La Graciosa

Canary Islands, Spain

La Graciosa is one of the smallest and most secluded of Spain's Canary Islands. The little unspoiled paradise boasts some heavenly beaches and is ideal for a relaxing day trip from Lanzarote.

On our Ferryhopper travel guide, you will find everything you need to know about La Graciosa: how to get there, best beaches, where to stay, and what to do on the island. Book cheap ferry tickets to La Graciosa with no hidden fees and discover this hidden gem of the Atlantic!

Panoramic view of La Graciosa island in the Canaries, Spain

The charming La Graciosa: one of the smallest Canary Islands

Holidays in La Graciosa

Whether you want to go on a day trip from Lanzarote or you’re looking for a relaxing holiday close to nature, La Graciosa is the place for you! With no mass tourism or asphalt roads, the small peaceful island is the perfect destination to avoid the crowds and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a look at Ferryhopper’s top tips for a day trip to La Graciosa.

Time moves slower on this idyllic island of the Canaries, which stands out for its gorgeous untouched beaches, volcanic landscapes and rich marine life. Adventure lovers can enjoy exciting outdoor activities, from mountain biking and hiking to scuba diving. And if you're looking for a little thrill, you can also go on a jeep safari to discover La Graciosa's highlights!

How to get to La Graciosa

The only way to get to La Graciosa is by ferry from Lanzarote. There are several crossings per day and the journey takes about 25 minutes. Ferries from Lanzarote to La Graciosa depart from the port of Órzola in the north of the island and arrive in Caleta de Sebo.

You can find more information about La Graciosa ferry schedules and tickets below.

Sustainability in La Graciosa

La Graciosa belongs to the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago, an area that is protected for its great ecological value. To help preserve the island's biodiversity and pristine beauty, there are some simple things you can do during your visit:

  • Make sure that you don't leave any waste behind (including food and cigarette butts).
  • Do not leave the signposted paths when hiking or cycling, as it can be dangerous and cause damage to the environment.
  • Do not bother or feed the animals. If you see an injured animal, please call 112 to report it.
  • Do not pick flowers or plants.
  • Leave rocks and all natural objects in place. The practice of stone stacking can have a detrimental ecological impact.
  • Do not light fires outside the permitted areas.
  • Try not to disturb the peaceful environment with excessive noise, such as loud music and yelling.

What to do in La Graciosa

With its minimal tourism development and wild landscapes, La Graciosa is a place where you can truly unwind and connect with nature. There are hardly any cars on the island, so you can explore the amazing beaches and unique natural wonders on foot or by bike. The crystal-clear waters invite you in to swim and discover the mysteries of the deep.

If you prefer to see the island without breaking a sweat, you can always take one of the 4x4 taxis that offer tours of La Graciosa. Or go on a boat trip to swim in the turquoise waters of the marine reserve that surrounds the island! And for those who just want to relax and take it easy, La Graciosa's unspoiled beaches are great for some quiet time by the sea.

Sounds exciting? Read on to find out all you need to know about your trip, including travel tips, useful information and things to do and see in La Graciosa.

Volcanic landscape with sea and a mountain in La Graciosa, Spain

The amazing turquoise waters of La Graciosa

Beaches in La Graciosa

La Graciosa is home to some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the Canary Islands. There, you can spend quiet days playing with the golden sand, swimming and basking in the sun. And with barely any tourists around, you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing scenery in total peace.

Bear in mind that most beaches in La Graciosa have no amenities, so make sure that you bring lots of water, snacks and anything else you might need to spend a few hours or the entire day on the beach.

