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Procida is a wonderful volcanic island located in the Gulf of Naples. Being the smallest island in the region of Campania, Procida is an idyllic destination for tranquil holidays with beautiful landscapes.

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View of the sea from the alleys of Procida, Italy

A beautiful view of the sea from the alleys of Procida

Vacation in Procida

Procida is the hidden gem of the Gulf of Naples, located close to the famous islands of Ischia and Capri. Designated as the Italian Capital of Culture 2022, day trips to Procida may not be enough to explore its beautiful landscapes and rich history

In Procida, you can enjoy pristine beauty in every corner of the island. From scenic locations where many movies have been filmed to charming beaches and villages, Procida has everything you can ask for!

How to get to Procida?

The only way to travel to Procida is by ferry, as there is no airport on the island. You can catch a ferry or hydrofoil to Procida from mainland Italy (Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, Baiae (Bacoli), Monte di Procida, and Pozzuoli) and the neighboring islands of Capri and Ischia. Here, you can find more detailed information about ferries to Procida.

If you arrive in Naples by train or plane, you can easily get to the port and catch a ferry to Procida. The port of Naples is accessed by subway and local buses.

Ferries from Sorrento, Salerno, the Amalfi CoastBaiaeCapri, and the town of Monte di Procida to Procida are available seasonally. Alternatively, you can catch a ferry from Pozzuoli to Procida all year round. You can get there by taking the subway or the Cumana railway line from Naples.

If you’re on the island of Ischia, you can also plan a day trip to Procida, thanks to numerous daily sailings.

Colorful buildings at the port of Procida in Italy

The beautiful port of Procida with colorful buildings in the background

What to do in Procida

There are plenty of things to do and see in Procida, from the moment you reach the charming island. Whether you prefer to get around on foot or by renting a moped, exploring Procida and its natural beauty is easy and convenient.

Some popular locations include the historic center of Procida and Marina Corricella, the oldest fishing village of the island. There, you can try out local delicacies and learn more about Procida’s traditions and culture.

You can also join a boat tour around the island and admire the beautiful coast of Procida, all while exploring caves, bays and stunning beaches. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to witness the island’s marine wildlife, such as dolphins and whales!

Explore the best of Procida below, including the top beaches, attractions, dishes, and more!

Beaches in Procida

Some of the most beautiful bays and beaches of Campania are located in Procida. You can visit most beaches on foot or by public transport. There are also a few hidden gems that you can visit by boat.

Here, you can find the best beaches in Procida:

  • Chiaia: it’s one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Procida, with dark sand and crystal clear waters. There are also 2 bathing establishments and a restaurant.
  • Ciraccio: this is the longest beach in Procida, with bathing establishments and various services nearby. 
  • Chiaiolella: one of the most famous beaches in Procida, Chiaiolella is close to the port of Marina Grande. From here, you can swim to the charming islet of Vivara.
  • The cliffs of Carbonchio: this is an ideal beach for adventure lovers, as it is a popular spot for diving and admiring Procida’s beauty. Accessing the area tends to be challenging, however.
  • Corricella: you can access this picturesque beach on foot or by boat. From here, you can visit the fortress of Terra Murata, a historic building in Procida.
  • Silurenza: located close to the port of Marina Grande, this is a great swimming spot for families with children. Here, you can find a bathhouse, a bar-restaurant and a guesthouse.
  • La Lingua beach: a wonderful beach where you can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and explore its beautiful waters.
  • Pozzo Vecchio: this is a famous beach with volcanic sand and rocky surroundings, located 20 minutes away from the port of Procida. You can access most areas of the beach for free.

