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Pozzallo is a charming seaside town in the province of Ragusa. It is a well-liked tourist destination in eastern Sicily and serves as the main port for those who want to reach Malta quickly.

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A street in Pozzallo's center with colorful buildings, Italy

Colorful buildings in Pozzallo's center

Pozzallo ferry port

Located on Sicily's southeast coast, Pozzallo is a significant commercial port. With a distance of about 90 km from the coast of Malta, it serves as the primary maritime connection between Italy and Malta.

The port is about 30 minutes walk from the city center, and the bus and train stations are about 3 km away. Parking, car rentals, information points, bars, and taxis are all available in the port area.

Interesting fact: did you know that the first submarine telephone cable in the Mediterranean was installed in Pozzallo in 1954? This brought Pozzallo closer to the island of Malta!

Ferries from Pozzallo port: schedules and tickets

The port of Pozzallo is a short distance from the lovely island of Malta. Thanks to the Virtu Ferries crossings, you can travel by ferry to Malta from Pozzallo all year round.

Depending on the day of the week, there are 1-3 available crossings to the Maltese capital's port of Valletta. The crossings from Pozzallo to Valletta last 1 hour and 45 minutes and vehicles can be boarded on all vessels. The cost of a one-way ticket from Pozzallo to Malta is €60.

Pets are also welcome to travel on Virtu Ferries vessels. Pets can travel in their carriers or in air-conditioned specially designed cabins that are located on the garage level.

In the summer. Virtu Ferries also offers bus transfers from Catania to the port of Pozzallo to help travelers reach Malta more easily.

Useful info: from Malta, you can reach the nearby island of Gozo by ferry. For more info, take a look at the Valletta - Gozo route!

The port of Valletta, Malta

The historic port of Valletta in Malta

Vacation in Pozzallo

Pozzallo is a popular summer vacation destination for thousands of tourists each year. A few of the things that make this town so alluring are its favorable climate, the crystal clear sea and its extensive coastline.

From groups of friends to families seeking a good time, Pozzallo certainly has something for everyone.

Get ready to spend unforgettable moments between a dip and an aperitif overlooking the sea, as well as visiting a charming town rich in history!

How to get to Pozzallo

You can reach Pozzallo by car, train, bus, and ferry. 

If you are driving from Italy, you must first arrive at the port of Villa San Giovanni in Calabria and then take the ferry to Messina. Messina and Pozzallo are approximately 200 km apart.

If you're already in Sicily and prefer to travel by train, the Syracuse - Ragusa line stops at Pozzallo. AST buses are another option, and they depart from Ragusa and arrive in Pozzallo in about 35 minutes.

The closest airports to Pozzallo are those in Comiso and Catania. However, you can travel directly from Malta to Pozzallo by ferry in under 2 hours.

Tip: you can find detailed information about ferry schedules in Italy in our dedicated article and plan the adventure of your dreams.

Pozzallo's central square in Italy

Pozzallo's Piazza delle Rimembranze with its palm trees

What to do in Pozzallo

Pozzallo's main attraction, along with its promenade, is undoubtedly its scenic beach. Here, you can unwind, take leisurely strolls or sit in the neighborhood bars.

Visit the well-known Torre Cabrera to immerse yourself in history and the era of pirates. Discover the alleys in Pozzallo's old town and admire the art nouveau architecture. Treat yourself to a coffee in Piazza delle Rimembranze, mingle with the locals and ask their recommendations for the most fresh fish in the area!

The Castello di Martino, which overlooks the port, is a great place to watch the sunset before dinner.

After spending a few days exploring Pozzallo and its surroundings, you can take the first ferry to Malta and spend a day there.

Beaches in Pozzallo

The coast of Pozzallo stretches for several kilometers and is home to some of Sicily's most beautiful beaches. Aside from the beaches near the city center, it is worth traveling to the coasts of Ispica and Modica.

Here are the top 5 beaches in Pozzallo and its surroundings that should not be missed:

  1. Raganzino beach: this beach is close to the city center and is always quiet and calm. With fine golden sand, its beach is both long and wide. The beach is ideal for families with children and is partially free, but it also has bathing amenities.
  2. Santa Maria del Focallo beach: located halfway between Pozzallo and Ispica, it is a pristine beach surrounded by dunes. Awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of its services and the sea, the beach is about 8 kilometers long. Due to the shallow waters, it is also excellent for kids.
  3. Punta Ciriga beach: The tuff cliffs that surround this stretch of coastline serve as protection for some of the most picturesque coves on the island. If you enjoy nature and wild places, this is the place for you. The beaches are accessible via paths that are surrounded by lush vegetation.
  4. Maganuco beach: this beautiful and popular beach is located in the Marina di Modica area. It is nearly 800 meters long and has bathing establishments and services. It has crystal clear waters and is surrounded by stunning white dunes. If you don't want to look for parking, you can leave your car at the beginning of Via Taormina.
  5. Pietre Nere beach: possibly Pozzallo's most well-known beach, is conveniently reachable on foot from the town center. Its beach is about 50 meters long and has fine sand. Although the beach is generally free, some swimming establishments rent umbrellas and lounge chairs.