Some of the most popular La Graciosa beaches are:

  • La Francesa: this stunning beach is located 2 km from Caleta de Sebo. It has white sand and spectacular turquoise waters, and it's ideal for snorkeling. The beach also offers incredible views of the Famara cliffs. If you want to enjoy the tranquility and see the beautiful sunset, we suggest going there after 17:00.
  • Las Conchas: located at the foot of Mountain Bermeja in the north of La Graciosa, Las Conchas is the most idyllic beach on the island. While the strong currents may prevent you from swimming, it is worth visiting the pristine beach to marvel at the beauty of the landscape.
  • Baja del Ganado: the remote beach is located on the western coast of the island and it's ideal for easy-going beach holidays! From Baja del Ganado, you can enjoy tremendous views of the Montaña Clara islet. You can access the beach through a short footpath from the main road.
  • La Laja: this lovely beach is located right next to Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa’s port. It’s perfect for families thanks to its calm waters, easy access and close proximity to the restaurants and other amenities of the village.
  • El Salado: this beautiful beach is one of the most accessible in La Graciosa. It takes only 15 minutes to reach it on foot from Caleta de Sebo and the coastal path offers breathtaking views of Lanzarote. There's also a campsite right next to the beach.
  • La Cocina: this small untouched cove is located at the foot of Montaña Amarilla ("yellow mountain"), one of La Graciosa's top landmarks. The sheltered beach with calm waters and white sand is great for families, as well as snorkeling and diving. The volcanic landscape and amazing views of the famous Famara cliffs will enchant you!
  • Calera de Arriba: this untouched beach is located close to Caleta de Sebo. It's the perfect spot to relax and disconnect. There are no visitor amenities on the beach and it often gets windy. The impressive black rocks and calm waters of Caleta de Arriba create an amazing scenery.
  • Pedro Barba: this beach in La Graciosa is located right next to the small holiday community. It comes alive during high season, but it's also worth visiting during the fall to enjoy its wild and untamed side. The beach is covered with fine white sand and black rocks. There's also a small parking lot right above.
  • Ámbar: the beach, also known as Lambra, is on the northern coast of La Graciosa. It's a golden-sand beach of exquisite beauty. Bike enthusiasts cycle to the beach to enjoy the surrounding landscape consisting of volcanic rocks and white sand dunes. Bear in mind there are often strong winds in the area.

Tip: have a look at our blog for more information about the best beaches in La Graciosa, including access and useful tips.

Las Conchas beach in La Graciosa, Spain

Las Conchas, one of the most spectacular beaches in La Graciosa

Activities in La Graciosa

With its untamed beauty and wide range of outdoor activities, La Graciosa is a paradise for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. Just pack your hiking shoes and bathing suit, and get ready to explore the beautiful blue sea and stunning landscapes! Jeep safaris and boat trips around the island are also available if you prefer to discover La Graciosa in a more leisurely fashion.

Some of the top things to do in La Graciosa are:


Due to its small size, La Graciosa is ideal for exploring on foot. The island has 4 main hiking trails that lead to gorgeous beaches and impressive volcanic mountains.

If you only have one day to spend in La Graciosa, follow the coastal route going south from Caleta de Sebo. The sandy path offers spectacular vistas of the ocean and takes you to some of the island's most popular highlights, such as La Francesa beach, La Cocina beach and Mountain Amarilla. The route is approximately 6 km long and takes about 1.5 hours.

Another popular walk in La Graciosa is the one leading to the beautiful Las Conchas beach. Once there, do not miss the chance to climb to the top of Mountain Bermeja. The view of the islet of Montaña Clara and La Graciosa will take your breath away!

Mountain biking

Biking is a great way to discover La Graciosa's beaches and natural attractions. The flat terrain does not present much difficulty, apart from some patches with rocks or accumulated sand and a few slopes.

There are 3 mountain biking routes that run across the island and bike rentals can be found in Caleta de Sebo.

Scuba diving

La Graciosa is part of the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago, Europe's largest marine reserve and home to several protected species. In fact, the island has the most diverse marine life in the Canaries!

Divers will have the opportunity to discover La Graciosa's underwater treasures and meet the unique creatures living in its depths, such as angelsharks and moray eels. The island has several dive sites that are suitable for all levels. In Caleta de Sebo, you will find a scuba diving center, where you can rent equipment and take diving courses.


