parking lots.

Umag ferry: schedules and tickets

Ferries to Umag depart from Venice and operate only during the summer.

The ferry company Kompas (Adriatic Lines) serves the Venice - Umag route with 1 daily departure. The connection is operated by high-speed vessels that travel from Venice to the port of Umag in approximately 3.5 hours. 

There are no vehicles allowed on the Venice - Umag ferries, but you can travel safely with your pet.

The ACI marina Umag, north of the city's port, Croatia

The ACI Marina Umag, in the northern part of the city port

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Frequent ferry connections

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