The rocks of Pietre Nere beach in Pozzallo, Italy

The amazing Pietre Nere beach in Pozzallo

Sightseeing in Pozzallo

Pozzallo has not only beautiful beaches but also some important attractions.

During your stay in Pozzallo, we advise you to visit:

  • The Torre Cabrera, a watchtower and a symbol of Pozzallo
  • The seafront, a popular place to walk at any time of day
  • The Piazza delle Rimembranze, the city's meeting place
  • The church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo, located a few meters from the sea
  • The Villa Tedeschi, a beautiful '500 building that houses Pozzallo's Municipal Library
  • The Martino Castle, perched on a hill in front of the port

Nightlife in Pozzallo

Pozzallo has a vibrant nightlife, especially during summer.

The majority of the clubs are situated close to the promenade, the Piazza delle Rimembranze and the beach. In the evenings, many beach bars and restaurants host sunset aperitifs and live music performances.

The Tiki Beach Club is one of the most popular clubs near the beach. If you want to party all night, the Havana Beach Club, Pozzallo's only disco, hosts evenings with international DJs and celebrities.

Moreover, many cultural events are held throughout the year.

Food in Pozzallo

Fresh fish and shellfish are popular in Pozzallo and Ragusa cuisine. All of the dishes are made with high-quality ingredients, resulting in true delicacies.

During your stay in Pozzallo, do not miss the following delicacies:

  • savoiarda pozzallese (a typical dish of Pozzallo with octopus, olives and potatoes)
  • fish couscous
  • lasagna with seafood sauce
  • dentice all'acqua pazza (sea bream with cherry tomatoes,capers, basil, and garlic)
  • cucciddateddi (biscuits with dried figs, raisins and almonds)
  • buccellato (shortcrust pastry filled with dried figs, chocolate and candied citrus fruits)

The savoyard pozzallese plate with octopus and potatoes, Italy

The delicious savoyard pozzallese, a perfect summer dish!

Trips around Pozzallo

Thanks to its strategic location, Pozzallo is a great place to stay if you plan to visit any of the numerous tourist resorts nearby. Among them, we recommend that you discover:

  • Modica: the "city of 100 churches" is well worth a visit and is only 18 kilometers from Pozzallo. Do not skip the well-known Chocolate Museum, which is connected to a long-standing local tradition.
  • Scicli: located only 19 km away from Pozzallo is Scicli, a baroque city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its historic center's streets are lined with stunning gilded stone churches and opulent palaces.
  • Noto: this town, 28 km from Pozzallo, will impress you with its monuments, baroque palaces, and unique urban architecture.
  • Ragusa: this city, which is about 30 km from Pozzallo, is a labyrinth of alleys, palaces, and baroque churches. Take in the scenery as you ascend the staircase that connects Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superiore!

Fun fact: near Pozzallo, you can also immerse yourself in the world of glamping. Check out our ultimate guide for glamping in Italy to reconnect with nature luxuriously!

Tips for your holidays in Pozzallo

Here are 3 tips for your trip to Pozzallo:

  1. Don't miss the Fish Festival in August! It is one of Sicily's most important folk events, with kilos of fresh fish prepared in a pan with a diameter of more than 4 m.
  2. Consider taking a road trip to Sicily and including Pozzallo in your tour.
  3. If you're traveling to Malta by ferry from Pozzallo, make sure to take the trip to the nearby island of Gozo. Learn how to plan the ideal day trip from Malta to Gozo!

Useful information about Pozzallo

Pozzallo is a popular summer destination and it is also known as "the terrace of the Mediterranean" due to its location.

This town has a well-organized center and a variety of accommodation options. If you choose to stay in Pozzallo for a few days, there are several low-cost hotels, bed and breakfasts, and apartments situated between the historic district and the waterfront region.

Although the Pozzallo Medical Guard is situated on Via Rapisardi, Modica or Scicli both have hospitals that are close by.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Pozzallo

Here, you can find some phone numbers that might prove useful for your vacation in Pozzallo:

  • Municipal police: +390932956711
  • Port Authority: +390932953327
  • Medical Guard: +390932446623
  • Modica Hospital: +390932903011
  • Municipality of Pozzallo: +390932794111
  • Taxi: +390932854099
  • European emergency phone number: 112

Transportation in Pozzallo

Pozzallo is the smallest town in the Ragusa region, with the majority of its attractions concentrated in its historic center. As a result, you can easily walk around the city.

You can use AST bus lines to get to some of the beaches or neighboring towns. The timetables are usually displayed on signs at the bus stop on Viale Europa.

If you arrive by car in Pozzallo, there are several paid parking lots in the port area.

Fishing nets and boats at the Pozzallo port in Italy

Fishing nets at the port of Pozzallo

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Pozzallo ferry timetable

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