Cyclades, Greece

Kythnos is a fabulous island in the Cyclades, famous for its many beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, impressive natural sites and relaxing atmosphere. On this Ferryhopper page, you can find useful tips about holidays in Kythnos and discover the best beaches, villages, activities, attractions and food on the island. Learn how to get to Kythnos by ferry and book cheap ferry tickets on Ferryhopper!

Old mining gantry in Kythnos

Old gantry at the village of Loutra in Kythnos

Vacation in Kythnos

Despite its proximity to Athens, Kythnos retains its authenticity and peace. It’s a traditional destination that charms visitors with its laid-back and unspoilt lifestyle. Kythnos is great for swimming at golden-sand beaches, dining at local restaurants, walking among cute houses of Cycladic architecture, witnessing the rich past of the island and following breathtaking hiking trails.

How to get to Kythnos

The most popular and fastest way to get to Kythnos is to travel by ferry from the port of Lavrio in Athens. There are ferry routes from Lavrio to Kythnos throughout the year. You can also get to Kythnos by ferry from the port of Piraeus. Read about available ferry routes from Athens to Kythnos below.

What to do in Kythnos

During your vacation in Kythnos, we recommend that you visit the amazing beaches of the island and enjoy the peace and quiet by the crystal-clear waters. The beach of Kolona is one of the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea! Moreover, don’t miss the chance to explore the quaint villages of the island and admire the traditional architecture, historical monuments and beautiful spiritual sites. Ferryhopper suggests that you try delicious local cheeses at one of the village tavernes

Also, Kythnos is ideal for nature lovers! One of the best ways to discover the island is on foot. You can go on amazing hikes and witness first-hand the wild nature of Kythnos. If you wish to see more of the exceptional Cycladic landscape, you can go island hopping from Kythnos to Tinos, Milos and more islands in the archipelago. Find the best things to see and do in Kythnos below.

Beaches in Kythnos

There are more than 60 beaches in Kythnos! Most beaches are only accessible via dirt roads and have limited visitor amenities, so make sure you bring all beach essentials to enjoy the unspoilt seaside landscape in comfort. Here are our 10 favorite beaches on the island:

  1. Kolona: This is one of the most popular beaches in the Aegean Sea, distinguished by its unique topography and beauty. It is a narrow golden-sand coast that connects the island of Kythnos with the islet of Agios Loukas, creating two beaches with crystal-clear blue waters. There is no shade or umbrellas and it’s quite challenging to get there via the dirt road, but it’s definitely worth it!
  2. Aliki: It’s a beautiful remote beach with emerald green waters, perfect for seclusion and relaxing moments. You can get to the beach, following a challenging dirt road. There’s no shade, so make sure you bring a hat and an umbrella.
  3. Naoussa (Aosa): The beach is wind-protected and it has blue waters, golden sand and an amazing view to the chapel of Agios Ioannis Eleimonas. There are no visitor amenities and you can drive there and then follow a short trail to the beach.
  4. Apokrousi: This is one of the largest beaches in Kythnos. It has crystal-clear emerald waters, sand and a marvelous view. There are some tamarisk trees for shade, a beach bar and some tavernes nearby. The beach is accessible by car.
  5. Gaidouromantra: Gaidouromantra is a remote beach with sand, pebbles and clear blue waters. There are also some tamarisk trees for shade. You can get close to the beach by car and then climb down some stairs of average difficulty. Make sure you bring all beach essentials with you.
  6. Episkopi: It’s one of the most popular beaches in Kythnos. Episkopi is a large and wide beach with sand and shallow crystal-clear waters. There are visitor amenities and it’s great for families and young travelers. You can find tamarisk trees, as well as a beach bar playing music.
  7. Lefkes: This is a quiet beach with clear blue waters, sand and pebbles. There are tamarisk trees and a taverna.
  8. Loutra: The beach of Loutra stretches along the village promenade. It has sand, white pebbles, tamarisk trees and visitor amenities, such as umbrellas and waterfront cafés/restaurants. The beach is famous for its thermal springs! Warm spring waters mix with the sea waters, creating a small pool that reaches temperatures of up to 52 °C year round!
  9. Martinakia: Martinakia is close to the port of Kythnos, Merichas. It’s a small beach with turquoise waters, sand, pebbles and tamarisk trees. There are a couple of tavernes on the beach, but you can also walk to the port area for more options.
  10. Megali Ammos: It’s one of the most popular beaches on the island. Megali Ammos is located next to the quaint village of Kanala and it’s a sandy beach with shallow blue waters, ideal for families. There are a few tamarisk trees for shade, as well as a beach bar. There are cafés, tavernes, a bakery and shops at the village of Kanala.

