Norddjurs, Denmark

The Danish town of Grenaa is a beautiful destination by the sea, with a developed shopping scene, great food tourism and interesting sightseeing opportunities!

Located on the east coast of the peninsula of Jutland, Grenaa is easily visitable. Discover all the ways to get there and plan your trip on Ferryhopper hassle-free!

Colorful buildings on a street in Grenaa, Denmark

Scenic residential street in Grenaa

Holidays in Grenaa

Grenaa (or Grenå) is a great destination for cozy moments in traditional Danish markets, walks on sandy beaches and exciting sightseeing! 

In summer, Grenaa benefits from its relatively good weather and provides visitors with numerous outdoor activities. In winter, the city is dressed in white, with beautiful Christmas traditions and events scattered all around. As such, Grenaa is a great year-round holiday destination, especially for families with children and adventurous travelers.

We definitely recommend making a stop here and admiring the beauty of the Danish countryside. And if you have more days to spare, Grenaa’s hidden gems await you!

How to get to Grenaa

There are direct ferry crossings from Halmstad, situated on the west coast of Sweden, and the Danish island of Anholt. Read all about ferries to Grenaa here!

Alternatively, you can get to Grenaa by bus or train, as there are several lines passing through the city. If you’re in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, reaching the Swedish port of Halmstad (by car or public transport) and traveling to Grenaa by ferry might save you time in some cases and introduce you to beautiful locations!

Now, if you wish to get to Grenaa by plane, the closest airport reference point is Aarhus Airport, located in Aarhus, the second-largest Danish city. There are direct flights from London, Amsterdam and plenty of central locations in Scandinavia.

What to do in Grenaa

Back in 1445, Grenaa was declared a market town. To this day, it has retained the charm of a traditional Danish shopping scene, all while offering modern services and entertainment options.

Not only that, but Grenaa gives you access to the beautiful coasts of the region, which are all walkable and untouched. Thrilling hiking excursions and refreshing swimming spots await you in Grenaa!

Without further ado, let’s discover the best of Grenaa, including what to do and see in this serene port town.

Boat at the pond of Sostrup Castle, Denmark

Idyllic views of the imposing Sostrup Castle

Sightseeing and activities in Grenaa

There are some pretty interesting attractions and monuments in Grenaa for lovers of history, nature and culture. The team of Ferryhopper has listed the best sightseeing options in Grenaa:

  • Museum Østjylland, with exhibitions, free entrance and accessibility services
  • Kattegatcentret, an aquarium full of marine wildlife and exciting activities
  • Grenaa Kirke, a beautiful church from the 13th century CE
  • The Mill Baunhøj Mølle, the famous cultural lighthouse of Grenaa
  • Grenaa Plantage, a whimsical and evergreen forest
  • The beautiful Sostrup Castle, about a 15-minute drive from the center of Grenaa (or 25 minutes by bus)

What about activities in Grenaa? In winter, many of Grenaa’s attractions and monuments become one with the Christmas spirit! Don’t miss out on great shopping opportunities, Danish traditions and festive sweets.

Apart from these seasonal celebrations, Grenaa is a great place to get your adrenaline pumping and reconnect with nature. Wander around the beautiful Grenaa Plantage, check out the mountain biking trail of Singletrack - Grenaa, and go to the sandy beach of Grenaa for a swim. Continue farther along the beach and you can also find more secluded spots for utter tranquility!

Nightlife in Grenaa

If you’re looking for endless partying, Grenaa is not the perfect place for hitting the dance floor. There are, however, plenty of cozy bars, pubs and restaurants for relaxing nights full of tasty moments.

Most nightlife options are concentrated close to the port and the railway station of Grenaa. If you’re spending at least two nights in Grenaa, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the town’s nocturnal secrets!

Food in Grenaa

The city of Grenaa provides foodies with a harmonious mix of Danish, European and international delicacies! Whether you have a sweet tooth or are a fan of seafood, Grenaa has more than enough for you!

Some products that you should try out in Grenaa are:

  • Smørrebrød (meaning “butter bread”)
  • Stjerneskud (a traditional sandwich with seafood and a variety of smørrebrød)
  • Pandekager (thin Danish pancakes)

Starry night in the municipality of Norddjurs, Denmark

Beautiful Danish landscapes at night

Useful information about Grenaa

In Grenaa, tourist accommodation covers a wide range of preferences. Among the best options, however, is staying at a beautiful hotel by the sea. You can find quite many along the coast of Grenaa, close to the port, making it a convenient location to stay in if you wish to depart from Grenaa by ferry.

As for visitor amenities, most of them are located close to the town center, such as medical centers and ATMs.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Grenaa

Check out some important phone numbers for your stay in Grenaa, Denmark:

  • Grenaa Port Authority: +4587587600
  • Grenaa Tourist Information: +4587581200
  • Grenaa Police Station: +4587311448
  • Aarhus Airport: +45877570 00
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Grenaa

Numerous amenities and entertainment options in Grenaa are all within walking distance. Moving between key locations like the town center and the port of Grenaa is more convenient by bus, taxi or car, however.

There is also a bus terminal and a train station close to the center, serving connections between Grenaa and other cities, like Aarhus.

 Flowery fields by the Fornæs Lighthouse in Grenaa

Flowery meadow and the famous Fornæs Lighthouse in Grenaa

Ports in Grenaa

The port of Grenaa is located on the east coast of Denmark, on the Jutland peninsula. As part of the municipality of Norddjurs, it is an important hub for maritime services.

There are numerous traveler amenities here, as well as disability assistance and sustainable services.

To get to the port of Grenaa, you can drive there by car, (Route 16), use public transport and arrive at a stop within walking distance of the terminal, or order a taxi.

Grenaa ferry: schedules and tickets

From the port of Grenaa, there are ferry connections to Halmstad in Sweden throughout the year, operated by the company Stena Line. Specifically:

  • Halmstad - Grenaa ferry: the direct ferry route from Halmstad to Grenaa is available with up to 2 daily ferries on most days of the week. The estimated travel time is around 4.5-5 hours.

You can also explore the neighboring Danish island of Anholt, located right between Denmark and Sweden. Normally, there are up to 2 daily ferries to Anholt, served by Grenaa-Anholt Færgefart.

View of the port of Grenaa on a cloudy day

The busy port of Grenaa on a cloudy day

Where to book ferry tickets to Grenaa online

The town of Grenaa and the rest of Denmark await you! Explore all ferry connections in Scandinavia on our interactive Map of ferries and book your ferry tickets to Grenaa easily and quickly!

Grenaa ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Grenaa for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

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