Don't forget to bring a mask and snorkel with you on your trip to La Graciosa! The beaches of La Francesa and La Cocina with their calm, crystal-clear waters are perfect for exploring the island's underwater life.

Jeep safari

If you're looking for a little adventure, why not go on a jeep tour around La Graciosa? Stops include must-see spots, such as Las Conchas beach and Caletones Arches (Arcos de Los Caletones), an impressive natural basalt stone monument.

You can find the 4x4 taxi rank at the port of Caleta de Sebo. Most taxis have a maximum capacity of 8 passengers. If you are visiting during peak season (summer, Easter and Christmas), you should consider booking your jeep tour around La Graciosa in advance, as the number of taxis available on the island is limited.

Boat tour

Take a boat trip around La Graciosa to enjoy stunning views of the island from the sea! You will also have the chance to swim in the heavenly waters of La Francesa beach and try exciting activities, such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Boats usually leave both from Lanzarote and from Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa's port. If you are visiting from Lanzarote, you will also have some time to stroll around the tranquil village of Caleta de Sebo and catch a glimpse of everyday life on the island.

Important note: do not leave the signposted paths when hiking or cycling, as it can be dangerous and cause damage to the environment. The only shops in La Graciosa are located in Caleta de Sebo, so make sure that you have enough water and food before you leave the village. We also recommend bringing a hat and sunscreen with you, as there is no shade on the island.

Path and volcanic mountain in La Graciosa, Spain

La Graciosa's cycling and hiking paths leading to impressive volcanic mountains

Food in La Graciosa

During your La Graciosa trip, you should definitely try the delicious local cuisine. All of La Graciosa's restaurants are in Caleta de Sebo and serve freshly caught fish and popular Canarian dishes, such as papas arrugadas con mojo picón (boiled potatoes with spicy garlic sauce). Some of them are located next to the port, offering beautiful views of the sea and the coastline of Lanzarote.

In Caleta de Sebo, you will also find bars and cafés where you can have breakfast or grab a snack before heading out to explore the island.

Villages in La Graciosa

There are only 2 villages in La Graciosa: Caleta de Sebo, the island's port, and Pedro Barba. Caleta de Sebo is a peaceful fishing village that is inhabited throughout the year. Pedro Barba, on the other hand, only has a few houses that are summer residences.

It is worth going for a walk around the sandy streets of Caleta de Sebo to see the whitewashed houses and cute little squares, but also to enjoy a village with hardly any vehicles. There, you will also find all the island's restaurants and cafés as well as the Chinijo Museum. Claiming to be the smallest museum in the world, it hosts an informative exhibition on the history of La Graciosa and the Chinijo Archipelago.

Where to stay in La Graciosa

Even though the island is more popular as a day-trip destination from Lanzarote, La Graciosa offers accommodation for those who wish to stay longer. There are no hotels or big resorts, but you will find houses and apartments to rent. Most of them are located in Caleta de Sebo, while there are some holiday rentals in Pedro Barba as well.

If you decide to stay in Pedro Barba, keep in mind that there are no amenities there apart from electricity and water. For anything else you might need, you will have to go to Caleta de Sebo, which is located about 6.5 km away. It is also advisable that you book your stay in La Graciosa as early as possible, since accommodation options on the island are limited.

While wild camping in La Graciosa is prohibited, there is a campsite with toilets and showers next to the beautiful El Salado beach. It is only a 10-minute walk from Caleta de Sebo to the campsite, where you can set up your tent free of charge. To stay there, you have to request a permit, as the whole island of La Graciosa is a protected area. The number of permitted tents is restricted, so make sure that you book well in advance.