Ferryhopper at the beach of Kolona in Kythnos

Ferryhopper at the beautiful Kolona beach in Kythnos

Activities and sightseeing in Kythnos

Kythnos has an interesting past and it’s rich in natural sites. We recommend that you explore the island attractions, get acquainted with the local traditions and walk through the villages following impressive hiking trails. Ferryhopper suggests that you:

  • walk around the village of Messaria (or Chora), the island capital
  • explore the impressive cave of Katafyki
  • wander around the quaint village of Dryopida and admire the local architecture
  • visit the archaeological site of Vryokastro, the ancient capital of Kythnos
  • admire the view from the Castle of Oria, the medieval capital of Kythnos
  • discover the mesolithic settlement of Maroulas
  • attend the local festival at the Monastery of Panagia Kanala on the 15th of August
  • go hiking around the island to see wonderful natural sites, ancient remnants and dreamy beaches

Small chapel in the rocky landscape of Kythnos

Quaint church in a wild rocky landscape

Nightlife in Kythnos

Kythnos may not be a party island, but there are plenty of ways to have fun by night! Most bars, clubs and restaurants are in Chora and the port of Kythnos. You can also find traditional tavernes and souvenir shops there.

Night owls can have fun at lounge bars playing jazz music, enjoy romantic evenings by the sea, dance till the early morning hours at one of the few open-air clubs or simply let go and relax with a delicious cocktail.

Food in Kythnos

When in Kythnos, you have to try the delicious local delicacies of the island and taste amazing recipes prepared with pure ingredients. Here are some of our favorite products and dishes of Kythnos:

  • sfougato: savory pancakes with cheese
  • kolopi: spinach pie with spring onions
  • tarachta: scrambled eggs with feta cheese and tomatoes
  • local cheeses such as kopanisti and trimma
  • honey
  • wine
  • capers

Villages in Kythnos

The largest villages of Kythnos are Merichas (the port of Kythnos) and Messaria (Chora), the island capital. We recommend visiting more villages on the island to taste amazing dishes at the tavernes, attend local festivals, swim in dreamy beaches and visit historical sites. Dryopida, Loutra, Kanala, Agia Eirini and Agios Dimitrios are worth a visit!

Dryopida village in Kythnos

The historic village of Dryopida in Kythnos

Useful information for Kythnos

The island of Kythnos has many visitor amenities, despite being off the beaten path! There are gas stations, a post office, pharmacies and grocery stores, as well as Eurobank, Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank ATM machines in Messaria and Merichas. There’s also a medical center in Messaria. You can also find shops, restaurants and a regional medical center in Dryopida.

As for accommodation, there are many short-term vacation rentals, studios, rooms and a few hotels. Most of the accommodation options are in Messaria, the port, Kanala and Loutra, but you can find more great holiday rentals around the island.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Kythnos

Find some useful phone numbers for your trip to Kythnos below:

  • Kythnos Port Authority: +302281032290
  • Messaria Medical Center: +302281031202
  • Dryopida Medical Center: +302281032234
  • European Emergency Number: 112
  • Kythnos police station: +302281031201
  • Municipal tourism office: +302281032250
  • Kythnos citizen service center (KEP): +302281031640
  • Municipality of Kythnos: +302281361100
  • Buses: +302281032005, +306977900682 (Bouritis) / +302281032250 (Filippaios)
  • Water taxis: +302281032104, +306944906568 (Larentzakis) / +306974003628 (Vitalis)

Transportation in Kythnos

There are not many roads in Kythnos and distances are quite short. You can get around by bus regularly serving the routes Merichas - Messaria - Loutra and Merichas - Dryopida - Kanala, as well as water taxis and regular taxis. You can also get from A to B with your own car or motorcycle, but bear in mind not all roads in Kythnos are paved. You can bring your car on the ferry from Athens or rent one on the island.

Ports in Kythnos

The port of Kythnos is in Merichas, on the west coast of the island. The port area has several visitor amenities, such as cafés, shops, grocery stores, car rentals and gas stations. You can also catch the local bus from the port of Merichas to the major villages on the island. The distance between the port of Kythnos and Messaria is 6.5km.

Island hopping from Kythnos

You can start your island-hopping adventure in the Aegean Sea from Kythnos, as there are regular ferry routes during peak season. The ferry routes Milos - Kythnos and Tinos - Kythnos are some of the most popular. There are direct ferry routes from Kythnos to the following islands:

  • Folegandros
  • Tinos
  • Syros
  • Andros
  • Sifnos
  • Ios
  • Kea
  • Naxos
  • Kimolos
  • Milos
  • Santorini
  • Paros
  • Serifos
  • Sikinos

On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you can find all the information you need about ferry routes and schedules from Kythnos, to easily plan your island-hopping itinerary in the Greek islands!

The coast of Kythnos at sunset

Peaceful waters at sunset in Kythnos

Kythnos ferry: schedules and tickets

Traveling by ferry from Athens to Kythnos is fast and easy, as the island is only 25 nautical miles from the mainland ports. During the summer months, there are daily routes to Kythnos from 2 ports in Athens: Lavrio and Piraeus.

  • Ferry from Lavrio to Kythnos: Catching the ferry from Lavrio to Kythnos is the fastest way to get to the island. There are several weekly routes throughout the year and the crossing duration ranges from approximately 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.
  • Ferry from Piraeus to Kythnos: The Piraeus - Kythnos ferry route is available weekly and the journey duration is 3 hours.

Where to book ferry tickets online to Kythnos

You can find all ferry schedules and book cheap ferry tickets to Kythnos online on Ferryhopper. Check available routes, compare prices from all ferry companies through our fare search engine and get your tickets to Kythnos with no extra fees!

Kythnos ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Kythnos for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Kythnos has direct ferry connections to 19 ports :