Pelagie Islands, Italy

Lampedusa, the largest of the three Pelagie Islands (the others are Linosa and Lampione), is located between Italy and Africa. A quintessential summer vacation spot, it is a wild, welcoming place, perfect for sea lovers.

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Aerial view of Lampedusa island, Italy

The island of Lampedusa seen from above in all its beauty

Vacation in Lampedusa

If you’re dreaming of a beach vacation in an underrated destination, Lampedusa might be just the place for you.

The hospitality of its residents, the food, the spectacular sunsets, and its coastline are just some of the reasons to visit the island. 

Lampedusa is also quite small, so 4-5 days are enough to explore it thoroughly, relax on its beaches and do some hiking.

Read on to find out how to get to the island and what to do during your stay.

How to get to Lampedusa

You can easily get to Lampedusa by ferry or by plane. 

The island can be reached by ferry from Porto Empedocle (in the province of Agrigento in Sicily) and from nearby Linosa. Find out more about ferries to Lampedusa in our dedicated section.

Lampedusa also has an airport connected daily with Palermo and Catania in Sicily, while in summer there are direct flights to the island from other cities in Italy as well.

Ferry near the coast of Lampedusa at sunset hour, Italy

The coast of Lampedusa seen during sunset

What to do in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is a destination for beach lovers and those who love panoramic sea views. 

During your stay, you can discover coves, explore underwater worlds and get lost in some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. At the same time, you'll have the opportunity to venture on trekking paths, explore canyons and learn about the island's historical heritage

A vacation in Lampedusa is not complete without a boat trip, allowing you to see the island from a different point of view. You could also opt for a day trip to Linosa or a dip in the waters of the uninhabited islet of Lampione.

One thing is certain, Lampedusa will not disappoint!

Beaches in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is certainly famous for its dreamy beaches. On the island, you can find both equipped beaches and free areas, as well as wilder coves accessible by sea.

Talking about all of them would be a feat, but here are 7 beautiful beaches in Lampedusa not to be missed:

  1. Cala Guitgia: very close to the town center, it is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Lampedusa. It boasts fine white sand, aquamarine waters and is one of the best equipped beaches on the island, perfect for families with children. You can reach it easily on foot or by car with no parking issues.
  2. Cala Creta: located on the eastern part of the island, this is a rocky cove perfect for snorkeling. To reach it, you’ll have to walk down a dirt road and a small descent, while access to the water is provided by some stone steps. If you’re lucky, you might spot dolphins jumping out of the water in the early morning.
  3. Mare Morto: located northeast of the town, it lies in a rocky cove with fascinating cliffs and caves. Its waters are always calm, hence the name. This beach is located within the Marine Protected Area, so get ready to admire unique underwater landscapes and brightly colored fish.
  4. Cala Pulcino: considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, it is a cove consisting mostly of pebbles. The seabed is sandy and ideal for diving. To reach it, just follow the signs for Cala Teresa, reach the parking area and walk a scenic path for about 30 minutes.
  5. Cala Pisana: close to the town center, it’s popular with islanders and easily accessible. Perfect for diving, its waters resemble those of a swimming pool. The cove is divided between a small beach and a paved area, and there are umbrella rental services as well as a small kiosk.
  6. Cala Uccello: located on the east coast, it is mostly chosen by those seeking a peaceful environment. The beach is about 200 m long and is surrounded by lush vegetation. Some bird-shaped rocks and beautiful natural caves can be found here. This cove is also famous for the sea turtles that swim in its waters.
  7. Conigli: known as one of Italy's most beautiful beaches, this is a long stretch of pristine white sand wrapped in unspoiled territory. The white cliffs, turquoise waters and surrounding landscape make it unique in the world. It's no wonder that caretta-caretta turtles lay their eggs here. The beach is 3 km from the center of Lampedusa and can be reached on foot via the Capo Ponente trail.

Useful info: being part of a protected area, access to Conigli Beach is limited to a certain number of people per day and requires free online reservations.

Conigli beach with its turquoise waters in Lampedusa, Italy

Raise your hand if you wouldn't want to be here right now!

Sightseeing in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is essentially a destination for those seeking a relaxing beach vacation. Apart from the beaches, there isn't a lot to see, but you can take advantage of a few attractions between dips.

Don't miss:

  • The Lampedusa Turtle Rescue, the WWF turtle and wildlife recovery center
  • The Capo Grecale Lighthouse, one of the island's most beautiful viewpoints
  • The Porta d'Europa (Gateway to Europe), a monument to the migrants who cross the dangerous waters 
  • The Historical Archive of Lampedusa, dedicated to preserving Lampedusa's heritage
  • The Museum of Trust and Dialogue for the Mediterranean, which displays works from the most famous Italian and foreign museums
  • The dammusi, the island's ancient dwellings now transformed into luxury accommodations
  • The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Porto Salvo, a small church carved into the rock and dating back to the 1200s

The small Sanctuary of Our Lady of Porto Salvo surrounded by trees in Lampedusa, Italy

The small Sanctuary of Our Lady of Porto Salvo and its gardens

Nightlife in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is the most populated of the Pelagie Islands, so the nightlife options are more abundant compared to the nearby Linosa. Nevertheless, the island has a relaxed pace and is primarily enjoyed for its sea and beautiful views.

