Golfo Aranci

Sardinia, Italy

Golfo Aranci is a beautiful town located at the north-eastern end of Sardinia. Very close to Costa Smeralda, it also boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. On Ferryhopper, you can find our travel tips for your holidays in Golfo Aranci, see available ferry routes and book your tickets with just a few clicks!

Take a look at our tips for your dreamy vacation in Golfo Aranci and discover useful information about its port:

The promontory of Capo Figari and the bay of Golfo Aranci

 The promontory of Capo Figari and the beautiful coastline of Golfo Aranci

Vacation in Golfo Aranci

If you are thinking of a holiday made of sea, nature and fun, Golfo Aranci is the right choice. This small seaside town is located at the foot of the beautiful promontory of Capo Figari and represents the gateway to the well-known locations of Costa Smeralda.

Quieter and cheaper than the areas of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, Golfo Aranci is perfect for a family trip or a friend's adventure.

Its white sandy beaches, the breathtaking views, and the social life of its surroundings are in fact the ideal mix to take advantage of a few days in Sardinia.

How to get to Golfo Aranci

If you are already in Sardinia and want to visit Golfo Aranci, you can reach the town by car, train, and bus from the major locations on the island.

From Olbia, you can get to Golfo Aranci by car in just 20 minutes, and there are also seasonal buses running from June to September. Trains to Golfo Aranci stop directly at the port and also depart from Cagliari.

The closest airport to Golfo Aranci is Olbia, about 16km away. From here, however, you will have to arrive at Olbia station and then continue to Golfo Aranci by train or bus.

If you come from the Italian peninsula or from abroad, you can reach Golfo Aranci by ferry. Read more about the ferry schedules for Golfo Aranci in our dedicated section.

Golfo Aranci seen from the sea

 The town of Golfo Aranci

What to do in Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is the ideal place for holidays on the beach. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the area are located a stone's throw from the city center.

Get ready to relax on the soft sand of its coves, go snorkeling or enjoy an aperitif in the most fashionable beach bars of Costa Smeralda! The city waterfront is also perfect for beautiful walks and shopping in the Marina area.

For lovers of outdoor activities and trekking, the promontory of Capo Figari offers beautiful trails with panoramic views. In the surroundings of Golfo Aranci, you can also visit some archaeological areas and ancient Nuragic remains.

Beaches in Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is especially known for its beaches. In addition, they are surrounded by picturesque villages that you can visit after taking your dives.

Here are our 6 favorite beaches in Golfo Aranci and its surroundings:

  • Sos Aranzos Beach: this cove is located 8km south of Golfo Aranci. It has white sand, turquoise waters, and shallow waters. From here, you can also enjoy a fantastic view of the islands of Tavolara and Capo Figari. The beach is suitable for children and you can find a car park and a beach bar.
  • White Beach: it's a beautiful arch-shaped white beach. Its waters are crystal clear, with iridescent shades, and its depths are perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. The whole area is bustling in the summer with beach parties in the evening.
  • Cala Greca: located in the easternmost part of Capo Figari, this beach of pebbles and pink rocks is surrounded by cliffs overlooking the sea. It is part of a nature reserve and has no services. The area is very popular with diving enthusiasts due to the richness of its seabed.
  • Cala del Sonno: reachable both by boat and on foot, this beautiful cove is surrounded by greenery. The entire bay is made up of pebbles, it has emerald green waters and the seabed is rocky. The area has no services.
  • Cala Sabina: located in the northern part of Capo Figari, it is 300 meters long and is one of the most beautiful in Gallura. The bay is protected by two promontories overlooking the sea and has turquoise and shallow waters. One part of the beach is free, while the other is partially equipped with services, bars, and restaurants.
  • Cala Moresca: located a few kilometers from the Golfo Aranci exit and in front of the Islet of Figarolo, this small cove is a remote place with crystalline waters. There is also a pine forest to cool off in the shade during the hottest hours. You can reach the beach by leaving the car in a parking lot a few meters from the shore.

The wild nature of Cala Moresca in Golfo Aranci

The fascinating Cala Moresca, one of the most beautiful in Golfo Aranci

Sightseeing in Golfo Aranci

The main attraction of Golfo Aranci is certainly its sea. The village itself and the entire surrounding area, however, offer some "cultural entertainment", such as:

  • The impressive waterfront, decorated with quotes from important figures 
  • The MuMart, the Underwater Museum of Golfo Aranci with interesting stone sculptures
  • The Sacred Well Milis, one of the few testimonies in Sardinia of a Nuragic Temple
  • The Semaphore of the Navy (Faro Marconi), the place where Guglielmo Marconi perfected his research on radio
  • Arzachena and its famous archaeological park, including the tombs of the giants and a necropolis
  • The Archipelago of La Maddalena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for a day trip from the port of Palau
  • The island of Tavolara, with its rugged and wild nature, reachable in 1 hour by boat

The limestone mountain of the island of Tavolara and its landscape

The beautiful island of Tavolara 

Nightlife in Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is quieter than the nearby towns of Costa Smeralda, famous for their nightlife. Here, you can still spend some fun evenings sipping a cocktail or attending beach parties.

If you love dancing, you will have to reach the neighboring areas of Golfo Aranci, such as Porto Cervo, known for its magnificent marina frequented by many yachts. For a lounge bar atmosphere, you can go to Porto Rotondo or San Teodoro and enjoy a nice aperitif on the beach.