The beach of Pozzo Vecchio in Procida, Italy

Pozzo Vecchio, one of the most famous beaches in Procida

Sightseeing in Procida

The island of Procida is full of scenic alleys, traditional architecture, churches, and cultural wonders waiting for you to explore. Here are the top 10 attractions in Procida that you should not miss:

  1. Port of Marina Grande: at this scenic port, you can explore Procida’s beautiful alleys and multicolored houses.
  2. Via Roma: here, you can find all kinds of shops and boutiques.
  3. The church of Santa Maria della Pietà: here, you can find beautiful structures and treasures from the 11th century CE.
  4. The village of Terra Murata: this is the historic center of the island of Procida.
  5. Palazzo d'Avalos: this palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in the village of Terra Murata.
  6. The abbey of San Michele Arcangelo: this monastery is dedicated to the patron saint of Procida.
  7. Casale Vascello: this a preserved farmhouse dating back to the 15th century CE.
  8. Il Belvedere dei Cannoni: from here, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views in Procida!
  9. La casa di Graziella: visiting this museum is a great way to learn about the history of Procida.
  10. Islet of Vivara: this is a small, charming island close to Procida. You can get there by swimming.

View of the sea from Palazzo D’Avalos, Procida, Italy

View of the sea from the majestic Palazzo D'Avalos in Procida

Nightlife in Procida

Procida’s nightlife is paradisiacal and tranquil. On the island, you can find plenty of bars that are open until late at night.

Here, you can try out local aperitifs and enjoy the island’s relaxing atmosphere. Most inhabitants and tourists favor bars located close to the port of Marina Grande or beach bars.

If you’re looking for a more romantic setting, there are several restaurants and bars in Procida where you can admire the sunset with a glass of wine!

Food in Procida

Procida's cuisine is a perfect mix of pasta, fresh seafood, delicious vegetables, and citrus fruits. Read below some of the best delicacies to try out during your stay in Procida:

  • l'insalata di limoni (a unique lemon salad)
  • gli spaghetti ai ricci di mare (pasta with sea urchins)
  • l paccheri all’amatriciana di mare (pasta with vegetables and seafood)
  • la pasta con friggitelli e le alici (pasta, usually with small green peppers and anchovies)
  • artichoke pie
  • stuffed squid
  • il coniglio alla procidana (rabbit cooked with herbs and vegetables)
  • la palamita con le erbette (medium-sized fish with herbs)
  • le “lingue di bue” con la crema al limone (a sugary recipe based on puff pastry and cream)
  • limoncello (an Italian lemon liqueur)

Pasta with seafood, a local delicacy of Procida, Italy

Delicious pasta with sea urchins, a local delicacy of Procida

Tips for your holidays in Procida

Read below our top tips for your vacation in Procida:

  • The weather in Procida is quite warm throughout the year, with temperatures mostly dropping in January and February.
  • We highly recommend visiting Procida on Easter to enjoy beautiful Mediterranean traditions and celebrations!
  • The circulation of motor vehicles is prohibited for visitors from April until the end of October. You can always leave your vehicle at a paid or free parking lot close to your port of departure.

Useful information about Procida

Despite its small size, the island of Procida has everything you need. Most services are located close to Via Roma and the port of Marina Grande. There, you can find bars, restaurants, shops, rental services, pharmacies, and banks.

When it comes to accommodation, we suggest you make a reservation well in advance, especially if you’re traveling during high season. You can find several apartments and Bed & Breakfasts throughout the island.

As for medical services in Procida, you can find a hospital, a veterinary clinic and emergency medical services for tourists in summer.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Procida

Here are some useful numbers for your holidays in Procida:

  • Procida Port Authority: +390818967381
  • Emergency medical services: +390818100418
  • Municipality of Procida: +390818109111
  • Carabinieri (military force for public safety): +390818960086
  • First aid: +390818100510, 118
  • Hospital: +390818101213
  • Sea rescue: +39081206133, +390815536017
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Procida

You can easily get around Procida on foot. This is also the most convenient way to explore the island’s beaches and coves. Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike or bicycle.

On the island, there are also boat tours for exploring the coast of Procida and local bus lines.

Tip: while there is a taxi rank close to the port of Marina Grande, you can also order an Ape Car taxi (a three-wheeled vehicle) and move around the island’s narrow streets.

