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Termoli is an ancient seaside town in the province of Campobasso and also the main port for visiting the beautiful Tremiti Islands throughout the year.

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Aerial view of the port and the town of Termoli, Italy

Termoli's port and town from above

Termoli ferry port

The port of Termoli overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is one of the main ports to reach the Tremiti islands. Famous above all for its fishing vacation, it is also a passenger, industrial, commercial port, and a lively resort.

The port consists of 3 piers (the north, the south and the south-east one) and part of the south pier is reserved for passenger ships. The Marina of San Pietro is also located here and offers a variety of services, like bars, restaurants and much more.

Ferries from Termoli port: schedules and tickets

From the port of Termoli you can reach the Tremiti Islands. Also known as "the pearls of the Adriatic", it is the perfect destination for nature lovers and a paradise for diving, thanks to the unique colors of its sea.

This tiny archipelago occupies a total area of 3 km² off the coast of Gargano and consists of 5 islets: San Nicola, San Domino, Capraia, Pianosa, and Cretaccio. The only inhabited ones are San Nicola and San Domino, offering services such as bars, restaurants, accommodation facilities, and diving centers.

Termoli is connected with the port of San Domino and San Nicola in the Tremiti Islands, and the ferry routes are operated daily by the ferry companies Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG) and GS Travel. There are around 20 weekly connections for the Termoli - Tremiti ferry route with a duration of approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the ferry operator.

Useful info: motorized vehicles such as cars and motorcycles are not allowed on the island, so make sure you’re ready for a vehicle-free vacation!

Where is the ferry port in Termoli?

The port of Termoli is located in the center of the town with the Marina of San Pietro built just under the ramparts of the historic center.

Given its position, it is a landmark for the residents of Termoli, hosting a series of events, concerts and festivals throughout the year. Don’t leave Termoli without watching the traditional return of the fishing boats in the middle of the night. If you want to taste the fishermen’s catch of the day, you can also visit the local fish market.

How to get to Termoli port

The port of Termoli can be easily reached by car via the motorway A14 Adriatica (exit Termoli). Then, you can follow the signs for the center and head to the port. 

Located just a few kilometers from the train station, you can get to the port on foot in about 30 minutes. You can also move around by bus or taxi.

The Tremiti Islands archipelago from above, in Italy

The magnificent Tremiti archipelago

Vacation in Termoli

Termoli is a necessary stop for those who wish to travel to the Tremiti Islands, one of the wildest paradises in Italy. However, we recommend spending a weekend in the relatively undiscovered Termoli, as the imposing fortifications and the enchanting beaches are definitely worth a visit.

The characteristic narrow alleys, the castle, the ancient churches, the trebuchets, and its authentic seafood cuisine, will not leave you untouched. A vacation in Termoli is in fact a unique experience as you can rediscover traditions, art, nature, and pristine beaches that you cannot miss!

Interesting fact: Termoli is called the "Italian Greenwich". The 42nd parallel North and the 15th meridian East cross each other here. The latter is the central meridian of the time zone of Berlin, Paris and Rome, which determines the time of the time zone itself, known as "Termoli time".

How to get to Termoli

Termoli can be easily reached from any part of Italy by car, bus, train, and ferry (from the Tremiti Islands).

Due to its position, it is certainly easier to get there from the cities of Central and Southern Italy. The distance from Pescara by car is approximately 1 hour, from Bari 2 hours and from Rome 3 hours. From the northern cities there are various train connections, which usually include a change in Campobasso.

The nearest airport to Termoli is that of Foggia, which is less than 50 km away. There is no direct bus between the airport and Termoli, so you need to arrive at Foggia station and then take one of the many buses that get to the town center in about 1.5 hours.

Termoli view from the beach, Italy

The old town of Termoli seen from the beach

What to do in Termoli

Strolling around the historic center of Termoli, you can feel the atmosphere of a bygone era. Here you can discover the narrowest alley in Italy, which fascinates visitors from all over the world. Do not leave without visiting the ancient buildings, churches and enjoying the smell of the sea or the smell of a pizza with ciccioli (pizza flavored with pork cracklings)! 