Food in Golfo Aranci

In Golfo Aranci's traditional cuisine, the flavors of land and sea are combined to create delicious dishes. From traditional suckling pig to fresh grilled fish, Golfo Aranci's gastronomic 

Here are some of the most delicious local delicacies to try during your holidays in Golfo Aranci:

  • ravioli al nero di seppia (cuttlefish ink ravioli)
  • tuna and broad beans
  • bomboloni (doughnuts filled with pastry cream)
  • peretta all’aceto (vinegar pear)
  • amarettus (almond sweets)

Amarettus, the typical sweets of Golfo Aranci

Delicious Amarettus, the typical almond sweets from Golfo Aranci


Here are 4 helpful tips for your holidays in Golfo Aranci:

  1. The most recommended way to get around Sardinia and explore the Golfo Aranci area at its best is by car. You can embark your vehicle on the ship or rent it upon arrival.
  2. Golfo Aranci and the surrounding towns could be quite expensive and crowded, especially in high season. Alternatively, you can visit it during spring and enjoy Sardinia to the fullest!
  3. Every summer in Golfo Aranci a colorful market with various handmade objects and crafts is set up in the evening along via Libertà.
  4. Have you heard about mermaiding before? If you want to feel (and dress) like a mermaid for a day and explore the fascinating world of the sea, the Alpha Diving Center in Golfo Aranci offers courses for all levels! If you are not into mermaiding, you can try scuba diving instead.

Useful information about Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is synonymous with relaxation, sea, and history. Located in one of the most popular parts of Sardinia, it is quite crowded and not particularly cheap in summer. However, there are various accommodation options, from luxury hotels to camping sites.

In the center of the village, near the port, you will find a pharmacy, and there are various supermarkets located throughout the area. As for the health facilities, there is a medical guard, while for the major hospitals, you will need to go to Olbia.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Golfo Aranci

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Golfo Aranci:

  • Emergency medical service: +39078946305
  • Public clinic: +390789615479
  • Pharmacy: +39078946510
  • Golfo Aranci Police Station: +39078946966
  • Carabinieri: +39078946922
  • Maritime District Office: +39078946880
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Golfo Aranci

Given its size, Golfo Aranci can be easily explored on foot. Being a very small town, there is no city bus network.

We recommend that you opt for a car or a scooter so you can easily reach the beautiful beaches near Golfo Aranci and explore them in comfort. You can embark your own vehicle on the ferry to Golfo Aranci or rent one near the port.

Tip: sometimes in the summer months there are shuttle services available to reach the nightclubs and the main entertainment areas near Golfo Aranci.

The palm trees of the Golfo Aranci promenade in the evening

The illuminated promenade of Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci ferry port

The port of Golfo Aranci is located very close to the town and is considered the gateway to Costa Smeralda. It is one of the busiest ports in the area as it is closest to the Italian peninsula.

Within the port area, there are various services, such as bars, restaurants, rentals, and the ARST suburban bus stop. In the port, there is also the maritime station, the railway terminus of the Cagliari - Golfo Aranci line.

Golfo Aranci ferry: schedules and tickets

From the Italian ports of Livorno and Savona, you can reach Golfo Aranci thanks to the direct ferry connections of Corsica Ferries. Some ferry routes are seasonal, while others run all year round.

The crossings range from a minimum of 7 to 15 hours, depending on the ferry route. Since the journey is not very short, we recommend that you book a cabin for a comfortable trip.

Here you can find more information on the ferry connections to Golfo Aranci:

  • Livorno - Golfo Aranci ferry: the ferry from Livorno to Golfo Aranci is available all year round. In winter, there are 2 weekly connections, while from April it is possible to travel by ferry to Golfo Aranci every day. The crossing can last between 7 and 10 hours, depending on the type of vessel.
  • Piombino - Golfo Aranci ferry: the ferry route from Piombino to Golfo Aranci is active only in August. There are usually 2-3 weekly connections and the journey takes between 6 and 8.5 hours, depending on the itinerary.
  • Genoa - Golfo Aranci ferry: the ferry connection from Genoa to Golfo Aranci is active during the summer (in July and August). Depending on the period there are up to 4 weekly crossings and the ferry trip can last between 10 hours and 11 hours 15 minutes.

Take a look at our Map of ferries with all the connections available from the port of Golfo Aranci and start planning your holidays right away!

Important note: a ferry connection between Savona and Golfo Aranci was active until 2023. However, at the moment the Savona - Golfo Aranci ferry route is not in operation.

Ferry schedules from Golfo Aranci to France and Corsica

From Golfo Aranci, you can also reach the cities of Nice (France) and Bastia (Corsica). Ferry connections are mostly seasonal.

Here are more details on the routes:

  • Golfo Aranci - Nice ferry: the ferry crossing from Golfo Aranci to Nice operates 1-2 times a week and it is seasonal. The ferry connection takes between 16 and 18 hours depending on the type of vessel.
  •  Golfo Aranci - Bastia ferry: the ferry connection from Golfo Aranci to Bastia is seasonal with 1-2 weekly crossings. The ferry trip takes about 6.5 hours.

Sunset at the port of Golfo Aranci

A beautiful sunset over the port of Golfo Aranci

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Golfo Aranci ferry timetable

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