Thessaly, Greece

Volos is a seaside town in Thessaly and one of the most important ports in mainland Greece. The port of Volos is the main getaway from central Greece to the islands of Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos). The seaside and mountain areas of Volos, including Pelion, are also popular holiday destinations all year round.

The city and port of Volos

The port and city of Volos from above

Volos - gates and destinations

The port of Volos is the main gateway between mainland Greece to the Sporades islands. The area of ​​the port is located right next to the city center. There are 3 piers, 2 for commercial activities on the west side of the port and the main pier from where passenger ferries depart.

The passenger terminal for conventional and high-speed ferries to the Sporades is located within walking distance from the center of Volos. 

Ferry routes from the port of Volos

The port of Volos is located in the Pagasetic Gulf and serves regular ferry routes to the islands of the Sporades complex, i.e. Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos

It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to travel to the Sporades islands from Athens and the north of Greece. The port of Volos is also a great alternative to the seasonal route Thessaloniki - Sporades that does not run every year. 
Some of the most frequent ferry routes from the port of Volos are:

  • Volos - Skiathos: The fastest way to reach Skiathos from mainland Greece is to take a ferry from Volos. In the summer, there are 4 daily crossings and the ferry ride lasts approximately 1,5 to 2,5 hours
  • Volos - Skopelos: There are multiple daily crossings from Volos to the 2 ports of Skopelos and the ferry trip lasts from 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of ferry and destination port.
  • Volos - Alonissos: There are 2-3 daily sailings from Volos to Alonissos and the duration of the ferry trip is around 4 hours.
  • Volos - Skyros:  At present, there is no direct ferry connection between Volos and Skyros. You can travel from Volos to Skyros indirectly via the islands of Skopelos or Alonissos. The indirect ferry trip can last around 11 hours including the waiting time at the ports.

Check our interactive Map of ferries and find all the available ferry routes to the Sporades islands from Volos and mainland Greece.

Sailing ship at the port of Volos, Greece

Sailing ship and boats at the port of Volos

How do I get to the port of Volos?

You can easily reach Volos from Athens and Thessaloniki by car, bus or train. Indicatively, the distance of Volos from the largest cities in Greece is:

  • Athens - Volos: The distance is 325 km and the journey lasts around 3.5 hours by car.
  • Thessaloniki - Volos: The distance is 207 km and the journey is approximately 2 hours by car.

If you plan to travel to Volos by bus or train here are some useful information for your trip:

  • The bus routes from Athens to Volos are operated by KTEL Magnesias. The buses depart from the bus station in Liossia (Rikaki 6) and the journey takes around 4 hours.
  • The bus routes of KTEL Magnesias from Thessaloniki to Volos depart from the Bus Station 'Macedonia', usually from corridor 18. The journey lasts 2-2,5 hours. 
  • The bus station in Volos is located 1.5 km from the port, i.e. 20 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by taxi.
  • Volos train station is located 1.3 km from the port, i.e. 18 minutes on foot or 6 minutes by taxi.
  • At the moment, there is no direct train from Athens or Thessaloniki to Volos, but you can reach Volos with a stopover in Larissa. The train route Larissa - Volos takes 45 minutes and the ticket is very cheap.

Parking at the port of Volos

Before you arrive in Volos by car keep in mind that during the opening hours of the shops the city streets can have a lot of traffic and it can be hard to find a free parking spot on the port premises. You can park your vehicle either in a private parking lot or find a free space in the city streets close to the port, although the latter might prove quite time-consuming. The toll car park inside the main pier of the port (second entrance, as described above) is a good option, however, it can fill up quickly.

Ferryhopper in collaboration with ParkAround offers the easiest, fastest and cheapest parking in Volos. Compare all the available options and find the parking that suits best your schedule and budget.

Vehicle entrance to the main pier at Volos port

The vehicle entrance at the main pier of the port of Volos

Useful info and travel tips for the port of Volos

The port is located on the coastal road of the city of Volos so within walking distance from the ferry terminals you will find shops, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies, and the famous tsipouradika! In about 5 minutes on foot, there are ATMs (Eurobank, Piraeus, Ethniki banks), while about 10 minutes away from the port you can find the shopping center of Volos.

The entrance to the passenger terminals is easily accessible on foot or by car and it’s the first gate on your right when driving on the one-way coastal road of the city. The second gate on the same road leads to the parking of the port, also located on the pier. At the same place, you will also find the port authority of Volos.
There is currently no ferry ticket agency at the port of Volos. After booking your tickets online at Ferryhopper, you will receive an email with detailed information about the available ticket collection points in Volos.