Sandy street and white houses next to the port of Caleta de Sebo in La Graciosa, Spain

The small fishing village of Caleta de Sebo in La Graciosa

Useful information about La Graciosa

Covering an area of just 29 km2, La Graciosa is located a few kilometers north of Lanzarote, close to the northwestern coast of Africa. It has a population of about 730 and was recognized as the eighth Canary Island in 2018.

All of La Graciosa's inhabitants live in Caleta de Sebo, the main village and only place on the island that offers amenities for travelers: supermarkets, a pharmacy, an ATM, a diving center, a few cafés, restaurants and bike rentals, and a small health center. There are no cars or paved roads in La Graciosa, only sandy paths and 4x4 taxis that take tourists around the island.

Like all the Canary Islands, La Graciosa is blessed with warm and sunny weather throughout the year. The average temperature is about 22°C and there is hardly any rainfall. The island is also quite windy, which has made it a popular surfing destination.

Important phone numbers for your stay in La Graciosa

Here are some useful contacts to keep handy during your trip to La Graciosa:

  • La Graciosa health center: +34928842027
  • Caleta de Sebo Port Authority: +34828181145
  • Órzola Port Authority: +34828181147
  • Emergency number: 112
  • Local police: 092

Transportation in La Graciosa

La Graciosa is one of the last places in Europe with no asphalt roads. Vehicles are not allowed, apart from a limited number of 4x4 taxis. You can arrange for a taxi to take you wherever you want on the island and then pick you up. Alternatively, you can go on a jeep tour to visit some of the top natural attractions and beaches in La Graciosa.

If you want to take your time exploring the island, you can also get around on foot or by bike. You can rent a bike in Caleta de Sebo for about €10 per day. The terrain is mostly flat, so you don't need to be in tip-top shape to cycle around La Graciosa. Just follow the sandy paths to get to some of the most pristine beaches in the Canaries!

Port of La Graciosa

La Graciosa's only port is Caleta de Sebo in the southeast of the island. The port of Caleta de Sebo mainly serves ferry routes to and from Lanzarote.

In close proximity to the port, you will find taxis, supermarkets, bike rentals, restaurants, and apartments to rent.

Ferry connections from La Graciosa

The only destination where you can travel directly from La Graciosa is Lanzarote. To get from La Graciosa to Lanzarote, you have to take the ferry from Caleta de Sebo.

The La Graciosa - Lanzarote ferry route is served several times per day. Ferries arrive in Órzola on the north coast of Lanzarote. The distance between the port of La Graciosa and Órzola is very short, so the journey takes only 25 minutes.

La Graciosa ferry: schedules and tickets

The only way to get to La Graciosa island is by ferry from Lanzarote. There are several daily crossings and the ferry ride takes about 25 minutes, so La Graciosa is ideal for a day trip from Lanzarote. Ferries depart from Órzola and arrive at the port of Caleta de Sebo and the ferry route is served by the ferry companies Líneas Romero and Biosfera Express.

The price of the ferry from Lanzarote to La Graciosa is €15 for adult passengers (one way) and €7 for children (3-11 years old). Ferry timetables can change from season to season, so make sure that you check the latest information before your trip to La Graciosa.

You can also get to La Graciosa by ferry indirectly from Gran Canaria and Tenerife:

  • To get from Gran Canaria to La Graciosa by ferry, you have to travel to Lanzarote first, and then travel to La Graciosa from there. There are normally 7-8 weekly ferry departures from the port of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria to Lanzarote. The ferry trip from Gran Canaria to Lanzarote normally lasts around 5 to 6.5 hours.
  • There is an indirect ferry route from Tenerife to La Graciosa which includes Gran Canaria and Lanzarote as intermediate stops. The ferry time from Tenerife to Lanzarote via Gran Canaria can range from 11 to 24 hours. The total travel time of the route depends on the duration of the intermediate stops. 

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La Cocina beach and Mountain Amarilla in La Graciosa, Spain

The picturesque cove of La Cocina and the volcanic Mountain Amarilla

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