Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The medieval paradise of Lübeck is a fantastic holiday destination on the German Baltic coast. This beautiful port city is known for its architecture, lush greenery and rich history, with the island-shaped Old Town stealing the spotlight.

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View of Lübeck and its cathedral, Germany

The city of Lübeck in all its medieval glory!

Holidays in Lübeck

Each season brings out the best of Lübeck, making it a wonderful year-round holiday destination. In summer, the sandy stretches and seafood restaurants of its port, Travemünde, come to life and offer unforgettable moments, while winter holidays in Lübeck are full of cozy Christmas markets and snowy medieval aesthetics.

If you wish to take things one day at a time, exploring the city's rich cultural and historical heritage while reconnecting with nature, Lübeck is the perfect place for you!

You can also plan day trips to nearby cities, such as Hamburg, or catch a ferry to countries of the Baltic Sea!

How to get to Lübeck

The sophisticated grounds of Lübeck are easily discoverable by ferry, plane, bus and train, as the city and its port are well-connected to other points of interest.

To reach Lübeck by ferry, you can catch a ferry to the port of Travemünde from Sweden, Latvia and Finland. The ferry ride is direct, smooth and convenient. Learn more about all ferries to Lübeck (Travemünde) here!

If you wish to arrive by plane, Lübeck Airport is located just 8 km south of Lübeck, and you can find a handful of flight connections from central European cities.

Alternatively, there are numerous bus and train services from neighboring cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden (through Denmark). Most connections are operated by Deutsche Bahn and Flixbus.

Tip: through the German motorway A1, you can reach Lübeck from Hamburg by car in less than 1 hour.

What to do in Lübeck

In Lübeck, you can find a harmonious mix of culture, history, natural wonders and mouthwatering food! You can join guided tours around its Old Town or wander through its medieval surroundings at your leisure. 

Quaint bars by the canal, green parks and imposing historical buildings await you in every corner of Lübeck, rewarding you with unique fragments of history. Keep reading to discover the best of Lübeck!

Buildings in the Old Town of Lübeck, Germany

The imposing Old Town of Lübeck

Sightseeing and activities in Lübeck

The serene alleys, gothic churches and medieval buildings echo the sophisticated character of Lübeck. Here are some must-see attractions and monuments in Lübeck if you’re up for some exciting cultural sightseeing:

  • The Holsten Gate, the imposing gothic gate of Lübeck
  • The reputable St. Mary's Church
  • The impressive Lübeck Cathedral
  • Lübecker Rathaus (Town Hall), one of most famous brick gothic buildings in Germany
  • Museum Harbour, full of traditional sailing ships
  • The Salzspeicher of Lübeck, historic storehouses for salt
  • The Old Lighthouse, found at the port of Travemünde 
  • The Fisherman’s Harbour in Travemünde, where you can get a taste of the city’s maritime life

Many of these attractions are found in the Old Town of Lübeck, the heart of the city and where historical sightseeing reaches its peak! Resembling a small island, Old Town (or Lübeck Altstadt) is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of its many architectural highlights is the street Große Petersgrube.

In Old Town, you can join guided tours to learn the deepest parts of Lübeck’s history. For other outdoor activities in Lübeck, you can opt for a dreamy canal tour or go for a long walk at the sandy beach in Travemünde.

Nightlife in Lübeck

At first, Lübeck may not seem like a buzzing nightlife center at first, but there’s definitely more than what meets the eye! You can find plenty of restaurants for refreshing drinks and traditional German delicacies. Clemensstrasse, specifically, is a popular nightlife option among students and young travelers.

There are also picturesque bars by the canal, venues with live jazz music and our personal favorite: Brauberger, the traditional brewery of Lübeck, which is perfect for groups of travelers and lovers of beer!

Food in Lübeck

Lying on the Baltic Coast, the medieval city of Lübeck is well-known for its top-tier seafood and unique combinations of meat, fish and vegetables.