Volos has a small airport, which is located about 37 km outside of the city in the area of Nea Anchialos. During the summer months, you can fly to Volos from numerous European destinations. The ‘Nea Anchialos National Airport’ is located about 40 km outside of the city of Volos and it is connected to the center of the city by bus routes, which are usually coordinated with the arrival and departure of domestic and international flights.

Important phone numbers for Volos:

  • Volos Port Authority: +30 2421353800
  • General Hospital of Volos ‘Achillopouleio’: +30 2421351000
  • KTEL Magnesias: +30 2421033254 / 2421025527
  • Volos Police: +30 2421076995
  • Citizen services Volos: +30 2421031436
  • Tourist information: +30  2421030930

The coastal road in Volos and the Papastratos building

The esplanade of Volos and the historical 'Papastratou' building with its iconic architecture

Vacation in Volos

Volos is a charming destination that is great for summer and winter vacations. Built between the gulf of Pagasitikos and the foothills of Mount Pelion, Volos is a vibrant city, with great history and beautiful landscapes. The area is renowned for its tsipouradika, the local restaurants and taverns where you can drink tsipouro (with or without anise) and taste delicious mezze plates. 

Beaches in Volos

Near the city of Volos, you can find beautiful beaches and coves that are good for swimming as well as watersports, diving, or sailing. Here are some of the nearest beaches to the port of Volos:

  • Anchialos
  • Alykes
  • Agios Dimitrios
  • Pigadi
  • Glyfa
  • Kala Nera

Sightseeing in Volos

Volos is a city that is easy to walk and worth exploring its neighborhoods. We suggest you visit the following attractions in Volos:

  • The Athanasakeio Archaeological Museum
  • The Museum of Industrial History in the Tsalapata complex
  • The Neolithic archaeological settlements of Sesklo and Diminio
  • The Entomological Museum of Volos
  • The city's train station
  • The district of ‘Palia’, in the western part of the city

Trip to Pelion

Pelion (or Pilio) is an area of great natural beauty, ideal for holidays or day trips from the city of Volos. The diverse landscape of Pelion will charm you straight away: green mountains, forests, small picturesque villages, breath-taking views of the Aegean sea and the Pagasetic Gulf, and some of the most beautiful beaches of the Thessaly region. In case you choose Volos for your vacation, we highly recommend a short trip to Pelion. Find more information about the best places to visit in Pelion below: 

Seaside taverna in Pelion

A family taverna next to the sea in Pelion

The villages of Pelion are famous for their architecture and the impressive surrounding landscapes. We suggest having a coffee or a glass of tsipouro in one of the beautiful village squares and tasting the delicious local products. Some of our favorite villages in Pelion are:

  • Milies
  • Tsagarada
  • Agios Lavrentios
  • Vyzitsa
  • Zagora
  • Mouresi
  • Kissos
  • Portaria
  • Makrinitsa

After passing through the mountain villages of Pelion with their impressive natural beauty, it is worth going down to the coastal settlements and the beaches of Pelion. You will have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters overlooking the mountains. Some of the best beaches to visit in Pelion are:

  • Chorefto: Large and popular sandy beach with turquoise waters. It has umbrellas and sunbeds. 
  • Ovrios: One of the most quiet and unspoiled beaches in Pelion. It has sand and trees all around that offer shade. The access to the beach is by dirt road with a few difficult points.
  • Ai-Giannis: One of the most famous beaches in Pelion. Large and sandy, it has many amenities including umbrellas, sunbeds, a beach bar, as well as a water sports club.
  • Papa Nero: Very popular beach with golden sand, crystal clear waters and lots of trees. It has umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars and taverns near-by.
  • Mylopotamos: Famous beach with beautiful surrounding nature. It has a combination of golden sand and white pebbles, with crystal turquoise waters. The beach is secluded with just one small beach bar for drinks and snacks. To get there you have to go down several stairs.
  • Fakistra: Beautiful small bay of wild beauty. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and has pebbles and turquoise waters. You can access the beach from a trail of about 200 meters. At the northern end of the coast, you will find a cave that is worth exploring!
  • Ntamouchari: Small, quiet cove with pebbles and clear blue waters. The beach is secluded so make sure you have the essentials with you.

Tip for your trip to Pelion: At the weekends it is worth taking the train from the rail station of Milies to the village of Ano Lechonia. The route is breathtaking, passing through forests, mountain slopes, bridges and beautiful villages. Pelion is also great for hiking-lovers with a lot of marked trails and hiking routes to discover. 

Waves in a beach in Pelion

Swimming at the refreshing waters of a beach in Pelion

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Volos ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Volos for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Volos has direct ferry connections to 6 ports :