Termoli is also one of the most popular central Adriatic seaside resorts with an impressive coastal landscape. Its beaches are perfect for relaxing and attract fans of sailing (thanks to the prestigious Circolo della Vela nautical club) and surfing.

Within a short time distance from the sea, you can reach the hinterland, a region with abundant olive trees, vineyards, forests, and water springs. Here you can enjoy its unique cuisine and visit small antique shops. The surroundings of the town with its archaeological sites and medieval villages are also worth a visit.

You can then head to the nearby Tremiti Islands for a short or longer stay. There, you can explore incredibly beautiful coves, caves, towers, and the unique seabed.

Beaches in Termoli

Besides the 2 beaches located near the historic center of Termoli and the famous Costa Verde of Molise, there are many more beaches of incredible beauty.

Here are the best 5 beaches of Termoli:

  1. Sant'Antonio beach: located near the historic center of Termoli, this beach has a sandy coastline of 10 km. There are bathing establishments, bars, restaurants, and you can practice water sports, such as underwater fishing or use the water slide.
  2. Rio Vivo: situated in the southern area of Termoli, it is ideal for those who are looking for sports and entertainment. Along the coastline, there are beach volleyball, tennis and soccer fields, as well as a nautical club, attracting national and international regattas. 
  3. Marina di Montenero di Bisaccia: situated 20 km from Termoli, it is characterized by a rugged coastline. The coast is sandy and is immersed in a beautiful crystal-clear sea. Ideal for those seeking relaxation away from the crowds, it also offers the possibility to rent umbrellas and deck chairs.
  4. Petacciato Marina: situated 14 km from Termoli and surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, it is one of the most important seaside resorts in the region. It is characterized by a sandy coastline and offers several swimming spots.
  5. Campomarino: just 10 km from Termoli, this wide beach stretches along the homonymous municipality. Characterized by a golden coastline and a crystal-clear sea, it offers various facilities. The area is surrounded by pine forests and some herons also live here.

The beach of Sant'Antonio in Termoli, Italy

The famous beach of Sant'Antonio in Termoli

Sightseeing in Termoli

Termoli has two faces: on the one hand it is the perched village and on the other the new town, which is located outside the ancient walls. The picturesque old town is located on a small hill overlooking the sea and its tiny squares and alleys attract many visitors.

Among the most beautiful attractions to discover in Termoli, we recommend:

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione, a popular place of worship in Termoli
  • The Swabian Castle, which dominates the main entrance of the ancient village
  • The Rejecelle, one of the narrowest alleys in the world
  • Corso Nazionale, the main street of Termoli, full of stores, bars and clubs 
  • The Sanctuary of Madonna a Lunga, a famous pilgrimage destination
  • The Trebuchets, ancient fishing machines built in wood, which use the same principle as stilts
  • The Tower of Sinarca, which today houses a restaurant
  • The Belvedere of Photographers, one of the best places to catch a sunset in the town 
  • The Cristoforo Colombo seafront, a few meters from the historical center

Nightlife in Termoli

Although Termoli is a quiet town, suitable for those seeking peace and relaxation, there are many options for your evening entertainment.

Especially during summer, the historic center is enlivened by the bars, pubs and karaoke sessions. For those who love the outdoor clubs and discos, the Villa Paraiso and Lido Cala dei Longobardi are the places to be.

If you prefer a quiet dinner, the restaurants in Termoli are mainly located along the seafront and towards Marina di San Pietro, offering traditional dishes and fresh fish.

Food in Termoli

The gastronomy of Termoli is based on seafood and of course olive oil, produced in its hinterland. Among the excellent products, there are also cold cuts and dairy products.