When it comes to local snacks, the marzipan of Lübeck is something you should try, as it’s the most popular export of the city. You can even scent the aroma of its key ingredients, sugar and almond, as you stroll around the historic alleys of Lübeck.

Make sure to also try out the local beers (and the interesting mix of beer and schnapps). For lovers of wine, there are plenty of restaurants that offer an extensive list of wine options that go well with fish-based meals!

Tip: at the port of Travemünde, you can find the Fisherman’s Harbour for fresh and tasty seafood!

Served marzipan of Lübeck in Germany

The famous and tasty Lübeck Marzipan

Useful information about Lübeck

While Lübeck has everything you might need for perfect holidays, we recommend planning your trip well in advance to find good and budget-friendly accommodation options. The center of Lübeck caters to all tastes and offers a wide range of options.

Alternatively, you can find accommodation in Travemünde, which is great for seaside holidays in the summer. There is also a campsite there that provides visitors with modern amenities and is connected to the city center of Lübeck by bus.

As for medical services, there are plenty of pharmacies and international medical amenities in Lübeck.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Lübeck

Here are some phone numbers that might prove useful during your stay in Lübeck:

  • Sana Kliniken Lübeck (hospital): +4945158501
  • Lübeck Airport: +4945131710
  • Travemünde Port Authority: +494502807
  • 24/7 medical services: +4945171081
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Lübeck

The central locations of Lübeck and the port of Travemünde are connected by bus. If you wish to move around more freely, taxis or bringing along your car are also convenient options, as there are plenty of parking lots in Lübeck.

Numerous locations, such as the historical Old Town of Lübeck, can be explored on foot. You can also find boat tours, which are great for making the best of Lübeck’s beautiful canal and strategically positioned harbor.

 Salzspeicher of Lübeck, Germany

The historic buildings of Salzspeicher in Germany

Ports in Lübeck

If you’re wondering about the port of Lübeck, it is located in Travemünde, a seaside district of Lübeck. At the mouth of the river Trave in Lübeck Bay, the port of Travemünde is connected to neighboring countries through the Baltic Sea. 

There are organized harbor tours here, as well as entertainment options and the sandy beach of Travemünde, all within walking distance.

Tip: to get there from the center of Lübeck, there are local bus services. Alternatively, reaching Travemünde by car or taxi is also an option.

Lübeck ferry: schedules and tickets

Water is an integral part of Lübeck’s culture and history, so traveling there by ferry puts you in the right mood for holidays in the Baltic Sea! You can find ferry connections to the port of Travemünde (Lübeck) from Sweden (Malmö, Trelleborg), Finland (Helsinki) and Latvia (Liepāja).

The ferry routes to the port of Travemünde are operated by Stena Line, Finnlines and TT-Line. Specifically:

  • Malmö - Travemünde ferry: the ferries from Malmö to Travemünde (Lübeck) are available up to 3 times every day year-round, with the estimated travel time being around 9 hr.
  • Trelleborg - Travemünde ferry: there are up to 4 daily ferries from Trelleborg in Sweden to Travemünde in Lübeck that arrive in around 8 hr.
  • Helsinki - Travemünde ferry: you can catch a ferry from Helsinki to Travemünde (Lübeck) all year round, with up to 7 weekly crossings. The duration of the ferry ride is around 28 hr.
  • Liepāja - Travemünde ferry: throughout the year, the Liepāja - Travemünde ferry route is usually operated once every day. The duration of the ferry trip to the German port is around 19.5 hr.

Tip: as ferry schedules may change depending on the season or unforeseen circumstances, you can find real-time information on our fare search engine.

Sunset view of the lighthouse at the port of Travemünde

Magnificent sunset views in Travemünde, Lübeck

Where to book ferry tickets to Lübeck online

The historical and natural wonders of Lübeck await you! Browse all connections to/from the port of Lübeck on our Map of ferries, find the one that suits you best and plan your trip in the Baltic Sea without any hidden fees.

Lübeck ferry timetable

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