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Ferries at the Bay of Algeciras with a view to Gibraltar, Spain

Ferries at the Bay of Algeciras

Algeciras ferry port

Situated in the Bay of Algeciras in the province of Cádiz, the port of Algeciras is the largest port in Spain and the third largest on the Mediterranean. As an important transport hub with frequent ferry crossings, it is the perfect port if you want to explore the northern coast of Africa.

At Algeciras port, you will find 2 public car parking areas, as well as car rental agencies, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, and shops.

Ferries from Algeciras port: schedules and tickets

From Algeciras, you can catch a ferry to the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta, as well as Tanger-Med in Morocco.

The ferry companies currently operating at the port of Algeciras are FRS Iberia DFDS, Trasmediterránea, Africa Morocco Link, and Baleària

Here you can find more information about the ferry routes from Algeciras:

  • Algeciras - Ceuta ferry: there are up to around 20 daily ferry crossings from Algeciras to Ceuta all year round. The ferry route is operated by the FRS Iberia DFDS, Trasmediterránea and Baleària ferry companies. The route to the port of Ceuta takes 1-1.5 hours and the ferry price starts at €20.
  • Algeciras - Tangier ferry: the ferry connection Algeciras - Tangier is available with up to 30 daily crossings. The ferry companies operating the Algeciras - Tangier ferry route are FRS Iberia DFDS, Trasmediterránea, Baleària, and Africa Morocco Link. Tickets start at €15 and the ferry trip usually takes between 1.5-2.5 hours.

Tip: if you’re crossing the Iberian Peninsula by car, you can continue your "road trip" on board the ferry to Ceuta, as most ferries come with a car deck.

Where is the ferry port in Algeciras

The port of Algeciras is in the Bay of Algeciras (also known as the Bay of Gibraltar) right by the city center. The port city of Algeciras is on the southwestern tip of Spain.

How to get to Algeciras port

The port of Algeciras is situated in the city center, close to the old town and it's easily accessible on foot

To enter the port by car you need to have a ferry ticket and follow the Plaza Puerto road from the old town, taking the third exit after the Puerto Algeciras shopping mall.

Algeciras’ bus station is around 20 minutes on foot from the port, while the train station is about 40 minutes on foot. You can walk to the port from the central stations or get a taxi if you’re carrying heavy luggage.

 Large conventional ferry departing from Algeciras port, Spain

Ferry sailing away from the port of Algeciras

Vacation in Algeciras

Algeciras is a typical port city with an industrial aesthetic and some precious Andalusian corners. It is far from your typical holiday destination, but its rich past and wild natural beauty offer visitors a plethora of unique experiences.

Algeciras has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era and its strategic location made it one of the most valued regions in ancient and medieval times. The name Algeciras goes back to the Arabic phrase “Al-Jazira-Al-Khadra” which means “the Green Island” and refers to the old fortress of Algeciras.

In the Moroccan quarter of the city, you can find small shops and drink delicious tea. Enjoy a walk around the city and make sure you pass by the beautiful Plaza Alta, close to the city’s commercial center.

The metropolitan area of Algeciras is also home to several nature parks, endless hiking trails through gorges, waterfalls, and badlands, as well as great beaches overlooking the Rock of Gibraltar.

The region enjoys warm weather throughout the year, as it’s in one of the southernmost parts of mainland Europe. 

How to get to Algeciras

You can get to Algeciras directly by car, bus or train. The city is well connected to many cities and towns in Andalusia, as well as more destinations in the Iberian Peninsula, such as Madrid and Gibraltar.

If you’re getting to Algeciras by car, you can take national roads A7 and N340 which lead into the urban center.

There are regular trains to Algeciras from most towns or cities in Spain, as well as buses from several Andalusian cities such as Cadiz, Seville and Malaga.

If you’re flying to Spain, you can land at the Gibraltar International Airport, located around a 25 km-drive away. Alternatively, you can take a flight to the Jerez Airport in Spain, to avoid crossing the border.

A colorful fountain in Plaza Alta square with ceramics and ornamental frogs in Algeciras, Spain

Colorful mosaic fountain at the Plaza Alta square in Algeciras

What to do in Algeciras

In Algeciras, you can visit beautiful beaches to relax, swim or enjoy quality family time! There are quite a few beaches along the Bay of Algeciras both close to the city center, as well as within a short driving distance.

As for attractions, Algeciras is the perfect place for uncovering hidden gems. There are impressive castle ruins, beautifully decorated squares, cute churches, and breathtaking viewpoints that captivate visitors of all ages!

Nature lovers will also enjoy the metropolitan area of Algeciras, as it is rich in natural wonders, such as the Charco Redondo Reservoir and the Río de la Miel. Hiking is super popular in the area.

During peak season, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Bahía Park for all-day water fun. The venue is also popular among lovebirds who have their wedding celebrations at the water park facilities!

Beaches in Algeciras

Most beaches in Algeciras are easily accessible and have sand and calm waters. The view of the Rock of Gibraltar and the unlimited sunshine are just two of the reasons why you should run to the beach during your stay.

For the adventurous folk, there are also remote beaches accessible via hiking trails. 