Getting around Procida by car

It’s important to know that the circulation of cars, motorcycles and mopeds is prohibited for non-residents from April until the end of October. In 2023, the ban is extended until the end of December. This means you cannot bring a vehicle to the island by ferry.

During those months, you can easily get around Procida on foot or by public transport.

Ports in Procida

Ferries and hydrofoils to Procida arrive at the port of Marina Grande, which encapsulates the traditional architecture and scenic atmosphere of the island. The port is connected to the rest of the island through bus lines.

Close to the port, you can find bars, restaurants, pizzerias, rental services, and a taxi rank. There is also the church of Santa Maria della Pietà and a beach within walking distance from the maritime station.

Island hopping from Procida

After your stay in Procida, you might want to extend your vacation in the Gulf of Naples and travel to the nearby islands of Ischia and Capri by ferry!

Traveling from Procida to Ischia by ferry is easy, as there are about 15 daily connections between the two islands, operated by 4 companies: SNAV, Alilauro Gruson, Capitan Morgan, and Caremar. Keep in mind that the ferry travels to 5 ports in Ischia (Ischia Porto, Lacco Ameno, Forio, and Casamicciola), so make sure to plan your trip there accordingly.

The ferry crossing from Procida to Capri is active with 1 daily crossings. The trip duration is around 2 hours.

Ferry arriving at the port of Procida in Italy

Ferry arriving at the port of Procida

Procida ferry: schedules and tickets

Interested in traveling to Procida by ferry? There are plenty of daily sailings from mainland Italy (Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Amalfi, Positano, Baiae (Bacoli), Monte di Procida, and Pozzuoli) and the islands of Ischia and Capri.

Ferry routes to Procida are operated by 8 companies: SNAV, Alilauro, Alicost, Capitan Morgan, Ippocampo, Caremar, Medmar, and Gestour. There are both ferries and hydrofoils available, depending on your point of departure and the company you’re traveling with.

Here, you can read detailed information about the available connections to Procida:

  • Naples - Procida ferry: the ferry route from Naples to Procida is usually available with more than 20 daily crossings. The ride usually lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the type of vessel you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that ferries depart from both the Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa Pier.
  • Sorrento - Procida ferry: there are usually 3-7 weekly ferries from Sorrento to Procida that last from 40 minutes to around 2 hours. The route is normally active from May to September.
  • Salerno - Procida ferry: the ferry route to Procida from Salerno is active in summer with 1 sailing per day early in the morning. The trip takes 3 hours 25 minutes and ferries leave from Molo Manfredi.
  • Amalfi - Procida ferry: the Amalfi - Procida ferry route connects the Amalfi Coast to the Gulf of Naples. The route is seasonal with 1 crossing per day that lasts an average of 2 hours 50 minutes.
  • Positano - Procida ferry: the ferry route from Positano to Procida is available with 1 daily crossing in the summer. The ride usually lasts about 2.5 hours.
  • Pozzuoli - Procida ferry: there are usually around 20 daily ferries from Pozzuoli to Procida that last 20-40 minutes.
  • Baiae (Bacoli) - Procida ferry: this ferry route is available seasonally with 5 weekly crossings. The ride usually lasts 45 minutes.
  • Monte di Procida - Procida ferry: ferries to Procida from Monte di Procida are seasonal and operate from June to mid-September. There are 2 connections per day lasting only 10 minutes.
  • Ischia - Procida ferry: the ferry route from Ischia to Procida is seasonal, with about 20 daily connections. The duration of the route is about 15-40 minutes, depending on the company and type of vessel you’re traveling with. Ferries depart from both Ischia Porto and Casamicciola.

You can also take a look at our Map of ferries, discover all ferry crossings to Procida and start planning your trip easily and quickly!

Tip: read all about ferries and hydrofoils in Italy and discover the best way to reach the island of Procida!

Traditional houses in Procida, Italy

Traditional houses in the alleys of Procida

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