Here are the delicacies we suggest you to try during your vacation:

  • fish soup
  • pizza with ciccioli (pizza flavored with pork cracklings)
  • the caciocavallo cheese
  • liver sausages
  • fish scapece (marinated fried fish)
  • cuttlefish and peas
  • u scescille (cheese and egg croquettes)
  • octopus “in purgatory” (spicy stewed octopus with onions)
  • cacaruozze (cookies covered with colorful candies)
  • mostaccioli (typical Christmas chocolate sweets)

Tip: for an ice cream with an incredible taste, we suggest you try the caciocavallo flavor at the Yo-Go ice cream shop. A sweet treat you can't miss!

Aged Caciocavallo from Molise, Italy

The caciocavallo, the "king" of Molise's cheeses

Top day trips from Termoli

For an adventure in the lesser-known region of Molise, the surroundings of Termoli are full of interesting places to discover.

Here are the 3 places close to Termoli that we recommend:

  1. Larino: just 30 minutes from Termoli, this village preserves historical evidence of the Roman era, archaeological sites, the thermal baths, and some medieval mosaics. 
  2. Guardialfiera lake: located in a very picturesque setting, this artificial lake is 30 minutes from Termoli. Its location and crystal-clear waters make it an indispensable stop for those searching a unique landscape.
  3. Bagnoli del Trigno: just 1 hour from Termoli, this beautiful ancient village is situated 700 m above sea level. From its historic center you can enjoy beautiful views and admire the lush vegetation of the hills of Molise.

The Celestino trebuchet in Termoli, Italy

The Celestino trebuchet, one of the symbols of Termoli

Tips for Termoli

Here are 4 tips that we hope will be useful to you during your stay in Termoli:

  1. Don't miss the experience of dining in a trebuchet! These fishing machines, some of them dating back to the 19th century, have been converted into restaurants and offer a unique experience to visitors.
  2. The Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra, one of the most characteristic and medieval-style events of the Tremiti Archipelago, is celebrated in December. An excellent opportunity to visit the Tremiti Islands even in winter!
  3. You can take a tour of the town by using the exclusive Tuk Tuk taxi service. Departing from the port of Termoli on an Ape Car taxi (a three-wheeled vehicle), you can relax and taste the local fish delicacies while onboard.
  4. Don’t forget to visit Termoli's fish market! Frequented by lovers of fresh and authentic food, this famous local market takes place everyday from 07:00 to 14:00.

Useful information for Termoli

Besides the rich historical heritage, Termoli also offers excellent services to its visitors.

 As for your accommodation in Termoli, you can find various options for all budgets, such as hotels, vacation homes and Bed & Breakfasts. Whether you opt for a hotel room near the typical narrow alleys of the historic center or a house with a sea view near the beach, there is certainly something for you.

In Termoli, there are 2 hospitals and 1 clinic. The local health center in Via del Molinello 1 is also open until the end of August.

As for parking, before embarking for the Tremiti, you can leave your car in the various guarded parking lots near the port.

Useful info: with a bit of luck, you may also find a free parking space along the streets of the town. Remember to pay attention to the signs to avoid unpleasant fines!

Important phone numbers for your stay in Termoli

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Termoli:

  • Hospital of Termoli "San Timoteo": +39087571591
  • Emergency Medical Service: +3908757159472
  • Coast guard: +390875706484
  • Traffic Police: +39087571541
  • Municipality of Termoli: +3908757121
  • Train station: +390875706432
  • Taxi service: +390875703296
  • Tuk Tuk tourist taxi service: +393478320141
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Termoli

Thanks to its size, the town of Termoli can be easily explored on foot. If you want to visit the suburbs, you can use the GTM buses, which are quite efficient.

You can reach the nearby villages or beaches to the north and south, however, it is advisable to move by car. If you do not travel with your own, you can always rent one in the various rental points in the town or move by taxi.

Useful info: taxi rates in Termoli are not very cheap and the minimum service starts at €7. If you decide to catch a taxi, we recommend that you confirm the price in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The entrance to the old center of Termoli near the castle, in Italy

The impressive stone entrance to the historic neighborhood of Termoli

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Keep in mind that during the summer you can take advantage of additional connections to the Tremiti Islands from some beautiful locations in Gargano, Puglia: 

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