Ionian Sea, Greece

Kythira is an island of unique beauty located right across the southern tip of the Peloponnese. It is famous for its stunning landscape, as well as its archaeological and historical background. On this Ferryhopper page, you can find information on the island, its beaches and sights, food and villages. Check also all the ferry routes from/to Kythira and book ferry tickets online, at no extra cost!

Holidays in Kythira

Kythira, or Tsirigo, is located where the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan seas meet. This is a really special island that offers different experiences to its visitors. Kythira combines typical island landscapes and turquoise waters with areas of dense vegetation with waterfalls and pedestals! 

The island, which is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite, has a long history, as you can see from the various finds and archaeological sites, the old mansions and the settlements with impressive Venetian architecture.

Apart from the sights and the dreamy beaches, Kythira is an ideal destination for relaxing and quiet vacations, while at the same time offering vivid nightlife and activities in nature.

View of Chora in Kythira

Magnificent sunset and view of the Castle of Chora in Kythira

How to get to Kythira

The island of Kythira is well connected with the port of Piraeus in Athens and with the ports of Neapoli and Gythio in the Peloponnese. At the same time, Kythira is connected to Crete as there are ferries traveling to the port of Kissamos, near Chania.

You can see more information on how to get to Kythira in the section below.

What to do in Kythira

Kythira is a large island with many things to do. It has magnificent beaches, with turquoise waters and impressive coasts. Furthermore, the island is known for its unique natural landscapes, which you can find in only a few places in Greece.

Kythira also has a rich history and you can find many archaeological and historical attractions in its villages. In addition, in its many settlements, you can find many traditional restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy tasty food and drinks. 

Beaches in Kythira

The beaches of Kythira will enchant you with their wild beauty and turquoise crystal clear waters. Busy or more isolated, with pebbles or sand, they are all dreamy. Ferryhopper suggests you dive into:

  • Kaladi: One of the most famous beaches on the island. Turquoise waters, pebbles, and a cave leading to a smaller beach compose the dreamy setting. It has no shade.
  • Melidoni: It has a beach bar and umbrellas, fine sand, clear blue waters and a stunning view of the impressive rocky islet of Chytra. You can access it either by dirt road or by boat from Kapsali.
  • Chalkos: A very beautiful beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters, has a canteen, umbrellas and sunbeds.
  • Diakofti: The shallow turquoise waters and the white sand are surely inviting you to spend time on this beach! It is located next to the main port of Kythira.
  • Kalami: A relatively hard-to-reach beach, with about 15 minutes of hiking and a short descent at the end of the route (there is a rope). The enchanting landscape with its deep blue, deep waters and wild beauty will reward you for your effort.
  • Avlemonas: The creek in front of the picturesque fishing village of Avlemonas is ideal for diving from the surrounding rocks! The turquoise waters and palm trees refer to tropical places.
  • Kapsali: An organized beach in front of the cosmopolitan settlement of Kapsali. There are water sports facilities and a wonderful view of the Castle of Chora.
  • Kakia Lagada: An organized beach with umbrellas and a canteen. It is awarded a "blue flag" for its amazing waters.

The Avlemonas beach in Kythira

The heavenly turquoise waters of Avlemonas beach

Sightseeing and activities in Kythira

Kythira has so many different attractions and natural beauties! Medieval settlements, archeological sites, Byzantine monuments, paths with lush vegetation that lead to magical caves, gorges and waterfalls are waiting for you to discover. Some of the places that you should definitely visit on the island are:

  • The cave of Agia Sophia: An atmospheric cave that was used as a church during Byzantine times. The stone temple is decorated with preserved murals from the 13th century.
  • The rocky islet of Chytra: Here you will find a magnificent cave with clear blue waters reminiscent of a swimming pool, rare birds and flowers, but also seals! You can access it either by private boat or by Captain Spyros' boat departing from Kapsali.
  • The Venetian Castle: The most characteristic monument of the island can be found on a cliff above Chora. The current castle was built by the Venetians in the 16th century.
  • The castle city of Paleochora: The so-called "Mystras of Kythira", is one of the most important historical sights of the island. These are the ruins of the old medieval capital, built in the 12th century from Monemvasians and was destroyed in the 16th century from the infamous Barbarossa! The location is really great.
  • The Fonisa waterfall and the watermills in Mylopotamos: Follow the marked path that starts from the main square of the village, explore the magnificent nature and travel to the past of Kythira! Attention: the route needs caution.
  • The Tsakona canyon: For those who love hiking, the trail starts from Mitata Square. On your way, you will encounter impressive dense vegetation, pedestals, watermills and small churches in caves! Attention: the route is considered difficult.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Kythira: In this extremely interesting museum you can get to know the history of the island from prehistoric times. The building is accessible to people with mobility problems and people with vision problems.
  • The Lighthouse of Moudari : It was built during British rule and is located at the northernmost tip of the island. It has an amazing view of the Peloponnese!

