Cyclades, Greece

Iraklia is a beautiful, quiet island in the Small Cyclades with a calm atmosphere and impressive landscapes. Here, you can find useful information and holiday tips about Iraklia, its beaches, activities and ferry routes. Book ferry tickets online at Ferryhopper at the best prices!

Vacation in Iraklia

Iraklia, this small island in the Aegean, is an oasis of tranquility that offers the possibility for carefree holidays and real rest. Serene moments on stunning beaches with turquoise waters, walks in the picturesque settlements with the simple Cycladic architecture and quiet nights in the tavernas and bars of the island await you in this little paradise, which still retains the simplicity of another era.

Road to the Livadi beach

On the way to the magnificent Livadi beach

How to get to Iraklia

Travel easily to Iraklia from mainland Greece via the port of Piraeus in Athens, as there are frequent ferry crossings to the island all year long. Furthermore, there are multiple intra-cycladic itineraries that connect the island to other destinations of the Small Cyclades. Find more information on how to reach Iraklia in the section below.

What to do in Iraklia

Iraklia is ideal for decentralization and hourless relaxation and tranquility. On the island, you will swim at the pristine beaches, eat local delicacies and rest, with the feeling of absolute freedom and the endless blue of the Aegean in the background. If you are in the mood for exploration, Iraklia is also suitable for nature activities. The wild beauty and its impressive landscapes will be unforgettable!

Beaches in Iraklia

On the idyllic, quiet beaches of Iraklia, you can relax and enjoy the tranquility next to the crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean. Keep in mind that most beaches of the island don’t have amenities like umbrellas or sunbeds, and you should bring essential equipment with you. Ferryhopper suggests the following beaches in Iraklia:

  • Agios Georgios: This is the most easily accessible beach on the island, which is located next to the port of Agios Georgios. It has fine sand, crystal waters and trees that offer their shade.
  • Livadi: It is the largest beach of Iraklia, with magnificent turquoise waters, golden sand and tamarisk trees. It is located about 2 km from the port and you can reach it by car (a 20 min drive) or on foot. The beach is also camping and nude friendly.
  • Tourkopigado: Wonderful sheltered creek with pebbles and clear emerald waters. It is easily accessible by car or on foot.
  • Vorini: A beautiful, quiet sandy beach with turquoise waters. It is located in the northern part of the island, near Agios Georgios. 
  • Karvounolakas: It is a secluded and quiet beach of great beauty. You can reach the place only by private boats or by the local one that runs daily trips. 
  • Alimia: Stunning sandy beach with crystal-clear waters, accessible only by private or local boats. Known for the German seaplane that sank here during World War II and is visible even from the sea surface!

the Livadi beach in Iraklia

The pristine beach of Livadi

Sights and activities in Iraklia

Although Iraklia is small, it has hidden beauties for those who seek adventure! The island offers the opportunity for many activities to visitors and especially to nature lovers. Ferryhopper suggests:

  • Stroll around Chora: In the beautiful, picturesque settlement of Panagia, time flows at a different pace. Wander the alleys to see a more traditional way of life and take a trip to the past. "to Steki tis Annios" is the meeting point of the village, where you can enjoy the view and taste local delicacies!
  • Hiking: Iraklia has 8 marked trails and due to its small size, you can get around the whole island on foot. Wonderful landscapes of wild beauty and the amazing view of the Small Cyclades and the Aegean are waiting for you on the paths of the island!
  • Visit the cave of Agios Ioannis: It is the largest cave in the Cyclades and one of the most interesting and impressive in Greece.
  • Visit the Castle: It is located above Livadi beach. Here you will find the ruins of a castle of the Hellenistic period, which seems to have been used as a fortress by the locals during the Middle Ages. Wonderful view!
  • Boat trips: Local boats will take you to heavenly beaches that are only accessible by sea, but also to nearby islands for diving and exploring!
  • Birdwatching: Mericha bay is an ideal location for birdwatching!
  • Visit Agios Athanasios: This abandoned settlement is of great interest with its special architecture.

Nightlife in Iraklia

Nightlife in Irakia is low-key as most visitors choose a taverna or a small bar for their evening. Most places for food and drinks are located near the port in Agios Georgios. Occasionally, usually in August, there are some festivities and panigiria with traditional live Greek music and food, both in Agios Georgios and the mountainous settlement of Panagia.

If you’re looking for more lively nightlife options in Iraklia, we highly suggest starting your evening at the rooftop bar of En Lefko, where you can try out some of the island’s best cocktails and enjoy scenic views. Alternatively, head to Surfin Bird, a cocktail bar that is located on the same grounds as the restaurant of Thymari. There, you can enjoy live performances and club nights throughout the summer.

Food in Iraklia

The food in the Small Cyclades is truly delicious. The traditional recipes are mainly based on fresh seafood and local produce. While you are in Iraklia, don’t miss to try:

  • patatato (meat and potatoes stew)
  • grilled octopus with fava
  • yiaprakia (cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat)
  • local honey
  • phyllo pies with cheese, greens or honey
  • pasteli (honey and sesame bar)
  • wild goat cooked in the stone oven
  • Iraklian fava
  • potatoes from the neighboring island of Naxos

Hiking in Iraklia

View of the endless blue from the path to the cave of Agios Ioannis

Useful information for Iraklia

Iraklia has 2 main settlements, Agios Georgios which is the port of the island, and the capital, which is called Panagia. Most facilities for visitors are located near the port: an ATM, grocery store, mini market, tavernas, cafes and some bars. There is also a Regional Medical Clinic in Panagia, as well as other basic amenities for a pleasant stay or visit. 

Regarding accommodation, most rooms and studios are in Agios Georgios, but there are also a few others around Livadi. Keep in mind that Irakeia doesn’t have a gas station, bank, pharmacy, and campsites.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Iraklia

Some useful contacts for Iraklia are:

  • Community of Iraklia: +302325350100 - 105
  • Regional Medical Clinic of Panagia: +302285071388
  • Iraklia citizen services (KEP): +302285077004

Transportation in Iraklia

You can easily explore Iraklia on foot, as the island is relatively small. In summer, there are also frequent bus services and taxis. If you wish to move around at your own pace, consider bringing your own car or motorcycle but make sure it is full of gas as there are no gas stations on the island. 

Ports in Iraklia

The port of Iraklia is in Agios Georgios on the north coast of the island. It is a small port and you can find some basic services or cafes near it. 

restaurant in Iraklia

Traditional taverna near the port of Iraklia

Island hopping from Iraklia

Iraklia is an ideal starting point for island hopping, as it is connected with frequent ferry services to all the islands of the Small Cyclades, but also to Naxos and Paros. Iraklia has direct ferry routes to:

  • Amorgos
  • Donousa
  • Koufonisia
  • Schinoussa
  • Naxos
  • Paros
  • Syros

Tip: Many of the crossings between the islands are operated by the legendary vessel "Skopelitis Express". This local ferry, which has been crossing the Aegean for over 30 years, offers a unique travel experience that will surely be unforgettable!

Take a look at our Map of Ferries and find all the ferry connections to and from Iraklia. Organize an unforgettable island hopping in the Cyclades and book your trip to the Aegean islands easily and quickly!

Iraklia ferry: schedules and tickets

Iraklia is connected to mainland Greece by regular ferry routes from the port of Piraeus. The ferry connection is served at least 3 times a week and the journey takes from 6.5 to about 7.5 hours. You can find more information about the route Piraeus - Iraklia on the respective page of Ferryhopper.

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Iraklia ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Iraklia has direct ferry connections to 9 ports :