Have a look at some of our favorite beaches in Algeciras below:

  • Playa de Getares: this is one of the most popular beaches in Algeciras. It overlooks the Bay of Gibraltar and it’s covered with sand. You can visit the beach promenade for food and drinks, as well as play beach volleyball.
  • Playa de El Rinconcillo: this is a long, golden-sand beach with calm waters. You can get to the beautiful beach on foot or by car from the city center. There are parking lots and more visitor amenities close to the beach.
  • Playa del Barranco: Playa del Barranco is the southern side of El Rinconcillo. It’s sandy and spacious, located close to a children’s play area and several hotels.
  • Playa De Palmones: it’s a small sandy beach with palm trees offering views to the Rock of Gibraltar. It is usually peaceful on weekdays.
  • Playa de Guadarranque: this beach is a 15-minute drive from Algeciras. The sandy beach has toilets and showers. It is located by the mouth of the river Guadarranque.
  • Cala Arenas: this amazing untamed beach is located 22 km from Algeciras. It is covered with sand and rocks, and the area is rich in monuments and ruins. Keep in mind that it is quite challenging to get there on foot and there are no visitor services.
  • Playa del Tolmo: it's a remote, rocky coast between Algeciras and Tarifa. This small beach stands by the ruins of the Fort of El Tolmo and it’s perfect for hiking and peaceful moments.

The sandy Playa de Getares in Algeciras, Spain

The sandy Playa de Getares beach with a view to the Rock of Gibraltar

Sightseeing and activities in Algeciras

The region of Algeciras is perfect for outdoor activities. There are many areas of historical and ecological interest that are great for hiking or walking. The city also has several parks of great beauty, where you can relax or have a snack break.

Ferryhopper suggests that you visit the following attractions in Algeciras:

  • Bahía Park, the waterpark with pools, slides and attractions for adults and children of all ages
  • Parque de las Acacias, the stunning urban park with acacia trees
  • Punta Carnero Lighthouse, the beautiful lighthouse on the southern edge of the Bay of Algeciras
  • Plaza Alta, the impressive square in the old town of Algeciras with fountains and majestic buildings
  • María Cristina Park, a 200-year-old city park with playground
  • Parque del Centenario, the coastal park great for walking among verdant hills by the beach
  • Río de la Miel, a small river with amazing hiking trails
  • Sendero Garganta del Capitán, a virgin nature reserve with waterfalls, trees and hiking trails

The Punta Carnero Lighthouse during sunset in Algeciras, Spain

Sea view from the Punta Carnero Lighthouse in Algeciras

Nightlife in Algeciras

Algeciras is not popular for its nightlife, but you can still enjoy a typical Andalusian night out in the port city. Plaza Alta and the Casco Antiguo (old town) are the heart of the action when it comes to nightlife in Algeciras.

You will find restaurants, bars, cafes, and a few clubs. There are also quite a few chiringuitos and laid-back beach bars at some of the most popular seaside spots.

Food in Algeciras

The local cuisine is influenced by Andalusian and Moroccan recipes. The Mediterranean climate of Algeciras also means that fish and seafood dishes are common and they’re definitely worth trying.

As for desserts, don’t miss out on the typical Andalusian cakes and the intoxicating honey-based treats from Morocco!

Here’s what to try in Algeciras:

  • sardines a la moruna (sardines cooked with fresh tomatoes and peppers)
  • abajá (fish and shellfish cooked with saffron, tomato and garlic)
  • alcachofas a la algecireña (artichokes with mustard and lemon)
  • tajín (meat or vegetable stew originating in Morocco)
  • fideos con coquinas (cockle pasta)
  • albóndigas en salsa de almendras (meatballs in almond sauce)
  • gazpacho (cold tomato soup)
  • moruna de rape con langostinos (monkfish and lobster stew)
  • honey and nut-based desserts from Morocco

Algeciras tips

Here are some useful tips about Algeciras to plan the perfect trip:

  • The region of Algeciras is a hiker’s paradise. There are numerous gorges, rivers, hills, and signposted hiking trails you can explore.
  • If you’re thinking of visiting Gibraltar, bear in mind that there’s quite a lot of traffic at the border with Spain, particularly during the early morning hours.
  • The port of Algeciras is also referred to as ESALG, which is a port code standing for "España" and "Algeciras".
  • Algeciras is a safe destination for travelers, but we recommend avoiding remote neighborhoods after nightfall.
  • The city center of Algeciras may be a bit challenging to drive around for first-timers, so be extra careful.
  • Most travelers spend 1-2 days in Algeciras, as the city is quite small and many of its attractions are located in the wider metropolitan area.

Waterfall surrounded by rocks and lush greenery at Río de la Miel in Algeciras, Spain

Waterfall at the Río de la Miel river in Algeciras

Useful information about Algeciras

Algeciras is not a popular tourist destination, so tourist services are rather limited compared to other coastal resorts in Spain. However, as a busy port city, it offers everything you may need for a short stay.

The city center of Algeciras is relatively small, which means you can explore much of the city on foot. As for accommodation, there are lots of budget-friendly hotels and hostels.

Regarding medical services, the Hospital Punta de Europa is the region's largest and most important hospital, offering specialized treatment and emergency care.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Algeciras

Here are some useful contacts for your visit to Algeciras:

  • Algeciras Port Authority: +34956585400
  • Algeciras Police Station: +34956588400
  • Hospital Punta de Europa: +34956025000
  • Algeciras taxi services: +34696782722
  • Algeciras train station: +34912320320
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Algeciras

If you’re planning to spend your time in the city center of Algeciras, you probably won’t need to use public transport, as the city is small and most points of interest are within walking distance.

To get around more comfortably, you can use a taxi or try the local buses operated by the bus company CTM. There are more than 150 stops covered by 6 bus routes.

Cityscape view of Algeciras with colorful houses, Spain

The colorful old town of Algeciras

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