Halland County, Sweden

The mesmerizing port city of Halmstad is situated in the center of Sweden’s west coast. Scattered around Halmstad, you can find beautiful markets, historical sites and lots of nature reserves to explore!

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The sandy beach of Tylösand in Halmstad

The endless sandy stretch of Tylösand in Halmstad

Holidays in Halmstad

Holidays in Halmstad are perfect for all kinds of travelers! From outdoor activities on its sandy beaches to cultural sightseeing and top-tier food tourism, Halmstad has a lot to offer regardless of the season!

It is also an excellent family-friendly and pet-friendly holiday destination, providing visitors with modern amenities and quaint areas to explore hassle-free! 

You can plan a weekend excursion to Halmstad and let the secrets of Sweden’s west coastline unfold! Alternatively, if you’re simply passing through the city, there are unique things to do and see before resuming your adventures elsewhere.

How to get to Halmstad

Due to its strategic position, there are countless options when it comes to traveling to Halmstad. To get there by ferry, there is a direct route from Grenaa in Denmark to Halmstad, lasting 4.5-5 hours.

Alternatively, you may choose to arrive by plane. Your nearest point of arrival is Halmstad City Airport, which is just 10 minutes from the city center by car. You can also fly to Göteborg Landvetter Airport or Copenhagen Airport, both of which are farther away but serve many international connections.

If you wish to travel by train or bus, there are regional, national and international services that take you to Halmstad Resecentrum (or Halmstad Central Station).

Tip: to learn more about ferries to Halmstad, check out our relevant section below and get in the right mood for holidays on Sweden’s west coast!

What to do in Halmstad

At the mouth of the Nissan river, Halmstad is an ideal location where everything is possible! Delicious local food, sandy stretches by the sea, hiking trails and cultural monuments are among the top things to explore in Halmstad.

Halmstad is also home to many unique outdoor activities. For example, it is the official Swedish capital of golf, with tourists coming for its beautiful golf courses and experiences. Here, you will also have the opportunity to learn the history of the Vikings!

To learn more about what to do and see in Halmstad, continue reading!

Up-close shot of Halmstad Castle, Sweden

The beautiful and historical Halmstad Castle

Sightseeing and activities in Halmstad

In Halmstad, you may find yourself among cultural, historical and natural treasures that impress even the most demanding visitors! As there are so many things to do within walking (or biking) distance, the team of Ferryhopper has listed the top places to visit in Halmstad! Specifically:

  • The renovated Halmstad Castle, with its rich historical heritage and guided tours
  • Halland Art Museum, with interesting exhibitions and a beautiful scenery
  • The Hallandsgården open-air museum, for some great outdoor sightseeing
  • The St. Nikolai Church, a cathedral building with concerts and family-friendly happenings
  • The majestic Vapnö Church
  • The beautiful Picasso Park and its imposing sculpture
  • The riverside Halmstad City Library
  • The medieval Snöstorp Church, listed as the most beautiful church in Sweden back in 2006

Of course, many of the must-visit locations in Halmstad combine sightseeing with exciting activities! We recommend the following:

  • Walking through Prince Bertil’s trail
  • Swimming at the stunning beach of Tylösand
  • Visit local agricultural markets and second-hand shops that focus on sustainability
  • Play some golf at Halmstad’s natural settings
  • Explore the numerous nature reserves
  • Go cycling to neighboring forests and coasts (we recommend the famous Tylösand Trail)

Tip: consider visiting the fishing village of Grötvik, if you’re a fan of water sports, hiking and climbing in a place where time moves slower!

Nightlife in Halmstad

Nightlife in Halmstad is all about trying out creative cocktails, craft beers and mouthwatering delicacies in cozy locations. Restaurants by the sea or the river, atmospheric pubs and bars, and even traditional taverns are all waiting for you!

Make sure to also check what cultural and musical events are happening in Halmstad during your stay. For more sophisticated options, take a look at Halmstad’s theater scene or attend one of its exciting summer festivals!

Tip: if you’re a fan of beer, consider joining a tasting session at one of Halmstad’s authentic breweries.

Food in Halmstad

Halmstad is filled with the tastes and aromas of great seafood! Make sure to explore the city’s seaside restaurants that offer great views and even greater food.

Here, the signature food is curly kale, which used to be a festive tradition but is now prepared and enjoyed year-round. Numerous snacks and meals are made with this superfood, including the famous långkål (meaning long kale).

Other signature dishes that you can find in Halmstad are Swedish entrecote and gruyere-roasted cabbage. If you’re already familiar with the culinary delights of Sweden, you can also find European and international comfort food that never disappoints!

Nissa river and Halmstad at night, Sweden

Idyllic riverside view of Halmstad at night

Useful information about Halmstad

Finding accommodation in Halmstad is smooth sailing, due to its wide variety that caters to all tastes. From hotels and hostels to “glamping” (with luxurious tents) and locations for caravans, Halmstad has it all!

As for visitor amenities, the city offers everything you might need for comfortable holidays, including shopping centers, free internet zones, ATMs, pharmacies and medical centers.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Halmstad

We have gathered a few useful phone numbers for your stay in Halmstad:

  • Halmstad Port Authority: +4635155300
  • Halmstad City Airport: +4635182600
  • Emergency department Halmstad: +4635131000
  • Halmstad Tourist Center: +4635120200
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Halmstad

Halmstad is full of walking, hiking and cycling opportunities, thanks to its numerous trails. As such, there are easy and convenient ways to explore the city and its neighboring locations.

Alternatively, there are bus and train services between most points of interest, such as the port, the local airport and the two international airports. 

Halmstad Resecentrum, specifically, is the city’s travel center, an important point of reference for all means of transport in the area. At the Halmstad Central Station, you can also find plenty of national and international services as well.

As for moving around Halmstad by car, many parking lots are free. You can also find car rental services, in case you’re not bringing your vehicle to Halmstad.

Tip: apart from regular bicycles, you can also opt for electronic bikes or scooters.

 Halmstad City Libary on the river Nissa

The impressive Halmstad City Library

Ports in Halmstad

The port of Halmstad is an important Swedish maritime transport hub that is connected to the port of Grenaa in Denmark.

Access to the port of Halmstad is rather convenient, as you can get there by car, taxi, bus and train. There is also a shuttle bus service from the Central Station to the port that is wheelchair accessible as well.

Nearby, you can find parking lots, free internet zones, public restrooms and accessibility services.

Halmstad ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily travel to Halmstad from Denmark by ferry, thanks to the year-round connections of Stena Line. The ferry route is direct and a convenient way to get to Sweden by ferry. Specifically:

  • Grenaa - Halmstad ferry: catching a ferry from Grenaa to Halmstad is possible throughout the year, with up to 2 daily departures. The cost per passenger is usually fixed (around €16) and the estimated travel time is about 4.5-5 hours.

View of the port of Halmstad in Sweden

Industrial elements at the port of Halmstad in Sweden

Where to book ferry tickets to Halmstad online

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Halmstad ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

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