Nightlife in Kythira

Nightlife in Kythira is considered low-key, yet vibrant. The village of Kapsali is considered the center of nightlife and most of the island’s visitors gather for their night out. In addition, you will find bars, cafes and restaurants with excellent cuisine in various villages, either in the interior of Kythira or by the sea. Don’t miss the big festivals (aka panigiria) throughout the summer, where you can listen to traditional music, dance, eat, drink and have fun until early in the morning!

Cave in Kythira

Dreamy cave of the island

Food in Kythira

In Kythira, you will find many excellent local products and delicious traditional dishes. Ferryhopper suggests you try:

  • The famous oil rusks
  • Thyme honey
  • Rosedes (biscuits with almond, honey and sugar)
  • Pasticheto (sweets with fresh butter, vanilla and quince jam)
  • Fatourada (liqueur made with tsipouro, cinnamon and fruit)
  • Local spicy cheese
  • Local sausage “tsirigotiko
  • Eggplants with sour trachana
  • Fried broad beans

Tip: In the Sunday local market, in the village of Potamos, you will find producers who sell their products. Be sure to get coarse sea salt, oregano, thyme and capers!

Villages in Kythira

Kythira has a total of 62 settlements with great variety in character, architecture and landscape. Exploring the island you will find coastal villages reminiscent of the Cyclades, medieval settlements, but also green villages with springs and rich vegetation that is rarely found in the Greek islands. It is worth to visit:

  • Avlemonas: A small picturesque seaside village with architecture reminiscent of the Cyclades. Swim in the beautiful coves with the crystal clear blue-green waters, drink coffee by the sea and enjoy the food in the taverns of the village.
  • Mylopotamos: A beautiful medieval village that is really worth spending a day exploring it. Many paths start from Mylopotamos and lead to monuments, beaches and hidden corners of the island. Near the village, there is the old preserved Venetian settlement of Kato Chora. The view is wonderful, especially the sunset! 
  • Karavas: Built in a ravine, the village is green and full of springs. Its architecture is impressive, while its local association "Portokalia" organizes cultural activities throughout the summer. Several walking routes start from here. Do not forget to buy local traditional products !
  • Aroniadika: A traditional village reminiscent of Mani, it has been declared an architecturally protected settlement. It is an ideal stop for coffee or food.
  • Mitata: A green village with a fantastic view of the Tsakonas gorge. You can have a picnic in the surrounding springs, while it is worth going to the "Wine Festival" in August, organized by the association "Myrtia".
  • Kythira Town: The capital of the island. Take a walk in the narrow alleys and admire the Aegean architecture, the Venetian mansions and the imposing castle. Go shopping for local produce, have fun in the bars and enjoy the sunset from the so-called "Belvedere".

The Kaladi beach of Kythira

The amazing Kaladi beach in Kythira

Useful information for Kythira

In Chora of Kythira, you will find all the necessary services for your holidays, such as ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations. In addition, there is a General Hospital in the settlement of Aroniadika and the island’s airport near the main port of Diakofti. 

Regarding accommodation, there are numerous hotels and rooms not only in Chora, but also in other villages such as Kapsali, Logothetianika and Avlemonas. There is also a municipal campsite in a pine-covered area in Kapsali.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Kythira

Some useful contacts for Kythira are: 

  • Municipality of Kythira and Antikythera: +302736031213
  • Diakofti Port Authority: +302736034222
  • Neapoli Port Authority: +302734022228
  • Gythio Port Authority: +302733022262
  • Kythira Police: +302736031206
  • General Hospital - Health Center of Kythira: +302736033203
  • Kythira Citizen Service Center: +302736039057
  • Kythira Airport: +30273603297
  • Municipal Camping of Kythira: +302736031580
  • Local Buses: +302736031160

Transportation in Kythira

Kythira is a fairly large island and the distances can be relatively long. Although there are local buses, they run on limited routes. Also, there is a limited number of taxis available. For this reason, Ferryhopper suggests bringing your car or motorbike on board or renting there to explore the island more easily.

Ports in Kythira

The port of Kythira is located in Diakofti, on the east coast of the island. Near the port there is a cafe, a tavern and many hotels. Parking spaces and car rentals are also in the nearby area. Keep in mind that the port can be crowded especially in the summer, so we suggest that you get there in time.

Island hopping from Kythira

The ferries departing from mainland Greece for Kythira, continue their journey and arrive in Antikythera and the port of Kissamos in Crete (near Chania). There are 3-4 ferry routes a week to Antikythera and the journey takes close to 2.5 hours. The ferry connection Kythira - Kissamos is performed weekly and the duration is around 4 hours.

On the Ferryhopper Map of ferries, you can find more information about the ferry connections from Kythira and start planning your island hopping in with just 4 clicks!

Natural landscape and waterfall in Kythira

Get lost into the lush vegetation and visit the island's waterfalls

Kythira ferry: schedules and tickets

The island of Kythira is connected to the port of Piraeus with 2-3 weekly itineraries. The ferry journey takes about 6.5 hours

Ferries to Kythira also depart from the ports of Neapoli and Gythio in the Peloponnese. The route Neapoli - Kythira lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes, while from Gythio to Kythira the trip takes close to 2.5 hours .

Where to book ferry tickets online to Kythira?

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