Via Roma is the center of entertainment, with a variety of shops and venues. Even in the harbor area, there are some bars and restaurants where you can spend a pleasant evening. 

We also recommend heading to the north of the island to enjoy a fantastic sunset aperitif at Fuori Rotta or O'Scià Club. Another option is the Sprizzando mobile bar, which sets up daily from May to September in the parking lot of Albero Sole, Lampedusa's highest point.

Food in Lampedusa

Lampedusa's cuisine has multicultural origins and largely echoes Sicilian traditions. The star of the table is definitely fish, served in a variety of ways. 

Here are some delicacies to try during your trip to Lampedusa:

  • pasta with red mullet sauce
  • shrimp salad with mint
  • amberjack filets in oil
  • grouper couscous
  • grilled catch of the day
  • almond sweets
  • local preserves and jams


Here are 5 tips for an unforgettable stay in Lampedusa:

  1. To fully enjoy the beauty of Lampedusa without too many crowds, we recommend visiting the island in the off-season.
  2. For the best sunset in Lampedusa, head to the Capo Ponente viewpoint, where you can gaze towards Tunisia.
  3. Take part in a fishing trip! This will give you the opportunity to experience a wonderful sea adventure with local fishermen.
  4. If you've always been drawn to the underwater world, you should know that Lampedusa is famous for its diving centers. Make your diving session reservation and explore the sea together with experienced guides!
  5. On August 24th, Lampedusa celebrates the Feast of St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of the island. Throughout the day, various events are organized and in the evening, you can enjoy a beautiful fireworks display at the port. Keep in mind that the island's stores and restaurants may be closed for the occasion.

Fireworks at the harbor for the Feast of St. Bartholomew in Lampedusa, Italy

The fireworks display at the port of Lampedusa for the Feast of St. Bartholomew

Useful information about Lampedusa

Lampedusa has approximately 6,000 residents and an area of 20 km2

Although it is not very large, the island offers a wide range of accommodations, such as hotels, apartments and vacation homes. For a more local experience, you can also stay overnight in traditional dammusi located in the areas of Cala Creta, Cala Croce and Cala Imbriacola. There’s also a campsite close to the beach of Cala Greca.

Most of Lampedusa's activities are concentrated in the port area and on Via Roma (the main street), which is full of stores, bars and restaurants. During the high season months, Lampedusa hosts various interesting activities, such as day trips and excursions.

As for health services, there is a medical clinic, a veterinary center and a parapharmacy on the island. A tourist medical guard service is also usually provided from June to September.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Lampedusa

Here are some numbers that could prove useful during your stay in Lampedusa:

  • Port Authority of Lampedusa: +39922970141
  • Carabinieri: +390922970001
  • Tourist Medical Service: +390922970604
  • Veterinary Clinic: +393404991190
  • Alonge Para-pharmacy (Via Roma): +390922973766
  • Tourist information center: +390922970597
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Lampedusa

In Lampedusa, you can get around on foot, with a private vehicle or by using public transportation. 

Cars and scooters are the most recommended options for exploring the island on your own and reaching the most hidden coves. At the port, you can also rent a boat to explore the coastline or opt for organized tours.

Since Lampedusa is full of uphill and downhill roads, and some parts are quite wild, cycling is not the most convenient mode of transportation.

As for buses, there are 2 bus lines on the island (the Red Circular and the Blue Circular) that depart every hour from Piazza Comm. Brignone.

Lampedusa's airport is relatively close to the town center (less than 2 km from Via Roma) and can even be reached on foot. 

 Lampedusa's typical dammusi surrounded by a rugged landscape, Italy

A few dammusi immersed in the rugged landscape of the island

Port in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is the southernmost point in Italy and its port is located 200 km from the Sicilian coast and 167 km from Tunisia. 

The port area lies within a bay and is divided into 3 parts: commercial ferry dock at Cala Guitgia, pleasure boats dock at Cala Salina, as well as ferries and hydrofoils dock at Cavallo Bianco.

At the port of Lampedusa, you will find various services, such as bars, restaurants, rentals, gas stations, and diving centers. There is also a bus stop very close by. 

Lampedusa’s airport is 2 km from the ferry embarkation point and can be reached on foot in less than 20 minutes or by private transfer.

Lampedusa ferry: schedules and tickets

Ferries to Lampedusa depart from Porto Empedocle in Sicily and nearby Linosa

Routes operate year-round by 3 companies: Liberty Lines, Siremar and Traghetti delle Isole. 

Ferries to Lampedusa accept pets on board. It is also possible to transport vehicles, but only on conventional ferries. To limit pollution on the island, however, there is a ban on the circulation of Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2 cars and commercial vehicles, as well as Euro 0 mopeds.

Here’s some additional information on ferry connections to Lampedusa:

  • Ferry Porto Empedocle - Lampedusa: the ferry route from Porto Empedocle to Lampedusa usually has 2 departures per day with an increased frequency in the summer. The trip can take between 4 hours 15 minutes and 9 hours 45 minutes, with ferry prices starting from €52.
  • Ferry Linosa - Lampedusa: ferries and hydrofoils to Lampedusa from Linosa operate 4-5 times a day, with more routes in the summer months. Crossings range from 1 hour to 2 hours 40 minutes, depending on the operator chosen, and ticket prices start from €16.

Part of the port of Lampedusa along the town center, Italy

Part of the old port of Lampedusa and its town center

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